Top Ten Worst Virtual Worlds

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1 Animal Jam

Worst game. Scamming is a child's play in this game. No respect for other gamers. Inappropriate language is also used. The way animal jam teaches children to scam is just unbearable. This kind of game should be banned. I use to play this game and all I saw was jammers scamming and hacking and bullying each other. Not education learned from this game. Instead Minecraft is better. It gives a new opportunity for kids to imagine and create.

I used to play it a lot, until my membership expired and it got so unfair for non members. Like, now you need to be a member to get free chat! I wanted free chat really bad, and when my dad finally decided I could get it, it was for members! And why are the otters for members too? They should be for everyone and (this is just my opinion) they shouldn't even be at the diamond shop! I never really play it anymore now.

When you first play its exciting but then it gets boring... And you try to get "betas" and "rares" via trading which leads to people getting scammed. I think now this game is absolutely bull. Go play Roblox or Minecraft they are better games!

Well at least animal jam is way better than movie star planet like msp sucks

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2 Club Penguin

I used to LOVE Club Penguin. I started playing in 2012 and I loved it so much I told friends to play, blew all my money on memberships, and I used to wake up at 2:00 AM to play. But then in 2016 the game just went very downhill when membership prices rose, the staff was unfriendly, and the parties lasted over a month instead of two weeks. Club Penguin is a huge disappointment to me.

Club penguin is boring and now that Disney bought it 99.00% of everything is for premium members

Actually not all of it is for members. There are literally many pages in the catalog that are for non members. Also during parties, free items for everyone are handed out. Stop whining and overexaggerating.

Club Penguin should be 1

3 WoozWorld

Woozworld is the best virtual game? More like Soap Opera according to the people who played it a long time.

Kids should find something better to do with their time.

It's so boring

4 Club (Nickoloden)

They replaced a successful world with crap!

They sure did. I love this virtual world. By the way, it is spelled “NICKELODEON”, not the way it is spelled here.

5 WeeWorld

Can you even do anything on here?

6 Bearville
7 Fantage

My main biatch. - BrooklynGames43

Why isn't this higher?
the need serious updates. this game has the worst events ex. Membership day. it's a scam, you lose everything you earn. LUCKY ME. new updates are bad. that one adventure game on fantage used to be you playing as your character. Now its some weird dude. unless membership you can't do nothing with pets. Members are ALWAYS stealing the show by getting the best at all! they should also remove E coins. E coins are how you buy stuff but you must be a member, invite people, or watch a ad. Kids get to choose Family Guy, a adult swim show as your favorite. There's WAY TO MUCH DATING! unlike ROBLOX, a better game but not so great, they put no dating in the. Summer camp is never open, and worse of all THIS IS STILL A GAME! don't play this.

8 MSP (Movie Star Planet)

It is hard to get coins and you have to be a VIP to get almost everything.

Best thing eveeerr

Stupidest thing ever.

9 Legends Of Oz
10 Poptropica

How can this be the on the top ten worst virtual world list, yet again the best on the best virtual world list?

Its impossible for me to sign up TnT

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11 Webkinz

its boring

12 MovieStarPlanet

If you go on this, you will understand. - BrooklynGames43

14 Roblox

Roblox is a creativity game to build your dreams! but it has many problems. Removed tixs, bad games, and many more! you will not last playing without getting bullied. Weird bodies and dumb games with many role playing calls this games name

15 Minecraft

It's a good game

16 Bin Weevils
17 Panfu
18 Neopets

There is always password errors

19 JumpStart

Has not updating their game for 4 years and is still open

20 OurWorld

It is inappropriate.

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