Top Ten Worst Viruses

This list describes the worst virus that cause diseases as we know. NO bacteria. Just viruses.
The Top Ten
1 Ebola

Ebola should be in the top spot. It is definitely the worst. I took a class where all we did was study different diseases. Ebola is one of the worst ways to die. It liquifies your organs. Vomiting, diarrhea. And then you bleed to death.

Very high fatality rate but it's not that spreadable, you can only spread when having symptoms too.

Known as the bloody virus, it is already spreading and killing many.

I remember this virus in 2014, lots of people kept taking about it at school as well, lucky I didn't get it


People say it can be treated, but this virus mutates so fast, we never know which medication really works It is the smartest virus. Smart is equal to deadly.

May seem harmless to your body, but they are big jerks (chuggaaconroy reference)
HIV destroys your immune system.

A nuisance. And worse an STD. And that is frightening.

3 SARS-CoV-2 (2019 Coronavirus)

It sucks that everything is closing down because of this, it driving me nuts, I hate being stuck at home, I want to go out and do something fun, but no! Many places are closed, and my school is closed and I am so bored, I thought being at school was boring this is at least I busy doing something at school and can get out of the house

Top now, every event I had been looking forward to either got cancelled or postponed. Oh and did I mention people panicked about IT TO THE GROCERY STORES?! They overbought so much toilet paper and paper towels like HOLY CRAP!

Thousands are already dead like 10,000, and over 240,000 people have the virus its widespread in the United States and Italy
Yes It's the 2nd least deadly virus but it will go up rapidly it's a new virus and the whole world is BONKERS FOR IT

Only a 3.4% death rate, Spanish flu is the deadliest flu virus with a 10% death rate, but the black death is not a virus even though it is the deadliest disease, septicemic plague has a 100% death rate.

I hate this virus I am stuck at home I can't do anything, can't even go to school, I hate this virus

4 Influenza B
5 Rabies
6 Hepatitis B
7 Smallpox Virus

Highest death toll of any disease... Without the vaccine, it would spread like wildfire and kill anyone who had it.

8 Hepatitis C
9 West Nile Virus

I remember hearing about this virus around 2015 or something lucky I never caught it

10 HPV Virus
The Contenders
11 H1N1 Virus

I remember this virus in 2009 or something, lucky I never caught it

12 COVID-19
14 Bubonic Plague

Not a virus, it's bacteria, and it's not bubonic plague, bubonic plague is 1 of the 3 forms, there's septicemic, bubonic and pneumonic.

15 Chicken Pox
16 Malaria
17 Zika Virus
18 Herpes Simplex
19 Norovirus
20 Hemorrhagic fever

That's a condition caused by a virus like marburg or ebola

21 Typhoid
22 Cholera
23 Polio

Causes paralysis and shrunken limbs. In some cases it paralyzes the diaphragm, causing whoever contracted the disease to have to live the rest of their life inside an iron lung, as they can't breathe on their own without it.

24 MEMZ trojan
25 Influenza
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