Worst Vocal Performances in Songs

IceJJFish's singing cannot even be considered singing, so he's ignored

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1 On the Floor - IceJJFish

I'm pretty sure he intentionally sang that bad, but the fact that my ears pretty much exploded because of his vocals doesn't make up for it... - Livirus

But I said it didn't count as singing so I'd keep him out...how? - Hotheart123

I only laughed at his songs because of how cringe they were. On the Floor is so bad while his other hits “I Want More” and “Got That” were so bad it’s good. Every song is the same! His voice is like a dying animal and his dancing is like a goat with a seizure!

2 Unlock the Swag - Rae Sremmurd (Slim Jimmy)

Possibly his screechiest performance. - Hotheart123

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3 Puke - Eminem

"HOOO! " When a vocal performance by Eminem is worse than a Camilla Cabello performance, you know it's time to uninstall Spotify. - Hotheart123

4 Feelings - Maroon 5 (Adam Levine)

The chorus is way too high pitched. - Hotheart123

5 Work from Home - Fifth Harmony (Camilla Cabello)

"We can work from HOOOME...OOOH! OOOH! " MY EARS! - Hotheart123

6 My Way - Fetty Wap

I could add every one of his songs on here. - Hotheart123

7 Fack - Eminem
8 Work - Rihanna

Her vocals are one reason it's medicore. - Hotheart123

9 Trumpet Lights - Chris Brown
10 Chandelier - Sia

Good song, ear-piercing vocals. - Hotheart123

The Newcomers

? 7 Years - Lukas Graham
? Swang - Rae Sremmurd

That falsetto is enough to break bulletproof glass. - Zach808

The Contenders

11 Tis a Pity She Was a Whore - David Bowie

So offensive and 10 dislikes I will kill myself

As WonkeyDude98 once said, "Whoever thinks they're funny by adding David Bowie to every worst list, get a life." - Hotheart123

12 Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna

A less untolerable version of Puke's vocals - Hotheart123

13 Lips of an Angel - Hinder
14 No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd (Swae Lee)

His vocals are laughably bad, keeping this lower. - Hotheart123

15 Take It Off - Ke$ha

Autotuned to death. Listen to The Harold Song instead. - Hotheart123

16 Blackstar - David Bowie

Oh great, the troll found my list - Hotheart123

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17 Lazarus - David Bowie
18 Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) - David Bowie
19 Girl Loves Me - David Bowie

Girl hates you Bowie

20 Dollar Days - David Bowie
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1. Fack - Eminem
2. On the Floor - IceJJFish
3. Trumpet Lights - Chris Brown
1. On the Floor - IceJJFish
2. Puke - Eminem
3. My Way - Fetty Wap



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