Top 10 Worst Voice Actors/Actresses of the Mario Franchise

The Mario franchise is a classic and memorable, but which Mario characters have the worst voices out of all of them? Which of their voice actors portrayed the characters to have baffling, miscast voices?

P.S. If a voice actress who portrayed Princess Peach to have the high, squeaky voice she uses to go "HELP ME! MARIO! " is on the list, then please receive my list very well.

The Top Ten

1 Jen Taylor

Top 10 worst characters to have the voice that Western Canadian celebrity Jen Taylor gave her

Top 1: Princess Peach.

Top 2: Baby Peach (yes, I know, Jen Taylor did not have the chance).

Top 3: Toadette.

Top 4: Toad.

Top 5: Princess Daisy (which is more decent, Jen Taylor needs to voice Princess Daisy like she did in the old Mario Party games again).

We can nevertheless say that jen Taylor is the top 1 worst voice actress of all time. There's nothing decent about her voice of Princess Peach.

So many peach voices

You do realize that every single one of peach's voices are high pitched except fo r super Mario 64/super Mario 64 ds, right? I heard the high pitched in Mario kart 64 too! - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 Nicole Mills

Nicole Mills vs. Lisa Ortiz

Both portray Princess Peach and Amy Rose to have such annoying, miscast voices, but even Lisa Ortiz is better than Nicole Mills, so Lisa Ortiz wins!

3 Samantha Kelly

Azako Kozuki and Leslie Swan were much less annoying voice actresses for Princess Peach than Jen Taylor, Nicole Mills and Samantha Kelly.

4 Deanna Mustard

"HI, I'M DAISY! " And this is why old-school Mario Kart is much better than modern Mario Kart. You would not have to hear "HI, I'M DAISY! " This is not as irritating as "HELP ME! Mario! " from Princes sPeach. Imagine if Princess Daisy got kidnapped by Tatanga again and Luigi has to rescue him. She would yell "HELP ME! LUIGI! " in an annoying manner.

Not just old-school Mario Kart, but old-school Mario in general.

5 Tabitha St. Germain

No no no no no NO NO NO NO NO Tabitha is awesome

Tabitha is one of the greatest female voice actresses in history! The person who made this list is obivously an anti-brony. - Svampbob164



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6 Tracey Moore
7 Mami Yasuke

Don't get me started on the English-dubbed version of the anime movie. You would then believe that her voice is just so aggressively annoying.

8 Jeannie Elias
9 Najee De-Tiege
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