Worst Volcanic Disasters in History

Volcanoes are one of the most overlooked disasters, even though they killed millions of people too.

The Top Ten

1 Toba - About 70, 000 Years Ago

This volcano nearly wiped out the human population long ago. It's the only super volcano eruption that happened where human (or human ancestors) almost completely died out. - ethanmeinster

Excellent list. Certainly updated my knowledge. Thanks Ethan. - Kiteretsunu

2 Tambora -1815

. The year without a winter, since the ash cooled down Earth - ethanmeinster

3 Laki - 1783

This volcanic eruption killed millions of people and 25% of Iceland's population - ethanmeinster

4 Santorini - 1600s to 1500s BC

Wiped out the secluded Minoan civilization and is said to have ended the Xia Dynasty. - ethanmeinster

5 Nevado-del-Ruiz - 1985

Lahars wiped out the towns of Amero, Tolima, and Chinchina. Killed 23,000 people. - ethanmeinster

6 Vesuvius - 79 Ad

Wiped out the busy Roman towns of Heraculem and Vesuvius, and preserved them in ash. You can still see the ruins today. - ethanmeinster

7 Mount Unzen - 1792

The collapse of one of the lava domes created a tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people. - ethanmeinster

8 Mount St Helens - 1980

Although it killed only 57 people, the environmental and structural damage is incomprehensible. - ethanmeinster

My mom survived it she said it was very scary. (Probably because she was not with her family

9 Nyiragongo - 2002

Lava flows reached Goma, and the populated outskirts. 120,000 people were left homeless - ethanmeinster

10 Krakatoa - 1883

This eruption produced the loudest sound in history. - railfan99

At least 36,417 people died and the real number is not verified well.This eruption deserves the number 3.

The Contenders

11 Lake Nyos - 1986

Carbon Dioxide spewed from the volcanic Lake Nyos and choked 1,700 people to death - ethanmeinster

12 Siberian Traps - 250 Million BC

This Super volcano was far worse than Toba. Imagine a million years of volcanic disaster, all the ocean currents stopping, three trillion tons of coal burning, and 99.984% percent of all life gone. Without this devastating eruption the dinosaurs and ourselves might not exist.

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