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1 Lori

Selfish, manipulative, bipolar, annoying character. I don't know if it was the writers' intention to make her so intolerable, but if it was, they did an excellent job. Constantly nagging, playing Shane and Rick against each other, not keeping an eye on Carl, belittling other female characters for wanting to do non-womanly jobs.. the list goes on and on. But by far the biggest sin she committed was making the selfish decision of not aborting the baby and give birth to it, at a time when the group was totally incapable of caring for a baby. Sure, we were all overjoyed when she finally died. But instead of just dying and ridding us of her presence, she left behind a parting gift in the form of a helpless crying infant that needs to be changed every few hours. Thanks for that Lori, the group really appreciates having another problem to take care of. - fluxmulder

Lori is not only the worst walking dead character, but she is probably the worst T.V. character I've ever seen. I didn't mind her much at first, but watching it again, I can't stand her. She insists Rick do something about Shane and Rick kills Shane. Even though she hates Shane and Shane was gonna kill Rick, she hates him for it! Just decide, woman! Rick or Shane?

I didn't completely hate Lori although I always believe Shane was not a bad guy and she is the one and only reason he got so screwed up but the moment she became one of my least favorite was without a doubt the moment she turned on Rick for killing Shane. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! You are the whole reason that even happened, they were best friends, most men would have killed Shane as soon as they found out he even slept with you but Rick (and this is Rick we are talking about) did not hold that against him and wanted to work things out with his friend. He had to kill Shane because Shane tried killing him and Lori is entirely to blame for being the way she is. I wanted to sympathize with her at the beginning of season 3, I even found her death a little bit sad but at the end of the day the way Carl and Rick grew distant from her was all of her doing and she was a pretty terrible person when you think about everything that happened.

She neglects Carl

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2 Andrea Andrea Andrea is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Laurie Holden in the American television series of the same name.

Hands-down, the most self-involved character on the show. She listens to NO ONE, and turns her back on those who have stuck their own necks out to help her (ie: Michonne and Dale), and is completely gullible in that she is drawn to whoever will best boost her ego at the moment. She's much more invested in being perceived of as the hot, in-control top dog than she is in doing the right thing. Basically, she avoids all difficult decisions throughout the entire show, then whines when she pays the consequences for doing so. Man, was I glad when they killed her off! What an annoying character!

Next to Lori, Andrea is definitely the second most annoying character in the show. She is so fixated on portraying herself as the "tough girl" that she completely neglects those who are only trying to help her. A primary example of this can be seen when she shot Daryl. Even after being told not to shoot, she still decides to anyways. She could have endangered the whole group if any zombies were nearby and heard the gun shot. Why did Andrea do something so idiotic? Simple, it's all because of her insatiable need to want to prove herself instead of doing the right thing. That is her major flaw.

Sorry, I just had to add more after I remembered she pulled that trigger that almost killed Daryl (I apologise if his name is spelled wrong). She is seriously wasting resources of the group to make her feel better.

Who does she think she is, Chuck Norris? She disobeyed orders and nearly killed Daryl, but what she also did was warn any nearby walkers that they are nearby.

"Why silently bash it's head in and save a bullet when you can use multiple rounds to take it down? "

I'm suprised nobody in the group isn't fed up with her stupidity, at this point, there is no excuse for her actions, no wonder everybody doesn't want her to have a gun. She gets pissed when she doesn't have one, but she turns stupid when she does have one.

I never liked Andrea. At all.

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3 Carl

He's a good character. Why is he above Gabriel? - RalphBob

Now, in season 5, I think he really developed his character. I like his little relationship with Michonne too. I really did hate him in seasons 1-3, but he grew out of most of the stammering, which I really hated. Plus he won't get killed because that will kill Rick, and I don't think the fans want another meltdown from him.

Carl is pretty boring. When he doesn't try too hard to be the cool badass kid, there's no big problem about him, but when he becomes the dramatic teenager or when gets angry with Rick for absolutely no reason, I dislike him. Also, I think he's very stupid by wasting so many bullets trying to kill walkers when he decides to walk around an empty neighborhood. I wish he could be more like Rick, and less like Lori. I just don't wish him to die, because Rick doesn't deserve to suffer even more.

I liked him in season 1. and kinda for the first part of season 2. then no. they need to kill him asap. besides he's the reason that dale died

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4 Gabriel Stokes Gabriel Stokes Fr. Gabriel Stokes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Seth Gilliam in the television series of the same name.

Hypocritical little coward. Locked his congregation out of his church and left them to die by the walkers. Led an entire horde of walkers to his church, thus endangering Michonne, Carl, and Judith. Tells Alexandria's leader that the group is "evil". Absently leaves Alexandria's front gate wide open, allowing walkers to enter. Quite simply an intolerable character that needs to die, soon. - fluxmulder

Let's see:
1. Keeping people out his church during the outbreak to save his own ass.
2. Keeps the gate open in the safest community so far.
3. Blames Sasha for Bob's death.

This guys asking to get mauled, and I'll have a front row seat to it.

Even though Lori's lazy behavior was so annoying, this son of a gun took her place for the most hated character at the end of episode 514. What a loser.

I don't think that Gabriel is so bad...sure, he was scared at first but now look at him! not just using god's support, but actually fighting for himself!

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5 Shane

I have the feeling Shane could be such a great character if it wasn't for Lori.

At the beginning he was quite interesting, in despite of a certain selfishness. Even though, I liked him at first. When he got insane, things became weird and then I couldn't sympathize with him no more. His dedication to Lori and Carl also pissed me of. He killed Otis because of it.

I HATED Shane! I think The purpose of Shane being a dick was to show the group how people in their world are eventually going to be like: leaving people behind, killing strangers or anyone that's not in your group, saving yourself at the expense of others. Dale tries to tell the group that they all needed to keep their humanity in a world of death and pain. He constantly warns Andrea and Lori of Shane's nasty behavior and how people don't have to be that way but sadly no one cares until dale dies! To be fair, I will say that Shane's behavior did stem from his love for Lori and, carl! He was constantly frustrated that rick was actually alive and became the leader of the group! Also, his idea of love and happiness had crumbled AS SOON AS rick came back

He fell in love with Lord and love drove him crazy and ruined his sanity, he wasn't a bad character

UUGGGH I hate him. Impulsive,STUPID,careless and full of himself. SO happy when he died. (not that anyone deserves to die.)

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6 Ed Peletier

I'm glad he died the way he did. He deserved it. At least Carol is a badass now.

He beats his wife is a pedophile and sits around yelling at women. Thank god he does when he did or somethings might have been thrown. He was a bad person before the plague which makes him an actual bad guy. Not a victim trying to cope with uncontrollable circumstances

He physically abused Carol. Enough said.

You don't beat your wife. Period.

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7 Merle

I personally like him. Yah, in the begging he was totally awful. Mentions of trying to kill Glenn. Anyway, he became better. He became truthful, and always tried to find something funny in something sad.

- Me

He was bad but he grew up in such a bad place, could you blame him? Anyway at the end he tried to kill the governor so that was awesome

Merle became a good character when we almost killed the governor

Yeah Merle is racist! I never cared about his character and wondered why they brought him back! I get that he wanted revenge against the group for his hand AND he wanted to find his bro Daryl (which is a way better person than Merle in my opinion) but at the end of the day I knew the group (including Daryl) would all turn their backs on Merle again!

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8 The Governor The Governor The Governor is a fictional character and a primary antagonist from the The Walking Dead comic book and television series.

I despise this s.o.b. I'm not crazy about David Morrisey either. The show went too far with his character being too much a "invincible"bad guy. No way a office worker could be that much of a fist fighter. Only reason he did so well at that is because he's a dirty fighter. He takes Meryl while two guys r stomping him, when he's fighting a already very injured Rick who had been up almost 24 hrs because he was up the whole night because of walkers breaching the fence and was still giving the governor just as good a beating as he was getting he had to head butt him to get Rick off & while Rick was on ground from said head butt he started kicking him in his leg that had just been shot with a high powered assault rifle at close range. Granted the gov was also shot he was nicked on his arm from a long distance from Carl. So his bullet wound wasn't nearly as bad as Ricks. Plus Ricks hand was all busted up from him beating Tyreese in the face. If a well rested healthy Rick would of ...more

The Governor was a very interesting character and essential to the story. We're supposed to hate him, as much as the people who lived in the prison did, and the actor succeded in every possible aspect. He wasn't annoying, he was a great villain. Of course, it was a relief when he died, but I believe the third season wouldn't be so great if it wasn't for him and his insanity.

Interesting character and a good actor if he can make you hate his character. Still, he was crazy and HAD to be killed

Governor was my favorite character. 100% better villain than Negan. Governor has real community where everyone were happy. He was more badass and he had TANK. Negan is just psycho dictator of bandits. - MikaelDobrowsky

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9 Eugene Porter Eugene Porter Dr. Eugene Porter is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Josh McDermitt beginning in the fourth season of the American television series of the same name.

The Walking Dead took a good comic book and eventually turned it into a great television series. Eugene Porter enters near the end of season 4 as almost an exact replica of a comic book character in the middle of a relatively sophisticated television drama. Walking Dead didn't need comic relief. Should I compare him to Jar Jar Binks now or have I already made my point? One of the most forgettable characters from the source material is now a distraction on the show. An uninvited party guest that ruins every moment just by standing there with a stupid look on his face, looking like he comes from a different planet. And God have mercy on us all when he opens his mouth.

I'm not sure if he's the worst, but he's not my favorite. I know he's probably autistic in the show, which is why he's so smart and doesn't know when to stop talking, but he just sort of seems like the goof-up that can't hep it. Do I hate him? Well, no, but I just sort of wish he'd do a bit more than act like he has all the answers and that he didn't SHOOT THE FUEL TANK OF TRUCK. If he dies, I'd be very sad, he does seem very nice, but he just needs to be a bit more helpful is all.

He should be way higher. He gave everyone hope when he lied about his role as a scientist, and then at the worst moment, threw it all away! He was the only thing Abraham had to live for, and was just a lying coward in the end! Oh, and not to mention he almost killed everyone in the bus.


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10 Beth Greene Beth Greene Beth Greene is a fictional character from the American horror drama television series, The Walking Dead, created by season two showrunner, Glen Mazzara, and portrayed by Emily Kinney.

Useless wooden plank is the kindest way I can describe her. I hate how the show is trying to convince us all that she's a badass.

I personally was very happy she was killed off. She was such a whiny character, & when she wasn't whining she sang, usually at the most inappropriate times. I couldn't stand her! Especially season 4 after the prison was overtaken & it was just her and Daryl. She acted like an immature teen trying to look cool &/or hot for him with acting out, threatening to take off, & drinking booze. Seemed more like Daryl was stuck babysitting a spoiled, attention seeking, immature brat. Felt bad for Maggie when she died though.

At first, I didn't really pay any attention at her, and everything that took place in that farm was somehow very boring. But I could understand she was in pain and confused, as a quite young girl. When they went to the prison, I began to like her, because she got stronger and assumed a lot of tasks to do for the benefit of the group. Her singing and the way she used to talk to others annoyed me sometimes, but it was normal. I am not sure when it changed, but at some point I couldn't stand her. She was completely annoying and I felt she and Daryl were wasting so much time doing just what she wanted to do. Also, she sounded stupid, talking about the good people that still exists, even though the group have lived so much and lost so many. She annoyed me because she loved an unecessary and inappropriate drama.

She is number 1! I can't STAND THIS MAYONAISE BITCH

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11 Enid

She constantly looks BORED. It's the only facial expression she has. Doesn't even seem depressed or suffering PTSD, just mopey and annoyed.

Most of her initial scenes were red herrings to make the audience think she was a spy for the Wolves, Saviors, or Whisperers. And then we got her origin flashback and NOTHING. There really wasn't more to her. And yet she walks around like she's experienced it all.

Her dialogue is cringe worthy. For instance, calling Glenn an ass. I love when he responded, "You just pointed a gun at me and I'm the ass?! "

Annoying. Tries too hard to be cool, feels sorry for herself, just thinks she's better than everyone.

She's so annoying

I honestly hate her, I hate saying that about a child but I do. She does nothing to help, and it’s not because she’s a kid it’s because she’s weak. She’s so mopey and always looks bored. When she was first introduced onto the show, she seemed really rude. I hope the rumor that she’s one of the Saviors’ spies is true; it would give her some actual purpose besides being with Carl.

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12 Dale Horvath Dale Horvath Dale Horvath is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Jeffrey DeMunn in the American television series of the same name.

I was actually neutral about dale for the most part! He was old and wise and did give good advice sometimes, BUT I didn't like how he was all over Andreas balls! I HATED Andrea so I never understood why he cared so much about her? He didn't even know her before went downhill! I found it brave of him to confront Shane about killing rick and Otis because he knew that Shane could've killed his ass or just gave him a really good ass whoopin for calling him out on his! Dale was the voice of reason and I felt he was too good for their world! That's why when he died, yes I was very distressed but I'm glad he doesn't have to worry about any of that no more.

I didn't really find Dale to be a bad character. In fact, he was one of the few characters in the show that didn't lose his humanity when things went down hill. Although, I could see how his constant optimism could be annoying.

Dale is awesome. He didn't do hardly anything wrong, and it's a shame they killed him off so early.

He's a selfish Prick.

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13 Lizzie

Children in The Walking Dead tend to be very annoying. Like, "It's the end, the world is full of walkers and we want to see a lot of badass characters and a lot of zombie killing. We have no patience for kids, it's much harder for them, but we don't really care". Lizzie and Mica were annoying for me since they appeared on the show, but I couldn't imagine how things would end. I began to be interested in Mica's development, since she demonstrated she was strong and the smartest. But I couldn't stand Lizzie. When everything happened, I felt really sorry for both and quite scared. Probably one of the sadest scenes.

She should be higher on the list

Lizzie is a ' psychopath! I mean first kill her sister and then say it's okay?! Dude... That's messed up. She should've died instead of Mika... - Jillian

She killed her sister,let the zomys into the jail and almost killed judith - RagingDeath

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14 Pete Anderson

This guy was a jerk who got what he deserved

Porch dick! Glad he's dead.

He abuses Jessie and Sam, and he's an a****** to Rick towards the end of Season 5, and no one likes him anyway

15 Nicholas

One word to describe this slimy rat: a snake. One of my least favourite characters. The absolute most cowardly and selfish character. For god sake, he left his own brother to die. I don't care too much how he killed Noah, but I was so upset how he left Glenn to die. Glenn is the most patient character by far which is displayed when he doesn't kill the backstabbing fool. I thought his character was necessary to be the one that everyone hates. Which is ironic because everybody hates Chris.

Every time I see him I want him dead more and more. He's a scared coward but can't admit his wrong doings. Gets Noah killed and very nearly kills Glenn by shooting him and nearly feeds him to the walkers. I wish Glenn hadn't spared him a second time.

Statistically the weakest person the show has seen so far, if I remember correctly. He has so far gotten 6+ people killed whilst trying to keep them alive. I don't even know how you can be that bad of a screwup.

He got glenn killed. I think that speaks for its self

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16 Abraham

I like his ginger mustache

I don't know why so many people like Abraham. To me, he is macho, annoying, and frustratingly short-sighted. I couldn't roll my eyes harder every time he screams about "saving the whole damned world." I thought this was unrealistic (and corny) the first time he said it, and the plot has proven me right..

I personally wasn't a fan of Abraham but once he died, he became one of my favorites. I miss him and Glenn so much and I was really looking forward to him and Sasha.

He's not bad he was one of my favorite characters

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17 Sophia

Sophia sucked in the books she was an innocent girl with a crush on carl but then in the walking dead she simply acted awful and her only line was " Can we go to the grand canyon " that's it plus they spent like 13 episodes looking for the hopeless girl who just ran in the woods even though rick said specifically STAY HERE like how hard is it to sit down but noo she had to run off probably chasing a butterfly. Worst character ever.

"Stay here" "Nope" *dies* "RICK IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT" what

Sophia sucked in thenshow, in the books

18 Bob

The most pointless character. They used one of the most cliche character flaws on him. Drinking problem really? Not to mention he doesn't even add anything to the show. He simply needs to die. I don't even know his name till the end of last season I called him alcoholic t-dog

So darn useless. He better die in season 5. I agree, drinking problems? Come on! You risk your life to get medicine for dying people and come out with a bottle of scotch? So stupid. Plus I don't like his last name. Stookey? What the heck!

LOL this dude was more immortal than Glenn. He DID die but EVERY EPISODE HE'S IN he had a time which should have killed him - errrr

Franklin the turtle kissing Sasha what

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19 Rick

He is not annoying he is very cool

All of the heavy-handed exaggerated hoarse-throated whispered dialogue gets annoying as does his Wild West gunslinger style of walking like he has been riding a horse his entire life all bow legged. That combined with his endless overly-dramatic all-consuming skinny bad ass swagger has me ready to puke in my hands.

Rick is a dangerously stupid and selfish person. The King of the Drama Queens is the worlds worst strategic planner ever, he gets people killed and always turns away those who would be allies. Rick doesn't care about his group... his group is nothing more than a tool he uses for his survival... he's a sociopath.

I swear my sister has bigger balls I mean first of all he fallows that weird chick in the woods the that black guy with all the bobby traps tried to kill him 2 times and he did nothing

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20 Sasha

She's great. Sexist comments from people saying she's a "man-stealing snake"... um... what? Abraham came onto her and she dismissed him, knowing he was in a relationship. 2 months later, she changed jobs, knowing very well he was tied to that other girl, Rosita, who Sasha barely knows. Then, when it was over, Abraham convinced her he had sorted everything out and they could be together. Abraham and Rosita were thrown together by circumstance and they weren't in love, it was just sex. You can tell a lot about a person if they're going to degrade and slut-shame a female character for no logical reason because men can't be accountable. Abraham was an ass to Rosita when he broke up with her, we get that, but Sasha has nothing to do with that.

As for "she can't control her anger", well, that was one season ago when she was going through PTSD and depression after her brother and boyfriend died and she was left alone in a post-apocalyptic, nihilistic world. Wow, I ...more

How is Sasha not in the top 10? How is she not in the top 3? She's so annoying, always acting like a big baby, everyone hates Andrea but at least she's reasonable and can control her anger. Sasha just takes her anger out on everyone and since the beginning, she's always been a hothead who is a jerk to everyone. The only thing going for her is that she's a badass... but there are so many other badasses on the show who have way better personalites. Point is... she sucks.

Sasha was likeable when she first showed up. They should have killed her off then. With each episode, I want her dead more & more. She went from being a survivor with reason to an erratic emotional wreck to a man stealing snake. I seriously hope its either her or Abraham that gets Lucille to the face.

She acts like a depressive teenager expecting for poeple attention.

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