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21 Sasha

She's great. Sexist comments from people saying she's a "man-stealing snake"... um... what? Abraham came onto her and she dismissed him, knowing he was in a relationship. 2 months later, she changed jobs, knowing very well he was tied to that other girl, Rosita, who Sasha barely knows. Then, when it was over, Abraham convinced her he had sorted everything out and they could be together. Abraham and Rosita were thrown together by circumstance and they weren't in love, it was just sex. You can tell a lot about a person if they're going to degrade and slut-shame a female character for no logical reason because men can't be accountable. Abraham was an ass to Rosita when he broke up with her, we get that, but Sasha has nothing to do with that.

As for "she can't control her anger", well, that was one season ago when she was going through PTSD and depression after her brother and boyfriend died and she was left alone in a post-apocalyptic, nihilistic world. Wow, I ...more

Sasha was likeable when she first showed up. They should have killed her off then. With each episode, I want her dead more & more. She went from being a survivor with reason to an erratic emotional wreck to a man stealing snake. I seriously hope its either her or Abraham that gets Lucille to the face.

How is Sasha not in the top 10? How is she not in the top 3? She's so annoying, always acting like a big baby, everyone hates Andrea but at least she's reasonable and can control her anger. Sasha just takes her anger out on everyone and since the beginning, she's always been a hothead who is a jerk to everyone. The only thing going for her is that she's a badass... but there are so many other badasses on the show who have way better personalites. Point is... she sucks.

Sasha should not be on this list. She is an amazing character who will be dearly missed by the world.

If you hate her then don't look in the night sky cause she's a star. A star god dammit.

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22 Allen

Complete idiot, thank god he died before he did something really stupid

Pffft. Piece or crap. He wanted to over through Rick! For heavens sake, he was in a 4 man group and thought he could beat a prison full of people! What a retarded idea!

This retard contributed about nothing to the show except yelling at Tyreese and trying to kill ticks group I was glad to see him shot by the governor

23 Milton

To the person who said he's a horrible actor, that was LOW. He is NOT a horrible actor. He did an amazing job in The Grey. Granted, you don't like the character, fine but to attack the actor and his CRAFT? That's low, don't do that, especially when I am sure you're only judging his acting based on one character you have seen him play that you apparently don't like.

He never did anything to YOU? Did he? He's just a nerd. Who cares?! He went down a hero and almost saved Andrea after being STABBED in the gut. Just because he's a nerd doesn't mean you should discriminate! Don't judge a book by its cover!

He could of done something to help Andrea get out of the chair, or at least kill himself. He wasn't tough and knew nothing about the zombies. Andrea saved him multiple times. I wish He only died instead on Andrea.

Horrible actor and writing. 50/50 in my opinion. Def could've made this character interesting; however huge snooze fest.

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24 Judith

Judith is my #1. The show really pisses me off.when it comes to this damn thing. The show makes us hear this thing cry on a somewhat regular basis. Oh yeah, like we just love to get away from it all by watching a show with a crying baby. At times it's extremely loud and it's insanely annoying. Watching a show that has a baby crying on it, is like going to the dentist for no reason to have your teeth pulled. It's like going to the grocery store even though the greeter punches you in the face every time you go. Why would the show do this? It would be bad enough if the thing actually served as a plot device, but the kid not only serves no purpose it's anti-purpose, it's a plot detractor. Whoever came up with the idea to have the baby in this show needs to be severely donkey punched. - dingleberrie

Haha I just find it really funny that Judith is even on here

If you love hearing a baby whine and cry and scream, you are in for a treat, because every episode she is in, is consistently jam packed with those enjoyable sounds. So get those ears ready and embrace the whining baby.

I agree! Make her shut up, I don't care how! My ears are bleeding

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25 Garrett

Isn't it Gareth not Garrett... ?

There is no character named Garrett you retards.

Bad spelling - errrr

Hate him he ate Bob who eats people and shouldn't be Gareth

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26 Sam Anderson

This kid is too cowardly to be tolerable. He is always scared and he's like twelve. As annoying as Carl was at his age, even he wasn't as infuriating. Also, he has the hair cut of a seven year old, the courage of a four year old and the voice of a fourteen year old. My least favourite.

Aside from hoping he dies every episode he's in, he has to be one of the more tolerable kids on the show. He's not a pretentious "badass" like Carl, nor a loser like his brother Ron, or apathetic like Edith. Sam, to me, is a realistic approach to how a kid would feel during a zombie apocalypse. Wanting to ignore the fact the world is doomed and just wanting to waste away in his room.

The younger son of Jessie Anderson, brother of also annoying Ron. Jessie is nice, but her dead husband and (I hope soon dead) sons are annoying as hell.

I hate Sam so much, I'm happy that he died, his hair was hard to look at and he was so annoying

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27 Maggie

Honestly. She was annoying, I mean she has the looks, but that's about it, literally. She really changed Glenn, in a bad, bad way. Glenn, without her was funny, and enjoyable. But once she came alone, he was like Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! And it's all he cared about, it was so stupid. She wasn't concerned when Beth or her family got hurt. It was more like "Hey! Where's Glenn? " And she emotionally pushed Glenn. By, Glenn gave her the world, and she would be a total ass. She would, ask for a kiss, he would grant that, than say " I HATE YOU! YOUR RUINING MY LIFE! " And then, the simplest things, would make her cry. She was to emotional, it was like a stupid hopeless roller coaster. She had no gain, no point in the show. Her only reason is to be by Glenn, and bring him down. But it's funny, because she doesn't even have reason for that either. Hopeless character.

The actress is below par, in my opinion. She may have the looks but her accent is really hard to ignore when trying to pay attention to what's going on. Other than that, her story line is sort of been nonexistent except for wanting to be with Glenn and find Glenn.. so they can have more sex. I guess her sister Beth didn't meet a purpose for her after they were separated and she was kidnapped because she barely cared to look to find Beth.. I blame the writers for that though.

Where do I start... Maggie is just one of those pointless characters who just exists to be the clich├ęd "hot, sexy girlfriend" of one of the main characters, she's not even that attractive in my opinion, just plain. That brings me to one of my biggest problems with her, she's only so liked because she appeals to female audience by being some kind of "sexy role-model" and something to admire solely due to her looks; and to male audience by being something they can lust after and who's there to add most of the sex scenes to the show. Honestly, so many of her and Glenn's scenes are just them having sex, at least Daryl and Carol have a genuine-feeling relationship built on true friendship without the need for sex to spice things up.

Lauren Cohan's acting skills are terrible, so is her accent, and she was most likely only picked as an actress solely due to her looks and being a model.

Not only do I find Cohan's acting unconvincing, and Maggie's presence in ...more

Oh my god I thought I was the only one, everyone seems to love her but I don't see why AT ALL, she's annoying, she's a brat, she makes people feel sad for her when really there's nothing to be sad about, I hate Lauren Cohan so much is painful for me to watch the show. I don't think she's hot, she looks like an average white chick to me, she's the reason why I hate Glenn now, I liked him in season 1 and that's about it.

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28 Andrew

He let the walkers to the prison on season 3 and that got t-dog shot

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29 Otis

I Like Otis He Was A Gold Person When He Shot Carl it Was An Accident But I Really Cry When Shane Shot Him

He shot Carl thinking he's a deer extension! Then he refuses to leave Shane behind and almost seals Carl's fate as dead

It wasn't Otis's fault that he shot Carl, Carl was behind a deer and he didn't see him.

30 Glenn

I loved Glenn! He will always be one of my favorite characters on the show! He's smart, brave, and throughout the show you see him mature more! That being said, I did not like the fact that he and Maggie were together! I feel like if we were actually going through a zombie apocalypse NO ONE would try to be trying to hook up with anyone lol I do feel like they were a little too up each other's asses and they messed at the worst times lol glen definitely was blinded! He was sprung lol

Glenn is the best!

I'm sorry why is he on this list?

I actually applauded when he got chosen to die. I just wish Abraham was still alive.

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31 Tomas

The acting of this "bad guy" was just horrible.

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32 Spencer Monroe Spencer Monroe Spencer Monroe is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Austin Nichols in the American television series of the same name.

In the comics he's a useless, annoying jerk who constantly questions Rick's orders, obnoxiously hits on women, and cares only for his own safety. Even Negan is disgusted with him.

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33 Amy
34 Patricia
35 Olivia
36 Jessie Anderson
37 Morgan

Morgan is the biggest idiot EVER! Judgmental and arrogant! Changes his mind like most people change their underwear. Worst episode ever was the cheese episode and the last one where now he is gonna kill all the Saviors by himself. Geez get a clue! Wish they would off him!

Most annoying character EVER! His all life is precious motto makes no sense in the world they live in. Please just die already!

He looks like he smells like cheese and he nearly kills Rick

OH MY GOD WHERE DO I START?! He is SUPER annoying! One second he's mister imma kill u the next he's miss soft-kitten-that-won't-hurt-a-soul. Choose!

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38 Dwight Dwight Dwight is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead portrayed by Austin Amelio in the television series of the same name.

Get him off the list.

39 Negan Negan Negan is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the American television series of the same name.

I always wonder why so many people are hot for the evil ones. I want this character to die off so badly, he's a monster. Charismatic yeah but... come on! What's with all the people out there who keep fawning all over this dude? I'll say this though, Negan is the new Walking Dead character who is perfect for representing the world in 2016-2017. And if Sasha, Rosita or Michonne die because of him, I riot! Here's hoping those three plus Maggie are the ones to take him out and put him out of commission once and for all.

I love Negan! Jeffery dean Morgan is amazing! Negan is great, even though he kills someone very important, I like him!

I think Negan is so sexy lol but he sucks for killing Glenn!

One word: psycho

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40 Jimmy

Jimmy wasn't on the show a lot but the time we did see him he never hug beth hold beth or hugged beth. I don't think they were dating at all

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