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61 Pete

Pete is a pile of crap who got what he deserved.I wish they woulda let Rick break his kneck when he had him in choke hold though.would've been more savage

62 Terminus Bat Butcher

My only regret is Rick didn't take a bat to him and show him how all their victims felt!

63 Terminus Throat Slice Butcher

Again, only regret is he didn't feel more pain in his death

64 Noah
65 Randall
66 Gorman V 1 Comment
67 Axel
68 Tony V 1 Comment
69 Tobin
70 Aiden Monroe
71 Reg Monroe

So I guess Reg is officially the best walking dead character

72 Paul Rovia
73 Daryl

Sorry but he shouldn't even be on here.

Without getting banned because I can tell you how I really feel using four letter words that aren't friendly, Daryl has a temper, he causes deaths, he is so overrated and the Daryl bandwagoners make me sick they only worship Daryl because of how little they know of other characters who are actually useful to the group. I've hated him even before Glenn died because even before than he got the group into trouble by going out by himself thinking one man could stop 15 guys in the woods. Stupid useless piece of garbage. He deserves the worst death out of everyone. You wont cause a riot, you'll cause a cleanse of all the sheep that watch this show and are too stupid to actually find a useful character that doesn't cause the group to get in trouble. I like Dwight, Negan, The Governor and even Donald Trump more than Daryl.

Daryl is my favourite character.

Daryl has many temper and anger issues towards people over the series: In season 1 he nearly kills Dr. Jenner. If he had, all of them would have died. In Season 2 he brutally tortures and beats up Randall, because of things that his group did and not what HE did. In Season 5 he kills Officer Lerner, even though she felt remorseful and Rick told him not to.


In Season 8, He kills Morales, knowing that's him, and after Rick tells him not to, and he kills that Savior (Todd), after he complies with Rick's instructions.

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74 Mitch
75 Thomas
76 Lilly

Even though this scene isn't shown, I believe she shot the Governor's brain at the point he would be eaten alive by walkers. I was disappointed and he deserved a more painful death. It's annoying enough for me.


77 Big Tiny
78 Ben

Why is he here?

79 Haley
80 Joe
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