Top Ten Worst The Walking Dead Characters


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81 Oscar
82 Len
83 Dan
84 Dave
85 Tobin
86 Shumpert
87 Aiden Monroe
88 Reg Monroe
89 Carol

At first she was kinda not survival material but then after everything she has been though, she ends up being on of the BEST!

She's a realist, which is fine when it revolves around her chemistry with other adults, but when it comes to her relationship with kids I find it too brutal. She should only ever be optimistic around children, the children shouldn't have to defend themselves just yet, let them keep their innocence until they're older. I think that people like Carol should be looking after them instead of forcing them to fight. Other than that, she seems too gloomy, dull and she is rarely willing to crack a smile for the betterment of the group.

She was weak at first then she starts getting tougher and badass shouldn't be here

She couldn't use a fruit knife and now she is a highy trained killer? if it was using a gun properly or simple survival stuff it would be ok but being a lone wolf and ruthless is not badass for me and I don't get it how people complain about the governor being unrealistic since he had an office job before the outbreak but say carol is badass,and not sure what is wrong with the actor with the dumb smiles,dunno if she want to be funny or if it's a mental illness.overall one of the most unrealistic and annoying characters,never liked her.

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90 Daryl

Sorry but he shouldn't even be on here.

Without getting banned because I can tell you how I really feel using four letter words that aren't friendly, Daryl has a temper, he causes deaths, he is so overrated and the Daryl bandwagoners make me sick they only worship Daryl because of how little they know of other characters who are actually useful to the group. I've hated him even before Glenn died because even before than he got the group into trouble by going out by himself thinking one man could stop 15 guys in the woods. Stupid useless piece of garbage. He deserves the worst death out of everyone. You wont cause a riot, you'll cause a cleanse of all the sheep that watch this show and are too stupid to actually find a useful character that doesn't cause the group to get in trouble. I like Dwight, Negan, The Governor and even Donald Trump more than Daryl.

Daryl is my favourite character.

Daryl sucks

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91 Lilly

Even though this scene isn't shown, I believe she shot the Governor's brain at the point he would be eaten alive by walkers. I was disappointed and he deserved a more painful death. It's annoying enough for me.


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