Worst The Walking Dead Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Dead Weight
2 Save the Last One

Because Otis dies poor Otis
Burn in h@#* Shane

3 Infected
4 Walk With Me
5 Clear

CLEAR? Clear was one of the best episodes ever! The script for Morgan and how he acts is amazing. How dare this be on the list?

6 Cherokee Rose

Easily the worst - dangits12

7 Judge, Jury, Executioner

My least favorite but still good

1 - Carl gets Dale killed.
2 - Carl is a jerk to Carol.
3 - Dale is the only one using common sense.
4 - Near everybody wants Randall dead. YOU CAN USE HIM.

8 Still
9 Last Day On Earth

The last 30 seconds of the episode was the difference between it being the best episode every or being the worst episode ever. Too bad they messed it up.

The pacing killed this episode.

10 Them

Beside from rick's awesome speech, nothing happens in the whole episode - XtremeNerdz12

The Contenders

11 Live Bait
12 Now
13 Say Yes
14 Prey
15 Arrow on the Doorpost
16 Vatos
17 Slabtown
18 Coda
19 The Glade
20 Self Help
21 Gone Too Far

Hershel DIES! My favorite character DIES! Eh,at least we still have Michone.

22 How It's Gotta Be
23 Do Not Send Us Astray

Anyone who fell for the plot hole that survivors of a z-pocalypse would sleep through the start of a zombie attack is a fool. Bad writing!

24 30 Days Without an Accident

Bad science! And once again, foolish plot line of people not being careful of when they sleep during a z-pocalypse. Sloppy writing!

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