Worst Warhammer 40k Characters

For all the awesome characters Warhammer 40k has given us it, also has its share of bad characters. We will be looking at the worst characters from the popular tabletop game, whether they are bad for the lore, likeablety or for being crap on the tabletop. (Spin-offs like Dawn of War and the Black library books are allowed). Don't agree with the list that's okay.

The Top Ten

1 Kaldor Draigo

He really does suck. He's over powered and generally uninteresting.

Absolutely no sense

Worst idea ever

He sucks.

2 Crull
3 Indrick Boreale

While he might be the most haliorus character in the game, but once you look past that Boreale isn't that great of a Space marine captain, it makes me wonder how someone like this managed to be captain. - ChaoslordG1

4 Pyrovore

He is a gay boy

Cus he's trans

5 Firaeveus Carron

"METAL BAWKES". Carron was the Chaos lord in Soulstorm he was a Khorne worshipper who led a Alpha Legion warband. Aside from the memes he spawned, Carron is pretty much the dumbest CSM ever. Not to mention he's probably the worst Khorne worshipper ever as he uses Psykers and builds temples for the god (Khorne hates both of those) he's also a coward. He's better than Crull however because he actually has a personality that isn't just one trope. - ChaoslordG1

6 Abaddon

While he is one of the best Chaos space marine special characters on the tabletop. Lorewise he is one of the most incompetent characters ever in media. The guy has failed 13 black crusades but games workshop keeps insisting his the biggest threat in this universe. He's such a failure that he's nick named I the Fandom as Failbaddon the Harmless. - ChaoslordG1

7 Chaos Spawn
8 Typhus

On the tabletop he's mediocre at best and the only reason to play as him is to turn the cultists into zombies. Lore wise he's okay. - ChaoslordG1

9 Kayleth
10 Cato Sicarius

Loudmouth pretty boy

The Contenders

11 Captain Lysander

Because he takes it in the ass

12 Belisairus Cawl

He is a better engineer thwn the emperor. Okay...

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