Ashfur Is Misunderstood

Ashfur is my third favorite character, under Hollyleaf and Ivypool. If I was a warrior cat, he would be my mate. So many people hate him, but I don't. I will explain why, even though I know I'm not going to convince anyone.

Before I begin, I need to let you know something. The truth is, I already know that it was Ashfur himself who caused his own death. I already know that he could have made better choices in his life. And I already know that it was nobody's fault but his. But either way, he is still my third favorite character, and now you can see why.

How Ashfur Began
As an apprentice, Ashfur was awesome. He was loyal, kind, and loving. He wanted to lure the dogs out, because they had killed his mother, Brindleface. I wished that he could stay with that personality forever, but he changed.

Ashfur's Wish
There was one thing that affected Ashfur the most. It was love. He wanted a mate that he could love, and that would love him back. He met Squirrelflight. He thought that was where he would find love, but he was wrong. Squirrelflight didn't love Ashfur back. Instead, she loved Bramblestar. Ashfur was heartbroken. That was when he changed.

Ashfur's Mistake
Then Ashfur got angry. He overreacted, and tried to kill four cats. That is just so not Ashfur!!! I wasn't angry when he did that though, I was sad. How could Ashfur change so much?! How could anyone change from being such a loyal cat the most violent killer? Ashfur was such an awesome cat before he fell apart. He needed a mate, but he never found one, and then he got so angry at Squirrelflight.

Ashfur's Death
I was honestly hoping that he would return to his old self, but he never did. When Ashfur tried to kill Squirrelflight's kits, Squirrelflight pretended she didn't love the kits to protect them. She revealed the secret that they weren't really her kits, and she said that she didn't care if Ashfur killed them. Ashfur then threatened Squirrelflight and was going to reveal the secret she just revealed to all the cats at a Gathering. I know it was Ashfur's own fault in what he did, but I can't help and just feel sorry for him. Hollyleaf didn't know any other way to stop him, so she had no choice but to kill him.

Ashfur's Unhappy Ending
That was the end of Ashfur's life. He died, never returning to his old self. It is hard for me to believe that one rejection would cause all this. Ashfur just needed a mate who loved him. If he had one, none of this would ever have happened. I honestly feel very sorry for him. He started so innocent, but then kept getting worse and worse. I will always understand him, no matter what he does.

Because all he needed was love...


A summary was that Ashfur was such a nice character in the beginning, and it was hard for me to see him change into a killer. - Oliveleaf