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I really don't like him AT ALL, PERIOD. You could tell Squirrelflight just wanted a friend while she was waiting for Brambleclaw to come back. Look guys we all have to face the ugly truth that Ashfur sucks! I don't hate him I just think that he was stupid to get in the way of real love to have Squirrelflight to himself. Especially if Jayfeather Hollyleaf and Lionblaze were her kits he would of killed them, then Brambleclaw then Firestar Sandstorm Leafpool. And anyone close to her so that she could suffer what he went through? Squirrelflight never loved him he was just a friend. I'm glad Hollyleaf killed him before he COULD do something evil.

Sorry not trying to be snappy just saying my opinion!

Ashfur. He almost killed four cats, two being a Clan LEADER and the other a blind MEDICINE CAT, makes Squirrelflight feel guilty for something she'd never done, and ruins his friendship with Brambleclaw over his love for Squirrel. How the HECK did he make it to StarClan? 'He loved too much'? HONESTLY, that's like saying 'Tigerstar was too ambitious' or 'Hawkfrost was lonely'. And if you read the books, Ashfur fans, she hadn't dumped him. She'd never actually loved him. She thought they were friends, and lightly turned him down. It's all Ashfur's fault he couldn't follow Thrushpelt's example.

Poor Ashfur. I don't know why people HATE him so much if Scourge's behavior is acceptable just because he got bullied. To be honest, Ashfur's behavior isn't entirely his fault (not saying what he did is acceptable though). His mother died, his dad doesn't even talk to him, his sister barely interacted with him, thanks to weirdo Dustpelt. Brambleclaw was busy, and Squirrelflight is the main source of his obsession, making it impossible for him to avoid her. And without support, he has this heavy weight of obsession, slowly sapping his sanity. And the last straw is Brambleclaw. He snapped, and tried to kill them. Still not saying his behavior is acceptable, and he didn't love Squirrelflight. It's just obsession.

Ashfur is my least favorite character of the whole Warriors series, period. He was just a background character originally, and I didn't mind him or pay him special attention. But in the second series, jeez. He had some of the sloppiest character development I've ever seen. He was just suddenly over-bearing and obsessed with Squirrelpaw, and even more when she became a warrior. He was still smart (it seemed) but he had just out of nowhere loved Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight had leaned on Ashfur as a friend when Brambleclaw was running around with Hawkfrost, not because she wanted a mate. And she hadn't realized he loved her---she thought they were just friends. I would've felt bad for Ashfur if it looked like he even had a chance. He didn't fit her one bit as a mate, and she was getting annoyed with him. That's why she confronted him; to tell him Brambleclaw was her mate. Yet, he shouted at her "Brambleclaw is Tigerstar's son! He's dangerous! " No defender of Ashfur seems to ...more

Ashfur is mean! I mean, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather nearly died because of him! He wasn't bad enough to go to Dark forest but still, he's a jerk.

Assfur is an idiot at heart! Stop saying he loved too much if he really loved squirrelflight he would have wanted her to be happy! People who like him are on crack :/ if you actually read the book you would know that squirrelflight never loved ashfur and never meant to hurt him! Reread the book if you actually believe what others say how she ignored him and was all about brambleclaw and used him! Because she didn't retard :/ this is actually from the book: Squirrelflight sighed "Its Ashfur, every time I try to talk to him he just walks away ignoring me. I never meant to hurt him! " or somthing like that I remember so yeah if your a real Warriors fan you would know that Ashfur was the ass in the whole plot so there! :/

Ashfur was fine up until Twilight when he fell in love with Squirrelflight. His character kinda just dropped from this kind but strong warrior to a weak kitty who was quite annoying. Then when Squirrelflight got back together with Brambleclaw he couldn't except that she just wanted to be friends which is understandable but then again, his crush on her came out of nowhere. Then things went dreadful from there. From neglecting Birchpaw to plotting with Hawkfrost to even trying to kill his apprentice. Then when he managed to trap the three he threatened to kill them and after he found out the truth, he tried to tell everyone at the gathering. That is why no one likes Ashfur!

He was awesome when he was younger but he fell apart. All he needed was a mate, and I do feel sorry for him. Squirrelflight never loved him, so he overreacted. (It wasn't Squirrelflight's fault either.) I really wish that more people could look at Ashfur from my point of view. He tried to kill four cats, and I was really sad when he did that! He was such a nice cat as an apprentice. And I don't think he should have been killed by Hollyleaf. (She's my favorite character, and it really ruined her reputation.) I don't know what got into Ashfur, but it really changed him a lot. But no matter what he does, I'll never hate him. So that's why this tag exists: #Olivefur - Oliveleaf

I don' t like ashfur. Some people say that he's misunderstood, but I think the word we are looking for is spoiled. He tried to murder five cats. I understand that it is horrible to be dumped, but he can't take all of his anger out on her family. They are innocent, and at least squirrelflight told him the truth. She loved someone else. It happens. I understand it sucks, but he needs to learn to control his anger. Besides, if he truly loved her, he'd let her go, and let her be happy, and live her own life, not be tied to him. I respect other opinions.

He started out as a default, normal apprentice, and was a great friend to Squirrelflight once she was having her conflicts with Brambleclaw. But once she told him she didn't didn't want to be lovers(? I forget her exact words) he just totally flipped and went off to kill her father/his own clan leader. Then he tried to kill his own apprentice, Lionpaw who is her son and later tried to kill him again with Hollyleaf and Jayfeather during the fire! It's all pointless because Squirrelflight and Ashfur were never together in the first place! Ashfur, you dumbass

So he is basically the crazy one because to begin with there was no relationship between him and Squirrelflight and the he goes and cries and waits for random fire to try to hurt Squirrelflight and then says oh I'm not caught up with her. And then has kits with whitening. He is related to Squirrelflight so he is related to whitening!

Ugh... In my opinion, this cat is much, much worst than Tigerstar. He was good in the first series, but then he went insane. He attempted murder! And Squirrelflight, why in the name of Starclan did you say "They are not my kits". Why didn't you just fight him, it was four on one. Again, this cat went crazy. Spottedleaf lived with the fact Firestar liked someone else. Lionblaze didn't murder anyone when Cinderheart refused to become his mate. Seriously, this cat is more Dark Forest material.

I hate Ashfur! I'm sorry, Ashfur lovers, but it's just my opinion! Squirrelflight was very polite to him, and she could have 'dumped' him in a much nastier way. After Squirrelflight turned him down, Ashfur should have dedicated his life to upholding the code and defending his Clanmates, but Ashfur was prepared to challenge all he had ever known. He tried to kill Firestar, exile Brambleclaw, kill Lionblaze twice, kill Hollyleaf, kill Jayfeather, sorta kill Squirrelflight and plot with Hawkfrost. EVIL!

Ashpaw was awesome. Brave, smart, loyal, sweet, and showing much promise as a leader. But then, as Ashfur, he met Squirrelpaw. Just out of the blue (what is this true love?! ) he was in love with her and suddenly became this useless, annoying page filler that caused waaay to much nonsense. I could just go to his face and slap him. I never liked Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw (but after a while I've grown used to it), but Ashfur, he's just insane. He attempted to kill cats, and still got off into Starclan scot-free. No one cares that Squirrelflight was his great love and Brambleclaw stole her, and he was all lost and depressed, because guess what?! It's just life. Not everyone is going to love you, that doesn't mean you literally have to go insane. When Ashfur died, I hugged the book and claimed that Hollyleaf was now one of my new favorites. That's how much I hate him. I could go on for years, you know.

IF YOU LOVE HER LET HER GO! Ashfur really needs to learn that lesson. he is a total idiot! GET A LIFE ASHFUR!

YES. I can't tell you HOW many fangirls go "He loved too much! " Mapleshade did too, know what they say? "Mapleshade deserved to go to the dark forest! " So. Should. Ashfur.

Hey it is me Squirrelflight and today he just stole my sandwich so I went nuts please like

*deep breaths*
Guys. I understand liking Ashfur in the first series, but he tried to kill his ex's father and burn her "children" alive. This is not the behavior of a mentally sound character, nor the behavior of someone you should empathize with and/or defend. Ashfur shows the common traits of a sociopath, and his violent reaction to Squirrelflight wanting to date another guy makes him incorrigible to me. And why the hell is Squirrelflight the bad guy for not wanting to date him?! This fandom is insane. How many of you actually have brains? Squirrelflight is not the bad guy. Nor is Brambleclaw or Hollyleaf. It's Ashfur. He is literally an attempted murderer. Jesus christ. All the awards to Hollyleaf for taking out the trash.

He is to needy for squirrelflight and god knows why he didn't go to dark forest

He should have accepted the fact Squirrelflight didn't return his feelings. But he didn't, sometimes I wonder why he didn't accept the fact that Squirrelflight doesn't have the same feelings. Ashfur should have been happy that Squirrelflight was happy. Maybe then Hollyleaf wouldn't kill him

I hate it when people say that he only loved too much. He tried to kill three innocent kits because he apparently loved her too much. A lot of people know what it's like when someone you love chooses someone else, but he completely overreacted.

At first, Ashfur was cool and I actually loved him! But after the drama after Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, I gotta admit. Brambleclaw was a better match for her. But in Sunset when Ashfur tried to kill Firestar, that was so not cool! And in Power of three, in the fire, when Ashfur had a quarrel with Squirrelflight and left Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. Honestly, THANK YOU HOLLYLEAF, for killing him! He doesn't deserve to be in Starclan. - lilydoestopten

Gosh, he is ANNOYING! Worst warrior cat character in my opinion. He tries to kill Lionblaze Jayfeather and Hollyleaf! All because he get friend-zoned, just move on!

Ashfur + Squirrelflight was fine. Brambleclaw is not worthy, how can you believe that a black kit, golden kit, and greyish blue kit are yours? The colors don't match. Sparkpaw and Alderpaw have their mother's fur color. Brambleclaw should have easily, broken up after Hollyleaf told about her and her brothers thunder/wind parents? Isn't Ashfur grey and dark grey almost black? And Leafpool is a tabby? Which gives the golden tabby DNA for Lionblaze. Ashfur gives the grey DNA for Jayfeather. Hollyleaf is given DNA from Ashfur as well. Honestly they look like Ash+ Squirrel kits more than Crow+Leaf kits.

If only Squirrelflight let him down easy, then Hollyleaf wouldn't have murdered him and ran away. Though in a twisted way it might be a good thing it turned out the way it did, because Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze deserve to know who their parents are. - Songwind