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I hate him! He was a murderer! He should have died in plonks Tigerstar did. Tigerstar is better than Brokenstar. The fact he isn't in the top 10 proves everyone is a total moron and Brokenstar should be number 2 - Amberflame

Brokenstar sucks. He is so mean and likes to steal kits and hurt everyone. He hates Firestar, and that makes me hate him! Oh, and WHY IS MY BAE FIREBAE ON THIS LIST?!? He is the best cat in all of Warriors! The Clans would be nonexistent without him. Scourge would have taken over if Firestar hadn't killed him. So people are saying that Firestar is a bad leader because he didn't like battling and was very peaceful. And then they go on about how he killed Scourge? That doesn't sound very peaceful and battle free to me! But Brokenstar and Rainflower are probably the worst on this list.

Okay, but seriously. How is Hollyleaf in front of Brokenstar? I've never finished reading Yellowfang's Secret, but hear me out. He killed his father for no reason other than to become leader. He also had many chances to reform, but he threw those away. Brokenstar may have been scarred, but he had Yellowfang who was always there for him, and then he just betrays her trust and blames the death of kits on her. What's worse is when he takes refuge in Thunderclan, he leads a bunch of evil cats to attack the camp, refusing to have some good in him.

I cannot believe Hollyleaf is before BROKENSTAR! I mean really! Brokenstar! Brokenstar tortured kits and did not care! If anybody read "the smallest warrior" it was the saddest thing ever. The poor 3 moon old kitten was killed in a battle against a cat over Four times his size! Hollyleaf did none of the sort. I think some people need to be able to tell the difference between an AESONE character and a savage killer, who did it for fun instead of an accidental deep moment eclipse.

Brokenstar. I feel bad for his mother, really. Its not her fault. That is why she named him Brokenstar. Because her heart was broken. Brokenstar was meant to be evil. Everyone saw that. But at the same time I feel bad for him. I don't KNOW WHY! Something about him. At the same time I HATE HIM. I don't know, he should be number 1. He was the worst on here.

It was hard for him. I hate him for his actions, but you can't deny his terribly sad history. He grew up without a mother, with an arrogant queen that practically hated him and favored her own kits. He was Raggedstar's pride, his prize and I guess since he was his father, Raggedstar was blind to his faults.

Brokenstar is a horrid character. Sure, he had a hard life, but here are my words of wisdom to him: DEAL WITH IT! He even got the chance to be loved as a good warrior, but, then, he couldn't take that chance. HE MADE KITS (! ) fight in battle!

How is this MONSTER not number 1. He caused KITS to DIE and banished ELDERS. He, wait no it this cat does not deserved to be considered a living thing, also drove out one of the clans. Last IT KILLED ITS OWN FATHER for POWER!

How exactly is hollyleaf AND FIRESTAR above him - AnonymousChick

Another interesting character, and I think he would have turned out differently if Lizardstripe and her kits weren't jerks. However, his past in not an excuse for sending kits into battle. He even made an apprentice hang by his teeth from a tree branch because he wanted to teach him to keep his mouth shut (Yellowfang's Secret)! Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

Monster... He was so awful! Making kits apprentices too early and letting them and THANK GOODNESS Yellowfang ended the heartless, cruel leader. At least Tigerstar was a LITTLE likable

He is plan evil, who ever put the others here above him is a total moron, for at least tigerstar was not a coward

Even though he was treated unfairly he didn't have to kill his dad. Brokenstar killed countless kits, I get how you feel, but you didn't have to be so murderous.

Brokenstar loved seeing the sight of blood. He loved it so much, he killed his own father, many very young kits, and banished ELDERS who are getting to the age where they will hunt with Starclan! Terrible. It's a good thing that he had no friends. He shouldn't have any. I wonder if Yellowfang stayed a warrior and his sisters survived would he have been good?

He's worse than Tigerstar. Brokenstar had no reason to be evil. Tigerstar was taught to be evil. Brokenstar killed a deputy just to become leader UGH

He should be #1 he's worse than Tigerstar

He's so weak anyway, when I read about broken star in the first book he didn't really attack and bloodshed it was just abusing kits and he let over cats do the dirty work for him

He's so twisted and evil. I think he was worse that Tigerstar. I mean, kill kits? Not even Tigerstar killed kits.

Poor Badgerfang. Making kits apprentices when they were only three moons old. Hey Brokenstar? I'm just gonna walk up to you and smash you and tie your neck into a knot and watch you suffocate! (Don't think I'm violent and cold-hearted I just really hate him)

Brokenstar was really heartless. I hate him so much. I understand that he was mistreated as a kit, sure. But he could have hung out with Yellowfang or his father. I hate him so much for killing Badgerpaw. I know it wasn't him but it was his fault. I'm glad his mother kills him twice. - Pebblepaw

I hate this guy so much he like got so many cats killed but I hate the one that made him evil even more

To be honest, he just had a sad life. It doesn't help that he didn't have many friends either. It would have been different if he had a better start in life. And a better father...
In short, all the things he did, were mostly his fault, but the events in his life influenced it a lot.

Brokenstar was bad right from the start. Depressed, angry, and alone. Actual kitty-Hitler.

Brokenstar is the worst because he has killed kits and made them apprentices too early.

He did some awful things, much else than all the aforementioned in my opinion. - keycha1n