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Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.


Dovewing is a spoiled brat and Mary Sue. Honestly, I hate her more than anyone else in the series. Think she's not a Mary Sue? Well, let's check the facts. First of all, she has this power, of which should've been Hollyleaf's, but ended up being this little brat's instead. Second of all, THREE tom cats were after her in the series. Really, THREE. It's a very common trait in Mary Sues to have numerous characters have interest in them romantically, a trait of which she possesses. Aside from that, she has color-changing eyes, need I say more? She thinks she's the best cat in the world and superior to Ivypool, of whom I feel sorry for due to her bratty little sister. And in the end, guess what? She gets everything she wants.

Yeah I always found that some part of me really didn't like her character. Heck I like her sister Ivypool more because she actually took the biggest risks just to help protect the clans. Dovewing didn't use her powers as best as she could with being one of the cats from the prophecy. She overshadows Ivypool too much and always like to seem as if she's doing things right even though she'll go breaking the code with Tigerheart. And I dislike how she treats a sweet tom like Bumblestripe who actually cares deeply about her. But anyway there's just so much to dislike about her character.

Dovewing somehow manages to be a complete JERK and a MARY SUE at the same time. She has no real flaws, she has multiple toms in love with her, and she has magical powers. But she complains all the time and never even thinks of helping her sister Ivypool, despite the fact that Ivypool risks her life for her every single night. Dovewing is an awful character. I wish that Hollyleaf wouldn't have died, not just because she was a great character, but because she was replaced by (insert dramatic gagging noises here) Dovewing.

Holly leaf and ivy pool were practically the forth cat. It annoys me because lion blazes power isn't used to protect the clan but to protect himself in the battle. There are cats who fought just as hard as lion blaze but they died. It's kinda unfair. Jay feather did all the hard work for the power of three. Interpreted dreams but I think half the time he was just being nosey. Dove wing is the worst. She didn't help anyone. She says "I hear um coming", and that's it while ivy pool found out a lot more by risking her life in the dark forest. Holly leaf also risked her life and saved ivy pool

Total Mary Sue. I hate her so much. I mean, her own sister took it upon herself to spy on the Dark Forest (LITERALLY CAT HELL) even though it was super dangerous and she could have been killed. And Dovewing is just a total brat about her "romance." My imagined dialogue between the two sisters:

Ivypool: I don't know what to do... the Dark Forest is so scary... I'm worried I'll get caught... what if I die... Dovewing, I really could use your help


Ivypool: *contemplates murder*

I have one word to describe how STUPID she is...BRAT! She has Everything! THREE toms chasing after her, Powers, She leaves poor Ivypool(the best cat) in the dust while she gets all the praise. AND SHE STILL HAS A CRAPPY ATTITUDE! I mean Ivypool works her but off while Dovewing can't even catch ONE thing and still gets made a warrior. Come on! All she ever did was Prance around the forest with Tigerheart( And get Ivypool caught! ) Mess with poor Bumblestripe's feelings, and WHINE about her pathetic little LIFE. I hope someone will just shove a handful of DEATHBERRIES down her throat and put an end to her stupidity.

Dovewing. She replaced Hollyleaf who is awesome! (I like Lionblaze more than Hollyleaf though) Dovewing's personality is whine 4 ever! She is a Mary Sue, and I have no idea how Vicky couldn't come up with a power for her! Hollyleaf could maybe have the power to see space and understand StarClan better (Like looking through a giant telescope on a cloudless night)! Yes that's pretty unreal, but the best power ever! I wish I MYSELF had that power! If Hollyleaf HAD to be replaced, for example if she died on Sunrise, IVYPOOL would have been a better replacement!

Ugh... I mean she's nice and everything but, COME ON YOU BEING CREATED CAUSED PAIN TO HOLLYLEAF AND IVYPOOL! Then I had to make a song called jealous for hollyleaf and little Ivy! Seriously do something wrong for once! - Catsarah123

Stupid dovewing, replacing hollyleaf because she's special and ruining ivy pools life by making her go train in the dark forest, with all this because hollyleaf just couldn't have powers apparently. Dovewing only really even used her powers to sneak out with tigerheart, who she apparently ended up not loving anyway.

Dovewing isn't as bad as you think she is. A lot of cats have multiple cats after them- Squirrelflight was also liked by three toms, Brambleclaw, Ashfur, and Stormfur. She isn't bad just because she replaced Hollyleaf, personally, I very strongly dislike Hollyleaf. She doesn't think she's better than Ivypool, that was just how Ivypool felt as an apprentice. Dovewing actually cares a lot about her sister. In a Vision of Shadows Arc, her personality is majorly developed. Dovewing is very relateable in many ways. She only tries to do what is right, like every other cat. - RisingMoon

Ugh, such a brat! Dovewing makes me sick. Especially when she tells Ivypool that she's jealous of her because she's a "better" warrior than her. Can't she die already?

Dovewing has almost a perfect life and she somehow manages to find a way to complain about it nonstop. Every cat is perfectly fine with this complaining and still loves her she's an arrogant brat who somehow manages to be a Mary sue at the same time.

The most annoying, mary sue in warriors who basicly stole hollyleaf place in the prophecy that both of her brothers were in. Plus she was made WAY too perfect and complained unreasonably after the war that her powers were gone even though she shouldn't have been in the prophecy anyway - clw23

Sorry Dovewing lovers, but shes too annoying for my life time. She only cares about herself and the prophecy, and she left Ivypool in the dust! Hollyleaf could've had a great power, but instead, Dovewing decides to skip on over and be a part of the Power of Three. So not cool, Erin, SO not cool. After her power is gone (I think I'm just trying to follow along.) she goes complaining off to Bumblestripe? OH Dovewing. You were at my nerves right from the start! When she was born, I could tell she would become such a brat. 'Oh look at Dovekit' 'Oh look at Dovepaw' 'OH LOOK AT DOVEWING?! ' I hate her. She should've died in place of Hollyleaf. Honestly.

GUYS GUESS WHAT! The new warriors book is "Shattered Sky" and the new super edition is "Tigerheart's Shadow"! Shattered sky will be released in April, I am not too sure about Tigerheart's shadow. I AM not JOKING. Look it up guys! I'm so excited for Shattered Sky! The cover is so cute

I don't think Dovewing's a complete sue. I mean, she can be arrogant, yes, but it only seems like you guys hate hotheaded and arrogant personalities. A lot of people only judge Dovewing with her love triangle stuff stuff and her personality. It was Ivypaw who started to bash her sister because of her jealousy. It's not her fault that she's better, and she did realize that being with Tigerheart is wrong in the end. She almost died in the claws of Dawnpelt. It couldn't be helped when she exploded when Jayfeather filled her in about the prophecy as well. She was young when she realized. It's a burden for her to carry, especially with that personality. STOP EXAGGERATING.

At thunderclan camp
Dovewing: I hate my powers! Why do I have this powwerr! I hate it! I don'tl ike powers! I am ranting on about being special! I wannna be superman! I hate you erin hunter! I hate you!
Ivypool: Brat...

After the last hope:
Dovewing: Why?! I miss you powers! I hate you erin hunter! Why did you take this power from me! I'm the best cat and have gone through so much sorrow! I have been hurt more than anyone in this dumb series Vicky told me about you being born I was like okay this would help the I 'm like...Help me Mapleshade you're good at killing cats? Can you do me a favour!
Dovewing: Shut up! I'm more important than you! I've lost my powers how can I survive! It's like I'm blind! I'm suffering more than the other cats that lost their powers!

I. Hate. Dovewing! She has like two cats In love with her she was really mean to one of the and is being against the warrior code with the other. She is spoilted. Hollyleaf of ivypool should have gotten the powers not her!

REALLY? While IVYPOOL is risking her LIFE every night to train with and spy on VICIOUS Dark Forest cats who don't even care to kill in a TRAINING SESSION, THIS cat over here is meeting with a ShadowClan cat secretly, betraying her clan and creating a POINTLESS love triangle that won't end up working out anyways.

Dovewing is a borderline Mary Sue. She's ugly and fat looking in the ultimate guide and her eyes are actually a putrid green. I've hated her from the moment I first heard her name. She stinks!

Ohh my gosh! Can people actually READ the BOOKS!? Foxleap is Dovewing's uncle! Dovewing's dad is Birchfall. His mother is Ferncloud. Ferncloud has Foxleap as a kit. I really wish some of you actually paid attention! Foxleap doesn't even like Dovewing. he was only protecting her in the journey. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!?!

I thing dovewing sucks I mean she tried to kill ivypool just to get into the prophecy she should be at the top of the list ivypool called for help from her but she didn't care "all I care about is getting in the prophecy I don't care about my beloved sister" BRAT!

Ivypool and Hollyleaf are way better than her. Her personality is less determination to save the Clans and more "I wonder what Tigerheart is doing...". - IceSnake

Why is Dovewing on here? She didn't ask to replace Hollyleaf in the three, she was just born with it. She had no choice what's so ever. Dovewing is no mary sue, especially after she lost her powers. If you want a real Mary Sue look up Jessy. She didn't play with Bumblestripe's feelings, she gave their relationship a chance and in the end it didn't work out. She didn't owe him, just like how Squirrelflight didn't owe Assfur.

The main reason many people dislike dovewing is simply because they don't know what to think of her. Let's not mention she's a bit of a filler for hollyleaf, or that she is a bit of a brat, and she is still incredibly annoying. Made like a side character, yet takes the spot light too often. Acts several times like she's over tigerheart, then ends up having kits and going to Shadowclan?!?! She pretty much left all her friends, family, clan, duties, and everything she's done for thunderclan in the dirt, simply for tigerheart. She also plays with bumblestripes feelings. The things she does, especially after OotS are so uncharacteristic of her that whenever you start to grasp her character, she's acts out of character. This makes reading about her incredibly annoying, and she unknowingly becomes one of the most cruel characters in the series, to thunderclan, to bumblestripe, to tigerheart(splits up and rejoins several times), and even to the reader.