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Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet


One word: Moron. He murdered Scourge! And the word "stupid" is much too vague to describe this little twit excuse for a cat. He's: Insolent, idiotic, retarded, inferior, impudent, mediocre, and overall the worst Warrior Cat in history of characters. He let kittypets take over ThunderClan, tainting it with impure blood. What a fool! I had imagined his death scene much more gory and gruesome. But, really!? Struck by a falling tree?! (actually Erin Hunter confirmed it was the pain inflicted on him by Tigerstar that caused him to die). I loved the daily basis of Darkstripe, Tigerstar, and Scourge opposing him. Hmph. What a shame it is he won against them. Especially Scourge, leader of BloodClan, seeing the small black tom is my favorite Warrior Cat. My favorite cat killed by my least favorite-I was simply outraged. Firestar (firefail) should have never restored glory and triumph to the forest Clans. BloodClan should have driven 'em all out, eh? Anyways, Firestar is just a meer ...more

Well, if he hadn't murdered "poor" Scourge we would say bye bye to the clans. Besides if he was "retarded" do you think he would have lasted almost the whole series and become leader and rebuild SKYCLAN??? - TheAlbinoWolf

Well, do you want Scourge to take all over the clans and the series will be over? - lilydoestopten

Firestar is just a stupid snitchy cat who likes to poke his nose around other Clan's business. I mean, he thought he could help all the Clans after the Great Journey! Well he's not evil, but he is just too snitchy and annoying kittypet pest.

There is nothing special about your awesome little kittypet "Firestar". He is a ludicrous, naive, arrogant, soft little kittypet who thinks he knows best and is the best, then he acts innocent. He brings in outsiders. Look what ThunderClan has become: a weak, laughable Clan. Most cats who break the Warrior Code are from ThunderClan. ThunderClan is the least-respected Clan, thanks to Firestar. Thanks to him, many amazing warriors aren't in that Clan anymore. He never wants to have a battle. Why? Because he knows that his Clan would lose. And he can't even fight. Bluestar should have never chosen this excuse for a warrior as her deputy.

I like Firestar, but Whitestorm should have definitely become leader instead. Whitestorm is amazing. :3 AND BLUESTAR SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED LIKE GOD.. UGH

Yep. Firestar is a moron. Can I vote for this cat right here 200 times? This isn't the most EVIL Warrior Cats list, this is the WORST Warrior Cats list. As in, "poorly developed" and "way too OP." I mean, SCOURGE has more character development than this guy, and he's in one book and a manga. I'm not counting his first appearance in Bluestar's Prophecy because he gets like half a page. Meanwhile, Firestar gets a whole arc that is only his viewpoint, is in all of the books after up to Dawn Of The Clans (which is really before), and has his own super edition. Your winner of the 2003-forever Worst Warrior Cat competition: FIRESTAR! Give him a paw everybody! He wins everything else, let's let him have this.

Tigerstar would have made thunderclan great again! I bet thunderclan is always embarrassed because their excuse of leader always needs to help everyone and neglects his clan that way. forever a kittypet. do you still remember how many times he broke the warrior code? For example when he brought fresh-kill to riverclan? He wasn't even punished like he should have been! Just because of that silly prophecy. he gets everything he wants. he's not special, a kittypet in his heart

Don't throw your weight around a main character. If it weren't for Firestar, Tigerstar would've had what he wanted. Firestar was an important character and left his mark in clan history and Firestar defeated Scourge with the advantage Firestar is the nine lives of a leader and helped unite the clans on the Great Journey and they all made it through with the guides Brambleclaw, and other cats who made the quest. Firestar gave up his last life when he fought Tigerstar and saved the clans from certain destruction, so he left a legacy behind.

Firestar is a complete idiot, guys. He thinks he's so awesome and heroic, always helping the Clans and nosing into their business. Stinky kittypet. He always made a fool of himself and didn't follow the Warrior Code a lot of times. He didn't deserve to be leader. Look at how many kittypets he brought in. Why does he keep nosing into other cat's businesses, he has a Clan to take care of. Now ThunderClan will be full of little Firestars. It should be called KittypetClan now. None of them follow the Warrior Code anymore.

You know I just really hate fire star he had like 4 mates even though he chose sandstorm he had spotted leaf and cinder pelt that liked him by the way misty foot liked him 2 he killed his BROTHER he chose bramble claw as his deputy over all the good warriors I think bracken fur would of been a great leader BRACKENSTAR

I don't hate Firestar, but I vote just to say this. Why do you guys hate him just because he killed Scourge doesn't mean you guys can just say oh I hate him. Firestar didn't know Scourge's story all he knew is that Scourge wanted to have the forest and Firestar had to stop him. People says he lets to many kitty pet in the clan, but they never see the good part and that good part is they get to have more cats and the clan were ones rouge or kitty pet when they first start and one more thing if you guys hate Firestar then why did you guys read the book? Shouldn't you guys just quit reading warriors?

He's too overrated, Everyone thinks he's the best because he's the main character, I bet if he wasn't the main than he wuld be less popular than Justin beiber, Besides, How cool can he be anyways, He's just some regular old kittypet, Now YELLOWFANG is a good warrior, She sacrificed her LIFE just to save Pathpelt or halftail whom died anyways. - Mewbosses

Yeah, but Yellowfang doesn't agree with him being overrated- remember how she wished that Firestar was her son instead?

When the books were told from Firestar's perspective, I liked him. He was nice, loyal, just, but still ready to battle and break the warrior code. Then we move on into Brambleclaw's perspective, and he horribly changes. The best I can come up with is that the journey to Skyclan changed him. You thought Bluestar was gentle and passive? Think again. Bluestar was noble, but had the ability to punish warriors and attack enemy clans! By the way, Firestar isn't fire anymore. Would fire sit in camp and try to negotiate peace with a Clan that was trying to take over your territory? Firestar would. There is not a single nice leader who knows when to show their claws. All of the cats who have the heart to lift a claw are evil. One of the only real attacks Firestar lead was against Shadowclan because some apprentice(Ivypaw) told him to. Thus Firestar is weak, easy to bend, and not a good leader.

I hate this Fox hearted mouse brain and I don't care if you hate me for this he one reason is that he killed his own half brother scourge and I know he didn't know but he could have tried to talk to him I don't care that the only time they meet was in battle he also was used WAY to much I'm really not a fan of bramblestar but I was so very happy when he finally became leader we really needed a new leader hopefully the hunters don't do the same thing with him as they did firestar.

Firestar was the best leader the forest has ever known. He might have broken the warrior code sometimes, but that doesn't mean he's a bad cat. I mean, he was born a kittypet. Also, if Firestar hadn't killed Scourge, then Scourge would have taken over the forest. Maybe he did break the warrior code by killing Scourge this time, but he saved the forest cats. I agree with the person who wrote that without Firestar, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather wouldn't be alive.

He's way too OP, with too much attention. Fire star gets many more books to himself than anyone else, and is in more major prophecies than anyone else. Did you ever think about his story of entering thunderclan? I thought about it, and he's really just called to the clans randomly, because he has orange fur and a 'warrior's spirit,' whatever that means, and he seems to just suddenly be a good hunter and fighter the moment he enters the clan. Has he ever done something even slightly bad that hurt the clans even the smallest bit? Not that I am aware of, because he is pure and perfect and an undeveloped character and saves the day and is loved by Starclan and I could go on and on and on, but I won't anymore because I don't want to waste any more time on this ridiculous character.

Lots of people say he is stupid and I have to say he isn't, with the exception of maybe the second arc. Perfect, no. But yes, he is ber overpowered and a Mary Sue. I find that the first arc was rather cliche. Just to OP to be a well rounded character. Tone down the first arc and make him die in arc three, then it's okay.

Firestar, the Impudent dimwit, First of all, is IMPUDENT, self-righteous, imbecile! He destroyed many of the things the Clans have stood for from the beginning, not to mention inspiring the second-worst Idiot, Bramblestar. - Johnsoncool676

He's a pretty good cat, but such an IDIOT! He hears this prophecy "fire alone can save the Clan" but fails to realize his prefix is fire and he just saved the Clan.

He thinks that he's the best and always needs to help the other Clans. Why can't he just keep to his own business? He should have never become leader, he made ThunderClan look soft and weak, especially for taking all those kittypets in. Once a kittypet, always a kittypet, Firestar.

I'm only voting for him to SHUT YOU PEOPLE UP! He is NOT evil! He saved EVERY SINGLE CLAN! Even one that some cats don't even know about! HE WAS SAVING HIS CLAN FROM STUPID SCORGE! I laughed when scourge died!

Firestar is the best cat in the whole series sure I haven't read all the books yet but from all the books I have read I know that Firestar cares about ever single decent and sometimes even terrible cats, he puts other cats and even other clans ahead of himself, and anyone who thinks this is wrong that's your opinion not mine everyone has different opinions!

He's not my favorite character, but it bugs me how everyone starts to hate a character if they are put in the spotlight. Come on. Sure he murdered Scourge but HE HAD TO, OR BYE BYE CLANS! What I'd so great about Scourge...sure he's cool, but HE was the one who murdered a bunch of cats where everyone gets made at Firestar for murdering ONE because he had to? What the duck? - TheAlbinoWolf

I can't believe that you guys think that Firestar is horrible. Yes, he was a little stupid, and yes, he did have many incredibly bad moments, but he was a fair and powerful leader. Many of his cats looked up to him! He had to murder Scourge! Otherwise, he would just be putting his and the rest of the clans in danger.

All of your mean comments are hurting my feelings. Firestar is nice. Just because he's the spotlight doesn't mean you guys can just complain about him and say he's stupid. If it wasn't for him the future and the whole story might not even exist. You people are just exaggerating and being like 5 year olds.

I liked him as Fireheart, but when he became leader..

As a topical book, the main character is hated but loved by the leader. Then everyone loves him! He gets three apprentices, doesn't care about one and nobody cares! Three cats love him, he gets to be deputy right away and then leader! Oh and as a warrior he got to be back a missing clan instead of a senior warrior! I so get it.