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Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


Hollyleaf struggled. She really, really, really struggled. She grew up with SUCH a huge sense of loyalty to the warrior code, and then finds out that she broke it just by existing. All she ever wanted was to make her family and Clan proud - which she did - and when she found out her lineage, she just couldn't accept it. Her family and Clan loved her, and it was never her fault for what happened, but she'd already gone over the edge by that time. Then there was the part where she killed Ashfur... he tried to murder her, guys! At the same time that she found out that her "mother" had lied to her for her entire life. She was lost, scared, confused, and had nowhere to go. And Ashfur was going to reveal her secret, so what else could she have done? She panicked and felt guilty when she realized what she'd done. She tried to kill herself because she worried she might lose control again and hurt her Clan. She thought that all she ever did was hurt her Clan. But after hiding for so ...more

Hollyleaf is a good character, but not a one I enjoyed reading about.As a kit she was fine, and apprentices are usually dedicated to the code so that did not bother me. But then she becomes a warrior and STILL babbles about her precious code NON STOP. Seriously she would if married it if she could. Then she breaks it. Huh. And she breaks it on her own will, don't say how she killed Ash by accident, she clearly did it," knowing" what she was doing. Than crap happen, she tells the secret blah blah, tries to kill Leaf and then Jayfeather sees her, and she runs away and goes to the tunnels, leaving all the shame to her littermates, because she couldn't stand it. That's a very cowardly move. I'm going to repeat: she tells a deep secret in front of the 4 clans, and then runs away, leaving her siblings and parents to bare with the truth and the shame, not to mention that it's not even Jay and Lion's fault... Then she helps Ivy and Dove, and if Lionblaze haven't seen her she was going to go ...more

Hollyleaf was always one of my least favorites. Everyone's hating on Dovewing so much, but in my opinion she was a good cat. She used her powers to save the clan from the falling tree, and the beavers. While she was doing that, Hollyleaf was hiding in the tunnels because she was too scared to face the fact that she broke the warrior code. Obsessing over some code was plain annoying. Squirrelflight cared for her like a mother. But then Hollyleaf decides to be a brush-off and say you're a pathetic liar. And then, when she finally admits she kills Ashfur, the clan is like, "don't worry, you did us a favor, he was evil." The other cats didn't even know if she was telling the truth or not. They just went along with everything. She didn't even have to kill Ashfur! She killed him so he wouldn't betray their secret but then tells it during a gathering anyways?! That doesn't make any sense. So for all of you that hate Dovewing, look at Hollyleaf. She is 100 times worse! - RisingMoon

Hollyleaf is the most amazing most brave most incredible warrior ever how dare any of you judge her blame Ashfur for trying to kill her and Squirrelflight, Loinblaze, and Jayfeather if it weren't for Ashfur she wouldn't be evil and later on you find out she's not evil.

God I can't stand watching all these 9 year olds babble how Hollyleaf if good and she doesn't deserve to be here. If they actually looked at some of the other comments then they'd get it through their tiny brains why Hollyleaf is on this list. First off her obsession with the warrior code was fine... Until it went way to over the top. She says how important it is but continues to break it! (Crossing borders, killing her clanmate). She murdered Ashfur because he was going to reveal her secret. Understandable, probably something any cat would do with that much pressure put on them. Only problem is she decides to reveal it at the gathering herself. Come on.. If you're going to kill someone at least have a reason. Finally in the third series her character development is just horrible. She runs away to leave her brothers to deal with the consequences and comes back with her tail between her legs asking for forgiveness. Get your game together Hollyleaf.

Umm, Hollyleaf comes back and dies for Ivypool and saves the clan. Also, not all these people are 9 year old. I partially agree with you about Hollyleaf babbling. But, don't be rude and be polite! Besides, SOME PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS. - lilydoestopten

She may not be as evil as some of the others on this list (she isn't a villain at all), but her character development was unbelievably sloppy. At first, I sort of did like her, although her constant obsessing over the Warrior code was a little annoying. But after she discovered the whole thing about Squirrelflight not being her real mother, her behavior grew quite stupid, to say the least. Even the other characters pointed it out: why the heck would she kill Ashfur to keep a secret, then reveal the secret herself? And after she returned from the underground caves, her personality did a total one-eighty. She went from whiny, fanatical zero to sad, lonely hero far too quickly to be realistic. Overall, she had a lot of potential as a character, but lazy writing ruined her. Perhaps she would have made a fascinating villain, however.

Are you kidding me?! Hollyleaf is and always will be my favorite warrior cat character out of every single one, she is a brilliant character because she has really good qualities such as loyalty and willingness to sacrifice herself for others but she's has her flaws, such as killing Ashfur and going a little crazy. She is the best warrior because we saw her develop from birth and to death, therefore I developed a strong and unshakable bond with her (I was devastated when she died) that I hadn't developed with any other character, not Jayfeather, not Lionblaze, not Squirrelflight, not Firestar, not even Cinderpelt! Please respect my opinion

I hate Hollyleaf! I hate how people bash on Dovewing's character because she is a replacement. It is like in Pokemon, people hate Tracey because he is a replacement for Brock. But, nobody hated on Tracey! Why hate on Dovewing! Hollyleaf is emotionally unstable and a murderer. Why would she murder Ashfur, then tell everyone the secret at the Gathering? She is stupid and I do not see how anybody likes this overemotional murderer. She also, over obsessed over the Warrior Code. In fact, she is one of my least favorite cats. I am tired of people defending her, when she just did everything wrong.

Hollyleaf definitely doesn't deserve to be here. Yes, she killed Ashfur and told the clans anyway, but being a forbidden kit had driven her mad. The warrior code had meant everything to her, and being a kit who shouldn't of been born (kit of a medicine cat and a cat of another clan) broke her heart completely. But Ashfur should've been killed anyway besides the secret; he'd tried to kill Firestar, her brothers, herself, and Squirrelflight. And yes, she tried to kill Leafpool, but she hadn't attacked her, she'd just told her to eat deathberries. It's a bit evil, but still, like I said, she was driven mad and heart-broken. She left her brothers to deal with the secret, but it wasn't like cats were shoving them around and threatening to kill them. But, it was a bit stupid of her. That's just my opinion o3o - TheFlyingOtter

Let me be honest : she's evil. Let me list a few things. She murdered Ashfur, she tried to murder her mother, she made poor Squirrelflight's life a lot harder, and then she comes back all happy and expects to be back in Thunderclan. I loved this cat. I loved her. Then she went crazy. There are times, not many in the warriors series, but some, when a cat just goes plain crazy and acts against their character. She did not act like the rationally, smart Hollyleaf I loved. She acted like a vengeful psychopath. She acted like Tigerstar, killing Ashfur to preserve a secret. When she returned, she was still not the Hollyleaf I loved. She was boring and kind of flat... And I shook my head and realized Hollyleaf... The cat I used to call a favorite... Was no more. Now there was an empty shell who I could not forgive, she tried to murder cats (even if I disliked both of those cats). Then she died a warriors death and I muttered "Thank Starclan" and started wondering if she would act like the ...more

HOLLYLEAF SERIOUSLY? YOU have to be joking,Ha! Hollyleaf is the best warrior she could be in her own way and apparently you guys can't accept that because she HAD to kill Ashfur he's so annoying! He was going to kill her and her brothers plus just because squirrelflight doesn't want to be with you doesn't mean you get to kill her/her sisters kits! And you were NOT going to tell hollyleafs and her brother secret that they didn't even know! YOU ruined EVERYTHING stuff would be so perfect if you weren't there ashfur! Anyways back to hollyleaf SHE IS NOT EVIL!

Hollyleaf shouldn't be considered "evil" or whatever; she was just misunderstood. And she has her reasons for murdering Ashfur by the stream. He deserved it, anyways. Sure, she was obsessed with the Warrior Code and almost poisoned her own mother after she found out the secret about her birth parents, but later on, she learned from her mistakes and died defending her Clan and saving Ivypool's life. Besides, Hollyleaf resides in StarClan now.

I didn't seriously hate Hollyleaf (mostly Tigerstar) but she did turn out OK at the end. Yet she did cherished the warrior code. But she was heartbroken that her mother was a medicine cat and her father was from WindClan. She told the ENTIRE gathering her real parents. You seriously created drama for everyone and poor Squirrelflight lost her mate. Leafpool always loved her life as a medicine cat and she just have to ruin it all. You made your own mother eat deathberries. Like who does that? What did she ever do to you? Then she hysterically ran away to the tunnels. The tunnels should of collapsed on her (just kidding). But still, she always get over upset over everything. Your brothers were MEN they weren't really upset. But please, she could of been a better character if she didn't just ruin everything.

Holly leaf is my favourite character and I will defend her!
What really happened
Holly leaf was by the lake when ash fur saw the chance to attack one of the three which would hurt squirrel flight. Bramble claw was in the bushes about to help holly leaf. Ash fur fell in the lake. Holly leaf said she did do it on purpose but why shouldn't she? If somebody was trying to hurt my and people I care about id gladly watch them drown.

Hollyleaf is amazing! She flew into my top ten favourite characters! Always loyal and upholding the code, she did something not bad, but awesome - she killed Ashfur! Hooray! She is so sweet, and I would really love her to be Fallen Leaves mate. (Though I was glad she returned to ThunderClan)

Nobody ever mentions when she comes back in the forgotten warrior about what bramble claw says. Holly leaf was alone (not ash fur) then ash fur just came along and saw her sitting alone so he attacked her. Holly leaf thought well and it ended with Ash fur slipping into the water

Why in StarClan is Hollyleaf 7th? She shouldn't even be a suggestion! SHE'S NOT EVIL!
If you hate her because she killed a cat, then okay. I suppose you hate Graystripe, Firestar, maybe even Brambleclaw just because THEY killed cats too! You should hate Ashfur just as much if you hate Hollyleaf. HE THREATENED TO KILL FOUR OF HIS OWN CLANMATES, JUST BECAUSE SQUIRRELFLIGHT DIDN'T LOVE HIM BACK! Just because you're jealous of some cat which doesn't love you back, doesn't mean you'll try to kill their loved ones.

If you're arguing because she almost fed Leafpool deathberries, then last time I checked that giving your clan herbs, guiding clanmates through places where they didn't even know existed, getting rid of a enemy, fighting against the Dark Forest, PROTECTING A CLANMATE FROM STUPID HAWKFROST WHICH LEADS YOU TO YOUR DEATH, and asking your mother for forgiveness makes it up. She really and always had loved Leafpool, and she was glad she came back to ThunderClan. She couldn't ...more

How is she ANYWHERE on this list? She did nothing evil, she did what she thought was right, and she only killed Ashfur because he threatened to kill her! What would YOU have done in her place? Don't give ma a lie, the truth! She is my favorite warrior cat.

I HATED Hollyleaf! She barely had any character development at all in the third series! She killed Ashfur for trying to reveal the secret she revealed! I also felt her death was quite rushed. It seems all the Erins put down for her though was "obsessed with Warrior Code" that seems to be all she cared about in the third series! At least other cats knew that the Warrior Code had to be broken sometimes like when Firestar went to warn WindClan about the battle Bluestar wanted to start! I feel like Hollyleaf would have shunned him when she heard that! She seemed to stay the same the whole third series too! Jayfeather accepted he would never be a warrior and Lionblaze was the same almost, but at least he had flaws AND perfections. I don't know she just annoyed me!

HollyLeaf IS the most stupidest cat ever! She is such a load of Fox Dung I can't tell you how much, over infinity! The reason is in short form is ) She killed Ashfur for no reason, it was to keep the secret safe but who still tells it anyway? HollyLeaf! She ruined 8 cat lives by saying it ( Her biological family, adoptive, and leader) She has tried to kill Leafpool, and when she thinks her life in scared she ditches her brothers to deal with it on there own! She can ask them for help, she did ruin there lives too anyway! She can keep ONE secret! Her family kept WAY MORE!

Holly leaf is amazing, she thought a lot of things, she did kill Ash fur true, and THEN said what he was going to say anyway... then ran into the tunnels, BUT STILL had enough courage to help her clan secretly, and actually go back to her clan! - Night blossom

Oh I hate HollyLeaf, don't even get me started on her. I didn't like her from the beginning, she was more obsessed with the warrior code than her own brothers, and after finding out about her real mother, a perfectly good medicine cat, she decides to make her clan and her own mother who loves her look bad because she cares about the warrior code more than her clan or family.

Hollyleaf should never deserve being on this list, yes, she killed Ashfur, but he would spill all the secrets and he almost killed her and her brothers. Hollyleaf should have killed her terrible, code breaking, oh woe is me mother. I love Hollyleaf more than even Stonefur, R.I.P. She saved Ivypool and fought with the clans against Sol.

Hollyleaf is NOT evil! So many other cats would be worthy of 6th place...WHY HER?.?...?. She is one of my fave cats! How dare you say she's a villain! I know, she killed ashfur, but I hate him, so who cares!?!?!?

No. She killed Ashfur, that's all. She killed him to save her family. She was loyal to the warrior code, that's why she was upset about her birth breaking not one rule, but two - AnonymousChick