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Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.


She should be number 1! Ruined crookerstars life by killing all his loved ones, made thistleclaw evil who killed cats who passed this onto tigerpaw/claw/star who killed SO many cats, who passed this on to darkstripe and hawkfrost, darkstripe killed 1-2 cats tried to kill sorreltail/kit hawkfrost was ambitious as his father, well planned mapleshade! Now over 50 deaths YOUR FAULT! DIE IN DARK FOREST... AGAIN! As you did to spottedleaf, OH BECAUSE A DARK FOREST IS YOUR FAULT! Know why shes worse than tigerstar? First of all, this was all her fault, second of all, dark forest would be dead without her! So really all the cats tigerstar killed were her killing them...i don't like scourge but well done killing him

I mean, I hardly know anything about her, (yes I know, "why don't you read all of them first before you comment! ) well, I'm sorry, it's just that I know she lost everything. We only hate her because it's not really ever happened to us, or at least I hope not, so we don't know what we'd do in a situation like that. After we lose everything, it's incredibly hard to just stay the same. Plus, I'm pretty sure when your kits die and your mate rejects you on the same day, your likely to be a little messed up. - Liontail

I hate her! She lives in the dark forest and she destroyed Crookedstar's life! She is one of the worst cats in the world!

She should be way higher than this this is ridiculous! But I feel a little bit bad for her because they let STUPID OVERRATED LEAFPOOL stay when she had kits with Crowfeather, yet they kicked out Mapleshade. Then she had to go to RiverClan, guess what, facial hair had taken another mate! I mean dude just say you're breaking up with her... But still, she didn't kill Crookedstar's family she just magically knew. She also (like scourge and Brokenstar) could've found a new clan or just let go of the past. I know her kits drowned but did Squirrelflight go mad and kill everyone when Juniperkit and Dandelionkit died? No. But I'm still mad because they didn't forgive Mapleshade for having kits but they forgave Bluestar, Leafpool etc. I bet they'll forgive Dovewing. I hate and love Mapleshade.

I hate her so much she is the worst by far how she tricked Crookedstar even tigers tar was better than that

I do like her, don't understand me wrong. I feel bad for her. I mean, 90% of warrior characters would kill just 3 CATS! because they were left by their mate and Clan, exiled from 2 Clans, having their kits killed, etc. The only problem is that if it wouldn't be her Thistleclaw would now train in the Dark Forest (and then comes that evil list with: Thistleclaw > Tigerstar > Hawkfrost blah blah blah)... In Spottedleaf's Heart it sais "Mapleshade gets cats here to train"... that's the problem...

I actually like Mapleshade because she had a reason to be evil. She lost half her family, for god's sake.

Mapleshade's story is really sad! I'm a little mad that she went to the dark forest, but AshFur didn't. Most of her evils happened after she died. Mapleshade corrupted BrokenStar, TigerStar, ruined CrookedStar's life, killed SpottedLeaf's spirit, and killed a medicine cat, her mate, and a warrior while she was alive.

Shut up if you illegally got married with someone how would you feel? After you swam an ocean and your kids die your spouse just says Were divorced I would kill him! She also didn't make crookedstars family died she just said it so she won't make it seem like its his fault so mapleshade haters I will push you into the lake and hold you down until you drown

STOP. IT. STOP IT NOW. Mapleshade has REASONS to be like this, unlike other cats (SCOURGE). Her mate was so mean to her, her kits died by drowning (SOMEONE WATCHED THEM DROWN AND STOOD THERE), she was exiled from Thunderclan, and she died in sadness and jealousy. Read the super-edition. Stop hating on her and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Mapleshade is horrible! I understand that she felt grief and wanted revenge, but she went to extremes. It is her fault that there is a dark forest. In one point in time I felt bad for her, but now I realize there is no need to be evil! I don't like Mapleshade, but I don't hate her.

I honestly don't consider Mapleshade as an "Evil" Cat, From being exiled from her clan,having all of her kits drown, and being rejected by her own mate, I think Mapleshade deserves to have this attitude from what has happened to her. But I can't help but feel sad for her, I personally think Mapleshade is a great character, Without her I don't think the warriors series would be this interesting

I think Mapleshade was just completely driven by grief. She was an awesome cat, but then Appledusk just abandoned her once their kits died to see another cat. This is all Appledusk's fault! - RisingMoon

Before "Mapleshade's Vengeance", I considered her the best villain. AFTER "Mapleshade's Vengeance" I like her even more - Kittykat-Shinobi

I think that she is not bad, just confused. She just was blinded that everyone was oppressing her when everyone else loves someone else in a different clan as well! (Graystripe, Leafpool, Bluestar)

No, I love Mapleshade. The only reason she killed was because she thought it was the right thing to do. She killed 3 cats to avenge her 3 kits deaths.

Mapleshade has to be the worst cat EVER! The Dark Forest was basically invented for her! I get that her kits died, and her mate re-mated, but if I were her, I wouldn't go around and murder almost EVERYONE in my sight!

All of you people. SHUT UP! She got sent to the dark forest because she fell in love with Appledusk. She got kicked out of her clan, banned from RiverClan, had her its die, and dumped by her mate. You could argue that she was mean to Crookedstar, but how was she? She was the one who got him made leader in the first place! All StarClan did was sit around and tell Brambleberry some words! She trained Crookedstar, and made him a lot happier then if she didn't exist. She made him a lot happier as she comforted him when he ran away from home, and was the one that told Crookedstar the prophecy.

This list proves that whenever a cat isn't treated nice, then they start being evil. Mapleshade went through so much, and now she's in the dark forest?

I feel bad for her, but she lead her kits to their deaths and killed three cats to "avenge" them and ruined Crookedstar's life. She should've lived with reliving her kits' death every night

I feel bad for mapleshade she just loved to hard she's not bad she shouldn't even be on this list

She overreacted, yes, but she went through A LOT. Show her some pity.

Mapleshade wanted REVENGE for her kits! She was NOT EVIL!

Her life was riddled with potholes and mistakes, and she turned vengeful.

She became evil because what happened to her!