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Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.


She is the worst! She never even should have existed! She was a dumb kittypet, but she was ok at first, but then when she got to the clans and wanted to still be called MILLIE?!?! That's like wanting to stay with a 'paw in each life'. And later she gets even worse! She cared more about her precious disabled daughter than her other children and her mate! If I was a warrior cat I'd kill her myself!

2. Millie's name. No cat knows this strange she cat who just appears at a gathering with gray stripe. She stands back a bit and let's the cats greet gray stripe. She seems like a good cat who makes an effort to be a warrior. Hunts, fights, then had three kits which you all know who they are. I think lots of people were bothered when fire star gave her a warrior name and she refused. That one sentence changed my view a lot in terms of her commitment to thunder clan. Unlike being a kitty pet being in a clan basically means your life is serving your clan and if you can't commit yourself enough to change your name then it's a bit- I can't find the word. Ever since then cats would always know that see used to be a kitty pet. Aaaa! I know it's her choice but it's just easier to go with the crowd especially being new and different. She he stubborn and causes a lot of disruption to her ceremony.

Millie is not a cat to be hated on at all. In fact, she is one of the most loyal warriors and mates out there. She bore beautiful kits, was kind and sweet to her mate and Clanmates, was determined to leave her own life just for her mate's safety, happiness, and devotion. She saved Graystripe's life and never thought of her past life once when she joined ThunderClan. The only dislikeable feature she has is how she became way overprotected of one of her kits, which I don't blame because one, I'd probably go crazy if my kit were paralyzed in a tragic event and needed a little extra help, and two, her other kits were adults, so they could care for themselves just fine. Millie may not have shown it, but she still loves and cares deeply about all of her kits, and she is really proud of them. You can't dislike her because she became mates with Graystripe. She made him happy and knew that he needed love in his life again after losing his mate and being lonely for so long. Just because she did ...more - Leafstar12

This is a lot of hate for a character who only did what she thought was best. She helped Graystripe a lot, even if she didn't understand how clan life worked. Millie dropped everything, including her whole life, to help a cat who she had just met. Sure, she may have "replaced" Silverstream, but Graystripe is better off with someone who loves him than someone who's not even around anymore. I don't even think that she was that much of a replacement, as she was very different from Silverstream! Millie helped Gray quite a bit with her death. Its not her fault if she fell in love with somebody who's past lover died, ruining the chance of them getting together (again). She did definitely neglect Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, but then again, Briarlight had been crippled in the blink of an eye. Nobody expected for it to happen, and for a first-time mother, Millie was probably traumatized. Giving Briarlight all the attention was a way of coping. It wasn't the correct way, of course. ...more

Ok, ok, ok. Let's be fair! I don't like Millie and I am a gray x silver shipper but I want this to be a fair debate between myself and myself.
1. The tunnels
After blossom fall came home from being trapped in the tunnels Millie snapped at blossom fall saying briar light could do better. Yeh I know Millie is obsessed and always worried but I think it's the same with every parent with a disabled son/daughter. I know this because of my family. Millie does over worry about briar light but I do think blossom fall just needs to get a grip. It's also the style Erin's have written this. Usually warriors don't spend much time with their parents which is why this plot confuses me. I think Millie's words from the tunnel incident were inexcusable though!

I totally agree with everyone. I liked Silverstream so much better Millie is really annoying. She was even mean to her kits like what the heck! He should only love Silverstream and I know that he still loves her way more than Millie. I wish he had come back to the clans alone.

I agree with anyone who doesn't approve of her being Graystripe's second mate. I really hope he chooses Silverstream in StarClan, because she was his first love. Millie was fine in the beginning, but in the manga, I started to dislike her. She obviously showed a raging crush on him. Second reason she's not the best it ditching her two other kits for one that is capable of doing what she does. Briar light probably feels like a jerk to her brother and sister, even though it's not her fault. Millie's just clinging onto her, and, honestly, it's gotten beyond annoying. No offense to Daisy or any other outsider turned into a Clan cat, but I wish she would've changed her name. Millie shows what a kittypet she was. Daisy is fine, it has a nature-like ring to it. Plus, Daisy doesn't ignore her other kits. I don't know if this was an actual scene, but I saw this one piece of brilliantly colored art on DeviantArt, showing Blossomfall injured, and Millie not caring, going to check on Briarlight. ...more

I HATE Millie. Don't get me wrong, I like Graystripe being happy. Some people are like, 'Graystripe shouldn't have gotten another mate because Silverstream was perfect for him,' well the reality is, Silverstream's dead and you're basically saying that you don't want Graystripe to be happy. I hate Millie because she favours Briarlight, I like Briarlight and she doesn't want everyone caring for her, yet Millie continues to look at her as if she's the most precious, delicate thing ever. SERIOUSLY MILLIE, YOU'VE GOT TWO OTHER KITS! From that point on, I hated Millie, she also didn't really have a personality, it's like all she was made for was to make Graystripe happy and to make two of her kits jealous and the other non-caring. Graystripe is amazing and doesn't deserve Millie.

I don't get why people hate her. Erin stated Graystripe would chose Silverstream over Millie. Also what's wrong with warriors that don't want to change their name? I think she's very underrated.

I HATE Millie she was ok at first and then she gets in a clan?!?! She is so STUPID and a big JERK because Greystripe loved Silverstream NOT her! I mean I know Greystripe loved Silverstream but if I was Greystripe I'd never want a mate again because of what happened. Millie doesn't even change her NAME and she only cares for her disabled kit I mean who likes Millie if I were a warrior cat or even an apprentice I would KILL Millie in one blow. She's so weak and I bet that her other kits would THANK me for getting rid of her I mean even if I would get in trouble I'd kill Millie and tell Greystipe about how wrong he is about his choice. Originally when Greystripe dies he'd be in StarClan with Silverstream but now he'd be with Millie. Think about it what would you do if you were Silverstream. I HATE MILLIE.

I think Graystripe and Silverstream are a great couple, but when Silverstream dies fire heart and Graystripe go through all that drama and Graystripe leaves his best friend. Millie helped Graystripe a lot and Graystripe and millie are so good together. Personally, I like Graystripe and Millie better together.

People need to get over the fact Greystripe got a new mate. Some sickos would prefer him being alone. Anyway, if you idiots read the graystripe mangas you would know she saved his life and SILVERSTREAM THE GREAT didn't WANT GRAYSTRIPE TO TRAVEL ALONE AND SHE didn't WANT MILLIE TO DIE WHEN SHE CAUGHT GREENCOUGH. Also she can speak to dogs.

For the Blossomfall thing, her daughter was disabled and could die and her other daughter gets into trouble when she could've been hunting. I agree she could have been a bit nicer but she was going through a lot of pain. When I found out MY cat was mute and deaf I was really upset and my other cat when he was literally going to die in a few days. She is a good cat and I think she is the better mate than 'SILVERSTREAM THE SPOILT BRAT'

Seriously, all she cares about is her kits. She may not be an evil trickster, but all that nagging and whining certainly makes up for it. I'd rather fall victim to Scourge or Tigerstar than have to listen to Millie all day.

Id rather graystripe become mates with mapleshade than mates with millie - Hippo

Okay, lets take a look. I don't dislike her cause she took Graystripe as mate. But before you click the dis button, I have much more to say.

She is a terrible mother. I mean, it wasnt Blossom's fault that she was lost. And when Whitewing greeted her daughter, Millie just called her kit non-warrior and told her that Briar would do better! She was way too overprotective about Briar, how she argued with Jay. On his place, I would say in my opinion and let Millie do it herself. Briar's decision to save Longtail was incredibly stupid. Millie abused her own daughter. And it made Blossom think that Millie doesn't like her anymore. *snort* I wonder what would Millie really do if Blossom would die. She would problably get mad at her for killing herself and told everyone that she needs to check on Briarlight. One day I'm gonna be a mother, and I'm NOT taking this as an advice!

Mille is a horrible character! First of all She was a horrible mother to blossomfall, who ended up training in the dark forest (for some time) and second, I thought graystripe was truly in love with Silverstream! And Mille comes waddling along and next thing you know she is mates with graystripe! After graystripe became mates with Millie, he became an extremely boring character.

I think Millie was a bit of an annoying character, but seriously, set the shippings aside for a second! Did Millie ever kill anyone like half the characters on this list?! Did she break someone's heart like Rainflower did to her own kit?! Did she manipulate people to kill, like Mapleshade?! Honestly, I think Millie was just hated for the sole reason that Greystripe chose to love someone else after Silverstream's death. It wasn't her fault that Greystripe accepted this love! She didn't go up to him and force him into anything! And before we all go to stab me, I still think she is a annoying character, and I ship greystripe and Silverstream. I just wanted to think about this without all the anger about Erin Hunter deciding to pair Greystripe and Millie.

Okay, in the manga Millie was so cool. I thought that Graystripe, my favorite character ever, deserved someone to move on to after what he'd been through. But then she arrogantly went into Thunderclan, claimed that she'll keep her dopey name, and destroy the GraySilver ship as if it had never happened. I think that if she was reincarnated from anyone, it would be Rainflower. Because that's the kind of mother she is. Briarlight, I really liked, but after she got hurt, Millie started to be a big jerk. In Starclan, Graystripe will be eternally with Silverstream. I mean, she's sweet, compassionate to kits and cats who she have no blood relationship to, or even Clan relationship. She called Millie a 'traveling companion' in the manga. Now that I think about it, that's all I would ever want her to be. Or not in the series at all.

Millie is alright I guess. I mean I don't like because she replaced Silverstream, but Silverstream died. And I felt really sad for Graystripe because he adored her. So, since Graystripe has a new mate, I think that's fine because at least Graystripe has someone! - lilydoestopten

A bad replacement for Silverstream, a horrible mother, and a dumb excuse for a cat. Now for some VERY hard tasks: Picture Graystripe in Starclan, having to choose between Millie and Silverstream. Then decide if you would rather be banished to the Dark Forest for having a disabled sister, or have Millie as a mother. Not that those two things are different.

Millie is the worst cat in the series! She tries so hard to replace Silverstream but she never will. She should know that Graystripe will always love Silverstream more.

She played favorites a lot, and I don't really like those types of queens. To my opinion, the queens who play favorites are way worse than the ones who are overprotective. - Oliveleaf

Millie, in the beginning, was already just an alright character, practically only worrying about her kits all the time, and no one else, and keeping her name. But after Briarlight got injured, I couldn't stand her. In Night Whispers (I just reread it) she got into a fight with Jayfeather, saying "You're pushing her too hard! " and "I want her to be a warrior, be healthy, hunt and fight! " and "At home, my Twolegs would've healed her! " and "I just see my kit, dragging herself to and from the pile, broken! ". You don't just get into a fight with the CAT WHOSE KEEPING YOUR DAUGHTER ALIVEE. Ugh, I just hate Millie.

. I hate Millie. She is just plain horrible. However, Graystripe is my favorite character, and he deserves better. XxX

I think the main reason I do not like Millie is because I loved Silverstream so much. Silverstream and Graystripe were perfect for eachother and then Millie just comes in screaming, "MOVE OVER, SILVERSTREAM, I'M A KITTYPET AND GRAYSTRIPE IS MINE." LOL that last part. :P

All Millie really does it take up fresh-kill and space in the nursery.

Millie is a lame, unneeded character. (SPOILER ALERT)

Why couldn't Graystripe find a Clan cat after Silverstream Died?