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41 Bumblestripe

I hate Bumblestripe. He just annoyed me, especially in Dovewing's point of view. Like when they are practicing tree climbing.

Bumblestripe is a sweetheart! - Stormyblaze

42 Longtail

Long tail used to be my favourite character. I didn't stop liking him because he went blind. I was just upset that he just got trodden over and turned into a old man. I wish they written about him trying to hunt again and fight but they didn't. Bit of a shame how they gave up on poor long tail

Why is he on here? He was pretty sweet after he went's not his fault Tigerstar was cray cray and tried to lure him into the dark side! He has a conscious!

He saved firestar from drowning once

Nah Longtail is a very stupid cat on the first book series.

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43 Russetfur

Russetfur should not have died, and the battle shouldn't have took place at all (It only happened thanks to Ivypaw/pool and Tigerstar), but Russetfur bit Firestar's neck and Lionblaze wanted to save his leader. It was only being loyal to his Clan. Lionblaze was a powerful warrior at the time, and Russetfur was growing old.

Russetfur is my 2nd favourite cat, after Mapleshade. - Wolftail

Jeez Mapleshade was your favorite cat? (I can understand why you like her though, HER STORY IS SO SAD JEEZ)

How could you hate Russetfur? Sure she was mean in OOTS, but Brokenstar really changed the clan. She's a tie between Graystripe on best cat.

Why would you hate Russetfur? She was a great cat who never gave up! - Stormyblaze

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44 Palebird

She's always so miserable into sand gorse died then she's happy and all yay I'm pregnant

She annoys me I mean like she showed more love to her other kits sometimes I think she doesn't love talltail she never pays attention to him.

I totally agree with you shes ANNOYING

Why do people hate her? She did nothing. - Stormyblaze

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45 Reedshine

Psychotic idiot.

Which Reedshine? - Walla

Is this the same reedshine who had kits with appledusk? The one that I wanted Mapleshade to murder in Mapleshades vengeance? No offense to the reedshine fans, but something about her doesn't feel right. - SpyroZap99

Appledusk:Oh, here's my other mate!
Reedshine: You were cheating on me? I don't care! - Stormyblaze

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46 Pinestar

Leopard foot and pine star is the stupidest couple ever! Pinestar was a leader with like two life's left and leopard foot was only just a warrior and they had kits

Is it just me but leopard foot and pine star is funny. It's like grandad x grand daughter

He abandoned his kits and abandoned his clan, he was the worst cat EVER

I only voted because I really like Pinestar. He's so misunderstood. I like a lot of cats that others hate and hate cats like Jayfeather, Ivypool Lionblaze eta

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47 Mudclaw

Firestar was the only witness, a cat from another clan. Yeah, totally trustworthy. Not to mention Mudclaw was deputy this whole time, he deserved to be leader and only did what he did because of it. Onestar didn't' want to back down so he was going to make him. Also guess what, the very cat that spoke on Onestar's behalf, Firestar, Onestar turned on him. He became hostile toward Firestar, and ThunderClan, stealing their prey, and severing their the bonds Tallstar forged in the first place. He's rude, that's ungrateful and deserved to be crushed by that tree instead of Mudclaw.

He tried to kill onestar I mean would firestar lie he was the cat who saved the clans

Mudclaw is a rude idiot cat!

Mudclaw is a huge jerk

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48 Stormtail


Stormtail practically just used Moonflower for kits and went straight to Dappletail. He didn't even show any real affection toward his kits or Moonflower. Then when she died, he acted as if he wasn't even close to her.

Hun, when a mate dies, you either grieve for no reason, or move on in life, You can't say she's "betraying" a cat who died. Humans do this all the time, and it's not bad.

I honestly hate Stormtail for his actions toward Moonflower and his downright arrogance straight to the end.
If you've ever read Goosefeather's Curse, you'll know that Goosekit/paw/feather has the power to see the fate of the cat, and see the future, as the StarClan cats were shouting out prophecies when he first arrived at the Moonstone. Goosefeather tells Moonflower that Stormtail is going to leave him with a fox or a badger, I forget which one. Stormtail does leave him with it though, and Goosefeather has low defenses, barely more than a kit. Mapleshade taught him the basics to fighting.
Stormtail just irritates me so much in Bluestar's Prophecy. When he first comes to see Bluekit, Snowkit, and Moonflower, he is late, and only comments on being serious and sarcastic- plus them having to be good warriors or they're dead to him. In the battle with WindClan, he's fighting with Dappletail, and not his own mate who's being killed slowly and painfully. Later on, he becomes mates ...more

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49 Heatherstar

Hey will you people READ THE BOOKS! This is a different cat not the one with Lionblaze stupid!

It's heather star wind clan leader before tall star. Not heather tail morons

Stupid cat. She let loners into the camp! Also whoever said she was heathertail go out and get a book

She is release tunnelers! Go to the DARK FOREST, Heatherstar!

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50 Rock

I love Rock, he is awesome

He freaks me out sometimes.

He made Jayfeather drown Flametail! This ugly cat should be higher!

This is Flametail's death scene in a nutshell:
Flametail: *Falls through ice and starts sinking in water*
Jayfeather: OH NOES FLAMETAIL D: *Jumps in to save Flametail*
Flametail: *Sinks some more*
Jayfeather: *Almost rescues him and cues a happy ending*
Rock: *Appears outta nowhere*
Jay: what the heck your ugly
Rock: You can't save him but you really can and I'm just being an idiot! *Pushes Jayfeather out*
Flame: *ded*

That's the first reason why I hate Rock. Also, if you have the Warriors Ultimate Guide, have you SEEN Rock's picture?! It is SO creepy! And it's not the illustrator's fault, because all of the other pictures were really good! So I also hate Rock because he's so ' UGLY!

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51 Star Flower

Star Flower is the WORST. When I read the books I keep hoping: "Clear Sky leave her! Kits die! Make her suffer! " I literally screamed out of pure anger during class when she survived and all her kits survived. I was happy though that the cats didn't like her. She's so rude to Thunder and such a fake and she thinks she's so great! I want to go into the books so badly and capture her inside a cat carrier, make her watch me murder her kits. Tell Clear Sky that Star Flower did it and then let Star Flower go when everyone hates her so she can rot in a pile of her own dirt. - bluetreeleaves

She reminds me of Dovewing...Selfish, has some many damn cats in love with her and rude

Star Flower: She plays around with other cats' feelings and manipulates them into doing what she wants with her looks.She's selfish and annoying and I HATE HER WITH CLEAR SKY.

1# evil

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52 Sandstorm

I actually liked Sandstorm better when she wasn't in love with Firestar. She used to be independent, funny, and a bit rebellious, and was a good, well developed character. Now that she's Firestar's mate, it's like she was never any of that. I always assumed she and Dustpelt would end up with each other, or not have a mate because she is independent. But no. She has to be with Firestar.

"My name is Sandstorm and I'd like all of you haters to mind your own fox dung."

There is no evidence that Sandstorm only started liking Firestar because he became leader. Also, to me she seems a lot better developed than Spottedleaf, though Spottedleaf got very little time alive in the books. Even though she started out as a jerk to Fireheart, she HAS changed, and in my opinion she doesn't deserve much hate.

Literally just because I'm petty and bitter

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53 Jessy

How did she steal Bramblestar from Squirrelflight they were broken up Plus They do end up together and they have kits I mean Squirrelflight and Bramblestar do. And Jessy is nice!

She fell in love with Bramblestar but stayed away because she knew that Bramblestar and Squirrelflight love each other. She's not annoying or bad. Just bold.

My third favourite cat.

What!? She left!? :( - Wolftail

I personally hate her--for no reason. or, because squirrelXbramble is one of my favorite ships. its like jessy stole bramble--though that's not entirely true

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54 Lizardstripe

When Lizardstripe had kits instead of thinking they were a blessing she was like, "I don't care about them." And her ignorance eventually led to Brokenstar thinking he was unloved. Seriously? Lizardstripe needs therapy. If only she was a kind and loving mother... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH LIVES YOU HAVE WASTED?!

Lizardstripe is by far one of the worst cats of the entire series. She mated with her mate, after she complains that being a queen is so annoying and exhausting. Not to mention how she treated her adopted son and her own kits...

The reason brokenstars is evil I mean whos mean to a kit? ? ? ? Also she chanhed to a boy after she has "kits" I mean who "does that" serousoulsy don't be mean to a kit "or" look what happens. Brokenstar sent KITS into BATTLE!

Tanglepaw: Mom! Can I kill a cat?
Deerpaw:Can I join?
Lizardstripe: I don't care. - Stormyblaze

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55 Hal

Mean to his kits

Deserved to die

He didn't care for raggedpelt at all and was totally mean

Just because your kits are warriors, it doesn't mean you have to be a snob. Seriously your own son looked for you, and you had to be a bitch, and reject him.

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56 Sharpclaw

What he was such a good deputy bossy but good

I love this guy. Amazing personality and flaws which add so much to the book!

He is not even evil just has some flaws

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57 Rowanstar

In a vision of shadows, book 2, he just sits back and watches his clan fall. And then when his apprentices all go against the warrior code, it's all Okay! Why don't you take the kit that was so important that I stole from her sister away too because she doesn't matter anymore! Logic, Rowanstar!

Rowanstar is a perfectly logical choice for deputy.

1. For your information, he didn't just sit back and watch his clan fall. He became OVERRUN and didn't want to risk his clan's life for ultimate power.

2. He is a very unique leader, and strong in the face of turmoil. 'Oh, but he was so mean to Bramblestar so he must be bad lollollol'. No. He can rule his own clan. He is a leader. He has his say for his clan, and he doesn't need to be peachy sweet to everyone.

3. You can't say he loved his mate for no reason. We know absolutely NOTHING about his relationship with Tawnypelt, other than the fact that they had three bratty kits...well, Flametail was decent enough.

4. You have NO IDEA whether Tawnypelt would have made a better leader than Rowanstar. Why? Because she's NOT LEADER.

5. Rowanstar was a VERY experianced warrior. He was alive before Tigerstar's rebellion. Ahem...learn your facts.

6. Russetfur would have made an absolutely TERRIBLE ...more

Tawnypelt would have been a better leader than rowanstar - SeeU

Why isn't he number 1? He's a terrible leader. He makes Onestar look like a great leader! I hope he loses all of his 9 lives at once. Why did Russetfur have to die? She could've been a great leader, unlike Rowanclaw (I refuse to call him Rowanstar).

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58 One Eye

We are talking about one eye from dawn of the clans, the tom!

I hate one eye the rouge from dawn of the clans! Tried to kill Clear Sky( my favorite cat ) tried to kill, kill, and KILL! I hate that cat! Why is he #69? He should be #2 instead of ashfur! One Eye is a complete weirdo!

One Eye is a completely bastard, dick, weirdo... He's the real power-hungry cat! He is like: "Oh I want to be leader so get out of here Clear Sky or I will mark you! " Such a bastard! Then he wanted to KILL my favourite character?! One Eye you suck! I'm glad that Thunder killed you! - Sumwantin

Evil power hungry rogue tom

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59 Raggedpelt

I play this game, lets blame Raggedpelt for everything.
If he didn't agree with Yellowfang to go and find his father, they would have never found out about Red and Boulder, and then Red and Boulder wouldn't have joined ShadowcLAN, AND THEN BOULDER WOULDN'T HAVE TOLD TIGERSTAR ABOUT BLOODCLAN SO THEN FIRESTAR wouldn't HAVE LOST A LIFE AGAINST SCOURGE SO FIRESTAR wouldn't HAVE DIED IN THE LAST HOPE! HE KILLED THE MAIN CHARECTER!

Best comment is under mine.

When brokenkit was born he only paid attention to him not yellowfang which was rude and he started to ignore her truthfully I don't like him

Seriously, after his OWN LOVE became a Medicine Cat, he just REJECTED YELLOWFANG and I think he just let Foxheart try getting him as a mate. (I may be wrong, I have read the book, just saying.) I thought Raggedpelt WANTED to have kits with Foxheart.

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60 Bramblestar

I like him I think he needed to kill hawk frost I mean think about it hawk frost was bloodthirsty and power hungry and deserved to die. Plus if Firestar would have died there would be no clans because he wouldn't have leafpool who had jayfeather who went back in time to start the clans.

Bramblestar is awesome! He trained with Tigerstar yes, but he didn't do the plans that his father planned for him and killed Hawkfrost to save Firestar! Honestly I think Bramblestar deserves to be leader. He is very loyal. - Silverlily

Bramblestar is my favorite Warrior Cats character, my favorite cat was Firestar but after reading the New Prophecy book Bramblestar is my favorite character, and he is the true love for Squirrelflight!

I don't like Bramblestar. He is stupid! I really hate him!

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