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81 Lolfur

I'm pretty sure this isn't a real cat.

What idiot put this on the list?

Cool name and its not a warrior


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82 Lightpollution

Please. Take this off the list. Whoever posted this is just an annoying Troller.

This is a real life problem, but not a canon cat. - Walla

Is this even a real cat? I don't think so... - IcetailofWishClan

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83 Misha

If it is I don't agree

Who is this car?

There are no words to describe misha I hate her and dogde

U mean Sasha?

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84 Ferncloud

Does anyone else realize that Dustpelt, Brindleface's half brother, is mates with Brindleface's daughter? I knew Erin Hunter would make a slip like this eventually.

Ferncloud is Dustpelt's niece. And the fact that they had so many kits together... - Wolftail

She gave birth to half the clan's cats I can't see why she is on here? (I bet she couldn't even walk after that much kits! )

Ferncloud is AWESOME! I was so sad when she died! She deserves better! - SeeU

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85 Thornclaw

You are so wrong Thornclaw is so cool. Best name too.

He was okay, though he questioned every command. I found that annoying.

If there's a cat who always questions fire stars command then here he is

He was rude and didn't even follow fire stars command he acted like he was the leader! I just hate him... - Mistyfoot

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86 Maggottail

I don't like his name. Sorry about that.

Why put a random cat here and hate on him just because of his name? How rude... shame on you people!

He has a terrible name but that is not his fault! Never judge a book by the cover!

His name might be dumb but that's probably not why he's on here. he's a dark forest act, so he HAS to be on here! you people for starclans sake..

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87 Blackfoot

He's already on the list did the person read the book or just randomly name characters

This is Blackstar, who is already on this list.

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88 Stoneteller

I hate Stoneteller! He banned Stormfur and Brook from coming back into the tribe! Then the kept the chosen cats in Moonrise in the cave until one of them defeats Sharptooth! - Silverlily

Which Stoneteller? There's like a million of them.

He is mean but if you mean half moon she is nice

Which stoneteller

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89 Frostfur

Who cares if she was pretty and had Snow White fur? Aren't cats allowed to be white? Or does that make them "Mary Sue? " Because in my book, it doesn't!

Why is Frostfur on here she was a pretty and hard working cat

She has a frosty pelt, in the snow winds of winter

How is she on this list?

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90 Brambleclaw

He is a respectable warrior, and you all are the ones who are I-responsibly cursing on a public domain

Stop saying all that stuff if Tigerstar wasn't his dad other cats wouldn't judge him like that

Such a bum in the fat face of stupidity and he'll they shout his name satan Satan satan I wish he would go back to hell and stop doing grey stripes job by ma King his mate the deputy what and absolutely idiot die in hell satan

He is already as bramble star and hoe I'd

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91 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

Jayfeather is just a cat that keeps yelling at everybody for no apparent reason, he's useless and nobody needs him. He can't even save himself, he constantly needs help and yells at people for helping him. Thank goodness Half Moon came along and made him slightly better.

I actually like Jayfeather despite his prickly personality. - RiverClanRocks

Dovewing can you hear anything Dovewing can you hear anything Dovewing can yo... GIVE IT A REST!

He's the best cat ever!
jayfeather x half moon forever!

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92 Shrewclaw

Yeh you didn't like him neither did I but when he died it was like aw so sad. He called him worm cat again and it made me laugh and cry

Too low on the list. I hated this character. - SpyroZap99

I hated Shrewclaw at the beginning of Tallstars revenge but after he was killed he was all right

He called Tallstar 'Wormkit' or 'Wormpaw' or 'Wormtail'
I think he's the reason why Tallstar ran off
Because Tallstar felt like he didn't belong
The other reason he ran off was cause of Sparrow.

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93 Shredtail V 1 Comment
94 Thunder

Mother dies
Father abandoned him
Has no littermates
Yeh that's thunder. After that he was taken in by the best cat In the series incase you haven't guessed it's gray wing! It's very amusing to see him complaining at clear sky for everything when it's obvious he has inherited his fathers genes

He is thunder the suffix came in later go find a hole and bury yourself in it I am embarrassed for u

Hm...just reminds me of a certain cat who had powers and is a golden tom

If I see gray wing

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95 Dustpelt

So he's evil for something he did as a little kid?

I do not like Dustpelt one bit jeered at Firestar the dumb cat

I hate how he rejected his kits after they became warriros

Dustpelt is a horrible cat. He mated his niece, had crushes on two of his nieces (Sandpaw and Fernpaw), pissed on Firestar constantly. Had bias against non-Clanborn cats (Millie, Brook, Firestar, Daisy, etc.) and bullied kits, along with disowning his only living kit in one litter (Birchfall) and ignoring his other children.

Also, why are cats like Tigerstar and Scourge on this?! This is for the WORST cats, not the EVIL cats! This is for cats that are Mary-Sues with invincibility (Sorry, Lionblaze) and over-the-top powers, horrible storylines, and ridiculous designs. Not for cats with interesting backstories, okay powers, and excellent designs. I want Silverstream on this list! She was unneeded. (Sorry, Silverstream.) Also, I think Millie is horrible, too.

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96 Swiftpaw

I hate Swiftpaw. Why did he go on like that when he knew there are dogs and he can get killed - Silverlily

I don't like Swiftpaw at all. True, his mentor was a jerk and he was taught to hate Firestar, but honestly!

Swiftpaw was a good cat that deserved to be a warrior!

Use your brain

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97 Nosehead

She was named when she ran into a tree and got her nose squished. Boom. Instant backstory.

On an unrelated note if you check out worst warrior cat names then farther down the list you'll find names like dirtface, bossstar, and fartflight. STOP MAKING RANDOM NAMES/ CHARACTERS LKE THIS PEOPLE. People will think the Erins are crazy.

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100 Brick

Me either, just knew he was a prick.

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