Top 10 Worst Warrior Cat Characters

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101 Dodge V 3 Comments
102 Redstar

Isn't his warrior name Nightwing?

Why is he on this list? It was a mistake peeps! - Catsarah123

Just... he had territory ShyClan could use... just make it a neutral area... - Kittykat-Shinobi

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103 Night Star

He was getting his clan in battles even thow he should not have after brokenstars evil rain

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104 Yellowfang Yellowfang

She was a good medicine cat.

She shouldn't be on here! Sure, she gave birth to Brokenstar, but she is such a nice cat!

Whoever even dreamed of putting Yellowfang on here shall get a face clawing! How dare you say she's #77! She should be maybe #1079! I love Yellowfang!

Yellowfang is awesome

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105 Rabbitstar

He was so mean to MOrningstar! He stole his prey and was rude to him! Gr!

106 Oakheart

He did not TRICK her. She was not INTERESTED in Thrushpelt for anything more than a friend and clanmate. She took it upon herself to love HIM. She had KITS. That was all HER decision, not manipulation.

Why is he on here?

Why is he here?

Na, I love oaky

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107 Red

I think she made the right choice.

You already did russetfur

Russet fur is a different cat

Isn't she already on the list?

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108 Scorchwind

Honestly he fell for THAT lie? I hate him.

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109 Flametail

He seemed really nice at the start of the book but when he died he was angry at Jay feather for not being able to save him and was really stubborn and wouldn't speak to dawn pelt

I think he should be on the list because he been foolish when he fell though.

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110 Spiderleg

I think he was a good warrior, but rude to his kits.

Congratulations, Spiderleg! You have been awarded worst father of the year award! Next to Stormtail and Rainflower. YAY!

He neglected them... Congrats spider leg even your name won a award too

He is so selfish!

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111 Princess

She is a pretty good cat. Why is she on the list?

I don't dislike her but I personally wouldn't give my kit away to my long lost brother who lives in the wild

She's not so bad. She's a kittypet, and made questionable choices *my long-lost brother lives in the woods and wants me to give him one of my sons to train to be a warrior and attack other clans of cats? Sure, there's no way that could go wrong! * but overall she's decent.

What did she do?

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112 Mousefur Mousefur

Die in a hole she rules

Mousefur is my life...

Aww Mousefur is awesome

Bluestar: Mousefur! Bring back the man who put you on this list and put him in the fresh-kill pile!

Mousefur: Okay!

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113 Brightheart

How is brightheart here! What?!

Right! Brightheart is so nice!

Why is Brightheart on here she is so nice to everyone

She is the reason poor Ferncloud died.

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114 Purdy

I voted Purdy because I wanted you to see this message. PURDY IS AWESOME! He saved Feathertail even though she died later

I love Purdy! ( Anyone else realize his name is how some people say "Pretty"? ) He was funny and really did care about the clans!

Whoever added Purdy, /please/ do me a favour and die. He is so AMAZING! He's great with the young kits.

Some twoleg is GREAT at names.

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115 Foxleap

Why is Foxleap here? He is cool and has the best name.

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116 Blossomfall

Why is Blossomfall on here like I know how she was training in the dark forest but fought for the clans at the end she is awesome

Just because she trained in the dark forest, doesn't mean she's on this list. She betrayed the dark forest at the end - Silverlily

She only did it because she was trying to prove her self worth to Millie. It was all because of jealousy, and it wouldn't have started it Millie wasn't paying so much attention to Briarlight

What's wrong with her?!

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117 Quince

Well, nobody else has commented, but I don't know who Quince is... A dilemma to be sure... I'll just post my thoughts.

118 Sandgorse

He was just overcome by sadness just like tall star and bluestar he died a hero!

Another contender for worst parent award. - SpyroZap99

Abusive, nothing else to say here

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119 Jake

But Jake was awesome! How did he get here? - SpyroZap99

He probably died so he never go the chance to see his kits

Something is wrong with the person who made this list

I love Jake! - Silverlily

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120 Cedarstar

Wow! I thought he was the one non evil shadow clan leader (not counting tall shadow/shadow star

Should be number 1 worst cat ever

He killed Shrewclaw! And was the brokenstar of that time. He TRIED to drive out WindClan!

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