Top 10 Worst Warrior Cat Characters

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121 Ravenclaw

If you don't know Ravenclaw he is the medicine cat in Mapleshades vengeance and almost killed mapleshade! Crushed her dreams (and not ravenpaw)

Raven wing I mean

I hate you Ravenclaw you gave away Mapleshades secret

Um... you mean Ravenwing... - Kittykat-Shinobi

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122 Tallstar

What. What. WHAT? Tallstar is my FAVORITE CAT... How would you feel if your FATHER DIED while he was with a STRANGE PERSON YOU'VE NEVER MET BEFORE? Yes, his father did die a hero, because Tallstar didn't know the truth, but he is (in my opinion) the most well developed and KIND-HEARTED cats in the seris. All people have their flaws, and that's why I love Tallstar. He's RELATABLE. HE HAS FLAWS. You people don't know a good carachter when you're in battle with him. Top Three BEST Warriors (For you): Scourge, Firestar, Dovewing Top Three WORST: Ivypool, Mapleshade, Sol.

Again this is just random cats he is a good cat.

I like tallstar he helped cats and he chose onestar to be deputy well

Who made this list?! WHO!? Tallstar is one of the best cats

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123 Tall Shadow

Per my opinion, people who don't like her clearly haven't read Dawn of The Clans... - Kittykat-Shinobi

My favorite sarcastic or grumpy person after Jayfeather

So selfish! I mean, she told to Gray Wing all those bad things! (Spoiler for Dawn of the Clans)
Besides, it says that Tall shadow is the first leader ever to die, I mean, she deserves it

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124 Storm

She is stupid just be with Graywing! Never mind you died! Turtletails turn oh no she died!

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125 Marmalade V 2 Comments
126 Coriander V 1 Comment
127 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

I love Cinderpelt! She died while helping Sorreltail kit! - Silverlily

How the heck did she get on this list!?

Best cat ever

Sorry, WHAT DID SHe DO THaT WAS SO BAD? - SpyroZap99

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128 Cinderheart

She's whiny, but that doesn't make her evil. It's like saying you're grandmother's Hitler for complaining about something.

She can be a little annoying but most of the time she isn't

Just a reincarnation nothing's wrong with her

I love Cinderheart! One of my favorites!

129 Cherrysun V 1 Comment
130 Flamingcloud V 1 Comment
131 Icestream
132 Rippletail
133 Tawnypelt

She was a brat. She did not listen to her mentor.

134 Ravenear
135 Fennelsong
136 Dawnwhisker
137 Sun Shadow
138 Rivernose
139 Foxsun
140 Miststorm
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