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121 Purdy

I voted Purdy because I wanted you to see this message. PURDY IS AWESOME! He saved Feathertail even though she died later

I love Purdy! ( Anyone else realize his name is how some people say "Pretty"? ) He was funny and really did care about the clans!

Whoever added Purdy, /please/ do me a favour and die. He is so AMAZING! He's great with the young kits.

Some twoleg is GREAT at names.

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122 Foxleap

Why is Foxleap here? He is cool and has the best name.

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123 Blossomfall

Why is Blossomfall on here like I know how she was training in the dark forest but fought for the clans at the end she is awesome

Just because she trained in the dark forest, doesn't mean she's on this list. She betrayed the dark forest at the end - Silverlily

Anything negative you hate to say about Blossomfall, BLAME IT ON MILLIE. - ZZZOLO

She only did it because she was trying to prove her self worth to Millie. It was all because of jealousy, and it wouldn't have started it Millie wasn't paying so much attention to Briarlight

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124 One Eye

We are talking about one eye from dawn of the clans, the tom!

I hate one eye the rouge from dawn of the clans! Tried to kill Clear Sky( my favorite cat ) tried to kill, kill, and KILL! I hate that cat! Why is he #69? He should be #2 instead of ashfur! One Eye is a complete weirdo!

One Eye is a completely bastard, dick, weirdo... He's the real power-hungry cat! He is like: "Oh I want to be leader so get out of here Clear Sky or I will mark you! " Such a bastard! Then he wanted to KILL my favourite character?! One Eye you suck! I'm glad that Thunder killed you! - Sumwantin

Evil power hungry rogue tom

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125 Quince

Well, nobody else has commented, but I don't know who Quince is... A dilemma to be sure... I'll just post my thoughts.

126 Sandgorse

He was just overcome by sadness just like tall star and bluestar he died a hero!

Another contender for worst parent award. - SpyroZap99

Abusive, nothing else to say here

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127 Jake

But Jake was awesome! How did he get here? - SpyroZap99

He probably died so he never go the chance to see his kits

Something is wrong with the person who made this list

I love Jake! - Silverlily

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128 Cedarstar

Wow! I thought he was the one non evil shadow clan leader (not counting tall shadow/shadow star

Should be number 1 worst cat ever

He killed Shrewclaw! And was the brokenstar of that time. He TRIED to drive out WindClan!

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129 Ravenclaw

If you don't know Ravenclaw he is the medicine cat in Mapleshades vengeance and almost killed mapleshade! Crushed her dreams (and not ravenpaw)

Raven wing I mean

I hate you Ravenclaw you gave away Mapleshades secret

Um... you mean Ravenwing... - Kittykat-Shinobi

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130 Tallstar

What. What. WHAT? Tallstar is my FAVORITE CAT... How would you feel if your FATHER DIED while he was with a STRANGE PERSON YOU'VE NEVER MET BEFORE? Yes, his father did die a hero, because Tallstar didn't know the truth, but he is (in my opinion) the most well developed and KIND-HEARTED cats in the seris. All people have their flaws, and that's why I love Tallstar. He's RELATABLE. HE HAS FLAWS. You people don't know a good carachter when you're in battle with him. Top Three BEST Warriors (For you): Scourge, Firestar, Dovewing Top Three WORST: Ivypool, Mapleshade, Sol.

Again this is just random cats he is a good cat.

I like tallstar he helped cats and he chose onestar to be deputy well

Who made this list?! WHO!? Tallstar is one of the best cats

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131 Tall Shadow

Per my opinion, people who don't like her clearly haven't read Dawn of The Clans... - Kittykat-Shinobi

My favorite sarcastic or grumpy person after Jayfeather

So selfish! I mean, she told to Gray Wing all those bad things! (Spoiler for Dawn of the Clans)
Besides, it says that Tall shadow is the first leader ever to die, I mean, she deserves it


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132 Storm

Storm is so Nice!

She is stupid just be with Graywing! Never mind you died! Turtletails turn oh no she died!

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134 Coriander V 1 Comment
135 Cinderheart

She's whiny, but that doesn't make her evil. It's like saying you're grandmother's Hitler for complaining about something.

She can be a little annoying but most of the time she isn't

Just a reincarnation nothing's wrong with her

I love Cinderheart! One of my favorites!

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138 Icestream
139 Rippletail
140 Tawnypelt

Good grief, I'm so glad she's on this list. SHE DESERVES TO BE WAY HIGHER! She's so disloyal and dumb honestly. - ZZZOLO

She was a brat. She did not listen to her mentor.

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