Top 10 Worst Warrior Cat Characters

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141 Miststorm
142 Darkthorn
143 Oakclaw
144 Raintail
145 Mothflight
146 Rainswept Flower
147 Shaded Moss
148 Cinderfur
149 Snake

Snake and Ice used to be Hoot and Jumper

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150 Silverstream

I liked her. She had a hard life and a sad death.

She is much better than Millie! Graystripe love her so much, a love that he never had for Millie!

Yeah talk about spoilt brat! Silverstream caused an argument between firestar and greystripe she broke the warrior code and she only saved him once while Millie saved him a few times bravely leaving her family to save him and being kind to him even when I got brat like and yelled at her for being kind

Silverstream was a brat freak and spoils she is the WORST warrior what brats would like her? cause whoever likes silverstream in my opinion is a silly person who needs to rethink

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151 Ivypool

Annoying bratty piece of dung. Oh come on! Dovewing cared about you, and you 'Oh no I'm going to the Dark Forest because they call me beautiful oh oh I don't care about you I hate it when you care about me hahaa' Pfft. She deserves number one hate. Worst fart ever. I nearly ripped Fading Echoes because of this idiot. Seriously, your sister tells you her secret and all you are is "OH STARCLAN YOU BIG FAT SHOWOFF! " Come on! She gave proof to you! Are you even smart, Ivypool, or Ivypaw? Pathetic piece of dumb badger-dung made up her little story that made a battle that killed Firestar twice, Russetfur, and made people hate beloved Lionblaze. She is a stupid, phony, idiot, dumb dung-head, and bratty replacement! Dovewing is way more than trillion times better than her! Ivypool doesn't deserve leadership, and doesn't deserve to replace Dovewing in the Three. Die in a stupid fire pit, Ivypool! You shouldn't have existed, Ivypool! Die, you brat!

Why wouldn't Ivypool be jealous of her sister when she got so much attention and then she feels like she doesn't exist to other's. Ivypool was actually doing something for her clan while Dovewing was running around with Tigerheart thinking that she could do whatever she want just because she had "special powers". I know that the Dovewing lovers would disagree but it's the truth.

She not evil read the book Erin hunter said she would have join star clan when she die just stop reading the books if you don't know what you talking about

Why is Ivypool so liked? She is really pretty, but why did she hate Dovewing so much? Why do so many peole ship her with Hawkfrost? To be fair, when she discovered that The Dark Forest is evil, but I still hate her.

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