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I honestly think that Rainflower never deserved to love. I mean, it was well known that warrior queens loved their kits MORE THAN THE WORLD! They would sacrifice their lives for their precious kits, just like what Silverstream did, dying to give birth to her children. Queens even pushed to have a code, because they didn't want their children to go through the horrors of the world at a young age. And then to have a mother turn down her kit, just because of his physical scars, is just cold hearted. Rainflower then added to his internal scars, turning her back to him in times of need, when his own clan seemed to cast him out. Crookedkit didn't even know what had happened to him, and it only adds more to the pain. She then demanded for him to be renamed Crookedkit! Did she even realize how much this must have broken his heart?! Rainflower is truly an evil soul, who does not deserve to love.

Dearest Rainflower, You caused Crookedstar to take Mapleshade promise. Only to make you proud of him again. Rainflower, Crookedstar could have been the father of a wise cat named Whitestorm if things had worked out. But you would never approve. Perhaps your other son would live to see his grand son become deputy. You needed to work on your motherly love. Sincerely, Bluestar. - A note from Bluestar to Rainflower.

Rainflower is a very realistic character. Very sadly, there are people like her around. She left Crooked/kit/paw/jaw/star (lot of name changes there lol) feeling like it was all his fault and her children both stood to witness the sad parting of once-loving mates. She has a very twisted sense of looking at situations. Very sad and very real.

At first she loved Stormkit as a mother should, but then when his jaw became crooked she didn't care about him anymore and changed his name to Crookedkit and for what? To make him even more embarrassed about his jaw even more? I mean what kind of mother does that? She only pampered him in the beginning because he was a good looking kit and when he wasn't anymore she just neglected him. He became a pretty good warrior later on but his mother still neglected him because he wasn't pretty enough, I mean come on! I think being a good warrior is much more important than what they look like!

Read this in stuck up voice. My Rainflower impression: I hate my son just because tongue lolls out and eats differently an still does not make a mess. I fell SO GOOD THAT HIS NAME BEGAN WITH CROOKED. I LOVE OAKHEART still after he and Bluestar met up. I never give cats a chance. I love crookedstar now that he's leader. DONE! Was it good? DERP

WHY! WHY! Rainflower, she's a terrible parent, Shellheart was right to divorce her (even though he never stopped loving her). I honestly think that she should be in 2nd or 3rd place right now (defiantly deserves to be in the dark forest. )

I hate her. At first she loved him and then when he broke his jaw, she suddenly neglected him. She didn't even give him a life. She never believed in him..

It was all RAINFLOWER'S fault that Mapleshade appeared to Crokkedkit and made him say yes to her promise. He was feeling bad because he thought he was weak and pathetic (when that wasn't true at all) since his own mother hates him and rejects him. Good thing his caring, protective father Shellheart stood up for him. I'll be in SHOCK if Rainflower is somebody's favourite character! Go to Hell, Rainflower!

You and Millie treat your kits so badly my heart aches in real life. Millie shows dislike of her own daughter because she gets to hunt while her other kit does not, and you show dislike of your sun after he breaks his face! What about saying "My precious kit, no need to worry. I will make sure Hailstar (or whoever was leader) makes you a warrior." How about that? You, Millie, and Crowfeather. I am disappointed.

People think Tigerstar is bad... Pfft. Rainflower is horrible! Just because her son was disfigured, she ignored him. This is bad parenting, Tigerstar is actually a good parent.

What the Erins said or ' Weird Warrior Cats Facts' I found out Rainflower was abused as a kit. That makes her an even WORSE character! Why abuse your own kit if you've been abused yourself! She only things she cares about is looks. I am GLAD Shellheart broke up with her! She doesn't deserve his love, or anyone's love for that matter! Is it also wrong that I sorta laughed when she died in, 'Crookedstar's Promise? I was actually really happy she was killed off, but not happy that others that Crookedstar loved. She renamed her kit because of his looks. WE should rename her something more nasty. How would you like a taste of your own medicine,Rainflower? - iiDreamCat

She is the worst mother ever! I'm glad that Shellheart said HELL NO and dumped her XP. I'm glad that she died! Giving your child a dumb name is just STUPID! She's one of those cats that only like handsome toms, not caring for their personality!

Worst mother ever! Seriously, what kind of mother disowns her child just because (s)he becomes horribly disfigured?!? Most mothers would dote on said child for the rest of his/hers life!

She can go die, that's all I'm saying

She divorced her mate just to change her son's name to something embarrassing. She is the worst mother ever. She played total favorites on Oakheart, and gave him the better mentor. - Oliveleaf

Rainflower is a hater. If I remember correctly, I laughed when she died, and if she didn't die, then it was at least a pleasant thought. - SpyroZap99

Crookedstar might have a crooked jaw, but Rainflower has a crooked heart.

Rainflower: The worst mother I have seen, worse than those "monster parents"! Will a mother change her kids name all because his/her naughtiness?

I do not like Rainflower but I wish she didn't die. If only Crookedstar had a chance to prove he was worthy. She was wrong to think of him like that.

She is the worst mom in the world I HATE HER!

If I had one chance to wipe any character from the series completely, it wouldn't be Tigerstar, Scourge, or Brokenstar. It would be this thing. - TheAlbinoWolf

I really hate her! I mean just cause storm kit broke his jaws do u think that was what he wanted!?!?

Don't blame Mapleshade! Blame Rainflower!

I hate her so much. She denied her own son because he didn't look "perfect" anymore? I have to say, I was glad when she died.

Rainflower is almost as bad as hawkheart. She rejected her own child because he damaged his face per anatomy! - SeeU