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Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .


He was pretty bad. I mean, I know that Tigerstar was a terrible cat too, but Scourge totally wiped him out. To lose nine lives at once? I mean, wow!

Guy's. Let me get this straight. Scourge overreacted. How would you react, or literally anyone else in the real life world, if you got bullied, people tricked you, hated you, you wanted revenge, you went out, changed your name, and wanted to join the warriors and get away from everything. NO HARM DONE! He was destroyed and ALMOST killed by Tigerstar (Tigerpaw at the time) And he wanted revenge. He was working with Tigerstar unknown to him that that was his killer (almost) he remembers, and once Tigerstar betrays, he attacks. GUYS Scourge was defending himself, and he wanted revenge. SO WOULD I! Right? Now he went into battle because he wanted the forest to himself. Well, again, he wanted revenge. He made it fair and square. He shouldn't of died. He wasn't a villian. JUST because he ended a cats life. Geez guys. Seriously?

Listen up, you Firestar loving kitty pets, because I have something very important to tell you. Scourge had a similar childhood to Firestar, even both having a similar encounter with the clans. Even fighting a thunderclan patrol after exploring. The only difference between their stories at this point is, and listen very closely, idiotic Firestar lovers, everyone loved Firestar wherever he went, his family, his friend, and even a random cat from a clan he only joined later loved him, and there was some stupid prophecy saying that fire would save the clans. Scourge? Everyone hated him, teased him for being small and weak, making him angry. The thunderclan cats who came almost killed him! Some of you may think that he was being overdramatic, but if someone teased you, laughed at you, and almost murdered you, would you forget anytime soon?

I'm not a "wrong hater" but you guys are WAY too obsessed with Scourge. Compared to some, his life wasn't all that bad. Sure it sucked but did his dad ever beat him? No. Was he seriously ill? No. Did he have food, water and a family? Yes. Stop overreacting. You guys exaggerate everything.

Scourge wasn't that evil, but he wasn't that good of a character. I mean, he only appeared for one book, and only a manga to make people feel sorry for him. He was such a jerk and mean as well! They say he killed dog, but only one ran away, they say he killed so many cats, but he only killed Tigerstar and that alley cat. Suddenly he has a bunch of powerful fighting moves, which I suspect he was taught from the alley cats. They were the ones who took bones and things like that. They're the one to be feared. And he only postponed the Firestar and Tigerstar battle to make people keep on reading. How disappointing. Everyone blames Tigerstar and his sibling but guess what: Tigerstar beat him up, and he wanted to kill Tigerstar for YEARS! YEARS! are you kidding me? and Socks and Ruby and all that, let it go dude!

Scourge is awesome he has the right to wipe out tigerstar. tigerstar almost killed as a kit I mean you have to get revenge for that. he also got bullied by his brother and sister that tromatised him even more and drove him into that. he's also bad ass, he founded a clan, has dog tooth claws, dog claw necklace, and is good at fighting I mean he's awesome. plus he wiped tigerstar out I mean all nine lives at ounce if that's not cool I don't know what is, by the way don't think of me as some animal abuser who doesn't care if they die, because just think what tigerstar did! He killed tigerstar! All by himself that's legendary!

Scourge isn't awfu, it's just he's meant only for technical reasons. I mean, he is a good villain for one book, but otherwise he was mainly a plot character. Since Erin Hunters wanted us to buy more books of the Warriors series, they just pushed him into the picture so we wouldn't have to deal with the ultimate battle between Tigerstar and Firestar. Because after that happens, what next? Okay Tigerstar's dead let's move on bwaa. He was only created as the centerpoint of how all characters and series in the story are tied together, from Thistleclaw to Tigerstar and beyond. Once realizing the Erin Hunters' (yes there's multiple Erin Hunters) mistakes that they had no proper introduction for Scourge, only that he appeared out of nowhere to be a bad guy, they hastily created a poorly made backstory which actually does create an excuse for his behavior despite what they say at the beginning. He has a weird revenge fetish and his amazing fighting scene was only for us to numbly overlook and ...more

Okay realistically Scourge was just lucky. Lucky that he survived the attack from Tigerpaw, lucky that he went to the city and found cats willing to share food, lucky that when he tried to pry off his collar with dog fangs that it ended up falling and making him look fierce with teeth embedded in the collar, he was lucky that when he fought off the dog it was fearful of its own shadow and retreated leaving him to look all mighty and fierce, he was lucky that he aimed at a vulnerable spot when he fought Tigerstar. Luck shouldn't be the thing dragging a good villain through the entire book. - PopularCraft

Guys, I dislike scourge for a reason. Yes, he was bullied and all that bullcrap, but he DEFINITELY overreacted. Oh boo hoo, cry me a river, Scourge lovers, he only appeared for a small amount of books and BOOM BAM, everybody loves him? Give me dislikes, it's not the end of the world, it's the internet, what the hell do you expect. Who goes MURDERING innocent cats just because 3 cats hurt him! He straight up tried to destroy the whole entirety of the clans! Ugh, this cat need a higher place. And his clan, the rules were horrible! Barley had to be given up along with his siblings!

Scourge shouldn't still be vengeful or hurt when he came to the forest. Villains like Tigerstar are actually intimidating, while Scourge looks like an angry kit. Anyways, fans keep mistaking the fact that Scourge killed Tigerstar with his own strength. Any cat would die at the dog claws Scourge had on his claws, and he slipped. Also, Socks and Ruby were dealt with; Tigerstar bullied him AS A KIT; there's no point in Scourge. He chould be #10, not #5. The Top 5 is for good villains.

I TOTALLY VOTE SCOURGE FOR THE WORST CAT EVER! I mean he killed like 150 different cats for NO REASON! And you can't put any of the blame on Socks, Ruby, or Tigerstar because it was not their fault. I mean Socks and Ruby TEASED him not tried to murder him or even beat him up TEASED! and Tigerstar did what any clan cat would do DEFEND HIS TERRITORY AGAINST INTRUDERS! Plus he was training with THISTLECLAW not just a normal clan cat! Oh and how he so called "whiped out Tigerstar" God I wish you people would read the books Tigerstar SLIPPED! There was no slashing or air action! Plus He had dog teeth attacked to his claws! His ego is so big it has stretch marks! He lied and told his whole clan he "killed dogs" when he just scared away one! Plus all the bones he has for his collar were FOUND by his so called clanmates in the dump!'re really not smart about Scourge. Can't you see he had a hard life? You don't appreciate the best villain. Plus, you just bad-mouthed my mate! :slashes your face: - RedTheGremlin

Okay scourge is evil and a murderer and stupid but he is what made the book interesting. I was sick of tiger star I want a new villain. But scourge seriously dies once gets into the series. Seriously the hunter who wrote that book. That was dumb and tiger star got killed so there was no villain. Plain STUPID

I'd say Scourge is the best villain because he took down TigerStar with one signal scratch in the neck! Right not I'm on the book Midnight, but I did just finish the book, The Darkest Hour and that was the book all of this Scourge drama happens. So It is kinda sad when in The Rise Of Scourge TigerPaw attacked Tiny, So that's why Scourge killed him in The Darkest Hour. I don't think he is the worst cat, But I still think Scourge deserves a low amount on this list.

Scourge killed MULTIPLE cats. I think it's ridiculous when people say "oh he only killed two cats". Do you think everyone would bow to Scourge or call him the leader of BLOODClan if he never killed any cats during his time as leader? Uh, I don't think so! He was a terrible villain. Oh, siblings, you bully me? Oh, random wild cat, you beat me up once? I'm an edgy homicidal murderer now! He's so overrated. He was in the books for 4 chapters. 4 CHAPTERS!

Let's say you were bullied at school and got beat up by an adult once in your life. Would you go around murdering people? NO. Well, that's what this cat did. He's a greedy rat who just wants to take things. Tigerstar showed poor judgment trusting THIS one.

He's a misunderstood cat just as I said with Tiger star, he's hatred started as amkit when his siblings hated and bullied him, then he left and Tiger paw (Tiger star) hurt him insanely from the order of his mentor Thistle claw, and THEN ya know... I won's spoil it read Scourge's revenge and The Darkest Hour and you'll under stand EVERYTHING -Night blossom

Okay, I have to agree that he turned evil because of his littermates, Ruby and Socks. But his so great, strong and smart! Too bad Firestar killed him. I LOVE SCOURGE HE IS PROBABLY THE STRONGEST CAT WHO EVER LIVED IN THE WARRIORS SERIES!

I love Scourge! I'm not saying I like what he did to other cats like Firestar or Tigerstar or his brother or sister. I mean, I understand why he hated Socks and Ruby but... Ok getting back to the topic. What I'm saying is I like Scourge because even though he was so small he believed in himself and he believed he could do anything if he tried hard enuf, and when he tried to take over the forest he was only doing it for the good of his clan. So I think he made a very good leader.

It was never even his fault! He was always a rather small cat that thought different from his brother and sister. When the time came for the kits to be adopted his sister ruby had told him. " Unwanted kits get thrown in the river! " So all the destruction he caused was for that reason. Yes TigerPaw may have taken a part of this. But TigerPaw only caused a mass ambition for scourge to kill him. I honestly enjoy this character. I liked him for his determination and how he thought.

I think scourge was awesome! I'm not saying I like what he did to other cats like Firestar or Tigerstar or his brother or sister. I understand why he hated Socks and Ruby but... Ok getting back to the topic, I love Scourge because he was so small yet he believed in himself and he knew that he could do anything if he tried hard enuf, and that he cared about his clan and was only trying to get food for his clan when he tried to take over the forest.

Scourge was one of the BEST characters! He killed Tigerstar because Tigerstar attacked him when he was still a kit. Tigerstar was the cat who gave Scourge his life grudge against him. If you read all the books, Tigerstar actually brought his death upon himself.

Scourge is physically and mentally weak. The only reason he killed Tigerstar was because he had dog claws attached to his actual claws.

I know he had a sad life but he doesn't need to murder people!

Listen, once you've read The Rise of Scourge, you can really only blame three cats for his evilness: Thistleclaw (for making Tigerpaw almost kill him,), Ruby(for being mean to him), and Socks (for also being mean to him). Ya, he lied about killing a dog, but those rogues would've killed him if he hadn't lied. The scene where he killed a rogue with one paw was creepy, but the rogue was being terrible to him. If the above things hadn't happened, then he would be a friendly kitty pet named Tiny.

Scourge just over reacted when tiger paw beat him up. He could of just let it go, but No! I have to go kill cats because an apprentice beat me up! Just wow.