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Made Tigerstar hurt a helpless kittypet kitten, and he was evil and loved war.

Think of his life people need to see past blue star he lost a lot his mate and sister and bluestar took his son really he never killed anyone blue star is the real bad cat she chased him down there he was sad and lonely

Thistleclaw isn't even evil. Why does everyone think that? If anyone was ever close to evil it's Bluestar! (I know your probably a fan of her, but please keep reading. ) If Blue (Star) didn't fall in love with a cat from another clan, then Snowfur wouldn't of died. And I know you can't choose who you fall in love with, but why did she have kits with him if she KNEW that it was against the warrior code? But really, Thistle didn't even kill anyone, and yet he goes to the dark Forest? Why? Ashfur tries to kill his leader and 3 warriors in the same clan as him and goes to Starclan? Of course he was more ambitious than your average warrior and could often snap at other cats, But was he not a strong warrior? Lets say he DID become leader, What would of happened? Thunderclan would become what Shadowclan once was, the most powerful clan in the forest. All of Shaoowclan's leaders were more aggressive which made them better leaders, Bluestar wasn't a strong leader, Thunderclan would have been ...more

Thistleclaw should be first because Tigerstar might have been good without Thistleclaw. And I think Bluestar lost 3 of her lifes because of him. I think without Thistleclaw two cats wont be evil. In fact one of them might have never been born. (I'm talking about Tigerstar and Hawkfrost) And without Thistleclaw Scourge probably would have never went to the forest. Heck Scourge wont even be evil. The only good thing that he did was having Whitestorm with Snowfur. I personally love Whitestorm.

I personally love Thistleclaw. He's such a complex character. He had the potential to become a great leader. But stupid Bluestar just deemed him as "Evil" even when he did nothing! I also felt really bad when Snowfur died, and I think He had every right to blame Bluestar! Plus without him, most of the series wouldn't have happened.

Guys, I don't think of him as evil. He was heartbroken when Snowfur died, that caused him to go insane. Not evil, but... Maybe a little insane.

Ugh why do people hate him I like thistleclaw his mate and sis died his life was kinda sad and I love snowfur

THISTLECLAW IS THE WORST! I am with Bluestar, he is torrible. He made Tigerstar a murder, which made him leave ThunderClan, which made him have Hawkfrost (the most handsome, yet dangerous Tom) also making tawnypelt have tigerheart, which caused a love triangle, and made Bramblestar have to prove himself, having to challenge loyalty, and making Bramblestar a little devil as a kit in Firestar's eyes. THISTLECLAW should've died against the dog! He even make poor mosskit die by his life! And for those of you who haven't read Crookedstar's promise and think he's innocent. In Crookedstar's promise, he was training to KILL in the dark forest. And in Spottedleaf's heart, he was just playing the, " I'm an innocent being," card. He and Crowfeather should be number one!

Thistleclaw IS NOT BAD. His mate died, and Bluestar crushed his dreams. Let's say that you're dating someone, then they start to cheat on you. On top of that, someone DESTROIES your whole dreams and hopes. How would you feel?

I like tigerstar so I can't go away from him! He is so cool! And please make him number 10

Spottedleaf's Heart pretty much should now being him to the absolute worst character in the series... He was child grooming Spottedleaf after Snowfur's death and pretty much had an abusive fling with her. He has went from a sad antagonist to a pedophile with one book.

I don't really like thistleclaw at all. People say that he's not completely responsible for tigerstar's actions but I think he is if u read blue stars prophecy he was the one who made tigerstar's s scions really brutal. I know mentors can't always be trusted, but poor tiger paw was young and innocent. A mentor should be someone to look up to on advice, to rely on. Plus, when tigerstar began to show signs of being bad, he did nothing. Besides that he was just brutal and cruel.

I understand where people are coming from when they say he wasn't evil, just arrogant, and it wasn't his fault Tigerstar become evil. But it was. In Bluestar's Prophecy, Bluestar sees some of his training sessions with Tigerstar, and Tigerstar wants a clean session, and Thistleclaw keeps pushing him in the wrong direction. And as a cat as young as he is, he is easily influenced easily. Besides, no one could've though he was that important if Bluestar chased him out of StarClan, and no one went looking for him. He also fought for the Dark Forest in the Great Battle.

Thistleclaw is the cause for most bad things from Bloodclan attacking to the great battle in the end. Everyone's bashing Tigerstar for it ALL, I mean yeah, Tigerstar is to blame but without Thistleclaw, he may have turned out a strong loyal warrior. - Songwind

It's all Thistleclaw's fault.
Every single death that Tigerstar and Scourge made is all Thistleclaw's fault!
Hollyleaf, Swiftpaw, Tigerstar, Scourge, Brindleface's death should have not happened so early!
Thistleclaw's the most evil warrior!

I hate Thistleclaw! In my opinion, he's the major reason why Tigerstar turned into an evil, evil kitty! And if Tigerstar had never been mentored by him, he would've never hurt Tiny (Scourge)! So, in a way, he cause a lot of bad things to happen. If I had to choose a cat more evil than him, it would have to be Brokenstar.

He was kinda cool he saved the clan from a Fox attack when he was a apprentice. I just hate his ambition - slugger2003

Thistleclaw was a okay character in my opinion. Kind of cool but in a evil way.

He turned Tigerstar into what he was before he died thus he really is number one. I mean, he did train him after all. HE'S TO BLAME! But Whitestorm is his son so he's gotta have some heart for Snowfur, right?

He's the one who made Tigerstar evil! He was like, the beginning of evilness in Warriors. Curse you Thistleclaw! Hope you get thistles in your face.

Um... Thistleclaw is the reason Tigerstar and Scourge are evil and dead!

The one that turned Tigerstar evil - the ultimate baddie, however, I don't mind Thistleclaw and liked him with Snowfur.

Totally true that Thistleclaw started a chain reaction! But, I'm going to have to say that Mapleshade is even worse!

I have to agree with this one. Thistle claw made tigerstar evil. If thistle claw didn't exist then tigerstar, scourge, hawkfrost, and some other cats wouldn't be evil

This is the cat who mentored a cat to be a murderer. I know some other comments say that he was terribly upset by grief (his mate died), but Bluestar dealt with grief. Firestar lived with Spottedleaf's death. For Starclan's sake Dustpelt didn't go evil when Ferncloud dies. This cat - pure evil.