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Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar ...read more.


Tiger star is a misunderstood cat, I see how people who read the books don't like Tiger star, BUT he was trained by Maple shade and SHE wanted to train him so she could get revenge on Thunder clan for abandoning her and her thunder/ river clan kits IN LEAF BARE, THEN she did the same to Crooked star from River clan, because her mate from River clan refused to be with her because he got a new mate, and when Maple shade tried to cross the river with her kits, they were washed away, and River clan didn't want her either, so she was forced to live a life as a rouge, and was starved to death along with grief, heart break, and the thirst of revenge. - Night blossom

Tigerstar truly is one character I love to hate.

From his terrible treatment of Ravenpaw, to the innocent warriors he's killed, he deserves to be number one on this list.

And yes, I can already hear the fangirls and boys screaming "he's just misunderstood' but that doesn't excuse what he's done. You wouldn't forgive Hitler if he had a tragic, heart-breaking story would you?

Decides, even if you try to say that his evil roots stem from his training in the Dark Forest and Thistleclaw, remember that he wasn't forced into anything. He chose his own path, just like Crookedstar, Ivypool and Bramblestar did. (and they turned out reasonably good cats)

Killed Tigerstar, Runningwind and Brindleface, and evil little kitty.


While he is an interesting character and I'm really interested in finding out more about his past, he is evil. He basically committed genocide against half-Clan cats (remember Stonefur? ), and that is inexcusable.

I hate Tigerstar he is the WORST CAT EVER! He is such a bad cat he killed heaps of people and tried to wipe out thunderclan with a pack of dogs that kills cats. I'M GLAD THAT HE DIED SO HE COULDN'T DO MORE BAD STUFF!

Tigerstar must have become evil because he was over cared for by his mother, and the fact Mapleshade was living in his head. He was really bad though. Even though we never really meet Runningwind, I liked his character, and I really started hating Tigerstar when Tigerstar killed him off. - Pebblepaw

No one likes a creature who is hungry for power. I despise Tigerstar so much, he's not even a cat to me. He is just brutal, cruel, and merciless.

Tigerstar just seems unrealistic to me. He doesn't have much of a reason to be as evil as he is. At first I understood his ambition, but by the time he merged ShadowClan and RiverClan, I just couldn't understand. Digging a bit deeper, I understand that his hatred for Firestar could be caused by his father, but I just think that he is too evil. Villains like Ashfur and Scourge (not the shipping, lol) I find real. The Rise of Scourge shows Scourge's perspective and Ashfur even states why he wants to kill some characters. They both think that they are right (which most people think about themselves), but I just can't see Tigerstar's perspective after A Dangerous Path. I just can't sympathize with him apart from his kithood.

I think you all are missing the point, all these villains are extremely important and had consistent character lines as well as a thoroughly plotted backstory. Tigerstar, Scourge, Brokenstar, these cats all fit the criteria. They are all GREAT characters. Character roles and personalities aren't the same thing, if it was personality, I would agree, these cats are in the correct placement.

STUPID HORRIBLE TIGERSTAR he killed so many cats FOR NO REASON! Brindleface: for prey for the dogs. Stonefur: he was half clan. Gorsepaw: to set an example as what would happen if no one joined him? WHAT THE FUR! You don't KILL AN INNOCENT CAT AS AN EXAMPLE! Stupid tigerstar (YEAH, that's right, tigerstar, you don't deserve a capital letter! ) had to go and be born! Goosefeather should've killed him when he could (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, read Bluestar's Prophecy)

Tigerstar is just so evil I mean, come on who becomes deputy and then tries to kill their leader? Tigerstar killed Redtail in front of his new apprentice, how cruel... poor Ravenpaw had nightmares!

Tigerstar:What on earth am I doing on this list! I never did anything bad!

Redtail, Runningwind, Brindleface, Stonefur, Firestar, Bluestar, Gorsepaw, Whitestorm, Spottedleaf, Hollyleaf, Ferncloud, Mousefur, Sorreltail and Foxleap: Really, Tigerstar, really!

Tigerstar:Okay fine, I deserve my place on this list, but at least I'm not number one!

Me:And the award for worst warrior cat is...Tigerstar!

Tigerstar:Oh come on!

Tigerstar is so stupid, he did all that terrible stuff. Like what the was he even thinking! I mean I guess it wasn't all his fault he was evil cause he was manipulated and rejected, But a similar thing happened to crookedstar and he ended up being awesome, not evil. Tiger star chose to be evil

Tigerstar was first made into a warrior which is already a honer but he wanted more so he killed redtail and thought that he was going to be made as deputy but lionheart became deputy but soon lionheart died in a battle so he was made deputy, being deputy still wasn't enough for him so he set a trap for bluestar but instead cinderpelt fell for it so her leg got damaged. Tigerstar tried a lot more times but it did not work and soon the clan found out and he was exhaled And became shadowclan leader. Last it was with the battle with bloodclan.

Okay you guys are missing the point. Tigerstar was a great, developed character that was important to the Warriors universe. He wasn't a "bad" character by any means. I know he was evil and I don't like him either, but he shouldn't be on this list - Tennisracket55

He killed way too many cats to get what he wanted. I mean really. and all that he did was just awful. I was just so mad that he killed brindleface ( he is similar to brooklyn from Beyblade)

I'm sorry to tell everyone that I think differently about tigerstar he was not a blood thirsty murder before if thistleclaw had not been his mentor he would have been a good kind and smart cat so everyone please remember that not all cats are born evil as I always say '' villains are not born not everyone is born pure angel or evil it is all about the point off view and the world around us''

What's with the cat, for Starclan's sake?! First he kills a loyal deputy. Had he shown a little patience, he probably would have become deputy. Then he kills his leader. Then he kills tons of cats. But, Despite that, he had an interesting character that made me suspicious and lead me into liking the books. (I still don't like you Tigerstar! )

Hi I am Squirrelflight and Tigerstar deserves to be number 1 on this very list he was so evil not to mention fighting my gather a lot like he just wants to take over the forest! He wants his sons to do that!

Really Tigerstar? The clan you said would win every battle and then your exiled and then say "oh well Shadowclan is awesome I'm going to bring my new mate here and my 4 kits to be served by everybody and babied and invite some random clan to take over the forest with me no biggie! " Well that is how he died...

He should be sued...
For being born
For murdering a countless number of cats
For letting dogs into the forest
For betraying his clan
For teaming up with bad guys (and becoming leader of all rouges)
For thinking of nothing but power
And for singing Justin Bieber in the middle of the night!

He led rouges at his own clan! I mean if I was forced to be evil (underline forced.) I would have at least found a clan who is willing to adopt me, before I sent rouges at my own clan. That piece of fox dung!

I think Tigerstar is an epic villain but a horrible character. I love all of his children (including Hawkfrost) and I think he and Goldenflower would be cute if he wasn't a cold blooded murderer. I haven't read the manga about Sasha but I'm surprised that he took a rouge as a mate since he hates them. Oh and I love how when he was an apprentice he almost killed a little kit who turned into Scrouge who was Tigerstar's killer. Strange?


Tigerstar was crappy but he did make an interesting villain, so I'm glad he was there, but I'm also glad (SPOILER ALERT) scourge/ Firestar killed him. Mainly Firestar. Yay!