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1 Graystripe & Millie

I pick this for a more personal reason. I loved Silverstream, and I didn't expect Graystripe to choose another mate. Millie wasn't the best mother(favoritism) and I don't really like the couple.

Ship them to the other side of the world, never seeing them again! - BloodFang

Come on, guys. Graystripe knew Silverstream for 2 or 3 moons. He knew Millie for years. - RoseWeasley

I think they make a very good couple

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2 Leafstar & Billystorm

I love this ship

They have absolutely NO CHEMISTRY. She only had a crush on him when he liked her. Like she only went along with it to have a boyfriend or something like some immature elementary kid. - Splashstorm

I think they are THE WORST COUPLES IN THE HISTORY OF THE CLANS! I mean, what the hell?! Billystorm cares more about the kits than about Leafstar! I mean, hello? He tried to get the kits to go with him to his kittypet life after the flood!

Seriously? What loyal leader would mate with a kittypet? I know that that's SkyClan, and she might actually like this cat, but still! You'd think a kittypet who mates with a warrior, if they really loved the warrior, would actually give up its life or something? I mean really!

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3 Sandstorm & Scourge

Umm... I didn't know they were in love? Which book tells that Sandstorm loved Scourge? Can someone tell me?

Weird! And they never were in love. That's what makes it weird.

No! Sandstorm and Firestar!

Um... Really? This couple is SICK!

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4 Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight

I LOVE this couple! They may not be in love every second, but that's what keeps them strong and human (... Cat? ). I love how they bicker.
"You don't trust Hawkfrost! "
"Well, he's dangerous! "
"Is this because he's a son of Tigerstar? That means you don't trust ME! "
"No, I do trust you! "
"No, you don't! "
"Maybe you don't trust me! "

5 minutes later:

"You know I could never be without you, right? "

5 minutes later:

"You don't trust me! "
"You don't...

They are cute on the outside, but they are actually both horrible cats.
1. Brambleclaw has absolutely no empathy what so ever
- He killed his brother "out of loyalty" instead of actually dealing with the problem
- when he saw Ashfur trying to persuade her to be his mate, he judged him and then dismissed him when he got back together with Squirrelflight

2. Squirrelflight is a female dog (you know what I mean)
- She rejects Ashfur and then ignores him unless she wants to argue with him.
- She truly gets back together with Brambleclaw after he kills his brother
- She dismissed the consequences of building meaningful relationship with other cats other than Brambleclaw.
- She is technically responsible for the death of Ashfur (that may have been an exaggeration) and Hollyleaf running away from Thunderclan because of her recklessness.
- She didn't question her sister's ideas (I'm not saying they were bad)

3. And Ashfur DID love too much. He ...more - Nayan2003

No offense, but I disagree with this whole comment. Brambleclaw/star isn't perfect, I'll admit... but that's what makes him a great character. And Squirrelflight is a WAY better character than you made her out to be - Falconflight

I like Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight both as their own characters but their relationship is just a mess. Relationships are built off of the two partners trusting each other but at the end of The Power of Three,it was really obvious that Squirrelflight didn't trust Brambleclaw to keep the secret. Not to mention that near the end of The New Prophecy she was always controlling Brambleclaw,telling him what he can and can't do. And that's not a good relationship at all, in fact it's toxic to have your partner to control you and it's toxic to have your partners keep secrets from you because they don't trust you even though relationships are built on honesty in the first place. This relationship just gives me a headache and Bramblestar's Storm didn't really help either. Sure, they got back together but it doesn't really feel like Squirrelflight was truly sorry for keeping a dark secret from him and not trusting him. It didn't feel heartfelt at all for me and the whole relationship just ...more

To be honest, I like them. I just think Squirrelflight is way better FLYING SOLO. She is a free spirit, and they quarrel so much! I wouldn't mind if Squirrelflight just stay independent and someone else helped Leafpool with the three and had Spark and Alder. Also, Squirrelflight, to me, doesn't really accept Brambleclaw as himself at times, especially whenever she didn't trust Hawkfrost because he was Tigerstar's kit and Brambleclaw's DAD is TIGERSTAR

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5 Ashfur & Scourge

They have never even met.. this ship is really annoying!

I still ship it - Swiftfrost

No, just no.

This one doesn't make any sense to me. They never even met! - CharismaticKat

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6 Crowfeather & Leafpool

Hate to break to you feathertailand crowfeather fans but Erin hunter stated that feathertail was too old for crowfeather and if you think that it's a bad couple just because they broke the warrior code then you basically have a problem with most of the pairings in the warriors books. Leafpool never stole crowfeather from feathertail. She was DEAD. Did you really want crowfeather to spend the rest of his days in agony because he blamed himself for feathertail's accident. Leafpool gave crowfeather closure. Something he probably never would have gotten otherwise. I don't see why you feather and crow lovers are angry anyways. Crowfeather never forgot feathertail. I mean can anyone really forget their first love.

I absolutely HATE the Crowfeather and Leafpool relationship. So, Crowfeather used to be even more bratty when he was an apprentice but Feathertail helped him mature. I don't care if Feathertail is to old for Crowfeather! I mean it was TRUE LOVE. The only reason they got together was because Crowfeather was too desperate. LEAFPOOL IS A MEDICINE CAT. And I know Feathertail is Rivercan and Crowfeather is Windclan but y'know LOTS OF OTHER COUPLES ARE FROM DIFFERENT CLANS. It's not fair that Feathertail saved Crowfeather's life because she loved him and then Crowfeather just is so desperate that he takes Leafpool and is like " I NEED SOMEONE TO HOLD ONTO." Honestly I just love Feathertail and I think she's to good for Crowfeather anyway but if she loves him and dies for him he should NEVER look for someone else.

. This is the worst of the worst. After at least 3 months Crowfeather finds a Mary Sue, damsel that can't do anything. Crowfeather and Feathertail are so meant to be because she opened him up. This couple is as bland as tofu. The ending is painfully predictable. Crowfeather became a giant grump and closed up like a safe. Leafpool became even more helpless then she already was. Whenever the characters have interactions its always Crowfeather saving her. Even worse in Omen of the Stars, he literally says he'll always be by her side. They broke up at least 2 years ago! Crowfeather literally forgot Feathertail bloody died to save his butt! Because she loved him! What did Leafpool do? Break your heart is all. Crowfeather will choose Feathertail in his in no matter what. Final grade: F- -

This was a kind thing to do. People I KNOW it's kinda stupid to cry over someone dead and not go dating someone else. And it's NOT like I'm thinking this: "! Crowfeather and Feathertail should be together not with stupid LEAFPOOL! " Leafpool wasn't even STEALING Feathertail. She actually felt sorry for Feathertail and I'm actually sad for JUST Feathertail not the couple. I think Crowfeather is the worse of all of them. Even if Nightcloud was being a little thirsty. But I would like Crowfeather to be single because he is a idiotic, stupid brat. Leafpool and Feathertail are really nice. Feathertail was so kind she gave away her life to stupid Crowfeather. Just like Bluestar gave her life to Rusty (or Fireheart). I just really miss Feathertail. CURSE YOU SHARPTOOTH AND CROWFEATHER!

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7 Spiderleg & Daisy

Spiderleg showed ZERO affection for Daisy, and he made no effort to see his kits. Daisy is always trying to force him to see the kits, which I can understand, but Spiderleg refused to see them or even train them. I love both characters, but together, they are a complete and utter train wreck.

I mean really, Spidreleg showed like NO affection for Daisy, and I don't think they should even have had kits in the first place because he doesn't like them! How in the world did they get together?

Ok for one thing he showed no affection for his kits and for another he didn't even try to see them. Daisy was always pushing him around and trying to force him to see the kits. I feel VERY bad for these kits and besides I LOVE the characters of Rosekit and Toadkit

Spiderleg hates outsiders! Why is he with Daisy in the first place?

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8 Ashfur & Squirrelflight

I think these two should never even have THOUGHT of being together! Squirrelflight was only doing it to get Brambleclaw jealous because she thought he didn't love her anymore ( I have no clue why). Ashfur was a great warrior before Squirrelflight went and messed everything up! I hold no grudges against Squirrelfight or Brambleclaw but I can't even start to believe they let Ashfur into starclan! I don't know if any of you noticed but Ashfur tried to KILL Firestar! And Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze! Ashfur doesn't deserve Squirrelflight!

I think Ashfur deserved a better mate. Squirrelflight hated him, and I feel sorry for him. - Oliveleaf

They have a pretty big age gap and are pretty closely related. Ashfur is Sandstorm's half-brother, and we all know that Squirrelflight is Sandstorm's daughter. Plus, Ashfur is a pretty big jerk.

@ "Squirrelflight rejects Ashfur, because she never loved him in the first place.
Ashfur decides tryin to kill her father, and children (well, her adopted ones) is a good way out of it.
Really? "
It's not as simple as that. Squirrelflight manipulated Ashfur, used him, just to make Brambleclaw jealous. Neither Ashfur or Brambleclaw deserved it.
I agree, Ashfur shouldn't have gone psycho and tried to kill cats because of it, but it wasn't entirely his fault.
I'm not a Hollyleaf hater. In fact, she's my second favorite character (Jayfeather's my fave! ), and I cried when she died. Also, I honestly didn't like Ashfur very much. But I feel for him. And he ended up in StarClan, so he obviously wasn't entirely evil.

This should be on the TOP

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9 Willowpelt & Patchpelt

Graystripe was their son and he turned out to be great! Them being couples is the weirdest thing in warriors, but I love their names!
-Pebblefrost - gymnastsofa

Were they brother and sister? That's just wrong! I mean, I can understand when cats who are like uncle and niece mate but siblings?! Never. That's just awful. I hate this couple! Wait who were their kits? Were they okay?

All these people out, remember, the Erins themselves have said how difficult it is to ALWAYS keep track of cats' family lines. That means that there will be cats who are distantly or directly related. Besides, this was back in like the first and second series, when there were lots of errors and things. Also, all these cats live in ONE Clan, so I'm sure that all the cats there are related somehow.

...nonononono... They're SIBLINGS! Yes, Erin, I know cats don't care about incest, but the cats in your series are more like humans than cats! THEY SHOULD CARE! - KayleeKicklighter

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10 Firestar & Sandstorm

Um...to the person who thinks Spottedleaf is not too young for Firestar... Firestar was FIVE MOONS old when he joined ThunderClan. If he were human, he would have been TEN. Spottedleaf was FOUR YEARS old. That's the equivalent of a human THIRTY-TWO years old. She was old enough to be his mother! Proof? Her brother was Redtail, who was the father of Sandstorm, who is Firestar's age.. Not only that, they had no development what-so-ever. He talked to her three-four times, and all of a sudden they're in love? Plus she stalks him in StarClan. Read Spottedleaf's Honest Answer. She admits she watches him DAY AND NIGHT. He even asked her to stop, but she still stalks him. Gross.

Sandstorm did start being nice to him after he saved her. If you actually looked in the books, you would read Fireheart noticed Sandpaw staring down at the gorge. That's when she realized he had saved her. At first, she thought he was trying to protect her. Then she started being nice to him. In Fire and Ice. ...more

To the person who said spottedleaf is "perfect": the person you're contradicting wasn't listing Sandstorm's flaws, they were listing the reasons she was too perfect. Spottedleaf isn't a Mary Sue! As shown in "Spottedleaf's Honest Answer", she's jealous and regretful, struggles with putting her destiny before her personal preferences and is the only character to die twice- why? Because Erin didn't want Firestar to have to choose between her and Sandstorm in StarClan. That is the WORST reason EVER for killing of a character. Also, I think it's really touching that she continues to love and care for the cats who were in her life after her death. It reminds us all that there is always something to hope for even when days get darkest.

And to be honest, when Fireheart saves Sandstorm I'm pretty sure she makes a snarky remark to him after, not positive what it was. I do think Sandstorm only loved him when he was becoming a powerful warrior, and what you DIDN'T ...more

Firestar was not too young for Spottedleaf (? ). We can assume he started training late because he had been a kittypet so long, and Spottedleaf had just become a medicine cat. I'm pretty sure medicine cat training isn't like apprenticeship, and the amount of time before they get their full name varies based on skill and speed of learning. I think at most she would've been like four moons older?

Also, she didn't start liking him after he saved her. The first thing she said after he saved her from imminent death was hissing "I can fight my own battles! " It's quite obvious that she started liking him later, and when he had more power.

"But without Sandstorm there wouldn't be Squirrelflight, Leafpool, or the Three! " You say. You are correct, but without Sandstorm there would be no need for any of them. Sandstorm made the decision to move to the lake. The cats could've stayed in the forest, as Thunderclan has more territory than any other clans, and it ...more

I don't like fire and sand, not because of any other cats but because Sandstorm practically ruled the clan for him. If he hadn't ever saved her life, I think she'd still hate him probably. Sandstorm pretty much made all of Firestar's important decisions. It was constantly "Gosh, wonder what I should do? " "Do THIS, Firestar." And even if Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt WERE medicine cats, I'm sure they would have been much more supportive mates and actually talked to him in intelligent conversations instead of ordering him around all day.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Sandstorm as a character. I think she would have made a better antagonist had Erin developed her story better. But Firestar was old enough to have a mate, and people were going to want some romance in the books, so I think she sort of mashed Sandstorm in there- which is not wrong in any way, just not in my opinion the best decision.

When you think about Sandstorm, she had supportive, ...more

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11 Moonflower & Stormtail

OK, WHAT THE HECK WAS UP WITH STORMTAIL!? He mates with Moonflower and has awesome kits, then he just dumps her and starts, like, crushing on Dappletail! Wrong, Wrong, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! HE DOESN'T EVEN NOTICE WHEN HIS SO CALLED "MATE" DIES! AND, He doesn't seem to like his kits that much. What a cat, what a cat.

Stormtail never ever even showed affection for moonflower and she made a stupid decisions to have his kits it was infuriating to read how he act when he saw his kits for the first time their eyes were open

Stormtail loved Dappletail the whole time. Even Goosefeather knew that they should not be a couple.

Ughh I HATE stormtail, he didn't care about moonflower or bluefur or snowfur. He didn't even care that moonflower died, or even helped her! If stormtail was more kind, moonflower might still be alive. It's not hawkheart's fault that moonflower is dead, its all stormtail's fault! He should have died instead of moonflower!
-Pebblefrost - gymnastsofa

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12 Fernpaw & Darkstripe

Wait since when was this a couple?

They're not exactly a couple; Darkstripe was just her mentor. I personally liked Ferncloud and Dustpelt together. They were so cute!

Darkstripe had a crush on Fernpaw/cloud, but he never showed it. He was heart-broken when she chose Dustpelt over him. --Blazefire (contact me at sydney4812@gmail.com)

STUPID! It was Fernpaw and Dustpelt, read this books over and over again so I know

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13 Crowfeather & Nightcloud

Okay first of all Crowfeather was with Nightcloud AFTER his relationship with Leafpool so he couldn't have left Nightcloud for her, I don't understand why some people think Crowfeather was the MAIN one at fault in these relationships. I mean-Nightcloud was a terrible cat to be honest, it was her fault Breezepelt started hating his father, SHE was the one who turned against him. She was honestly so clingy-in my opinion that's not what you would call love. And to the person who said that Crowfeather "sucks" because he never loved Leafpool and Nightcloud enough, I think it's quite the OPPOSITE, I mean -let's start with Leafpool. Crowfeather was ready to leave behind EVERYTHING HE EVER KNEW just to be with Leafpool-then all of a sudden Leafpool LITERALLY just ditches him after moons of sneaking out of camp and breaking the warrior code to be with her "mate", if you ask me They're both at fault here but Leafpool deserves most of the Blame. And now moving onto the one ...more

OMSC! I feel so bad for Nightcloud, with a stuck-up, arrogant, mouse-brain like Crowfeather! First, he was like, " I ONLY LOVE YOU NIGHTCLOUD! " and then when she had his kits and made him be loyal to Windclan, he was like, " Your ugly! I'm going with Leafpool, the sweet cat who is PRETTIER than you! ". I mean, WHAT THE HADES WAS THAT, CROWFEATHER?! NIGHTCLOUD GAVE YOU KITS AND LOVE AND MADE HIM MORE LOYAL TO WINDCLAN! CROWFEATHER ONLY LOOKED AT LEAFPOOL AND THEN HE WAS LIKE, " Hey Angel, I LOVE you more than my excuse for a mate, Nightcloud" when Nightcloud was right in front of him! In my opinion, Nightcloud deserves better. She is a headstrong, loyal, brave, cat. I love her because in a way, she reminds me of Squirrelflight, they both are feisty, and stubborn! And besides, Crowfeather disliked his own son and treated his other sons better in front of him! He's the reason why Breezepelt became evil. Sorry, Crowfeather and Leafpool fans, I don't like that pairing either. I mean, ...more

Crowfeather didn't think Nightcloud was bad in any way. He respected her, but never truly loved her. - RoseWeasley

Why you betray Leafpool, Crowfeather, my boi?


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14 Yellowfang & Raggestar

When I first read yellowfangs secret I loved them but I read it agian and THANKFULLY saw sense he is arrogant and snobby and never cared for yellowfang who I love I HATE HIM

Raggedstar is a stupid, arrogant tom that NEVER, EVER cared for Yellowfang. Yellowfang loved him since she was an apprentice, and all Raggedstar did to her was brush her to the side. He even went as far as FLIRTING with Foxheart and letting her do the same to him in FRONT of Yellowfang. And when Yellowfang told him she was pregnant with his kits? The first thing he said to her was "We have nothing to say to each other." And then he goes: "Oh! There going to be MY kits! They'll be leaders and deputies and warriors and queens! "
Really Raggedstar? Brokentail should have never been his kit and once Brokentail was born, bye-bye Yellowfang COMPLETELY. The only romance seen between these two was when Raggedstar was distracting Yellowfang or something... And that shows the relationship between the two was never a love relationship.
Yellowfang EVEN found Raggedstar's dad with him. She encouraged him to find out who his father was. Raggedstar never ONCE said thank you to her abou ...more

I personally love yellowfang she's inspirational ( my favorite word) and a great character at heart. I had the stinging sensation raggedpelt was AWESOME and PERFECT for her I read opinions and I realized people hated them together suddenly I realized the only "falling in love" motion they had was were I was in yellowfang's secret! That made me furious because they are so not falling in love! Now I HATE raggedpelt and I mean seriously he's mad at yellowfang because he wants her to CLAIM the kits! She can't do that! She'll get exiled it makes you think he doesn't care if she's exiled and he probably doesn't! I mean I HATE him so much I hope they aren't together in StarClan! (grunt) if he deserves that place

Raggedstar is a stupid cat. And yes, Yellowfang shouldn't have had his kits, but I LOVE her character. Raggedstar will always be stupid though - Falconflight

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15 Dovepaw & Bumblestripe

Ugh this is a horrible couple. Hollyleaf DIED because they didn't know a power for her. Then they take Dovewing. Ugh. Erin said that she thought his name sucked, she also thought of him as a friend, and really, It was also said that Ivy x Bumble would happen. Also yes Tiger is immature, but at least he was nice, (Not that Bumble isn't) and he does kinda love her. I DON"T KNOW WHAT HE WAS THINKING WHEN HE TOOK DOVEWING I MEAN REALLY BUMBLE! These are my thoughts. I do not have anything against Bumble, a little for Dove but she loves her sister and that's why I don't hate her.

Bumblestripe was more like her father than a mate. I praised the erins when she broke up with him and got back with Tigerheart.
WildxPaws on fan fiction archive!


Dovewing and Bumblestripe! What the! They are terrible together. Dovewing and Tigerheart are a way better couple. Just Bumblestripe's name annoys me. Not to mention Dovewing thought of him as a good friend and doesn't even love him in that way. Also she just used him to get Tigerheart jealous. She can also now go back to Tigerheart since she found out that he was actually a spy for the Clans when he was in the Dark Forest. I can't even think of one reason why they should be together. Erin Hunter better smarten up and make Dovewing dump Bumblestripe, so she can go back to Tigerheart.

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16 Tigerheart & Dovewing

Honestly, Tigerheart/star really needs to get his priorities in check.
Omen Of The Stars:
Dovewing: The Dark Forest is rising, and my sister is in danger, and evil is all around us and the end of the world is coming! I must save everyone with this huge responsibility I have!
Tigerheart: Yeah, whatever. Wanna go on a date?
Dovewing: *is too disgusted to speak*
Tigerheart's Shadow:
Dovewing: I'm having your kits, oh and by the way, I'm going on a long dangerous journey to unknown territory, and I'm gonna go be an awesome female character and raise kits by myself if you don't come. And I'll be crushed if you don't because I love you. See ya, I'm off to go be awesome with or without you!
Tigerheart: Sorry, what? I was just undermining my dad's authority, but not wanting to be leader, and being an indecisive stupid idiot. Wait, where'd she go?
* Tigerheart spend first part of book chasing Dovewing, for the second part she inexplicably forgives him, and for the last ...more

Every couple is related in wc lol

I can't express this couple with words

I honestly dislike the Tigerheart x Dovewing ship. They're related! Because if Dovewing is related to Firestar, then she's related to Squirrelflight, which her mate is Bramblestar/claw. They have children. And Tigerstar is Brambleclaw/star's father, and Tigerheart's grandfather is Tigerstar. Nice job for shipping people who were related, and literally states it in the books that the three (Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze) are related to Tigerheart and his siblings, and Dovewing is obviously related to Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, otherwise she wouldn't be apart of the prophecy. It irritates me.

I also dislike the ship because they literally just met during the journey and even so, they never talked to each other other than planning on helping the Clan. And now apparently they love each other' so much' because they only planned during the journey. And Dovewing was Dovepaw during that time, like what!

Everyone is related. Seriously, that shouldn't even be a legitimate reason. In cats, it usually takes several generations of inbreeding for problems to show up. Age differences don't really matter either. If you think about it, not that many cats are born within a span of a year.

Their relationship developed over several night meetings. They interacted more than the rest of the forbidden couples. - RisingMoon

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17 Jayfeather & Stick

Come on. This is NOT funny. I do not even have a word strong enough to describe how weird this is. A cat and a piece of wood with markings on it. Jayfeather liked this piece of wood because it was from the Ancient cats, Jayfeather was in love with of THEM. It's not even a living thing! Give me a thumbs-up if you agree.

I agree with the original comment. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! It's a stick! He is attached to it because it has connections with the ancient cats and Half Moon. NOT because he loves the stick itself! I sometimes cannot believe how people can be so mouse-brained. - Falconflight

Yes. - Onepatch

SERIOUSLY WHY FOR THE LOVE OF STARCLAN IS THIS ON HERE?! THIS IS THE BEST SHIP IN THE BOOKS! 1-It is not forbidden 2-they are not related 3-they are always there for each other 4-it WOOD make a touching fanfiction

Mrs. stick will have to be moving to the nursery soon laugh out loud

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18 Oakheart & Bluestar


How the heck is this couple bad? They were the parents of Stonefur, Mistystar, and Mosskit! This is naming every single couple!

I really disagree with anyone who says that Bluestar is an idiot. HIGHLY DISAGREE! But remember, she did say to Fireheart that she was young and stupid when she met him at a gathering. So maybe she regrets choosing him as a mate. But don't judge my following decision because AGE DOESN'T MATTER PEOPLE! I honestly think that Bluestar should be with Fireheart.

I wish that bluestar wasn't such an idiot. She went with oakheart when she could have gone with thrush pelt or even crooked jaw! Thrush pelt did everything in his power to make bluestar happy and she just pushed him away, then friend zoned him!

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19 Lionpaw & Heatherpaw

Heatherpaw just annoys me. She can't stop and think and understand, she is just an annoying weasel who can't even say sorry and calm down but then asks for forgiveness when she doesn't even deserve it! Lionpaw deserves someone much much better than that. Heatherpaw can't even understand that Lionpaw has his decisions and his own life too! She gets angry with him for wanting to stop meeting her to be a loyal warrior! What? That's just WRONG Heatherpaw!

I love them there my favorite couple I'm fine with people that disagree with my option but I think they should have been together. plus Cinderheart was (please don't hate me) annoying to me she was like I don't know but she told lionblaze they couldn't be together because he had powers I'm sorry I just disagree with some people

Heathertail is annoying not Cinderheart! The reason Cinderheart broke up with Lionblaze was because she didn't want to interfere with the prophecy! Not because she thought he was weird or anything.

I don't think they should be a couple because in long shadows when they were fighting lionblaze kinda harrased her

I hate heathertail.She is the only character I hate and dislike.I hate the ship too.

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20 Firestar & Spottedleaf

I absolutely HATE this couple. They talk about THREE TIMES, with no romantic intentions at ALL, and then Spottedleaf dies. Suddenly, Firepaw is calling her "sweet Spottedleaf". WHAT?! First, Spottedleaf is OLD. She's Redtail's sister, AND she's a Medicine Cat. I know that Spottedleaf is supposed to be guiding Firestar, but after a few books, it feels more like some clingy girlfriend who's stalking her love interest who's ABOUT TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER (in human years, since cats mature much faster than humans). She even goes as far as calling him "my love" and saying that if things were different, they might have been mates, despite Firestar having moved on from his childhood crush SEASONS ago. If this weren't messed up enough, she says this RIGHT IN FRONT OF SANDSTORM'S FACE. The romance came out of nowhere, and it really only exists because the Erins said, "Oh no, there aren't any love triangles that include the protagonist! " and "Let's make the main character fall in love ...more

WHAT?!? NUMBER 13?!?! THESE TWO ARE THE WORST COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Even worse than Katniss and Peeta- which is saying something. First of all spottedleaf is a medicine cat, second she is sandstorm's AUNT (yes she is. Redtail is sandstorm's father and spottedleaf is redtails sister), and therefore spottedleaf is WAY too old for firestar. Plus firestar never even really knew her- for all he knew she could have been a truly evil cat on the inside. Which I think she was. SPOTTEDLEAF GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED WHEN CLAWFACE AND THEN MAPLESHADE KILLED HER FOREVER AND WIPED HER OUT OF EXISTENCE!


I absolutely hate this too! She was old enough to be his mother and they only talked what, three times in into the wild and then BAM! Love!? They had absolutely NO chemistry!

They would be cute if they were any where near the same age

THIS IS NOT A COUPLE! It should be top of the list, for SO many reasons. I have to put this in like 3 lists.

Why Firestar should not have been in love with her:
1. She is WAY too old for him.
2. He barely even knew her. I mean, sure, he collected some herbs for her, but still.
3. Apprentices are not old enough to love.
4. By the time she died he was still trying to fit in to the Clan so he would not have started loving anyone.

Why they are not a good match:

1. AGE, people, AGE!
2. Their personalities.
3. Spottedleaf was loyal to her Clan. She would not have fallen in love.

Okay, so this is reason enough this is a stupid idea of a couple, but what infuriates me even MORE is when I read that she was in love with him! What?
1. Spottedleaf was loyal. She would not have bothered with love.
2. He was a kitty pet, and didn't know the Clan very well.
3. He was an APPRENTICE! And a new one at that. He was basically a kit.
4. She barely ...more

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21 Pinestar & Leopardfoot

He was a leader on his 6th-7th life when she was born. Just think, before that he had to lose 5-6 lives, be deputy, have an apprentice, become a warrior, pass his final assessment as an apprentice, and be a 6 moon old kit. Why! Couldn't leopardfoot have chosen thrushpelt or- just someone else!

He was WAY too old for her. I mean, he was almost certainly the leader before she was even born. It must have taken ages for him to even become a 'last life' leader. All the other couples at least were not a grandad with a kit. It's kinda creepy.

Kinda awkward 0.0 I mean Pinestar is way older than Leopardfoot but these are wild cats they need to produce kits

In the ultimate guide it states it was supposedly hard for him to leave his mate, and he knew his kit would be ambitious. Guess he thought being a kittypet was way better.

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22 Tawnypelt & Rowanclaw

This couple is the worst mistake ever! Rowanclaw is such a bad mate for Tawnypelt. In Starlight page 190-191 he clearly thinks Tawnypelt is disloyal since she defends her brother. He made a big fuss how she was half clan. That was super mean of him! Then later, once they are mates, Rowanclaw stands up for Tawnypelt in Outcast, page 131. He says it is nonsense to say that Tawnypelt is disloyal! What is going on here? Well get this: Vicky says the reason why she made them mates is because she felt bad about Rowanvlaw's gender mistakes! So really Tawnypelt should be with a nice tom who didn't bully her in the past. TAWNYPELT YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM! - Oaklight

Hey, why are they on this list? Sure he bullied her but later he is really affectionate towards her and it actually says in night whispers that their grown up kits started playing around them and she licked his shoulder. This is a darn cute couple!

This couple is a total MESS. They should never have been together. First of all Rowanclaw didn't even like tawnypelt. He was mean to her in starlight on page 190 and 191. Rowanclaw clearly thinks she is disloyal. Then after they get together Rowanclaw stands up for her. In outcast, page 131 says its nonsense to say that tawnypelt is disloyal. What is going on here? And get this: Vicky made them mates only because she felt bad for messing up on Rowanclaw's gender. THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BECAME MATES AT ALL. Tawnypelt can do better then him, we all know she can. This is definitely a horrible couple, why did Erin do this? I think it makes tawnypelt stupid to get together with Rowanclaw.

This couple is SO messed up! They should not even be mates. Rowanclaw was horrible to Twnypelt before! The only reason that they are a couple is that Vicky felt bad that she messed up on Rowanclaw's gender. He was so mean to call Tawnypelt disloyal. TAWNYPELT YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS! - Oaklight

Worst couple EVER! Tawnypelt deserves a good mate, not a mean one! She should have been mates with another cat who was nicer but no it had to be Rowanclaw her worst enemy! Everyone should vote for this couple cause they no good. Rowanclaw bullied her we would she ever become mates with him!

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23 Graystripe & Silverstream

As much as I hate this couple,I have to give in some credit for helping me write a fanfic. - RoseWeasley

To be honest I always thought Silverstream was a bit of a brat. She just saves Graystripe and he just so happens to find her attractive. I get it, he liked her and she liked him, but she got in the way of more important things. Brackenpaw's training had to be handed over to Fireheart for a while, Graystripe and Fireheart fought more, and Silverstream just dies in the end.

Crookedstar, Silverstream's father AND the cat with the tragic backstory tries to stop her. There are other toms in the clan but she's just like "U DUNT UNDRSTAND ME DAD." Graystripe is a good cat, but a cat she can't be mates with without a punishment. But she doesn't care because he's hot. So they have babies, she dies, Graystripe is depressed, and had stuff happens to him. Why? Because Silverstream didn't back off. They had cute moments, but she just had his babies and saved him then died.

Now Millie on the other hand saved Graystripe on his journey back to the clans. She also gave up her perfect ...more

Yes, they were cute together and similar age, but Graystripe ATTACKED Fireheart just for helping him, and it's all thanks to this couple. Then, Crookedstar finds her and gives her a small lecture, but doesn't even stop her since she thought it was ALL OKAY. and then plop she's dead. Thanks a lot Silverstream.

THIS IS AN AWESOME COUPLE! Stormfur is awesome and Feathertail is Awesome! Go GrayxSilver!

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24 Hawkfrost & Ivypool

The Erins stated that Hawkfrost actually saw Ivypool as a daughter, and trained her because he knew what it felt like to be overshadowed by your sibling.

How come this awesome couple that could have stopped Hawkfrost from being evil is behing jay x stick

Umm... no - Falconflight

I’m not really sure but I think there posible.

25 Stormtail & Dappletail

Okay. So none of you have ever been in a relationship? 'Cause here's how it works with young love.
-You are childhood friends
-You had crushes since childhood
-You get together
-You realize there are other options
-Your girlfriend's already pregnant
-You try to love her but can't
-You drift apart and get a new girlfriend you actually love

Stormtail had some serious sappy-mooning issues over Moonflower when they were kits/apprentices. But when he met Dappletail, he developed stronger feelings. So it's not okay to break up with your girlfriend because you don't feel the same anymore?

Yes, he was an ass towards his kits. That I'll give you, raging fanbase.

Dude, he dropped Moonflower just for Dappletail! Now that's just not cool; if he hadn't been going over for Dappletail, he would have been the perfect mate for Moonflower! Seriously..

Stormtail is HORRIBLE. He didn't even notice when Moonflower died, and he was already in love with Dappletail before Moonflower died. And he never deserved Moonflower even though they were originally perfect together.

Go die in a hole stormy and dapple.

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26 Tigerstar & Sasha

I don't think Tigerstar cared about whether she was a rogue or not. An evil cat like him would most likely want to mate with her to produce kits that he would train and make evil. Like if you agree.

He didn't love her...

I cried when I read the books of Sasha and Tigerstar. Tigerstar should have stopped for 1 second and asked himself "Will this effect me or Sasha in the future? "

So, I don't like the couple but Tigerstar hated rogues and must have loved her a lot

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27 Darkstripe & Tigerstar

Wait... *gasp*... gay people... exist?!?!?! Eww!

*rolls eyes*

This couple isn't "nasty", homophobes. I actually find it kind of cute that Darkstripe would have a crush on Tigerstar. That's why he would follow him around everywhere and do whatever he said.

I’ve always thought of Darkstripe as a fanboy - Onepatch

Actually, the Erins have stated that there are no gay cats is Warriors.
Not being a homophobe, just stating the facts. - Camaro6

Actually... The Hunters admitted that Darkstripe had a crush on Tigerstar. It's messed up.

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28 Raggedstar & Foxheart

Honestly I'm not surprised Foxheart is called what she is, because she knew Yellowfang liked Raggedstar. I mean come on! Raggedstar x Yellowfang is way better. Seriously, what kind of mouse brain would like this ship?

Yellowfang and Raggedstar belonged to each other! Raggedstar just wanted to make Yellowfang jealous and Foxheart was so snooty!

This is so one-sided; Raggedstar never had feelings for her, he just realized she would be a good deputy. The thing is, though, that Raggedstar never told her to stop liking him and that he loved another cat, and that sort of egged her on, which created some book drama but wasn't really... accepted by the fans.

Raggedstar belongs with the worst cat in his clan so yeah he can be with her because yellowfang is so much better.

29 Blossomfall & Thornclaw

Blossomfall should have been mates with Ivypool. They had so much chemistry and were close in age. Thornclaw was so much older than Blossomfall. By the time they had kits, he was old. This ship makes me so mad and I hate everything about it. Blossomfall should have had a mate who she connected with, not the patrol guy. Ivypool was perfect for her. They both felt like their siblings were overshadowing them, so they trained together in the dark forest. It was the only place they felt they belonged. But Thornclaw? His life was perfectly normal, and he was old. Making Blossomfall his mate was a terrible choice.

I love them both yet Thornclaw. He's older than her by 3 years and a moon! EWW! But still I love them

Thornclaw: since into the wild to lost stars
Blossom fall: eclipse to lost stars

See the age difference?
Apply that to humans

I despise this pairing so much! They have hardly have any interaction and suddenly they're mates! Don't forget the age difference! Thornclaw is old enough to be her father! - FinlandSkywalker

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30 Shellheart & Rainflower

Rainflower was so mean to Crookedstar when his jaw got twisted... It was like all she cared about was how Crookedstar looked! Shellheart was such a good father... And he really loved Rainflower... If she wasn't so shallow about her love for her own kit, they might have been a great couple.

I hate this couple. It was nice and wonderful before Crookedstar's incident, but Rainflower just hated him after that! And it was so obvious! Shellheart was such a good father and stuck with him and that's why Shellheart and Rainflower broke up- because Rainflower wouldn't show any affection to Crookedstar! This couple is horrible.

Wow, Rainflower. You could've at least pretended to love Crookedkit (star). But no, you had to go all drama-queen and just shun him. Just shun him. Words cannot describe how infuriated and just depressed out I am about this. But two thumbs up for Shellheart for at least ATTEMPTING to be a good father.

Shellheart was always such a good father, and one of my favourite characters from Crookedstar's Promise. Though his mother rejected him, Crookedkit never lost his father's love, and Shellheart broke up with Rainflower because of her treatment of their son. I don't think they were ever meant for each other.

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31 Thistleclaw & Snowfur

I admit Thistleclaw wasn't a bad cat in Bluestar's Prophecy, but have you read Spottedleaf's Heart?!
He is Downright Evil! He was like, old enough to have kits, and he goes out with a girl younger than his son?! Thistleclaw is So messed up!

I know your gonna hate me, but this is the best couple ever! I just love them together! Seriously I wish I was Snowfur, thistleclaw is so evil and handsome! And he actually really did love her, just showed it in a different way then Thrushpelt showed his agonizingly strong love for Bluefur, and Spottedleaf and Fireheart. (i totally ship these couples).

LOVE this couple! Thistleclaw wouldn't have been evil if Snowfur hadn't died. Look at Whitestorm! He's their kit and he's AWESOME! (if u disagree on the Whitestorm thing u need to re-read the first series and be optimistic about him) Snowfur didn't deserve to die; they would've made a great couple if she lived. I JUST HATE that Thistleclaw went to the dark forest where his spirit got corrupted. Ashfur got into star clan because "he loved to much" well, people, he tried to kill Hollyleaf Jayfeather and Lionblaze. I'm pretty sure Thistleclaw didn't try to murder three cats because he hated their mother. This couple should've went on.

What DID Snowfur see in Thristleclaw?! I Hate this couple. But they made Whitestorm, so that's okay.

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32 Dustpaw & Sandpaw

I don't think they're bad, I just wanted to say that I shipped them before I realized that Sandstorm like Fireheart and eventually predicted them getting together. It was a few (more than like 3 though) months back but from what I can remember thinking, this was cute. And I got my friend into this (who thought for a while that Dustpaw was female) that Dust and Fire would be good together so... Sand X Dust is cute though

What the heck? Dustpaw and Sandpaw? A couple? What? So you are saying that you thought Vicky would make them a couple? What the heck? I could totally tell that they wouldn't be a couple. What the heck? Why is this even here? What the heck? Why in Starclan's name is this even an option? People actually think they would turn out as a couple?

Actually, they weren't brother and sister. Ravenpaw was Dustpaw's brother. At first, I think Dustpaw liked Sandpaw, but then she started to like Firepaw, and he was jealous.

There not brother and sister you aren't a true fan! - Peachie02

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33 Daisy & Cloudtail

Just horrible. Cloudtail loves Brightheart and then all of a sudden he's like "Oh, there's a pretty she-cat over there, goodbye Brightheart"

I don't know WHAT Daisy was thinking, barging in on Brightheart and Cloudtail (one of my favorite couples). Even though she doesn't have a mate anymore, she should still leave Cloudtail and Brightheart alone.

Cloudtail and Daisy should have never even THOUGHT about even LIKING each other. Daisy showed NO respect, even when her kit CALLED BRIGHTHEART UGLY. She even agreed! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? Cloudtail too, he's one of my favorite characters, but I still think he loved Brightheart. They were a good couple.

Cloudtail and brightheart are mates he should NEVER have fallen in love with someone else.

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34 Breezepelt & Heathertail

I have read Crowfeather's Trial. And that book really made me love this ship, and love Heathertail, Breezepelt and even Nightcloud a lot more. Breezepelt will never NOT be a arrogant cat. But he is no longer the evil, blinded by hatred cat he was. And most of it is thanks to his family, including Crowfeather and Heathertail. Heathertail really helped him when he was hated by most of the clan in this Super Edition, but Heathertail trusted and loved him for who he was, because she knew he had changed. And with this they build a wonderful and healthy relationship. - BlueberryCatfish

Breezepelt is the most arrogant, stuck-up, bossy, mouse-brained piece of fox dung ever in the entire warrior series! He hates everyone and is arrogant in Power Of Three, and he gets even worse in Omen of the Stars as he attacks Jayfeather and Poppyfrost and plots with the Dark Forest! What happens to him in the Last Hope? I don't remember, but he dosen't deserve Heathertail. He doesn't deserve ANY mate! Rot in the Dark Forest Breezepelt!

They are so stuck-up and arrogant that it's perfect

Breezepelt doesn't deserve a mate. He's evil and a jerk. - RiverClanRocks

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35 Ashfur & Whitewing

Ashfur shouldn't be with any she-cat, he's far too dangerous. No matter who they are, if they leave Ashfur, he tries to kill half their family. - Mellowix

The “fact” that states Ashfur was Dovewing and Ivypool’s Father is a lie. Also, I don’t think they would go all that great together—Ashfur would’ve gone loco eventually.

36 Jayfeather & Cinderheart

I will ship it deal with it. It's cute. But Cinder x Lion will always be my second favorite. But still, imagine the drama!

Ok this is starting to become insane. HOW MANY FAKE COUPLES CAN you FANS MAKE? Plus Half moon x Jay and Cinder x Lion is forever. Jay would be killed if lion found out about this.

Guys he wouldn't follow in his mother's footsteps and have a kit

I think it was possible in Power of Three or when Jayfeather told her she was Cinderpelt but not anymore.

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37 Bluestar & Tigerclaw/star

No. - Onepatch

Tigerstar wanted to KILL bluestar. I don't know how the heck any person could think they could me mates

Since when were these two a couple?! Tiger claw tried to KILL blue star so HE could become leader! It's tiger claw's fault that blue star went psycho. Because he kept killing everybody which made blue star flip her lid!

Don't post random crap on here if you don't know what you're talking about these two cats never had romantic feelings for one another

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38 Bluestar & Fireheart

No. - Onepatch

This scares me. They weren't a couple, I mean I don't even think they quite showed emotion to each other. Not to mention the age difference. Yuck!... Teehee. Blue x Thrush forever.

Again, like Spottedleaf, I see them more as a family-type of relationship, in my opinion. I'm pretty sure that's why Bluestar gave him the name "FireHEART" was because he reminded her of Oakheart, I think, which I think is cute.

Honestly if Bluestar and Fireheart were a thing then to me Bluestar would have been a disgrace to Warriors AND would be a HUGE pervert, and I'd hate her. - Icecloud

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39 Hollyleaf & Sol

This doesn't make sense to me. Sorry for anybody who ships this, but I don't get it. Hollyleaf didn't really even like Sol. - Xx_Moonleaf_xX

Ok... that flashes into my mind to her death and back as she saved Ivy pool just because she was evil to... >:3

Agreed but not agreed read sol on least favourite warrior cats you will notice how much I love him and I am not so exited about Hollyleaf

When did that happen if it even did I'd rip the book I was reading because I love Hollyleafx Fallen leaves and I absolutely hate Sol he's a coward and tried to ruin Thunder Clan

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40 Sandstorm & Dustpelt

They weren't even together dustpelt loves ferncloud and sandstorm loves firestar so no

Yes, Sandstorm was so mean to Firestar Dustpelt should have married her

Dustpelt is Sandstorm's uncle...

Sandstorm actually had a crush on dustpelt

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41 Bramblestar & Jessy

First of all BrambleStar is so obsessed with being like FireStar. Second BrambleStar is so blind when it comes to love! - HoneyHeart

Jessy was pure plot filler. The Erin's tried to hard to make a tomboyish Kittypet, a pretty much exact copy of SQUIRRELFLIGHT as an apprentice. But let's face it. Jessy was just plain immature. And when Frankie stayed in ThunderClan, I lost it. Haven't we had enough Kittypets spoiling ThunderClan blood?! He sure as hell better not mate with anybody, unlike MILLIE, DAISY, and ALMOST JESSY. WHY Now Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Blossomfall, Bumblestripe, Briarlight, Toadstep and Rosepetal will forever be judged for it, even if they did nothing wrong. Look, I was fine with it when Daisy joined, but then came Millie, and Stormcloud. Ugh. Sorry for my rant.

Disgusting why did they even create jessy

Jessy is terrible. When Brambleclaw tried to help her she turned him down. When Jessy and Brambleclaw started to fall in love Squirrelflight barely tried to fight back. I was happy when Brambleclaw chose Squirrelflight instead!

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42 Half Moon & Jayfeather

I really hate this ship. It feels like Half Moon was only ever in love with Jays Wing, and that she never cared about Jayfeather. She never loved him, she only loved the cat she thought he was. I HATE this ship. Jay x Briar is so much better.

I really like this ship. I don't understand why this is 43. - Xx_Moonleaf_xX

This couple is the best! Why is it on here? "I will wait for you forever." So romantic!

I'm not gonna lie, I'll forever be loyal to Jay x Willow. This is just weird, I mean who likes someone just because they remind you of your crush?

V 21 Comments
43 Tigerstar & Goldenflower

Ok this is a bit too much glodenflower needs a better mate. Tigerstar showed her no respected and she needed better I'm glad glodenflower went to starclan and tigerstar went to the drakforest

This was so weird how she even excepted Tigerstar! What did she see in him? They even had kits! But I actually like the two kits, TawnyPelt and Brambleclaw. Tigerstar showed her no respect at all. Its good they were seperated when they passed.

In Bluestar's Prophecy, Goldenflower is born at least a year before him... If not more... Still, not as bad an age difference as Leopard X Pine. It's kind of like Snow X Thistle, except with this minor age difference! I hate all three pairings.

I have a theory that Tigerclaw realized Bluestar trusted Goldenflower so he mated with her and thought Bluestar would trust him if he was Goldenflower's mate.

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44 Icecloud & Lionblaze

Icecloud had a crush on Lionblaze as an apprentice. It's like having a high school crush. Except he notes that he doesn't want that at that time and so he never likes her. Sorry, guys.

Where does it say that Icecloud liked Lionblaze? - Goldenflight

JUST A CRUSH! She probably got over it. And she's dead now. :( I think she deserves better...

Erin Hunter confirmed Icecloud was in love with Lionblaze. And besides Icecloud never broke Lionblaze's heart like Cinderheart did.

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45 Squirrelflight & Ashfur

Honestly, why would people ship those two together? Why would you ship an attempted mass murderer and their victim? If Squirrelflight went with him, she'd been in a unhappy/fake relationship. When she told Ashfur the truth, she was doing what was best for both of them, would you of prefer her to lie to him and say 'I love you'? - Mellowix

They don't love each other. Squirrelflight only liked Ashfur as a friend and if Ashfur really loved Squirrelflight he would want her to be happy. His whole speech about "Ooh I'm in pain every time I see you with Brambleclaw" really drove me crazy I mean, move on already Ashfur. - Goldenflight

I mean just because she was mad at Brambleclaw doesn't mean she has to find a new mate for a while!

Ashfur is awesome and he is only evil because squirrelflight dumped him and went with brambleclaw

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46 Poppyfrost & Berrynose

I HATE THIS SHIP! WHY!? It is all Mille and BriarPaw’s fault that HoneyFern died and now guess what these two cats are a thing! - HoneyHeart

I hate it because Honeyfern didn't even get a chance to settle in Starclan. She looks down and sees the terrible duo together. I hate this couple.

Honestly, if Berrynose mated with Poppyfrost in a different time, this couple would not be so bad. But, Berrynose mates with Poppyfrost TWO MOONS AFTER THE TRAGIC HONEYFERNS DEATH! TWO MOONS! Two moons after silverstream died, graystripe was still sad!

Honeyfern would want her sister and her love to be happy, but at her burial Berrynose is all " hey, who are you? Oh, you're her sister, hmm. I like that." Then TWO moons later he mates with her. That's just betrayal. Graystripe was still mourning two moons after Silverstream died. I bet Dustpelt mourned Ferncloud longer than that. Crowfeather mourned Feathertail. You could learn something from them, Berrynose.

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47 Lionblaze & Heathertail

No, no, and NO.

I don't even like Heathertail. I mean sure she's pretty and all but when WindClan attacked she was so snobby!

Heathertail is annoying!

I think this would be good because they use to play in the tunells

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48 Firestar & Graystripe

I ship it, quit whining, homophobes. - RoseWeasley

Graystripe? I think you mean GAYstripe. - RoseWeasley

Wow these comments are homophobic. This couple isn't "disgusting", idiots. I actually kind of ship it.

What in the world?! Firestar and graystripe are best FRIENDS like brothers!

V 25 Comments
49 Cinderpelt & Lionblaze

Cinderpelt and Lionblaze? She wasn't even alive when Lionblaze was born! How could this be? - Paris4Lyfe

I think you mean Cinderheart and Lionblaze.

Do you mean Cinderheart and Lion?

Are you sure you don't mean cinderheart?

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50 Sol & Blackstar

Agreed. I have friends who are gay and there's nothing wrong with that. I hate this because Sol tricked Blackstar and the both HATE each other. I


How about you get over it and open your eyes being gay is fine!

Uhh they are both toms? Why is this here? Sol just convinced blackstar to not believe in starclan. Not to become mates. Why is this here? Blackstar hates sol. 0--0

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