Ashfur & Squirrelflight


They should have NEVER EVER EVER been together! Ashfur must have not liked sqirrelflight at all, or he would have not threatened to murder her children!

For anybody that says squirrelflight manipulated ashfur: WHERE DOES IT SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN TWILIGHT?!? I JUST REREAD THE BOOK AND IT NEVER EVEN IMPLIES THAT. Listen. I hate squirrel x ash but it actually says she likes him but wants to be friends for a little more and then ashfur treats her like a damsel in distress. She hates that and loves brambleclaw more and DOES NOT EVEN NEED TO GET HIM JEALOUS. She was the one separating there relationship and if you say she manipulated ashfur in anyway you are making it up.

Ashfur tried to kill Squirrelflights kits! That is not how you get the girl! BrambleclAw and Squirrelflight have so much more chemistry since they went to visit Midnight and they argued a lot like a real genuine couple while Ashfur never showed any other affections towards Squirrelflight before She was mad at Brambleclaw.This is the worst couple there is no chemistry at all! Of course she's gonna pick the loyal Tom Brambleclaw who everyone was against because he was Tigerclaws son and Squirrelflight choose HIM because true love is their relationship status! Squirrelflight has also been shipped with Stormfur which I love because He's Silverstream's kit but they didn't become a couple for good reasons because Squirrelflight was younger and Stormfur loved Brook and he basically encourage Brambleclaw into being her friend! Anyway Ashfur is so mean and doesn't deserve a fun silly stubborn flame colored she cat while Brambevlaw does.

"His only fault was to attempt murder too much" I mean seriously! Squirrelflight doesn't like you, move on! To those of you saying "you'd be upset too if your crush didn't like you back." Yes. I would. But I wouldn't try to murder their family. Ashfur obviously didn't really like her if he wanted her to feel his pain. She wasn't even mean about it. She said she liked him as a friend. Then he went crazy.

Why would they even think about being together Ashfur is way too old for Squirrelflight. And Ashfur was like obsessed with her and probaly didn't even love her so when she dumped him for Brambleclaw he went crazy jealous. And when Lionblaze got him as a mentor I was so scared of what he would do to him and his siblings. And when Squirrelflight told him she was not Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jay feather's mother Hollyleaf had to kill him to stop him from telling the secret I'm SO GLAD HOLLYLEAF DID THAT!

Ashfur was a JERK. He definitely doesn't deserve someone as awesome as Squirrelflight. I mean, seriously, he threatened to kill her kits. What kind if idiot does that when they get rejected? This shows that he never really loved her.

I hate these two! Ashfur doesn't know how to tame Squirrelflight's fire. He's too fussy over her, but Brambleclaw on the other hand knows how to go along with Squirrelflight without her saying 'I can take care of myself' all the time to Brambleclaw. And Ashfur is Squirrelflight's uncle, because Sandstorm is the daughter of Brindleface and Ashfur is the son of Brindleface. And Ashfur plans REVENGE! If he truly loved Squirrelflight he would have acknowledged Squirrlflight's choice and move on. But NOOO! He tried killing Firestar, he tried killing Lionblaze, he tried killing Leafpool's kits in the fire, and he tried telling their secret. Honestly I'm glad Hollyleaf killed him. I don't even know why Starclan allowed him to join. So that's my opinion.

Squirrelflight did not manipulate Ashfur. She gently said she did not want to be his mate so of course he had to try to kill her father and "kits". Great way to solve the problem. It is completely Ashfur's fault for being bad. Did Crowfeather ever try to kill Leafpool's family? No. Ashfur is a bad cat.

Squirrelflight never loved Ashfur, she only saw him as a friend but he thought that she loved him. He would obviously be upset about being rejected but that was no reason to try to kill her dad and adopted kits!

Eh. I don't like Ashfur with Squirrelflight. Didn't Ashfur try to kill Squirrelflight's father? And Squirrelflight never really loved Ashfur, so yeah. I like Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight TONS better. - officialstudyqueen

I think Ashfur was made into an unnecessary villain for drama. I didn't like how he went bonkers just because a she-cat dumped him, if he was that mentally unstable, how didn't this instability show up before? Villainous Ashfur makes no sense to me, and I would have liked to see him accept that Squirrelflight didn't like him like he liked her.

With that being said, I don't think the whole Ash x Squirrel pairing would've been that bad if the Erins hadn't made him fly off the handle. With him being such a crazy cat, though, I agree that Ashfur would make a bad mate for any cat, not just Squirrelflight.

I know that squirrelflight never MANIPULATED ashfur, but that does not mean that she did not use his heart a bit...

Here is my reasoning
I think what hurt ashfur most is that he had been struggling along in life with out eny one to love, his siblings ( fern cloud and cloud tail) had found love early on in life and could not sympathise with him, he could not talk to his mother about it as she was dead ( darn tigerstar ) so when squirrelflight showed interest in him he was overjoyed! He naturally tried to keep her safe and out of harms way ( even if he did treat her a bit to much like a kit ) and he tried to agree with her at all times to please her even if it meant bad mouthing brambleclaw, a cat she really seemed to hate obviously this lead to brambleclaw being kinda bossy to him and squirrelflight, all in all his first ever romantic relationship was going really well! He grew to love squirrelflight so that’s why it hurt him, really really hurt him when squirrelflight left ...more

They. Are. KIN. Squirrelflight's mother was Sandstorm and her mother was Brindleface. Brindleface was also the mother to Ashfur and Ferncloud. So that would make Ashfur Squirrelflight's half Uncle. It's not as bad as Willow x Patch but... Yeah.

I have to agree that this is a bad ship. Ashfur is immature and tried to kill Firestar and the Three. I mean, what you coulda found another mate that I don't know, ISN'T RELATED TO YOU! Squirrelflight was fire, and she needed someone to match her fire, like Brambleclaw, not contain it. - Leafstar12

6? Too nice. I hate this couple. I think they were awkward and undeveloped. Plus ashfur flipped put just because his girlfriend broke up with him.

I believe they were only couples in Ashfur's head... Squirrelflight became Ashfur's FRIEND because Brambleclaw was acting special. Then when Brambleclaw felt sorry Squirrelflight went back to him. Ashfur was like a spoiled child who his toy was taken away!

These two would have been horrible together! Ashfur was too protective and too obsessed with squirrelflight. Brambleclaw is a much better match for her.

Ashfur needs to get a life. He needs to seriously move on. He's like a clingy boyfriend that wont except the reality. I can't believe he tried to burn Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf to make her feel her pain. This guy needs to go to Dark Forest.

This is the overall worst couple! They should be in first place, Leafstar and billystorm are awesome!

Ugh this is the worst couple. Ashfur was fine at first, but than when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him he went insane and tried to kill four innocent cats!? Just get over it, man. Did he really love her THAT much?

I THOUGHT in the New prochecy when Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight broke up after that quarrel about Hawkfrost, and when Squirrelflight went along with Ashfur, it made me SICK. I mean, I feel ACTUALLY sorry for Ashfur, he felt like he was being USED. And plus, he should have let her fight her own battles, not making her look like a queen is distress! I mean, REALLY Squirrelflight, you are so stupid just to use Ashfur! She never LOVED him!

Ashfur is the worst. Even if he were 100000000000 times better, he still wouldn't deserve Squirrelflight. - AnonymousChick

Yes, I hated this couple. Ashfur helped Hawkfrost KILL Firestar! His own Clan leader! Squirrelflight is better off with Brambleclaw. But I kind of felt sorry for Ashfur when they broke up...

These cats were never a couple everyone, nor did Squirrelflight reject him. They were just friends. Get that through your thick skull.

Okay I usually HATE ass- I mean ashfur but I just felt sorry for him he deserved so much better when he was a good guy. Because he was a good guy before and she broke his heart and she never really cared about him.