Crowfeather & Leafpool


"Erin Hunter stated that Feathertail was too old for Crowfeather", well Brackenfur and Sorreltail were a couple even though Brackenfur was a warrior when she was a kit. The couple of Firestar and Spottedleaf is another example; Spottedleaf was a medicine cat while Firestar was an apprentice. Crowfeather does not understand the warrior code because he mated with a medicine cat and then wanted nothing to do with their kits. I know that they needed cats for the power of three but Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze could have been Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's kits and they'd find different parents for Alderpaw and Sparkpaw.

I'm conflicted on this. I kind of blame Crowfeather...he pretty much wrecked everything. And after it was all over, he threw Leafpool away and went on to get a new mate and kits, leaving her to suffer alone. He ignored her when she tried to tell him about their kits. She's shunned in her Clan while he's just perfectly happy in his own when it was his mistake too! This couple never should have happened. Leafpool deserves far better. Maybe it would've been stopped if StarClan hadn't pushed it so much to get the three to be born. - twentytwo6

Crowfeather and Stormfur are the two cats that suffered the most in the warriors series. Crowfeather got his heartbroken multiple times. He loved feathertail so much. She was my favorite character and I cry every time I read her death. He would have better off not having a relationship with leafpool.

Her needed relief. He needed Leafpool. He loved Leafpool. There good together. You are just a little mouse brain if you have such a thing like that against the couple

No that's not true. Actually if he didn't have Leafpool he'd probably kill himself - Catsarah123

I love this couple but I hate that Crowfeather went with Nightcloud and had a kit AND had kits with Leafpool! In my opinion Leafpool and Crowfeather should have stayed together.

I felt that really Crowfeather's only purpose was to be one in the prophecy to their new home and have mates. He was a bad father and didn't really even care for Breezepelt, and he was such a depressing character, I agree that this is one of the worst couples because Leafpool definitely didn't deserve him and I know then Hollyleaf,Jayfeather, and Lionblaze wouldn't be there but this was a bad couple.

I ALWAYS hated Leafpool but now that she's with Crowfeather it just makes me even more miserable. I think this is absolutely the WORST pair of lovers Silverstream and Tallstar (example) would have made a BETTER couple then these 2. I think Leafpool and ALL her kits should be killed and left to rot to be eaten by crows. If they weren't a couple... There will be NO problems Leafpool doesn't even deserve to be a medicine cat.

Crowfeather is such an untrustworthy little rat. First, he captures poor Feathertail's heart, then she dies, leaving him "crushed" on the inside. Then, in Starlight, he's all, "Leafpool, I love you so much! Forget about Feathertail, I am gonna love you know! " Then, he goes and breaks Nightcloud's heart. If I were a warrior and we were in a battle with WindClan, I'd go for Crowfeather first, and claw him for every at he loved, times 24!

This couple just ruined everything and made Leafpool miserable, made cinderpelt die, made torn between two lives and just made other cats doubt their loyalty. And besides, Leafpool didn't even like Crowfeather at the start, but when he saved her she MAGICALLY fell in love, and to be honest, I'll be here all night if I said all the reasons why this is terrible.

@ below Even though Erin's said Feathertail was way too old for Crowfeather, honestly there are warrior couples with way more of an age difference... And they're cats for crying out loud, it doesn't really matter the age difference, unless it is a kit and an elder.

Why is this even a couple? Leafpool is much younger than Crowfeather... creepy. And its not love if they just save you. Unlike crowfeather and feathertail, they built a strong relationship. And leafpool? Shes an unstable she-cat who can't keep her feelings in place. I mean, the way she treated Jaypaw, her own son? And it was so predictable. Crowfeather should've just been alone. No mate.

I really go against Leafpool and Crowfeather, I mean come on! Leafpool had kits against the warrior code and Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away just to be together! Crowfeather should be with Feathertail! His true love! Leafpool pretty much let Cinderpelt die and made her kits hate her while Windclan pretty much turned against Crowfeather which forced him to have a mate he doesn't even like! Sorry but I'm a Feathertail and Crowfeather fan!

I think Crowfeather's love for Leafpool was just...mashed in there. I think Erin Hunter had no idea were to go with the story so-"Oh! I'll make Crowfeather in love with Leafpool! "

I seriously wish the three were just Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's kits instead of... this mess. Leafpool and Crowfeather make a horrible, horrible couple who were only mashed together for angst.

Leafpool cared more about her kits not knowing she was their mother than her sisters relationship

What gives? This is the best couple EVER!

I HATE THIS COUPLE they are the worst. I personally hate both characters in the Warrior series. I wish I could rip their guts out.

Leafpool is the worst cat! Cinderpelt, one of my fave cats died because Leafpool was with Crowfeather. AND Leafpool stole Crowfeather from Feathertail, also one of my fave cats. PLUS Leafpool is a medicine AND she thought Brambleclaw, one of my fave cats, would kill Firestar! Look at all the things Leafpool did wrong!

I hate this couple, leafpool deserves better.

I think Crowfeather will chose Feathertail when he dies. Feathertail should of lived

Crowfeather cares a lot about leafpool I love this couple

Look, I think that Crowfeather let go of Feathertail WAY too easily! I miss Feathertail! It totally messed up Leafpool's life!

He literally says in the Ultimate Guide that there is no cat like Leafpool, he deserves her like heck. Leafpool deserves him, this is real, and love.

Feathertail is old enough to be his grandma

Oh for god's sake, this is ridiculous. Can't you people just shut up and take opinions? Okay?

Okay, so I hate both of these cats. And I hate all 3 of their kits. Like parents, like kits.