Crowfeather & Nightcloud


Crowfeather loved Leafpool! They shouldn't blame them for breaking the warrior code! That's what love does to you... I'm so cheesy!
But Nightcloud ruined it for them. She ruined it for EVERYONE, Hollyleaf, Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, Leafpool, Crowfeather, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, her son (somehow I can't remember his name), and EVEN HERSELF! She loved someone who was in love with another cat. Yeah I feel bad for her, but she asked for it!

She completely turned Leafpool and Crowfeather's love story into a Taylor Swift song!

I can't say I totally DESPISE her, but I really hate the way she barged in between the two! (Leafpool and Crowfeather)

-leafpool_4_ever - leafpool_4_ever

Crowfeather, what the heck? You say you love Leafpool. You have kits with Leafpool. You suddenly don't want anything to do with Leafpool or her kits. His Clan is like "what's that about, Crowfeather? Why did you have kits with the ThunderClan medicine cat? " and he's like "oops, sorry, I'm gonna do the same to someone in my own Clan, then, because I'm super loyal." Crowfeather and Nightcloud are then a couple because nobody has any common sense. Crowfeather's like "Nightcloud, you are the most beautiful she-cat alive. But you're also not so beautiful and I really don't care about what happens to you or our kits." Nightcloud then has kits. Most of them die because Crowfeather was playing Monopoly with Onestar when they were born. Breezekit suddenly makes it his mission to become the edgiest cat alive. He decides to attempt murder multiple times because nobody loves him. Crowfeather continues to say that he's loyal and that he doesn't know who Feathertail, Leafpool, or Nightcloud are. ...more - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I don't like Nightcloud but I feel kinda bad for her. Her mate loves Feathertail, then he loves Leafpool, she's his third love for crying out loud! How's she supposed to know who he loves the most. He asked to be NAMED after one, and ran away with the other, then he pretty much rejects Breezepelt, the kit he named after the feeling of running away with Leafpool. First he's all " Leafpool is my one true love! " then "I love Leafpool but not as much as Feathertail. " then " oh, Leafpool, hi. Wait... Your being mean to me? Wah! " Then Nightcloud comes along and the exact conversation is
Nightcloud: " Is everything okay? Who were you talking to? "
Crowfeather: " No one important." Then he goes off IN FRONT OF LEAFPOOL all happy-in-love with Nightcloud.

I mean like seriously?!
Night likes Crow, but when she finds out that Crowfeather loves leafpool she's like " I HATE YOU LEAFPOOL
"So then like its pointless for her to love him even though crow loves leaf.-.

I hate Crowfeather and Nightcloud. Crowfeather is such an arrogant cat, always exaggerating things. For example, in the beginning of Sunset, or the end of Twilight, when he and Leafpool are departing, he says that she doesn't care about him, when she's lost everything for him. He's a bratty snob, and probably acts that way because his mother was deputy.

What nightcloud is the worst! She's the reason breezepelt joined the dark forest! She drove him to hate leafpool and her kits! That's why he wanted revenge which is why he joined the dark forest!

I feel so bad for Crowfeather. Nightcloud didn't even care about him even if he tried to be nice and Breezepelt hated him. Nightcloud bullied him into taking her opinion for everything. Nightcloud was a jerk and Leafpool or Feathertail would of been a much better choice for him. I don't care if he was just trying to be loyal!

I seriously think this is a really bad couple. Nightcloud is so thirsty. I think Leafpool or Feathertail would be best for Crowfeather. If Feathertail hadn't died, things would be much clearer. But it's not like I hate Leafpool, maybe she could date Hawkfrost instead. But Hawkfrost and Ivypool are already in love so. But Nightcloud, girl you gotta be single. Even Feathertail's quote sounds sad. *SPOILER* "Think you have nine lives...Do you? I saved you once. don't Make me save you again" -Feathertail. I think Leafpool or Feathertail is the best anywayz. Sorry Nightcloud fans THis is MY opinion

I hate this couple, Crowfeather just chose her to prove his loyalty that's all. He didn't even love her or Breezepelt.

Crowfeather is just plain abusive to this poor she-cat who only wanted to have a loving relationship and happy kits. But now she's stuck with literal trash and feels that it's up to her to raise her son to be perfectly happy.

I REALLY HATE NIGHTCLOUD. DON'T FEEL BAD FOR HER, PLEASE. IT'S ANNOYING. It was her fault that she even accepted Crowfeather's request to be her mate. Yes, Crowfeather kind of used her, but Nightcloud doesn't seem to love him anyway.

This is a bad ship. They both used each other. Crowfeather to prove his loyalty and Nightcloud to have kits. Nightcloud has never been proven to be a good cat, loyal, kind or friendly.

They are to be honest, a TERRIBLE couple. I feel bad for Nightcloud as she is always getting pushed away by her husband, who is always falling in love with other cats.

Poor Night cloud. She gave him lots of love when all he loved was Leaf! (I'm actually huge fan of Leaf X Crow but I feel sorry for night) HE USED HER TO GAIN TRUST!

This isn't a real couple. I feel for Nightcloud she needs a better mate. Crowfeather sucked after he and Leafpool broke up.

Loads of people say Nightcloud stole Crowfeather from Leafpool but she didn't know about the fact they were in love.

Ok, I feel so sorry for Nightcloud. I can't imagine how she felt when she discovered Crowfeather didn't even love her. He was such a jerk and a horrible mate! Nightcloud deserves way better. Yes, she was jealous and bitter, but how would you feel? Also, Leafpoool is constantly speaking to Crowfeather in a loving way when Nightcloud is around. For example, when Breezepelt and Lionblaze got buried. Poor Nightcloud.

I feel bad for both in this relationship. Cause I do like Crowfeather a lot... but he doesn't treat Nightcloud or Breezepelt the way he should. - Falconflight

I feel so bad for Nightcloud, she just wanted love but instead she got the worst father in existence, he already had a mate and three kits.

Yes crowfeather just leaves leaf pool because he has too then two moon later he's mates with nightcloud I hate crowfeather now

Crowfeather doesn't even like Nightcloud he just picked her as her mate to basically say to leafpool "I am loyal to my clan"

WHY WHY WHY!? Nightcloud is just an an overprotective and slightly annoying cat who made the abomination of Breezepelt! Crowfeather, you're better than this! You could've not taken a mate at all than take this piece of garbage! Why this isn't on the top, I dunno

"I love you Nightcloud! Oh, wait a second, now I think you're scum." Poor Nightcloud. I just HATE Crowfeather.

WORST! I mean really! Crowfeather: I LOVE YOU! AND ONLY YOU! THE OTHERS MEAN NOTHING TO ME! Nightcloud didn't even love Crow but wanted kits and tried to make him love her. Poor Breezey! I know Cow did care for his son, but he preferred KITS FROM ANOTHER CLAN! He only had a small friendship with Night, and it was for loyalty matters! Nightloud is awesome. Then again, I love Cinder x Lion but Icecloud is my 7th favorite cat! I personally think Icecloud could have been an awesome mate, but not for Lion. I think she should have better. Anyway... Turned Breeze into a physco who wanted the clans to be destroyed, Broke Leafpool, Night became bitter... Never should happen. Just like Spider and Daisy, but this time Spider apparently showed affection for Daisy. Sorry to all Feather and Crow fans, but not that great of a couple. More like a crush. NOT love. She did it to save the tribe. She would've done it even if Crow hadn't been trapped. Leafpool and Corwfeathr was the closest to love, ...more

Nightcloud loved crowfeather but he didn't love her or his kit