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41 Half Moon & Jayfeather

I REALLY ship this couple. Half Moon never betrayed his love! Even as a very old cat in The Sun Trail, she still loved him as strongly. Then she became young again in the Tribe of Endless Hunting. this couple

Why is this a bad couple? They loved each other very much and were sad when they had to part. A bad couple is Jayfeather and his stick!

It technically wasn't Jayfeather, it was Jay's Wing.

How is this couple on this list!? It's my OTP! They were so perfect - Dawnwing

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42 Poppyfrost & Berrynose

I hate it because Honeyfern didn't even get a chance to settle in Starclan. She looks down and sees the terrible duo together. I hate this couple.

Honestly, if Berrynose mated with Poppyfrost in a different time, this couple would not be so bad. But, Berrynose mates with Poppyfrost TWO MOONS AFTER THE TRAGIC HONEYFERNS DEATH! TWO MOONS! Two moons after silverstream died, graystripe was still sad!

Honeyfern would want her sister and her love to be happy, but at her burial Berrynose is all " hey, who are you? Oh, you're her sister, hmm. I like that." Then TWO moons later he mates with her. That's just betrayal. Graystripe was still mourning two moons after Silverstream died. I bet Dustpelt mourned Ferncloud longer than that. Crowfeather mourned Feathertail. You could learn something from them, Berrynose.

No just no berry was so rude he was like: "NUU my bae died, Oh who is that? your her sister well your hot lets hook up five second's after she died."

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43 Firestar & Graystripe

Wow these comments are homophobic. This couple isn't "disgusting", idiots. I actually kind of ship it.


What in the world?! Firestar and graystripe are best FRIENDS like brothers!

These homophobic comments are so rude I mean come on! stop being so rude! some people are like that and you better get over it.

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44 Cinderpelt & Lionblaze

Cinderpelt and Lionblaze? She wasn't even alive when Lionblaze was born! How could this be? - Paris4Lyfe

I think you mean Cinderheart and Lionblaze.

Do you mean Cinderheart and Lion?

Reason:As we know Cinderheart it's the reincarnation of Cinderpelt and Lionblaze is Cinderheart's mate - cassiabez

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45 Sol & Blackstar


Agreed. I have friends who are gay and there's nothing wrong with that. I hate this because Sol tricked Blackstar and the both HATE each other. I

How about you get over it and open your eyes being gay is fine!

These are two examples of terrible comments:What kind of crap is this,Uhh they are both toms? Why is this here? Sol just convinced blackstar to not believe in starclan. Not to become mates. Why is this here? Blackstar hates sol. 0--0

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46 Appledusk & Mapleshade

At first these two were SO cute! But then when their kits drowned, Appledusk blamed Mapleshade! Messed up! Mapleshade would've been a much better cat if she had never fell in love with Appledusk!

The only problem I have with this couple is APPLEDUSK IS HORRIBLE! The only reason Mapleshade was evil is because he betrayed her. When she was kicked out of her clan for loving him her kits drowned in the river when she was trying to save them and get them to him HE BLAMED HER! He also completely cheated on her and chose Reedshine right infront of her. I really hate Reedshine and I hope she died a painful death. Same to Appledusk I was happy when Mapleshade killed him. When Mapleshade asked him for help he turned her down and never even tried. Mapleshade will always be my favorite character.

I blamed Appledusk for a long time, but in the end it was insanity that broke Mapleshade's purity.

Well I kinda ship them the couple how is truly bad is Reedshine x Appledusk - cassiabez

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47 Dustpelt & Ferncloud

Are you kidding me!?!? They are perfect for each other. Totally loyal and they had the best kits. And with out their kit birchfall one of the three would of never been born

I do ship this. Like, it doesn't matter that they had so many kits. They probably wanted to have a big family. There are people like that in real life.

At first I thought they were cute, but erin hunter used this couple so much it became boring. It was a relief when fern cloud died

What's even more disgusting is that Ferncloud had her first litter when she was an apprentice! Dustpelt x Ferncloud shippers, you disgust me!

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48 Firestar & Tigerstar

Would someone stalk their mate through their sons? I think not.

It doesn't matter if there both tons but I agree this isn't a good couple

Where did this come from this is so stupid.

These to are the worst together! They were totall enemy's!

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49 Bluestar & Fireheart

This scares me. They weren't a couple, I mean I don't even think they quite showed emotion to each other. Not to mention the age difference. Yuck!... Teehee. Blue x Thrush forever.

Again, like Spottedleaf, I see them more as a family-type of relationship, in my opinion. I'm pretty sure that's why Bluestar gave him the name "FireHEART" was because he reminded her of Oakheart, I think, which I think is cute.

BlueStar is way older then Fireheart, BlueStar already has kits. And they don't even have chemistry.

I always thought bluestar was a motherly figure to him.

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50 Wind & Branch

This couple is mentioned at the end of the First Battle. Branch saves Wind's life, they spend time together every day, Wind's about to ask to be his mate when she breaks her leg. Then Branch just leaves her in the den with a broken leg! Seriously she lays there for days almost starving to death waiting for him to come back, but he never does. I mean what kind of awful cat would abandon a cat with a broken leg? What did she ever do to him?

Wind Runner would tell Branch to stay away from her family and territory if she saw him again.

Wind (Windstar) is actually mates with Gorsestar according to the warriors wiki.

Ya no I don't like this branch is a foxhearted mousebrained pile of rabbit dung.

51 Bluestar & Tigerclaw

Tigerclaw actually tried to murder her!

Stuff this one! This couple don't even exist that why it at the bottom..
/. ]

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52 Crowpaw & Feathertail

Feathertail was not much older only a few moons. I mean Ashfur was MUCH older than Squirrelflight. They were perfect for each other and they could not stop falling in love. When Feathertail died she dedicated her life to him and he asked his leader if his warrior name could be Crowfeather in honor of Feathertail. Feathertail knew it was wrong but could not help it! CrowXFeather is my favorite ship!

...It was actually kinda cute, just saying. After all, she did risk her life for him, ( and all the others AND the Tribe) and, I don't think they could've chose a better, more noble death than that.

That is good, remember that Sorreltail was a kit when Brackenfur was a warrior. Just because she's older by a couple moons doesn't mean they can't be a couple.

I think storm fur and squirrel paw would make a good couple

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53 Swiftpaw & Brightpaw

Cloudtail and Brightheart are an amazing couple. NO, I don't think Swiftpaw would have been a better match for her, because he led her into danger. Also, I honestly don't think he would have loved her after her face got wrecked, but the famous Cloudtail, "See? You're still beautiful," moment lays in my heart forever.

Um, yeah they went outside camp together, but that was only to make Bluestar give them their warrior names. There was NO connection before this.

Actually once Vicky said that Swiftpaw went out not only for warrior but also because he wanted to impress Brightpaw because he had a crush on her. Brightpaw also went because she had a crush on Swiftpaw and she knew this might kill them both so she wanted to be with him.

Honestly this is sad. Who even ships this?! Oh Brightpaw wanted to support her friend after he was rejected by Bluestar. They automatically like each other. That's just dumb. They never were in love, plus if you hadn't noticed Cloudtail loved Brightheart from the beginning. Fireheart was like, "well cloudpaw has friends like that maybe I should spend more time with sandstorm." After the fire when his apprentice went back to the den with Brightpaw. It was never stated that they liked each other. Hey but it's better than SORIEL.

Basically swiftheart shippers are saying:


I'm not sure if they're aware that cloudtail and brightheart had been crushing on each other since kithood.
Fireheart saw them together after the fire in the apprentice den. Swiftpaw was only friends with Brightpaw. If he'd survived and they became mates(very unlikely) dovewing and ivypool wouldn't exist and a couple series would be trashed. GOOD THING CLOUDHEART EXISTS TO SHOW US TRUE LOVE.

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54 Jayfeather & Willowshine

Jayfeather is too untrusting, and Willowshine doesn't like him al, that much.

I think Willowshine would be too loyal to the medicine cat code for this. ):

They hated each other. It was like a high school thing.

MEAN! Those two are made for each other! Way better than JayxHalf Moon.

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55 Jessy & Bramblestar

It made me really mad, because jessy knew she was making squirrelflight jealous and she didn't even care! Then when jessy leaves, bramble star says that he could have loved her. No he could not! Squirrelflight is his mate for star clans sake!

Jessy realized she was intruding on something bigger so she left. Also, I think Jessy is Jingo's sister

JESSY? She is a kittypet he new for like three moons! He's known squirrelflight forever, and how much he denies reading the books, they still have a big spark every book! And Jessy, if you think about it, is like squirrelflight, carefree and adventorous! The only reason was she didn't betray anyone!


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56 Hollyleaf x Ashfur

Yeah this one is weird, and absolutely terrible.

He tried to burn her alive and she murdered him

This is weird. Hollyleaf KILLED Ashfur!

*Pushes the no button."

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57 Brightheart & Cloudtail

These are an amazing couple. NO, I don't think Swiftpaw would have been a better match for her, because he led her into danger. Also, I honestly don't think he would have loved her after her face got wrecked, but the famous Cloudtail, "See? You're still beautiful," moment lays in my heart forever.

I think that Brightheart and Cloudtail are the best couple, but I really think that Brightheart and Swiftpaw would be the best couple

Cloudtail loves Brightheart for who she is. Who could ask for more?

Swiftpaw and Brightheart.
Brightheart and Swiftpaw.
That's the way it should be.
It should ALWAYS have been like that
Kate Cary, why?
Why did Swiftpaw die?
He and Brightheart would've made wonderful kits...
Better than Cloudtail's
Brightheart deserves TRUE love
Not that stupid kittypet's false love

-Fireflame of RiverClan

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58 Hawkfrost & Ivypaw

Best couple! No, he wasn't too old! When Hawkfrost died he like, 2 years and Ivypool is 1.7 years!

Just... No. He's old enough to be her dad!

I used to like this but now not so much I think ivy should be with bumble. Dove does not deserve him she is a coward and ivy is so brave going to the dark forest every night risking her life!

Say what now? Ivy paw doesn't even like Hawkfrost! She hates him! She tried killing him anyway - Silverlily

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59 Tigerstar and Scourge

Wow. This couple sucks, but too the person who said putting two toms is sick and horrible, YOU are sick and horrible. There is nothing wrong with being gay and you are acting like the kind of person I would never ever want to meet.

Whoever commented, "Their boys, that's sick and wrong." I could never be more pissed off at society in my life.

Please guys quit putting up two toms. It makes me nauseous.

No I don't like this but whoever said boys being to gether is sick and horrible is sick and horrible and can go die in a hole.

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60 Briarlight & Jayfeather

I love this couple, I don't know why their on this list

This couple is iffy. I mean Briarlight and Jayfeather could of been a couple and I would not complain but I still think Jayfeather/Jay's Wing and Half Moon are better.

They should not be on this list, they are so cute:3

Its cute but I like him and half moon JAYXHALF MOON ALL THE WAY!

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