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61 Clear Sky & Storm

I hate it! Clear Sky stole Storm from Gray Wing when Storm obviously made Gray Wing happy! Anyway Clear Sky already had Bright Stream and Star Flower. AND GRAY WING WAS HIS BROTHER! He made his brother un-happy! Clear Sky should of been sad and lonely for all his life especially when he tried to kill Gray Wing and it was his fault Micah died and he blamed it on a tree!

I would have to say this is the best couple, Clear Sky did not want to lose Storm like he lost Bright Stream, he did not know how to be a father that's why he did not want Thunder.

All those idiots who are like "ooh clearsky stole storm ooh" Idiots. Storm clearly went with Clear Sky because SHE CHOSE CLEAR SKY! She didn't love Grey Wing, she loved Clear Sky! So technically Clear Sky didn't steal Storm, Storm WENT to Clear Sky. So all ya bums hating on Clear Sky for this relationship, why not hate on Storm? She went to Clear Sky

Clear sky should die old and alone he steals everything from gray wing the poor guys should just not forgive his brother and someone should stab clear sky.

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62 Thunder & Star Flower

I'm happy Thunder chose Violet instead. I was mad when Star Flower broke his heart and chose Clear Sky but relieved that she was not with Thunder. The worst ship though Is Star Flower and Clear Sky they make me sick. THUNDER AND VIOLET FOREVER!

Star Flower should have chosen Thunder over One Eye in The Blazing Star when her dad was like "spy on them and him for me will ya"

Nope don't like this star flower just used looks for everything and I found it creepy that she was sort of dating him then became his step mom

GAH! No way. Violet is so much better for him

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63 Sorrelkit & Darkstripe

Actually, Sorrelkit is a she-cat.

Not real and Darkstripe hates her guts

Darkstripe almost killed Sorrelkit! - Silverlily

I guess people loves to ship the killer with the killer's prey.J-just no...

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64 Brambleclaw & Tawnypelt

They are not a couple and NEVER will be. They are brother and sister! It's just not right.

What the they are brothers and sisters! Whoever made up this name is mouse-brained! - Silverlily

Wow...What is wrong with some people. They're brother and sister - PopcornPelican

Sorry no they are brother and sister I know graystripes parents were siblings but I don't like that and this is pretty weird.

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65 Spiderfall & Morningstream

Nothing but OCs. Morningstream is still a pretty name, though. - IcetailofWishClan

66 Stormfur & Brook

This couple it's pretty cute in my opinion. - cassiabez

67 Crookedstar & Willowbreeze

This is ship is so cute one of my favorites but everyone has your opinion then. - cassiabez

Plain favorite it make me flipen cry when willowbreeze passes she loved crooked so mutch I VOTE CROOKED AND WILLOW by the way BLUE AND CROOKED SUCKS

Aww, so cute. Though I ship Crookedstar and Bluestar

68 Dovepaw & Lionblaze

She was his apprentice that was it! There is no couple there!

He was her mentor! Lionblaze liked Cinderheart anyway.

Huh? I have never herd of this ship but I don't like it dove should die old and alone.

So many Apprentice x Mentor couples - cassiabez

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69 Firestar & Frostfur

Really people? Frostfur is old enough to be Firestar's mother, AND she has a mate already! And even if this weren't true, they never interacted! - Goldenflight

I see why people did this because he is fire and she is snow but I don't like it she was to old for him and I thought she was an elder like when he became a warrior (I might be wrong I have not read the first books in forever)

Just no! By the time fire was a leader, frost was super old.

How did this even become a couple?

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70 Firestar & Cinderpelt

I mean come on Cinderpelt wanted to be a warrior but he was with Sandstorm it never would have happened anyways!

I'm fine with any of the fire couples that are spotted x fire, cinder x fire, or sand x fire

Cinderpelt did actually like him, I did think they were quite cute, though.

I actually kinda like this one don't judge but this one is good

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71 Hawkfrost & Brambleclaw

This is just so wrong.
First-They are half brothers!
Second-Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost.
Third-Hawkfrost almost killed Brambleclaw
And even if this weren't true, why would Brambleclaw want to be Hawkfrost's mate? He's unattractive, evil, obnoxious, and creepy. - Goldenflight

Um... Sick. They're half brothers!

Not real they are related

This is like the bramblextawny also whoever made this comment:Okay would the perv who is putting gross toms with toms couples up please go and fall off a cliff? HOW ABOUT YOU FALL OF A CLIFF!? you better stop being a homophobic peice of foxdung

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72 Ravenpaw & Sandstorm

I don't like this couple. BUT before you guys argue. It was revealed by Erin Hunter that Ravenpaw always had a crush on Sandstorm, but he never showed interest because he knew Dustpaw (Now Dustpelt) had a better chance with her.

That's interesting, thanks for mentioning that.

He did? Interestin. I love Ravenpaw, he's so cute, I'm jealous of Sand now

I don't like it but I don't hate it he did have a crush on her but knew they would not be together.

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73 Rising Moon & Chasing Clouds

Why are they here? They had half moon.So what's the big deal people...?

74 Squirrelflight & Raggedstar

Why do people ship this it make NO sense

Ragged star died ages before squirrel was even BORN

Where did this ship even come from? They never even met or heard of each other!

No... j-...Just no... - cassiabez

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75 Tom & Turtle Tail

I hate how Turtle Tail left Gray Wing! And she didn't even have kits with him! (I cried at her...death)

Tom is a horrible cat! Turtle Tail and Gray Wing were so much better!

Tom was the reason Turtle Tail died!

Why isn’t this #1?

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76 Silverstream & Fireheart

No. Way. SilverStream is loyal to GRAYSTRIPE and that's final


If you don't knowwhat this person is talking aboutread about it in SilverStream's treachery,.

Hu h!? n o no no no no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! GrayxSilver all the way

77 Jayfeather & Shimmerfern

This isn't a real couple WHO IS SHIMMERFERN

I ship you and him lol - Leaftail

Who is Shimmerfern._.


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78 Brownpelt & Mistyfeather

Hello reader, from this point on, every couple on this list will at least have one fake character.

79 Ghostfrost & Helixlight
80 Clear Sky & Bright Stream

They are not so worst anyway.Clear sky did show affection for Bright Stream.But she died. Clear sky was upset so he maybe liked Bright stream.Well,Bright stream definitely love clear sky.

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