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81 Dovepaw & Tigerheart

This couple awful I don't know everyone loves them. They obviously don't like each other or tigerheart won't put his clan before her. And to make all worse there forbidden! By now it's cliche plus the fact that there suppose to be romantic because they sneak out every night just to see each other. IT'S NOT ROMANTIC TO SEE THEM FIGHT AND ARGUE ALL NIGHT?

Ok why is this last when basically Tigerheart is just annoying to me, and Dovewing seems to love him one day for no reason, then she dumps him (yay! ), then basically treats Bumblestripe as dirt because she still loves Tigerheart? No.

Well, I agree that it's a bad romance, but that would mean she would have bumble, and I like Bumble X Ivy

This couple is awesome they should have kits PLEASE!

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82 Lionblaze & Heathertail

I don't even like Heathertail. I mean sure she's pretty and all but when WindClan attacked she was so snobby!

I think this would be good because they use to play in the tunells

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83 Feathertail & Crowfeather
84 Shellheart & Rainflower

HATE RAINFLOWER, after Crookedstar broke his jaw his mother did not want anything to do with him I mean really, but Shellheart loved his son, but Rainflower did not.

Rain sucks so no poor shell I'm pretty sure he got cancer right?

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85 Darkstripe & Leafpool

Eww! Bad forbidden gross those are 3 words that would describe this couple!

Darkstripe was already dead when Leafpool is born!

Never met each other. Duh. Come on guys

The dark side of being creative... - cassiabez

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86 Lionblaze & Cinderheart

Why are they her? They are really cute together.

Their kits names are Fernsong Hollytuft and Sorrelstripe and why are they on here they are the cutest couple and they even have some drama in the beginning best kind of love just like Squirrelflight and Bramblestar

They have kits togeather. Hollykit sorrel kit fee kit and someone else, one that died in the GB

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87 Hollyleaf & Breezepelt

There half brother and sister that's just wrong

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88 Ivypool & Hawkheart

I'm not even sure Hawkheart knows Ivypool exists... do you mean Hawkfrost?

This is just a bad couple!

Hawkheart is born

10 years later ivy is born


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89 Firestar & Cinderpelt

I mean come on Cinderpelt wanted to be a warrior but he was with Sandstorm it never would have happened anyways!

I'm fine with any of the fire couples that are spotted x fire, cinder x fire, or sand x fire

Cinderpelt did actually like him, I did think they were quite cute, though.

No I know she liked him and she also liked her brother and she also like lionblaze she must really like red, golden and ginger tabbys

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90 Breezepelt & Ivypool

I really don't like any of the Breezepelt pairings. There's a reason he dosen't have a mate! He's arrogant, bossy, and twice as prickly as both his parents combined. And for the people who say that it's all Crowfeather's fault, can I just say that Crookedstar, Bluestar, Tallstar, and Yellowfang all had at least one parent that was just as bad as Crowfeather, if not worse, but they didn't exactly turn out like Breezepelt, did they? And Breezepelt was so rude to Ivypoool. Let me just say that I wouldn't be very eager to become the mate of someone who called me a mange-pelt. Just saying. - Goldenflight

I ship this. Not entirely sure why

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91 Blackstar & Russetfur

I agree with this couple. Black star wanted to KILL lion blaze when he found out lion killed russetfur

I think Boulder and Russetfur had an equal chance, since Russet is older than Black and Boulder and her joined Shadowclan together.

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92 BreezePelt & IvyPool V 1 Comment
93 Rainflower & Stormtail

Well they are both bad parents so sure why not.

Erin said she thought about this

It would only make sense.

oms yes

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94 Hawkfrost & Brambleclaw

I think I've seen this but COME ON! They're bo to a, Brableclaw is way older then him AND they're completely opposite. They're also from different clans! Now come on! Just think about it then take down the pictures?

Ummm... Half brothers, anyone?


Ok guys listen..

1. They are half brothers
2. Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost
3. Hawkfrost almost killed Brambleclaw
4. Hawkfrost is in the dark forest
5. If they are not brothers, why would they mate? THEY ARE BOTH TOMS - Silverlily

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95 Berrynose & Poppyfrost

Berrynose used to be in love with Poppyfrost's SISTER, Honeyfern, and that was so cute! But she dies and he takes Poppyfrost. Poppyfrost didn't seem to care AT ALL that she was betraying her own sister. Shane on you both, Poppyfrost and Berrynose. Shame.

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96 Jayfeather & Half Moon

What one of the best couples ever Jayfeather can love Half Moon without even having to resign his position and this is the only time he can ever feel love towards a cat without being siblings with them and they love each other VERY MUCh

They are my second fave ship! Jayfeather and Half Moon loved each other very much!

Yes yes yes YES but I think they said this already

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97 Ivy Pool & Bramblestar

Don't make up fake comments, people!

No I think he is a bit to old for her

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98 Rock & Midnight

I ship it as a crack ship because its kinda cute because they are ancient and I know they are not the same species

I ship this because their ancients.

HOLD ON! Midnight is a badger! They can't mate!

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99 Squirrelflight & Longtail V 3 Comments
100 Brokenstar & Ivypool

Hello? Brokenstar born, Ivypool 10 year+ later? The random couples are really getting annoying...
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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