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101 Squirrelflight & Longtail V 3 Comments
102 Brokenstar & Ivypool

Hello? Brokenstar born, Ivypool 10 year+ later? The random couples are really getting annoying...
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

103 Fireheart & Silverstream

I have nothing to say to you

Graystripe won't be firestars best friend anymore

They said this already...

Well, guess I'll ship anything but MillexGray. So...

V 1 Comment
104 Darkstripe & Scourge

Stop making stupid couples!. You better listen warrior cat fans that make these couples!.

The person who created this ship must have had absolutely nothing better to do.

I find this one to be very funny


105 Snowfur & Thistleclaw V 2 Comments
106 Wolfstep & Fernshade

Wait.. These two were only together in the book for what- 3 seconds? Sure, they had kits and that stuff, but that's like every OTHER couple pretty much... Why is this even on here?

107 Leafpool & Ashfur

Leafpool won't even think about mating Ashfur - Silverlily

How in the Dark Forest put that on this list...? - cassiabez

Umm, no, just no. -Ravenmoon

Nope nopety nope nope

V 2 Comments
108 Jayfeather & Stick

This is just weird

I already saw this one but anyway still



This was already here but YAS JAYXSTICK ALL THE WAY SO KAWAII

V 2 Comments
109 Crowfeather & Feathertail V 3 Comments
110 Scourge & Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight is a reincarnation of scourge. Do NOT ship them. Plus they're related cause fire star and scourge are half brothers

There both bossy, arrogant, and feisty. Perfect!

Their both, arrogant and misunderstood I think they good. dear commenter #2 You can't reincarnate someone if their still alive

111 Bluestar & Whitestorm

They would be perfect if they weren't related

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112 Graywing & Slate

Turtle Tail gave Gray Wing approval of Slate in Path of Stars

Why are they on here?! - IcetailofWishClan

I know it doesn't say they're mates but it's kinda obvious. And it's so unfair to Turtlettail because she tried so hard to get Graywing!


113 Clearsky & Starflower

Star Flower is probably older than Thunder, which would explain how she can be with either of them. Remember, Clear Sky was probably only 12 moons old when he got to the forest. SO...

It's so weird! Starflower liked Thunder once and Clearsky is Thunders father. And Starflower is Clearskys third mate!

V 3 Comments
114 Graywing & Storm

It was obvious that Turtlettail loved Graywing at that time so it was kinda mean to her! And Storm loved Clearsky the moment she met him!

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115 Tallstar & Jake

WERE did this even come from.

Dude they are both toms! - Silverlily

Doesn't mean because of it they can't be called a couple (Well I ship it) - cassiabez

Silverlilly you suck stop hating on gays


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116 Dappletail & Stormtail

Storm tail had Moon flower first. So then why does Storm tail have Dapple tail?!?!? 1?!.

V 1 Comment
117 Ferncloud & Dustpelt

What the heck Dustpelt is way older than fern cloud he was her mentor. They had no relationship what so ever end they had so many kids! Not cool!

Correction, Darkstripe was her mentor and they loved each other

118 Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

I personally ship this couple. So much drama and romance. - Ravenmoon

Barf barf barf! That brat Hollyleaf doesn't deserve such a nice cat like fallen leaves! That filthy murderer deserves to die! ( I am not protecting ashfur needed mental therapy but she didn't have to kill him! 😡) I hope she rots in the dark forest

I tottaly ship it and also I'm sorry but how can this comment even be posted:Barf barf barf! That brat Hollyleaf doesn't deserve such a nice cat like fallen leaves! That filthy murderer deserves to die! ( I am not protecting ashfur needed mental therapy but she didn't have to kill him! 😡) I hope she rots in the dark forest Holly was just so loyal she could not handle being so unpure to the code and she also did not want the secret out I'm aware that she revieled it but that was because she was so stressed about it

V 3 Comments
119 Gray Wing & Turtle Tail

They shouldn't be on here best couple Gray Wing was the best foster father to her kits and when Turtle Tail died he actually grieved for her

YESSS, they really wanted to be together even after turtle tail had kits, gray wing also treated her kits like if it was his own

120 Windfall & Killfang

Not even real cats.

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