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21 Swiftpaw

If bluestar hadn't been mad swiftpaw wouldn't of had to get killed by the dogs. I know bluestar has her reasons but she grieved for too long. It was super unfair as swiftpaw and the others were just as good as cloudpaw yet she refused to trust the other apprentices just because of tigerstar. I apologize to bluestar fans about my criticism.

He died trying to convince Blustar that he was ready to be a warrior. Poor Swiftpaw. STUPID DOGS! I cried when he died, Swiftpaw didn't deserve to join Starclan that way.

I also think it SUPER SAD because swift paw had his heart in the right place because he wanted to protect his clan. That is a TRUE warrior.

If you think about it, his death was Bluestar and Tigerstar's fault. Tigerstar caused Bluestar to go crazy, making her loose her trust of her Clan (only trusting Fireheart and maybe Graystripe, I don't remember exactly) So she wouldn't make Swiftpaw and Brightpaw warriors. (But Brightpaw was mentored by Whitestorm.. her sisters son so why not Brightpaw? ) Causing them to try and prove their worth by finding the things stealing the prey

Then Swiftpaw is dead and Brightpaw has half a face and Bluestar is cruel and names her Lostface but then Brightcloud happens so.. Kind of happy ending for BrightCloud shippers (like me. )

Still sad Swiftpaw died, he would have made a good warrior.

No hate on Bluestar/ Tigerstar/ Swiftheart (Swiftpaw X Brightheart). Just saying.

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22 Ferncloud

This death crushed me. It tore me apart. She died protecting the nursery SHE might've not been a "warrior". But she was a true warrior even with out the title. And the part that made me cry was that her kits thought she was asleep and not dead. And Dustpelt had the right to be angry. I was angry too!

23 Whitestorm

Why is Whitestorm 9th? searisly guys...
Bluestar was whitestorms auntie! He deserved to be in the elder den!
I hate Bones guts! I laughed when I heard Bone died when a couple of apprentinces killed him... A real coward really... Whitestorm was a loyal warrior! I don't get that he isn't higher than DAPPLETAIL!

Whitestorm was amazing and should not have died! He was so brave and so wise--I personally believe Bluestar should've picked him as deputy instead of Firestar. When Bone killed him, I cried. When Bone was killed, I laughed. To me, Whitestorm's death was by far the sadest. I felt that I had a deep connection with the warrior. :'(

It was so sad when he died. Poor Whitestorm. ): I wish he could have lived a little longer. He was brave, kind, wise, and noble. He was so cute as a kit too. He was also a really good deputy and he really deserved the position too. He was one of my favorite characters and he will be forever missed. I'm glad we see him in StarClan but it's still really sad. I cried at this part of the book.

Man stupid Firestar dragged him into battle. Tch tch tch, he was so wise.

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24 Mosskit Mosskit

Bluestar killed her kit for ambition. I know it wasn't on purpose but Mosskit could have lived a great life in ThunderClan!

I personally think this is one of the worst and saddest death in the warriors series!
Mosskit was so cute and adorable! WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE!

She was so young that she couldn't have possibly done anything to deserve that. Why oh why did she have to die. Poor sweet, little Mosskit X.

Bluestar did not purposely kill her kit. Mosskit died from the cold.

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25 Sandstorm

(SPOILERS FOR THE APPRENTICE'S QUEST! ) I'm reading The Apprentice's Quest and apparently Sandstorm dies of a shoulder wound. RIP Sandstorm. :( - IcetailofWishClan

26 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

Don't blame Firestar for Scourge's death blame Ruby, Socks, and Tigerstar because of them he's evil I always had a soft spot for him but I never blamed Firestar he's just amazing.

I think it was a good thing that Scourge died but yet bad because he died all confused because Firestar/heart died once on his 9th life and confused him and got killed by him.

I kinda liked scourge just a little cause you can't blame him for what happened to his family when he was little an all he wanted was really revenge for that and I thank him for killing tigerstar but having to go after fire star is just a menus

He went to heaven with me, his mate!

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27 Stonefur

He was killed just because he was half clan! And he died to save Featherpaw and Stormpaw! He beat Darkstripe even though he was starved and then Blackfoot joined the fight and Stonefur was SO CRUELLY slaughtered! SOB! I was surprised that Stonefur isn't on the let already! I LOVE Stobefur! REST IN PEACE STONEFUR!

He died to save Graystripe's kits and instead of killing them he literally sacrificed himself

I cried sooo bad when that happened. They killed him because he was half clan. Stupid leopardstar for falling in love with tigerstar and not stopping him. At least she made misty foot deputy to make up for her brothers death.

He died a very noble and honorable death. He knew that killing Stormkit and Feather kit would be wrong, evengeance knowing he would die protecting them. Stonefur was even beating Darkstripe when Blackfoot joined and killed him horribly. His death scene literally sent shivers up my spine. I'd say he would have been a good leader and RIP

28 Badgerpaw

Badgerpaw's death was probably one of the most uniquely tragic in the series, considering how young he was and the gravity of his last dying wish. The way you were not only able to get insight on the horrors of what was going on in Shadowclan, but how it was able to get you so attached to a character in so little time is painfully sad. Badgerpaw, or as he will forever be known, Badgerfang, was probably the quickest I've ever felt attached to a character, and the fact he will always be respected in Starclan as a warrior despite his early death is probably on of the most touching ends to his tale. It was also good to know Starclan accepted him with his warrior name in the extra mini story about how Tigerstar got his nine lives. Rip Baderfang, your sacrifice for your clan, even though it should have never had to happened, will always be remembered

When I read this I cried so hard - Torren33

When I read Code of the Clans and Badgerpaw's Death is SO SAD! I don't think I cried, but he was like two moons old and was slaughtered in a battle! and his last words were like "Flintfang, did I do well? " I wAs seriously almost in tears. - WaffleCat56

This has to be the saddest death, like, EVER. Badgerpaw's last words were so touching, and I don't know how he isn't higher on the list. He deserved to become a strong ShadowClan warrior-but now he is in StarClan, sad enough as it is.

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29 Sagewhisker
30 Dappletail

Many people think Dappletail was dumb for eating that rabbit, but she was STARVING what else was she supposed to do? Yes, she should have listened to the warriors, but hunger drove her to do it

When a cat is starving, you don't care about this or that, if you see and smell food, you become a monster. It's just how it is. I feel bad that hunger drove her into insanity, but that's how it goes.

She was so stubborn when she ate that stupid rabbit! She was told it was poisoned... -

Poor dapple tail. She was STARVING! I feel bad for her

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31 Snowfur

Seriously! Why did she have to DIE! She was just doing a good deed for thunderclan and she was killed, leaving a motherless kit and a corrupted husband!

! Poor snowfur, I mean what was Erin hunter thinking

OMSC! Whitekit was all like "Where's my mommy? Is she playing hide-and-go-seek?. Does she have a surprise for me?! "it was so sad. Plus if she lived, she would have stopped thistleclaw from badly training tigerstar! R.I.P. snowfur!

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32 Greypool

Greypool is so amazing, to trust anther cat from a clan (Fireheart/star) and even Fireheart immediately respected her, and I cried so much at her death! I hate the comment which is "she slid down the hill, all paws and tail and landed hard on the edge of the rock poking out, there she lay and did not move again" THAT IS SO SAD! Waa! Rest in peace, brave, loyal and wise Greypool


I love greypool! And when I read her death at school, I wailed and started to cry in front of everyone! Someone asked why I was crying, I wailed "because Greypool is dead! " and they looked at me like I was mad! And for the rest of the week I walked around muttering under my breath "stupid Tigerstar, horrid Tigerstar, get lost Tigerstar, # you Tigerstar! "
I will NEVER forget her and I will always honour her spirt and memory!

It all happened so quickly. I mean, Fireheart really had some respect for her. Man, stupid damn Tigerstar. Why did she have to die? I mean, she wasn't my favourite but, her death was plainly the worst and lifeless. - Mousefur17

33 Tallstar

Such a great leader. Outlived all of the other leaders. He helped Bluestar too, and gave Firestar great advice. I grieve for him still. StarClan Honor's him.

Tallstar only wanted peace. He was noble and kind and he supported the other clans when they had hard times. He was so innocent and he shouldn't have died. He will always be respected.

Poor guy. He was old but wise and noble

At least he gets to visit his Jake.

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34 Crookedstar

That was so sad when Crookedstar died he died from like greencough or somthing like that but it was sad Fireheart/star respected him so much! I belive he shouldn't have died at least from green cough he should have died in honor.

I love crookedstar so much that I could die

I was kinda happy when Crookedstar died b because now he was with Willowbreeze, his two lost kits, Silverstream, Oakheart, and the rest of hos beloved ones who have fallen

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35 Starburst

Poor starburst, saddest death ever. I ate him

Starburst is a candy!

Oh starburst was killed by being eaten by a twoleg lol! - Torren33

Lmao this could actually be a good warrior name

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36 Darkstripe Darkstripe

I AGREE COMPLETELY. That's WHY HE ROAMS THE DARK FOREST. It was sad that tigerstar wouldn't let him walk the dark forest with him. BUT I STILL HATE HIS GUTS!

I hate Darkstripe. He is a cowardly kit who needs a mommy to look after him. But without Darkstripe Fire heart would have drowned.

If he killed Sorrelkit how would Cinderpelt be reincarnated?!? - Torren33

Dirtstripe more like it laugh out loud

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37 Snowkit Snowkit

This should be the saddest kit death, I mean he was deaf and he got carried off by a hawk, I thought he at least was going to live to be an apprentice.

He was just a kit! I wish we had gotten to know him more...

Its bad enough snowkit is death then a few days after the diagnosis a hawk comes and carries him off it was so unexpected when the mother jumped amd tried to save him I just sat there like "Derp. "

He was just a baby

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38 Longtail

I feel sorry for him getting blinded by a rabbit and having to retire early that's bad enough! I do like mousefur but seriously, wanting to get a mouse while the whole camp is about to collapse longtail was a good cat and should of had a more noble death how dre any tree kill him!

Man I was like really angry with Mousefur for being so selfish when they found his dead body. True he was mean to firestar but he was sweet as an elder and sort of kept Mousefur in place.

Poor long tail. He believed in tiger claw for so long but then he became friends with fire star after ditching tiger claw. It's so sad. He cared about mouse fur so much especially when she had green/white cough

It was so sad how he died Mousefur was so upset and he loved her so much to bad they couldn't be mates and live happily ever after.

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39 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Yeah, he was evil, but if he had had less of his fathers ambition, would he have deserved to die... -

It was his dad's fault

His death is creepy

40 Shrewpaw

Hello? Remember him? He was thinking only of his clan when he died... Curse that twoleg which drove the monster that struck him!

Poor Shrewpaw! He was such a great cat. He and Squirrelpaw/flight could have been the cutest mates!

He died trying to catch prey to feed his starving clan! Starclan and Thuderclan will honor him!

He died serving his clan. It was cute in the scene when Leafpaw was in the Moonpool for the first time and Shrewpaw was keeping Fern cloud ' s kits safe! Pebblestar

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