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41 Gray Wing

He died in front of HIS MATE AND KITS! His kits will only have memories of him and he will never get to raise his kits! I cried the most at his death, he's now officially one of my favorite characters!

He deserved a better life- and he had to say good bye to all he loved.

Gray wing was the best! The worst thing was he had to die before seeing his kits grow up! 😥

42 Stonepelt

He didn't deserve to die. He was loyal and brave right till the very end. I always admired Blackclaw, Darkstripe and even Tigerstar. Everyone likes a good villain, but everyone loves a good hero.

43 Whitethroat

Whitethroat died because of evil Tigerstar! Basically Tigerstar killed Runningwind and Whitethroat was horrified he went and crouched by Runningwind's body and waited for a patrol to come and then Fireheart saw him and thought he had killed Runningwind so he chased him across the Thunderpath and then Whitethroat got hit! So sad I was crying and it is so unfair!

I was so sad when Whitethroat died, because my beautiful cat, Spooky, died in the same way... :( May StarClan always light your path, Whitethroat...

Actually Fireheart/Cinderpelt killed him! - Torren33

That was so sad

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44 Stormfur

Poor guy died trying to help sick 'paws. Even the people hiding couldn't do any thing

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45 Lionheart

God I cried so hard when Spottedleaf said there was nothing she could do to save him.

It"s so sad when he dies. It was Tigerstar"s foult. He was so wise, brave and loyal to Thunderclan. He would have made one of the best leaders of the forest.

Lionheart was my favorite warrior ever, and then he dies and TIGERCLAW becomes deputy.

46 Ashfur

Hollyleaf killed him because he was going to tell all the clans, yes but then she just told them herself

Ashfur is a dumbass -.- he can't handle rejection and he thinks showing Squirrelflight his pain will do anything. If you think about it,he could've killed every cat because jayfeather and lionblaze were part of the prophecy.

Poor Ashfur. He didn't deserve to die. He just loved to much. And then Hollyleaf killed him. And afterwords? Hollyleaf pretty muchdefeats the whole purpose of killing him by telling ALL OF THE CLANS HERSELF. I still miss him. ;(

No, I think you mean Assfur.

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47 Brindleface

"No! No! No! Why her, Fireheart, why her? " ~Cloudtail. Can everyone else honestly say that a part of them didn't die at this part? I cried and cried... Ugh, it was horrible.

She was so young! And always so kind gentle and pretty. I mean what reason did she have to die?

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48 Leopardstar

WHY DID SHE DIE? She was amazing! I wish she lived. She had so much faith for her clan, loyalty, and braveness.
She was one of a kind, leopard spotted cat! Extraordinary! Long live Leopardstar :, (

I was lepordfurs biggest fan then when she became leader it was awesome but then she just had to die:'(

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49 Snowtuft

He is underrated and overlooked. I hate him too, I know. He never had to sacrifice himself to the Dark Forest, but he didn't have to die so horribly either.
Sliced open from ear to belly. That hurts. If only he hadn't sacrificed himself, he could have become a great Warrior.

50 Brightflower's Kits
51 Yellowfang's Unnamed Kits

Yellowfang had three kits. Two died. I vote for the two that never knew life

If they had lived this is what I think they should've been named:
Blazepelt: calico she-cat with amber eyes
Herbleaf: Longhaired gray she-cat with orange eyes
Seriously? She named him Brokenkit because her heart was broken when gave him up? Who would want to be named after a broken heart? I would've named him Tabbykit!

52 Ravenpaw

No his death was not named but he was a great loyal apprentice and would have made a fine Warrior... I hate Tigerstar

Ravenpaw dies of old age halfway and sla weird pain in his stomach. He was with skyclan when this happened

53 Gorsepaw
54 Bone

I feel bad for Bone even though I laughed when he died. He died by a swarm of APPRENTICES! Who wouldn't laugh?

55 Skywatcher

Wasn't he that crazy lunatic that liked stalking the moon? His death was so sad though.

I know! He kept the memory of Skyclan going throughout the years ;-;

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56 Willowpelt

She was so beautiful! I never knwew how she died, but I loved her! RIP Willowpelt :-(

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57 Thrushpelt V 1 Comment
58 Seedpaw

This was the first death in the flood, and it wasn't fair to her father or sister I mean Sorreltail had died in the Great Battle. StarClan shouldn't have taken her life as well, it was so sudden. I mean she wasn't under that long, and next thing you know they announced her dead. :(

59 Mousefur Mousefur

But Mousefur was so cute

I wish Mousefur took Longtail as a mate. But no...my expectations were crushed.

60 Duskwater

Poor Duskwater. She just wanted to go make some dirt in peace.

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