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61 Duskwater

Poor Duskwater. She just wanted to go make some dirt in peace.

62 Frostfur

I really loved Frostfur she was one of my fave cats and I felt bad for Ol' Specks she lost her final kit. A deaf kit. He would've made a good warrior. Frostfur and Speckletail suffered a slow, painful death. Wondering if their Clan was ok. They were truly loyal cats and deserved to have a 2nd life like Cinderpelt/heart. Rip Frostfur and Speckletail - Torren33

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63 Bright Stream

Why did she have to die? I knwo Thunder wouldn't be alive, but her death basically drove Clear Sky cruel and made him do horrible things. that's what I think anyway.

64 Sootfur

I cried so bad when he died. SPOILER ALERT! They were trying to get cats up a secret ledge that leads out of the camp. Well soot fur comes dragging his body along the ground. Squirrelflight tried to get him up but his legs were broken. BOTH OF THEM! A badger came and tore open his throat. TO THIS DAY AND FOREVER MORE I WILL ALWAYS HATE BADGERS WITH A PASSION!

Poor guy got his neck cut open by a badge I started crying after his death.. Poor sorreltail her bro died what a scary death.

65 Runningwind

Runningwind had a sad death...

66 Moonflower Moonflower

She was a great mom. Why did she die so soon.

Hawkheart killed Moonflower, Bluestar's mother, when Bluestar was a kit. Poor Bluestar never getting to see her mother untill she got to StarClan :(

She died because of hawkheart! I also hate it how Bluestar/bluepaw was only an apprentice! She was like why'd you kill her you shouldn't kill cats unless if you have agood reason! I miss her so much!

(puts tail up) calm down all of you! You don't have to go mousebrain and get so mad at hawkheart...

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67 Larchkit Larchkit V 1 Comment
68 Flametail

Didn't this one have a plot hole, where it was said he was "destined" to die so the medicine cats would reunite but his death was actually a reason they split? - SailorSedna

I still can't believe it! Poor Flametail! And people still blame Jayfeather for Flametail's death eventhough Jayfeather was trying to save poor Flametail. :(

Jayfeather doesn't deserve the blame. The White ugly starclan cat does. Flametail almost dies twice and if he did I'd hate Ivypaw/pool forever. Flametail was my favourite out of his siblings. Dawnpelt is stupid because she was all "Jayfeather killed my brother" and Tigerheart never deserved Dovepaw/wing.

69 Shadowheart

I cryed so bad when I read Shadowheart's death. So sad...

Fake. - IcetailofWishClan

70 Patchpelt

His death was so sad! I cryed for 2 whole days. He was my 2 favroite chariter! Firestar is my favroite. Anyway, his death was so sad! :, (

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71 Smallear

His death was unnamed but it must have been tragic for ThunderClan. :(
Poor Smallear...

72 Reedwhisker

I can't believe his own clanmate killed him over protecting a RiverClan cat, Cloudberry. Poor Reedwhisker. Killed by another WindClan warrior

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73 Dustpelt
74 Russetfur

The warrior code says you should not kill

Nah duh genius

75 Whiteclaw

Whiteclaw was Leopardfur's apprentice He died by slipping off the gorge while he was fighting Greystripe he tried to save him but it was to late Leopardfur was devastated at his death she never really let it go I think that Leopardfur and Whiteclaw would of made great mates if he was still alive

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77 Hazeltail
78 Raggedstar

Brokentail just takes all 9 lives like that. He would have made a great leader.

79 Hawk Swoop

She was caring for kits! I loved her so much she did not deserve to die

80 Rainswept Flower

She promised kits that she would come back and she never did

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