Top Ten Worst Warrior Cat Parents

This, In my opinion, Is my list of the cruelest, Twisted parents in warrior cats

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1 Rainflower

I vote 100% here. I felt so bad for Crookedkit when his mother hated him. Like seriously who does that to their own kit? She loved him so much before the Goosefeather scared him off then he fell and broke his jaw (I kinda blame Goosefeather for this) Rainflower was a terrible mother and I would hate having a mother that hated me and didn't care about me. She even give him one of his nine lives! And when she made his name change to Crookedkit! Seriously, Rainflower? No kit deserves to be treated like this! If I were Rainflower I would take care of both my kits with all my heart, not by what they look like. It's the inside that counts not the outside! Rainflower may look like the prettiest cat on earth but her inside is cruel! Crooked star may look ugly ( I honestly still think he looks perfect) but his inside is kind and sweet. I felt so bad for him when he was abandoned and when his mate Willowbreeze and his kits, died! (I may have some errors because I type really fast and there ...more

I felt so bad for Crookedstar when he got that name because of RAINFLOWER I mean just because his appearance changed doesn't mean that his personality did.

Rain flower comepletely ditched poor crooked kit after his accident. It wasn't even his fault that he looked like that, but she made him sleep all by himself. She changed his name before he had any say in literally anything. And when crooked jaw tried his hardest to save her, even after she neglected him for all of his kit hood and apprenticeship, she didn't even say thank you to him before she died. I don't like her!

Rainflower was wrong to abandon Crookedkit. It was not his fault he fell and broke his jaw! It was Goosefeather's fault! Stormkit would have been a fine name for him, but she HAD to rename him Crookedkit! And when he became an apprentice, she said that he would never be as good as Oakpaw. Oh, Oakpaw. He has to get all Moonflower's attention. He didn't want it, and he wanted his brother to get just as much as their mother's attention. I absolutely agree with this being #1.

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2 Stormtail

He was so stupid! I mean, He never spent time with his mate or kits, And when Moonflower died, He shown NO emotion and went for Dappletail! He also told Bluestar to stop grieving for Snowfur!

Stormtail was never there for his family like a proper tom should be. I don't know what Moonflower saw that was so great in him that she had to become his mate. Stormtail never seemed to care about Moonflower, he didn't love her. When she died he was like "yeah, whatever, now I can go after Dappletail and not feel bad". A terrible parent.

What he is basically saying on the phone is this: hey hun, I see our kids opened their eyes and that's good I guess. And I'm hanging out with a super hot chic, and I uh, sorta don't wanna really hang out with y'all anymore. Thanks you're a doll hun.

He technically cheated on Moonflower, and liked Dappletail so YEAH

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3 Millie

I agree that Millie deserves this place on this list. She was a fine character and mom before Fading Echoes, even if she could be a little obsessive/overprotective of her kits. But when Briarlight became paralyzed, she changed. And for the worse. We barely see her with her other kits, and she was to the point /obnoxious/ with Briarlight. I don't believe she abused Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, but she neglected them. Not even Graystripe was as insane about his daughter. And remember when Jayfeather and Millie got into a fight over pushing Briarlight too hard? And Millie whined about how Briarlight will never "run through the forest, hunt with her siblings, oh, what a sad, sad life! "? Honestly, I just thought that proved how psychotic Millie had gotten about her kit. And you don't yell at your kit who just came out of a underground tunnel that your other paralyzed daughter would make a better warrior than her.

Mille should be number 2 in my opinion, but Rainflower was obviously the worst. Anyway, I vote for her because she was a horrible biased character. I know Briarlight got hurt really badly but that doesn't mean she gets to forget about her other kits and be rude to them. She neglected Blossomfall to the point of going to train in the dark forest.

Poor poor blossom fall that idiot who said she was a brat IS WRONG Millie is unfair to bumblestripe and blossom fall

Millie is not a mean character. She is kind and caring, to greystripe, and her clan. But I think we can all agree that she is too overprotective with brairlight, and needs to spend time with her other kits. If Millie was nicer to blossomfall, blossomfall would never have joined the dark forest. Think Millie is a great character but she needs to show more love towards bumblestripe and blossomfall.

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4 Lizardstripe

Shouldn't this be like, number one? I understand that Rainflower is a terrible mother but unlike Lizardstripe, she still loved one kit at the very least. Lizardstripe hated all her kits in general! Brokenstar would have been an amazing cat if raised by Yellowfang! I admit, I am upset with how Yellowfang didn't keep her kit, but oh well. Who agrees with me?

Lizardstripe is an irresponsible cat! She isn't fit to be a mother and she has no rights! It's HER fault that Brokenstar is evil, not Yellowfang! - Sumwantin

Yes, Lizardstripe tried to take care of Brokenstar when Yellowfang couldn't. She was rude and didn't seem to care. At all.

Ok, how isn't this number one? Rain flower was terrible and all, but she not only neglected one of her kits, but all of them! She was so selfish!

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5 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

I disagree. Tigerstar, for one, treated his two ThunderClan kits very well. He didn't force them to join him, and Brambleclaw ended up becoming ThunderClan leader. Tawnypelt wasn't forced into ShadowClan by her father-- she chose to go there of her own accord because she didn't want to fight against her Clanmates for being Tigerstar's spawn, like Brambleclaw did. Brambleclaw was willing to prove his worth, while Tawnypelt didn't want to fight that fight. The other litter, Hawkfrost and Mothwing, was mothered by Sasha, as we all know, who left Tigerstar to escape his regime. And he let her leave. He didn't want anything to do with them (maybe he did, but he didn't pursue them) until Hawkfrost found him and trained under him, pulling Brambleclaw down with him until Firestar was injured. Mothwing was fine without him, and so was Hawkfrost. I can understand why he wouldn't want to speak with them, since their mother (and his ex-mate) ran and returned to her loner life. Tigerstar was not a ...more

Well, I'm sure everyone agrees that Tigerstar is a terrible cat. But I don't think he deserves to be on this list. For the most part, he wasn't a terrible parent to his kits. I mean, he killed a lot of cats and is NOT a good cat, but he wasn't a bad parent.

Ignored 3/4 of his kits. Stupid tigerstar and hawkfrost. I laughed when tigerstar died

Tigerstar was a terrible parent. I don't know why Goldenflower fell for him. Brambleclaw doesn't deserve to have a father like that.

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6 Crowfeather

He treats Nightcloud like garbage, And is the reason Breezepelt went to the Dark forest! Crowfeather led them to believe he hated them, If Nightcloud tried to talk to him, He would snap. Crowfeather never liked Breezepelt

Whereas Crowfeather is a loving and devoted mate, he treats Breezepelt so horribly. In one of the books, Firestar praised Breezepelt while Crowfeather praised Lionblaze. Breezepelt would have been one of WindClan's best warriors if Crowfeather had been a bit more compassionate. I know he didn't really care about Nightcloud, but don't take it out on your kit!

He makes millie look like an angel from heaven!

Crowfeather never cared for any of his kits, never meant to be a parent.

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7 Sandgorse

He stopped caring about Tallstar just because he didn't want to be a tunneler and he practically disowned and called him "our apprentice" instead of his own son

Sandgorse was a neglectful parent, but not really BAD.

I mean sandgorse u need to loose up


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8 Silverstream

Why do people think Silverstream is a bad parent? Clearly she's dead, so she can't even talk to her kits.

Silverstream is not a bad parent. How is she number eight? She died kitting and her last words were 'take care of our kits'. When Feathertail died they were together. It isn't like she could come back alive. She shouldn't even be on this list.

She would have been the BEST mother I mean in star clan she's always with feathertail caring for her and loving her and when she was going to die she told graystripe take care of are kits?! SHE WOULD BE THE BEST MOM!

Why is she here? She didn't had the chance of raise her kits what it's something no mother deserves, and I'm sure if she survived she would have been one of the bests mothers. - cassiabez

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9 Clearsky

Okay. He stole his brother's mate, Gray Wing's true love (Gray Wing is AWESOME, by the way). When his mate died (and two of his kits, I believe? ) he literally abandoned Thunder, and Gray Wing RAISED HIM AS HIS OWN SON AND LOVED HIM LIKE A FATHER, and then Clear Sky is like "Oh, hey, because you're MY son, you should come live with me? " Um, WHAT? Kind of ridiculous. And then Thunder fell in love with Star Flower, and Clear Sky literally swooped in and took her. I don't like Star Flower at all, and I think she'd be a terrible mate for Thunder or Clear Sky, but really, dude? Fox-hearted jerk.

I hate him! I know he lost his two mates, unborn kits, and a little over half a litter, but he neglected/abandoned his two brothers, abandoned his only son, and was obsessive over storm! He needs to chill and think of his family first! CROWFEATHER is a better father then he is ):(

Clear Sky is a butt. He lost his two mates, blamed his brother for the first one's death (she was carrying his kits at the time! ), and shamelessly let his other mate and kits die. Then, he took his son's ex-she-cat-friend (? ) as his mate. That's just WEIRD. - xXRainsongXx

Clearsky is a butt.He deserves to be on here. he completely neglected thunderđŸ˜ªđŸ˜­

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10 Palebird

She only cared about 4 of her kits and not tallstar

She isn't a jerk to her four kits, but she is to Tallstar? What a stupid queen! I read Tallstar's Revenge, and CRIED AND BAWLED when Tallstar left! Palebird didn't even care! Sandgorse was a WAY better parent! Palebird can't grieve forever! BIG WHOOP! ONLY ONE KIT DIED. YOU STILL GOT ANOTHER WHO FEELS UNLOVED! How Palebird neglected Tallstar, was very upsetting. I will never forgive Palebird of her nonsensed brain. Sandgorse even paid attention to Tallstar, but Palebird paid not a single attention span to her son. And oh, I'm sure Sandgorse was mad when he found out that Palebird was mating Woollytail in about 18 hours after death. SHE DIDN'T EVEN GRIEVE! What a poor, poor mother. She was a fine mother to her four other kits, but she really took a hard number on Tallstar. Never will she ever be forgived. What a harsh cat. If I were Tallstar, I would've run away and e=never returned. And if I were ever spotted, I would say that it was all Palebird's fault!

Of course you need to worry about your young kits because they can get hurt easily,But,You need to worry about your full grown Kit too and love them in the same way. - cassiabez

I just finished reading Tallstar's Revenge, and thought that Palebird was nice at the beguining, but as the story went on she was just a terrible parent. At the beguining of the book all she did was talk about her lost kit Finchkit, I mean be greatful that Tallkit survived! I don't understand why all the other cats didn't understand why Talltail was happy, I mean sure kit's are great. But, after Sandgourse's death she went on like Sandgourse never existed! She also only cared about her 4 new kits and forgot about Talltail. She should have been out there more for her son Talltail.

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11 Daisy

For me,Daisy it's kinda annoying but she was a great mother. - cassiabez

No, daisy was a awesome mom... what r u talking bout?

Daisy is an AMAZING MOTHER! Why the hell is daisy a "slut"? Oh cause she had a crush on another cat? Spottedleaf also did that and she's not a slut! And Cloudtail didn't see her "true colors" he didn't care! Then she realized and mated with spiderleg and that dirtbag was a horrible father! But all in all, DAISY WAS A GREAT MOM!

How is Daisy a slut? She didn't know anyone when she joined and Cloudtail WAS being quite nice to her. How was she supposed to know he was already taken?

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12 Nightcloud

Because she encouraged her son to do wrong. Oh, Breezepelt, you could've been a hero

Nightcloud was so selfish and prissy, and terrible parent. All she cared about was herself.

Nightcloud couldn't get Crowfeather to love her back, because he sucks. So she resorted to what probably a lot of people would do. If the father of your child is not in his life, you SPOIL THAT BABY! She didn't turn him evil! She made him arrogant yes, but not evil, THAT was crowfoods fault.

Nightbrat is such a flawless, whiny Mary-Sue! She encourgaged her son to be a dirtbag ()! She's so selfish and she's like a little princess. ''Oh Crowfeather! Why don't you love me? I'm such a good mate to you and our son is perfect." OF COURSE SHE'S ON HERE!

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13 Spiderleg

Spiderleg mated with Daisy and neglected her kits I mean come on

How is he lower than daisy?! He wasn't in his kits lives!

Spiderleg didn't want to be Daisy's mate.

14 Dustpelt

"He was just terrible, especially when it came to being a father."

Dustpelt was a great parent to all his kits, especially Foxleap and Icecloud. They are the only two of his kits I like anyway.

I think he was bad.He was there when they were tiny and left as they grew.

He was horrible to brichfall ecspecially

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15 Mapleshade Mapleshade

Well, she had no other choice, she got exiled from her clan and what would you do in that situation? I mean I would do exactly what she did.

No, she didn't kill her kits. Her kits were swept away by the river, not Mapleshade. - IcetailofWishClan

She just grabbed all her kits and carried them across a stream and then they get swept away but Mapleshade

She is a SUPER AWESOME MOTHER her. Kits wete basically her life

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16 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

She gave up her kits so Thistleclaw wouldn't be the deputy. He was evil and she knew it. She had no choice. Thistleclaw would've turned ThunderClan evil. She loved her kits. Why is she on here?

Finally people understand the BlueStar is a horrible cat!

Bluestar so meant well! She loved Mistyfoot and Stonefur! None was her fault!

I agree. She walked through a snowstorm w/ her kits, causing one of them to die. The only reason being is Thistleclaw might have been deputy, and we don't even know for sure he would have.

( Now, I do love Thistleclaw, but I still don't think he would have been the greatest leader. )

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17 Moonflower Moonflower

Are you people crazy? Moonflower was a wonderful parent!

Hey Moon flower was a great mom! She loved her kits!

I voted for her just because... why is her name Moonflower? I thought that moon shouldn't be used in warrior names!

Ugh...please don't get be started on Moonflower. It is infuriating how hated Hawkheart is for defending his medicine supply. If Moonflower had succeeded in destroying WindClan's medicine, the whole clan could have PERISHED. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would MUCH rather Moonflower die than the whole of WindClan. Think of it this way: No WindClan, no Crowfeather, no Lionblaze, Hollyleaf or Jayfeather. Seems legit in that perspective, eh? She deserved to die, honestly...she was so dull to read about. Moonflower was the most sickly sweet and stereotypical mother in the whole of the Warriors series...her, along with Snowfur. I found neither of their deaths at all sad, except for Whitekit's grief. Come to think of it, Bluefur was quite whiny as a warrior, also...but I'm not here to rant on her kits. In conclusion, Moonflower is a goody-two-shoes who is WAY too motherly for my liking. ~Rocky

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18 Speckletail

Why is she even a bad mother? It was not her fault that Snowkit died. - cassiabez

19 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

She had no choice, she loved her kits very much I bet if she had the chance to raise her kits she would have been a great mother. - cassiabez

I love Leafpool, she would have been a good parent if a warrior, but I think that Squirrelflight should have kept the Three.

Leafpool tried her best guys

She was a very good parent I really dislike it when people joke around like this-Dawnbark

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20 Graystripe

Graystripe was a good and caring parent! I disagree with this!

He's not as bad as Millie but still...

Oh I hate graystripe I wish he would die

I don't like assuming and this could just be called a "headcannon", but I personally believe one of the main reason he even become Millie's mate in the first place, is because she looked like Silverstream.

When Greystripe choose to have another family, he needs to take reasonability for it instead of being rapped up with Silverstream all the time. How would you feel if your father use to have another wife and wouldn't stop fussing over her despite being died for years and having a new family who needs him. It would make you feel only 2nd best, to another family you barely ever knew. And think how Millie must feel as well. Constantly being compared and being considered the replacement to a cat she didn't even know, being in Silverstream's shadow. Instead of being treated like her own person, she's just seen as Silverstream's worse replacement. (I'm not saying Millie isn't at fault as well. She still neglected her two other kits. However she did have to deal with the stresses of ...more - Mellowix

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