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21 Stick

He was a rouge, and he was mates with Velvet, but abused his daughter, Red. (Not russetfur)

Who in the name of StarClan is Stick?

He didn't mean to kill Red. So, Dodge's group(Dodge is a rogue) were going to attack rogues(Stick, Percy, Shorty, Cora, etc) that weren't hostile. Red betrayed her group and mated with Harley(A rogue from Dodge's group). When the battle between the two rogues was about to start, Stick was gonna kill Harley. Red blocked Harley, and Stick accidentally killed her. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

22 Appledusk

He didn't even want to LEARN THEIR NAMES! I cannot understand why he's lower than Maple-shade, at least she loved her kits! She loved them so much that she literally KILLED for them. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE if you love your kits that much, you SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS LIST! But back to Apple-dusk; he was cheating on Maple-shade! How's she not supposed to be pissed off? I love Maple-shade and think that Apple-dusk should've went to Dark-Forest instead of Maple-shade.

True! He didn't even learn the kits names and didn't even grieve for them when they drowned in the river when Mapleshade was trying to bring them to a better life. He just got mad at Mapleshade and completely forgot about the kits. And then he died. :3

HE TOTALLY DESERVED TO DIE. He is more evil than Mapleshade. At least she had a reason. He called Mapleshade, and their DEAD kits a mistake. If Mapleshade didn't kill him, I would have.

How is he so down on this list?
Then people says that Mapleshade it's a bad mother, at least she loved her kits. - cassiabez

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23 Hal
24 Hawkwing

I think Twigpaw and Violetpaw are his long lost kits sooo he wouldn't know about them so he doesn't really count. Also I think that Pebbleshine should be on here because she gave them up! She could have at least carried one in her mouth or tried to get a couple of other cats to help.

Hawking wasn't a bad parent, but... what if Twigpaw and Violetpaw are his long-lost children?! Pebbleshine could have escaped from the Twolegs and given birth in the tunnels where Alderpaw and Nettlepaw found those kits! And Twigpaw looks just like Hawking! Skyclan might meet the kits when they return to the four warrior Clans. They will help them... after all, they are what will clear the sky!

25 Reedshine

Agreed person below

If not a bad parent, certainly a bad cat. I do not like Mapleshade, and I disapprove of Appledusk's taking a ThunderClan mate, but it was her ATTITUDE I disliked. She always seemed so affectionate towards Appledusk, when Appledusk already had a mate. (Fun Fact: Reedshine is Silverstream's great-grandmother, and Mapleshade is her step-great-grandmother.)

26 Tom

He stole his kits from Turtle Tail. Just so they would be taken from the twolegs. First he flirted with her, then he attacked Turtle Tail, insulted her, and stole the kits.

He's evil and kitnapped his kits. So, umm, ya.


27 Billystorm

He's not a parent yet...

28 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

Why is Firestar on here? He was trying to be leader and a father at the same time. Seriously people, give him a break.

Both Firestar and Sandstorm was great parents. - cassiabez

Why is firestar on here?

1) He totally belongs with Sandstorm, and they're great together
2) That is my favorite warrior cat couple
3) He loved Squirrelflight and Leafpool equally, in case no one noticed

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29 Berrynose

He IGNORED Poppy frost and only wanted to be with honey fern

Berrynose is arrogant, I don't know why Honeyfern was so taken with him.

He was awesome.The best.He praised and cleaned and played with his kits and cared about Poppyfrost.He's the best father.


30 Sasha

Just didn't jump in to save tadpole

She would have but she had to save Mothwing and Hawkfrost.Why is she even on here!

31 Brambleclaw

I agree. Brambleclaw was a great father. He loved his adoptive (and biological) kits greatly, encouraged them, and was always there for them. Without a doubt, a great cat.

Brambleclaw was a great parent! Why is he on here?

Brambleclaw has no kits...

How is Brambleclaw (should be Bramblestar, by the way) a bad parent? Alderpaw and Sparkpaw love him. He is so kind to Alderpaw when Alderpaw is struggling with warrior apprentice duties because he offers words of encouragement and tells that the perfect Firestar wasn't the best apprentice either. Lifts his son's spirits up by so much!

32 Princess

She loved her kits. She knew her kits would be taken away, so she gave Firestar one kit to be together with Firestar's kin. She shouldn't be on here. She loved her kits.

How did we know if she was ever a truly loving parent or not? We don't, I don't even know why someone put this on here.

We don't know if she's a good parent or not, but I'm sure she was.

She was just too... MUSHY w/ Cloudkit/paw/tail.

33 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

He wanted to make Whitestorm evil, he failed and made Tigerstar evil instead

Bad parent through and through!

34 Oakheart

He wasn't a true father to mistyfoot and stonefur! (Revealed in mistystar's omen)

35 Sandstorm

Sandstorm was a wonderful parent, just like Firestar was!

I never really liked her.Firestar was more of a parent to his kits.She snapped at them.And I don't think she was a good mother at all.

36 Pinestar

One of the worst parents! I mean, he just up and left when Tigerkit was just a baby! What good parent does that?! He was also a coward for not wanting to lose his last life! What's better than dying for your Clan?! He would have walked with StarClan and been honored in memory!

Does no one remember? He didn't come to the birth of his kits.Never visited them or loved I'll on Leopardfoot.He just left to be a kittypet.The only reason he had those kits is to pass on his genes.

And we know how that turned out (Looking at Tigerkit )

37 Cinders

This cat is good at first when she tells Sol and other cats about the sky warriors, but turning bad and unresponsive when she meets Sol's father. She abandoned Sol and other kits!

Cinders was bratty and ungreatful and made her kits live with two legs and left them

38 Jake
39 Leafstar
40 Dawnwhisker
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