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The way she treated Crookedstar and changed his name was just cruel. - Minecraftcrazy530

She only cared about her son's looks more than what's inside his heart. I mean letting one son sleep next to her and just flat out ignore the other one? It smashed my heart into tiny pieces reading about that! She should have been proud of his accomplishments! If I were a warrior and he was my son, I know I would. -Mintleaf

Rain flower comepletely ditched poor crooked kit after his accident. It wasn't even his fault that he looked like that, but she made him sleep all by himself. She changed his name before he had any say in literally anything. And when crooked jaw tried his hardest to save her, even after she neglected him for all of his kit hood and apprenticeship, she didn't even say thank you to him before she died. I don't like her!

I hate Rainflower. All she does is abuse her son for something that was her fault! It was all because of her that he was trained by Mapleshade from the dark forest.

Congrats! You won worst parent of the era award! Your prize? A one way ticket to the dark forest! - SpyroZap99

She ignored her amazing kit. Mapleshade may have been evil, but she ACKNOWLEDGED Crookedstar. Rainflower only cared about her pride! Oakheart was the only cat that she cared for truely! Only because she thought that he would be great and Crookedstar wouldn't! She changed his name when Shellheart didn't agree!

Rainflower was sweet, even if it was kinda wrong for her to name Crookedstar that, but then, if you really think hard about it, then he wouldn't be Crookedstar.

Rainflower is a horrible mother she doesn't love Crookedstar when he got his jaw hurt. She simply didn't care honestly I thought she would do the opposite and be so worried about him! That's what a 'true' mother would do. A real mother would help her child even though they have a disability.

Yup. Rainflower definitely deserves to be #1 worst parent ever. - AmberHeart


Yeah okay... CROOKEDKIT WILL GET USED TO IT? Rainflower and Millie really get on my nerves. Rainflower ONLY cares about what people look like on the outside. I mean, if my son (I'm sixteen I don't have one yet) broke his jaw, I'd be overwhelmed with love and fear. - Swiftdawn

God I hate her. Who judges their own kit by how they look? Good thing he became leader. But by the end she kinda losened by died so... it equals out that he could never make her proud of him. Crookedstar's Promise is a really good one, well they all are!

She's the worst mother OF ALL TIME

She should just go and die in a ditch, she is just plain evil, poor crookedkit!

Played favorites and divorced her mate just to change Stormkit's name - Oliveleaf

Poor Crookedkit. Rainflower didn't really treat him very well after he broke his jaw

Poor Crookedkit. His mother practically disowned him after he was injured.

Rainflower deserved to die she was so evil to crookedkit just because his face looked ugly lesson learned:never insult an kit one day they might become leader and youll have to respect them and plus youll feel guilty about what you did when he/she was a kit

I agree compleatly, and as a responce, this isn't his real mother.

I have a clan named Forrestclan and I have a warrior named Stormheart in honor of Crookedstar (Stormkit) and Oakheart.

I hate Rainflower! When I read Crookedstar's Promise, I threw my book when Rainflower changed his name! I mean, come on Rainflower! Your son looked up to you and all you do is freak out and say "His handsome face! His handsome face! Its ugly! " Well news flash Rainflower, "Her evil heart! Her evil heart! It's actually evil! ". If Crookedstar and Oakheart were my sons I would treat them the same. If Crookedstar hurt his jaw, I would stay with him in the nursery and make sure he got better. I would keep his name Stormkit and watch as he went from Stormkit to Stormpaw to Stormheart to Stormstar. I imagine Crookedstar's name as Stormheart if he never got the name CROOKEDKIT! Anyway, and Crookedjaw let Rainflower drown cause he knew that she would never be proud of him. If she loved him then I bet he would help her and save his Clan! Come on Rainflower! Oh, by the way Rainflower...I changed your name to Evilheart cause you have an evil heart. I decided to change it cause you suddenly went ...more - Hawkfrost

I'm sorry I can't make you proud of me.
But I haven't finished yet.
I'll do everything I can to make you glad I'm your son.
You'll never make me ashamed of who I am or what I look like.

-Crookedjaw to Rainflower

I only cried for 20 minutes...

I mean, I don't like what she did to poor Crookedkit, but she had a good reason (in my opinion) for doing so. She just wanted to have a normal life until Stormkit fell and broke his jaw. She renamed him Crookedkit so that if he died, it would be CROOKEDKIT, who is not her son, dying, and not her son, Stormkit dying. She did this so she would not feel as much grief. SYMPATHY PEOPLE!

Rainflower was wrong to abandon Crookedkit. It was not his fault he fell and broke his jaw! It was Goosefeather's fault! Stormkit would have been a fine name for him, but she HAD to rename him Crookedkit! And when he became an apprentice, she said that he would never be as good as Oakpaw. Oh, Oakpaw. He has to get all Moonflower's attention. He didn't want it, and he wanted his brother to get just as much as their mother's attention. I absolutely agree with this being #1.

Well... I DO agree that Rainflower was very unfair to Crookedkit, but she had a pretty good reason (in my opinion) for doing it. When Stormkit (Crookedkit before injury) broke his jaw, and the med. cat was caring for him, Rainflower changed his name so that if he died, it would not be her son, Stormkit, dying, it would be CROOKEDKIT, who was not her son. so she cut him out of her life completely, so if he died, she would not feel as much grief. So, I understand why she did it, but I STILL REALLY DON'T LIKE HER, but I understand how she felt.