Top Ten Worst Warrior Cat Ships


The Top Ten

1 Gray x Silver

The fan base is trash. - SilverstreamSucks

Terrible. Silverstream is a Mary Sue. - Camaro6

Exhibit A.

Lmao I agree 100%

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2 Bramblestar x Jessy
3 Jayfeather x Stick

This might be the most annoying ship. You can’t go anywhere in this fandom without hearing ‘JAYBAE X STICK IS THE BEST! ’ - SilverstreamSucks

4 Raggedstar x Foxheart

Foxheart, don't you dare. - SilverstreamSucks

5 Firestar x Spottedleaf

Stalkerleaf needs to stop. - SilverstreamSucks

6 Firestar x Bramblestar

This ship exists? - SilverstreamSucks

7 Ashfur x Scourge
8 Daisy x Cloudtail

You knew this was going to be on here. - SilverstreamSucks

9 Mothwing x Leafpool

Really overrated in my opinion.

10 Tallstar x Bluestar

Why does this exist. - SilverstreamSucks

The Contenders

11 Jinder x Mahal

This isn’t Warrior Cats (at least I don’t think) - KingSlayer93316

12 TurtleTail x Tom
13 Turtle Tail x Gray Wing
14 Skystar x Star Flower

Hate this! Clear Sky deserves someone else! Star Flower is evil! - Camaro6

15 Bloodthirsty x Prettyheart
16 Graystripe x Millie

Worst ship and couple there ever was and every will be -leopardwhisker

This ship is HORRIBLE

17 Rosetail X Bluestar
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