Top Ten Worst Warrior Cats Books

Which ten Warrior Cats stories simply were a total let down? Erin Hunter, I suggest you look away now... this may get ugly!

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1 Sign of the Moon

Listen up who ever said all warrior books suck you are hater

Hey, hey, hey, this book was actually really good to me. I don't know why you guys are all hating on this book when the real worst warriors book is Midnight. Let alone all of series two. Omen of the stars was the best series. Sign of the moon could've been better I'll admit, BUT it still was better than Midnight. Case closed.

All warrior cats books suck.

I agree Whitestormfan it is very good I think someone else posted that it was their second favorite book in omen of stars series behind the last hope and I really liked the omen of stars series and someone said less negative comments THIS ONE IS VERY GOOD

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2 Spottedleaf's Heart


Vote this awful dumbfest to number one! It is quite possible it's the dumbest thing I've ever read. It's like a really bad fanfiction.
It murders Thistleclaw's character (and LOGIC) just to make him a pedophile and fit in with this horrid story!
It ruined ALL continuity!
Like that person below said: nobody in their right mind should consider this canon.

Great StarClan. I was so disgusted when I read this book. What were the Erins thinking? This book literally has a WARNING on the Warrior Cats Wiki! Seriously?!
And Thistleclaw doesn't even seem phased by the death of Snowfur, his loyal mate WHO HE HAD A KIT WITH!
If you have not read this book yet, DO NOT READ IT. It's a bad book and completely inappropriate. Spare yourself from the horror of this novella, please.

This book is messed up!

1) We have a warrior cats book about a child predator. Warrior cats are aimed at teenagers and older.

2) Spottedpaw is being groomed and manipulate by Thisleclaw.

3) This was a point of view of a confused victim of a child predator.

I could go on for this! I really cannot understand why Erin Hunter think this is a good idea to have a book about child abuse and child manipulation. - flowergriffon

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3 Starlight

I'm pretty sure you can list 90% of the super editions on this list and 100% of everyone 's would agree. Firestar's Quest was just awful, and SkyClan's Destiny was just an abombanation - Darkheart76

The entire 2 arc was stupid (Excluding Sunset). They had to travel a while, then they just ended it off with drama. WORST SERIES EVER! -Stormshard

In my opinion, the second series was really really boring. All they did was travel to a badger, find a tribe, have a death, then they took the other cats with them. I mean, I know you need to make books to make the journey, but I'm quite sure you didn't need to make it a whole entire series! I don't mean to sound so negative for the second series, but there's another thing that I didn't like. What's with the sudden change of perspectives? In the first series, it was all Firestar's perspective. I actually expected that when I finished The Darkest Hour. I was like, "Ooh yay, let's see Firestar as a leader! " NOPE. When I saw it was at Brambleclaw's perspective, I was like okay. That's fine. But then it kept switching and switching. First, Brambleclaw, then Squirrelflight, then Feathertail, then Crowfeather, then Leafpool, then Stormfur, then Brambleclaw again! Just saying, you could've made the perspective changing a bit slower. So that we can fit into it ya'know? Anyway, it wasn't that ...more

I thought Starlight was an okay book, it was a step down from the walking and doing nothing to the new place, but Moonrise was very interesting they slowed the pace down, which to me is hard because exiting interesting dramatic books are what make it easier to read, the tingle of anticipation to see what happens next, like Rising storm it did not have some of those qualities. Overall from a readers perspective I think this book was like into the wild, teaching you new things though, you just want to get to the chase. Personally I loved the first series, and the second one. I think series books are overall great, even though they sometimes have their downfalls, hope you put this into perspective. How do you think the Erin's feel, they need to write the story and can't just be like: OH HEY WE MADE IT! YOY! " To " I wanna have babies with...umm... uh PATCHPELT MISTER GONE. :)" okay I'm sowwie bai

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4 Mistystar's Omen

I mean, it's okay.
But it's really boring and I don't like Mistystar in her own Novella

I honestly find Leopardstar's death sad. - IcetailofWishClan

Mistystars omen in a nutshell:
Mothwing is not a medicine cat

Mothwing is a medicine cat

The end

What happens in this book that is interesting.

Answer nothing

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5 The Fourth Apprentice

A story about a prissy holy-named cat who apparently has powers (and not Hollyleaf, who deserved to actually live longer and prove that just because she was a normal cat didn't mean she can't be part of a prophecy) and her somewhat less annoying and smarter sister, more crappy overused romance, and a bunch of whining and complaining.

That pretty much sums it up.

This book is about a poor young kit who has way to much pressure on her and she starts to cry then ivy is recruited for the dark forest. Dove made no mistakes until she worried so much about ivy and started to cry again and messed everything up so bad that ivy had to do doves job and save the clans by spying

About a stupid kit and her stupid sister who are best friends. "Oh no a prophecy! Sister who get dream wins" apparently, to Ivypaw, everything in life is a competition! So she is recruited to the dark forest. Dovepaw is whining about how much "pressure" cats are putting on her, when she's putting pressure on herself. Ivypaw is training with Hawkfrost! Gasp! Dovepaw whines! Then she goes to the caves with some cats and falls in love with Tigerheart. They meet up (i'm doing more than this book), and love each other. But Bumblestripe wants Dovewing. The battle! Dovewing abandons the battle and hides in a bush until its over. Hollyleaf, Ferncloud, Sorreltail, Firestar and more brave warriors who ACTUALLY FOUGHT WITH NO POWERS died. Dovewing is congratulated while she throws a tantrum because she no longer has powers. Best arc ever. - Puppytart

Dovewing is pretty much always crying and I want her to die soon I actually laughed when she lost her powers

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6 Rising Storm

I loved this one my favorite in the first series

I don't really like the book. It was really slow and boring until the end. The fire and Yellowfang's death was the only exciting part, but it was at the very end.

I don't know why Erin hunter couldn't of skipped about 3/4 of the book like in the first book where it just said 5 moons later and skipped all the going to the moonstone
and getting rejected by mudclaw and everything else.

Personally, I like the book because Fireheart became the Clan deputy, but he also has difficulties with his new rank because of Bluestar's stress, the elders fussing over the omen because his ceremony was later than moonhigh, his arrogant and rude apprentice Cloudpaw, and Tigerclaw on the loose.

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7 Twilight

Just, Arc 2 was bad enough, but I really don't like this book. It was pretty messed up.

Best book in the second series I agree with falconflight

Kate Cary said that one of the most fun books to write was this one.

SADIST. - RoseWeasley

This book... Okay, so I like when Leafpool helped river clan (I believe that was this one) but Leafpool and Crowfeather, I don't know. See, I thought that it was Leafpool who knew that she was going to die (not CinderPelt) so I was okay with their romance because I thought Leafpool was making the most out of the rest of her life. The worst though, was Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. They were fighting all of the time and it was so irritating. It just killed the book for me.

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8 SkyClan's Destiny

Didn't like the daylight warriors at all, found so many of the characters annoying, and Billystorm? REALLY?

I honestly hated this book. I mean, I LOVE SkyClan and all (they're my fave clan), but the only battle is the rat battle at the beginning, and it's boring. Nobody dies--I'm not trying to be dark, but the more characters that die in a warrior book, the more interesting it is to me. lol

To be truthful, it was fun, but I got lost pretty quickly and had to reread it a lot :P Wasn't that great..., and by the way I luved Spottedleaf's Heart how in the name of Starclan is it in 3rd place?

This book was weird. Daylight warriors, (which in apprentice's quest *spoilers* is revealed to have party caused skyclan's third downfall) scaring a two leg Toy Story's Sid style, and helping a hurt girl like in homeward bound. I don't know, if just doesn't feel like a warrior book at all. Better the second time I read it, but still, worst warriors book.

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9 Tigerclaw's Fury

I HATE Tigerstar!

They should make a whole Super Edition for Tigerstar. I personally enjoyed this and a super edition might justify his evil nature. - SpyroZap99

I have read this book and I believe that erin hunter should have carried the story until the finish. the complete finish...

Nice to see inside Tigerclaw's head, but it was too short and a bit same old and predictable. - Memery24

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10 The Ultimate Guide

It gave me spoilers so I know everything about warriors. I am now waiting for the next books to come out that have cats not in the u guide.

I don't hate this book but it only put the major characters and it was made after omen of the stars was released so vision of shadows cahracters aren't included I hope they make a new version

Where's Swiftpaw?
Where's Brackenfur?
Where's Ferncloud?
Where's Honeyfern?
Where's Blossomfall?
Where's Alderheart?
Where's Sasha?
Where's Jake?
Where are Twigbranch and Violetshine?
Where's Rowanclaw?
Where's Tigerheart?

Some of the cats you listed were revealed after the book was released, but yeas, it should have shown more cats. - Darkheart76

I LOVE this book I brought it to school and guarded it with my life

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The Contenders

11 Dovewing's Silence

So are we supposed to be happy? because this is a justa waste of time. Nobody likes dovewing, and we had a whole ARC dedicated to HER. now SHE gets a novella? now we hate her even more. - Darkheart76

Ohohohoho, you've done it now, Erins! First a WHOLE STARCLAN DAMN ARC FOR THIS CAT THAT I HATE, and now... A SHORT STORY? Make one for like Nightcloud or Breezepelt. One of the ACTUALLY INTERESTING cats. - Juniper


Sorry, didn't we get a whole arc dedicated to you? AND NOW A SHoRT STORY? Waste your space on Cinderpelt or someone we actually want to hear about. - SpyroZap99

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12 The Sun Trail

Why is this on the list?

I love this book! How can people hate it?! - Falconflight

Why is The Sun Trail on the contenders list? It is one of my favorite books in Dawn Of The Clans. (My favorite is Path Of Stars ;-))

Dawn of the clans must have been really damn good for only 1 book (this one) to be in the top 11-20. There are no others above it right now. Can't wait to read it! - SpyroZap99

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13 Crookedstar's Promise

It's my favorite super edition! It extremely sad and heart-breaking, but it is my second favorite book of all time This should be in the top 3 best warrior books, to be honest.

Why? This is an amazing book!

Why is this book even on this list! It's SO GOOD! - Falconflight

Crookedstar's Promise was good

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14 Dawn

Boring. That's it. - Darkheart76

How was this not number 1 this is so boring all they do is sit around for several days to make the book longer and travel... at least the old cover art is awesome I'm not a fan of the new cover art for this one

OKAY my wavorite warrior sierise is the new prophecy but dawn has to be theworst book in my favourite sierise of warriors dawn is the worst book ever

Honestly the second series wasn't awful, but it was kinda just boring to me. I thought that Dawn, Twilight and Starlight were really boring and kinda irritating because it was just about Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight fighting and Leafpool never really seemed like an interesting character to me

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15 Tigerheart's Shadow

This book is terrible! It kept on saying "pricked and prickled" which was very annoying so I couldn't even finish it! - Presidentofpotatoes

THIS BOOK WAS SO AWFUL! read my comment about Tigerheart in worst warrior cats for more info. I’m the one that thinks Dovewin greeds a new mate :(

16 The Outcast

I loved this book! - Falconflight

The cover looks like they are mating!

SO boring I had to skip it and eclipse till made sense

It wasn't the worst, but not he best

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17 Forest of Secrets

I mean, just because it's the very 3rd book doesn't mean its bad. It's the best in the Prophecies Begin!

How is this on here?! This is one of the best Warrior cat books EVER!

My favorite book and my favorite character dies so sad #SILVERSTREAM

My brother said it was about badgers but it was stupid but at the same time good - Puppytart

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18 Midnight

I like the book it is really boring for a couple chapters

It's just a bunch of random cats who go on a adventure and the adventure wasn't suspenseful or touching.


It was not the best warriors book. all they did was wait for the adventure to start the for half the book, and it was not worth the wait. then they found midnight, and didn't even talk to him

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19 The Last Hope

Falcon flight you are so right this book is amazing I even like better than the darkest hour my favorite book ever

I really like this book! Back off, Haters! - Falconflight

Why is this not higher on the list? it so poorly written and so rushed... they killed off Spottedleaf and Ferncloud for no good reason! and Hollyleaf dies after bringing her back a book ago! what...

From the few things I know about this book, it's trying too hard to be another "Darkest Hour." - SpyroZap99

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20 Eclipse

What happened in this book exactly? I remember that they were fighting for some reason but then an eclipse happened. I seriously don't remember anything that happened here. Thank god Long Shadows was so good or else I would have been even more upset. - JamesBourne

It was good. Not one of my favorites though.

This book is great! Sol looks powerful and great, and the battle is exciting!

I'm just now finishing this book and I am bored out of my mind.

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21 The Sight

I loved it! - Falconflight

This was good not much happened but they were kits and young apprentices so you can't expect young young cats to do much, a great book

What? This is one of my favorite books! :(

Just finished it, it's good, not bad - CuriousKitten555

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22 The Forgotten Warrior

I didn't find this book bad... - Falconflight

How is this number 22 out of 27? I DESPISE this book. I never could even finish it, because of how PISSED OFF I was at EVERYONE!
Dovewing. Dovewing! DOVEWING! Just the name tells you how much of a Mary Sue she was in the first books, and then how she became a stupid, selfish, jerk face idiot in the later ones. She was so annoying she was in this one, even more so than usual. That's saying a lot, since she's my number 2 or so least favorite character in ANY work of fiction, no, not just warrior cats.
Everyone else was either an idiot, a annoyance, or a villain at best. At worse, they make me wanna tear apart this book.
Ivypool was depicted as less than I, as a fan of hers, think she is. She was stil awesome though. Ivypool, I like ya. Also, I hated the plot. It's my least favorite warriors book, barely in front of Nght Whispers, which has a really cool title and slightly awful plot to justify it, just with the same problems this and the OOTS books have. (Everyone's annoying, ...more

How is this bad? Hollyleaf comes back

Hollyleaf= Brought back to be killed again. Whoops. Spoilers. - SpyroZap99

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23 Tallstar's Revenge

Frick you whoever put this on the list. - Darkheart76

Honestly, I didn't enjoy this book as much as the others. I wouldn't say I didn't like it, I just found it more boring and repetitive than the others. All Tallstar wants to do is to kill kill kill and then he gets sidetracked for most of the book with those barn cats and kits AND THEN he decides not to murder a cat and finds some forgiveness in his dark soul. Also at the beginning he kept complaining about being a tunneler instead of a moore-runner. Anyways I'm done lol

This book was so well written! - Falconflight

All this book ever talks about is tallstar going on and on about how he's gonna kill Sparrow and then finding out that he shouldn't really kill Sparrow after all.

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24 Sunrise

This book should be higher on the list. Other than the ending, the plot was so boring! I don't really remember what happened in this book, but I remember that half of the plot consisted of everyone walking somewhere. This book felt like such a chore to read, and I wanted to skip it so badly.

I hated so much how JayFeather and LionBlaze just felt sad about the prophecy rather than being sad about their amazing sister dying! I hate DoveWing so that's another reason why I hate this book cause she's born.

I HATE this book. In fact, I hate the arc. Hollyleaf didn't even die, yet Jayfeather and Lionblaze insist so. The ending annoyed me so much. "The gray one has such fluffy fur, the silver one is pretty." Sandstorm meowed. No, they are both ugly, and kittens when they are first born can't look like Cleopatra - Puppytart

I for one actually liked this book. It was boring at times, but towards the end when all the secrets were revealed, it got more interesting. Even though Hollyleaf didn’t die, her departure still struck me for a while. The book sort of reminds me of Forest of Secrets, which is an awesome book.

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25 Into the Wild

I dindt like this book...firepaw was such a mary sue

I hated this book

How? This is my favorite book of all time. Other people love too!

I will defend this book until the day I die. It's not even the best book in the series, but it's still great. Sure, there are pages where nothing happens, but that honestly doesn't bother me much. Great setup for the series and I really want to see Alibaba Pictures make a great adaption out of this. - JamesBourne

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26 Moonrise

I thought the book was boring. The traveling with the sun drawn place bored me.. and the tribes! I hate the tribes, why do we need the tribes. To get rid of Feathertail! That’s why we need them. Leafpaws chapters were descend though, I liked the moonstone trips. I wanted a CrowPaw point of view. All in alll, not a favorite, my least favorite

Boring and messed up. How can you FORCE foxes out of their natural habitat? They just threatened them! That is exactly why I gave all of my books I had of Warriors to my friend and I'm reading Survivors and Seekers now!

Honestly, When I finished this and Midnight, I was thinking of quitting reading Warriors, but Dawn brought me back!

I hated this book, it was so slow! It is my least favorite along with Midnight.

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27 Fading Echoes

Wouldn't be on the list if Dovewing wasn't in it. Stupid Dovewing ruining everything... - Juniper

While this was a good book, I was wondering what really happened at the end. With the exception of the tree falling in the camp and a few other small things, not much happened. Still an okay book, though. - SpyroZap99

I loved this book! Why is it on here?

What? This was a great read!

28 Fire and Ice

This was a pretty good book, although Forest Of Secrets is better...

While I like this book, it was a little boring at times. Don't get me wrong though, it was awesome. - SpyroZap99

I didn't really like how Graystripe and Firestar kept fighting, but it's an okay book.

It's not bad, but it's sandwiched between 2 much better books (Into the Wild and Forest of Secrets).

I agree with you. I like the book and it was a good book but into the wild and forest of secrets are my two favorite warrior cat books. - erteas1

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29 Starkit's Prophecy Starkit's Prophecy

What do you mean this is the best one - Juniper

Is a disgrace to warrior books gibberish really just really

Most hilarious trollfic ever.

Starkit's Prophecy is not a real book. It is a trollfic.

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30 Yellowfang's Secret

This is the best book! It's so exciting!

Why in the world is this on here? I love yellowfang and we got to know the adorable kit, badgerfang! It was the best book ever!

I'm all most done it's good but I hate raggedstar

I skipped the part with the rouges,it was so boring.

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31 Sunset

I loved the ending to this book! - Falconflight

Cover art was beautiful. Ending? Not so much. It was wayy too rushed and Hawkfrost was put in just so the Erins could keep the series up for three more books after Starlight...

It was a good book, but the ending was WAY to rushed.

It's okay

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32 Path of Stars

I wish it was Clear sky that died instead of Gray wing, he was my favorite

Although this is my favorite book in Dawn Of The Clans, Gray Wing's death really hit me hard at the end of the book. :,-(

I did not like this book. Gray Wing's death stun me too hard (spoilers) and I cried for days!

Worst book ever they should have killed off Clear sky instead of Gray wing!

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33 The Blazing Star

I started this series at The First Battle, and I thought better of the series, but when I read this book I loved the series. Dawn of The Clans deals with many problems people have had of past series and this book is WAY more interesting than all of the other books in the series. The only problem people could possibly have with this book is that it doesn't follow the main series(My friend refuses to read dawn of the clans because it isn't part of the main series) but that's just petty.

Why is this on here? Actually: why are ANY of the Dawn of the Clans books here? That series was my favorite!

This book is my favourite! No way it is here! - Sumwantin

34 Firestar's Quest

Really boring, Firestar and Sandstorm just pretty much walk and hunt.

It was so boring!

This was just some excuse to make Firestar and Sandstorm mates. - RisingMoon

35 Darkest Night

Doesn't even have ThunderClan. Or any clans. Or any cats... - Juniper

Wrong cover

Was ist das? - JamesBourne

What? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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36 Hawkwing's Journey

Umm... It was so BAD!
I would rather read about FLOWERPAW DYING

37 Goosefeather's Curse

Cat is born. Cat has special powers. Cat is afraid of powers. Cat BORED ME TO DEATH through this book. - SpyroZap99

38 Ravenpaw's Farewell
39 Dark River


I was bored out of my mind in this book. Not much happened and half of it was either hollyleaf complaining or lionpaw x heatherpaw drama. Just really a fill in book in my opinion:/

40 Bramblestar's Storm

I honestly don't understand how Squirrelflight had kits with Bramblestar after this. Literally, their relationship had already been rocky since it started - only worse with the whole Three scenario - and this book only makes it worse. Bramblestar falls for a kittypet who he had barely even met and decided it's okay to love her over his own mate and deputy. I wouldn't have been surprised if Squirrelflight straight-up divorced this disgrace of a cat over everything that's happened. But, no, they have kits. I never liked Bramblestar to begin with, and I don't like him now. I would have taken a super edition about Sol over this.

This book was so good! - Falconflight

I love Bramblestar!

Brambleclaw Becoming BrambleStar? Yes!

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41 The Apprentice's Quest

First of all it was released and second it's so boring the beginning is good but everything else is super boring

Is this a book, if so, where can I get it

The book isn't released yet.

42 A Dangerous Path

Why? This is one of the best books!

I hate it so much. Bluestar was being edgy and some random untrained dogs swallowed her then Fireheart threw a tantrum over it and the Clan started whining because they hate him. - Puppytart

This was an amazing book!


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43 Shattered Sky

This book was slightly messed up since Violetpaw attacked Twigpaw just because her leader said so... It's her own sister for christ sakes!

44 River of Fire

Shame on you. this is my favorite book

45 Thunder Rising

It just does not hold up to the rest of dawn of the clans and Thunder is at his worst in this book by far.

This was a pretty good book, but it's not as interesting as the other books in Dawn Of The Clans, but pretty good.

It was very boring nothing interesting just... Stuff. Every cat working a bout nothing. WHO CARES IF U ARE CONFUSED! LIFE MAKES ME CONFUSED!

Great book!

46 Tigerstar and Sasha - Into the Woods

I was very excited to read a manga but I was Very, Very disappointed in this book. Nothing ever happened besides her meeting Tigerstar, and the rest was just her being all dramatic. I would suggest Rise Of Scourge, however. It was at least INTERESTING!

This book was really pointless.

I hate how she ran away from Tigerstar. We could have had a new villain and the series could have gotten a new hit charrie!

Yeah, nothing happened. Sasha always regretted leaving her twolegs and fell in love with my least favorite tom!

47 Moth Flight's Vision

One of the best super editions in my opinion! - Falconflight

This isn't a horrible book. It's just sad, it honestly shouldn't be on here. - IcetailofWishClan

Hey! I thought this was really interesting and exciting!

I loved this book. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

48 Warriors: Cats of the Clans
49 The First Battle

I LOVED THIS BOOK! - Falconflight

50 A Forest Divided

I love this book too! - Falconflight

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