Top Ten Worst Warrior Cats Books

Which ten Warrior Cats stories simply were a total let down? Erin Hunter, I suggest you look away now... this may get ugly!

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1 Sign of the Moon

This was simply an excuse to kill off Stoneteller and Swoop, to send the cats to the mountains, to see the ancient cats and most importantly make a prophecy that will kill Firestar. The only thing I liked was when Ivypool and Blossomfall got lost in the tunnels and Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf help them out. Apart from that, there were just random eagle attacks, two different kinds of deaths in one chapter, and randomness. Plus, I can't find my adventure game! - Memery24

The only parts I liked in this book were the romance between Jayfeather and Half Moon and the bit where Craig gets made Stoneteller. Other than that, this book was awful. Dovewing's point of view was, as always, super boring. So was Lionblaze's, which was actually quite surprising. I normally love reading about him. Same with Ivypool. And Swoop died for no reason. Yeah, that's all I thought about this book.

This book was one of my favorites in the entire Warriors series, and that says a lot, considering I've loved and read every book. I felt my heart in my throat while reading this, and I've never felt emotional enough about a book, T.V. show, movie, etc. to make me feel like I might cry. Jayfeather and Half Moon's relationship was amazing, considering Jayfeather has never had true feelings of love for anyone other than his brother and sister. This book was amazing, and left me astonished that anyone could write such a masterpiece.

This for me is love and hate. It is kinda boring. But I like Ivypool and Blossomfall when they get stuck. And I'm like what the flip when a lot of cats join the Dark Forest and I'm like oh goosshh. But cats like Breezepelt and Antpelt are idiots and belong there. Don't spoil, I am waiting for forgotten warrior. Second reason is that Jayjay and Half Moon saw each other again. (Long Shadows is my FAVE book). But then they go to the tribe, AGAIN. That place really gets on my nerves.

But man, Dovewing's point of view was as boring as crap. Same with Lionblaze's and usually his is entertaining. I didn't want to listen to any crap the tribe said. Plus their kits are rude. Oml, u may think they don't know better, but clan kits are way more well behaved. THEY CALLED JAYFEATHER RETARDO (something like that)! I only like Jayjay or Ivypool chapters. I CRIED TO DETH AT THE END! (mentally only cried in Moonrise, Sunrise and The Last Hope) It's the part when Half Moon never sees ...more

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2 Mistystar's Omen

What happens in this book that is interesting.

Answer nothing

This is my second least favorite short story. The obvious is stated, and that's about it. - SpyroZap99

Got to admit, it was nice in some part, and boring in others

Mothwing doesn't believe in starclan. Yey. Why did we need a whole book about something we already know? Cloudtail didn't believe in starclan either, but we didn't get a whole side story about that. Now that I think about it, that probably would've been more interesting. - SpyroZap99

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3 Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedstar's Promise was good

I liked this book! I even have a copy! - RiverClanRocks

I'm half way through this book and I have to say, its definitely one of my favorites. Its very sad but all in all it was a good book about whats inside the heart and not like other warrior cats books I've read in the past.


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4 Rising Storm

I'm not saying that rising storms is an amazing warrior cats book but I'm not saying this book sucks ether. This has its good parts like the fire and yellowfang's death (which is sad but that I think sometimes makes the warriors books better) but then again their is boring parts to this book.

Rising Storm was an okay book, the book seemed to move slowly and not much happened, (except the forest fire and Yellowfang's death :,-()

Why rising storm it's a awesome book don't know why people hate it!

WHAT? How is this book bad it's awesome I'm even thinking about reading it again once I finish sunrise it was awesome I was sad that yellowfang died (until I read leafpool s wish because of what she did to squirellflidght ) but it was undoubtedly great how can it be worst? HATERS!

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5 Eclipse

What happened in this book exactly? I remember that they were fighting for some reason but then an eclipse happened. I seriously don't remember anything that happened here. Thank god Long Shadows was so good or else I would have been even more upset. - JamesBourne

It was good. Not one of my favorites though.

This book is great! Sol looks powerful and great, and the battle is exciting!

This book sucks! Heck ya it should be much higher on the list! Sol is the most annoying and retarded and I hate the scene when Lionblaze hurt Heathertail. Sorry but I ship those two because I still believe that they like each other. idc what you say

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6 Tallstar's Revenge

Honestly, I didn't enjoy this book as much as the others. I wouldn't say I didn't like it, I just found it more boring and repetitive than the others. All Tallstar wants to do is to kill kill kill and then he gets sidetracked for most of the book with those barn cats and kits AND THEN he decides not to murder a cat and finds some forgiveness in his dark soul. Also at the beginning he kept complaining about being a tunneler instead of a moore-runner. Anyways I'm done lol

All this book ever talks about is tallstar going on and on about how he's gonna kill Sparrow and then finding out that he shouldn't really kill Sparrow after all.

Tallstar's Revenge has a good plot. Though, sometimes it lacked action. His revenge wasn't fulfilled ( Not that there's anything wrong with that )

It wasn't the best book. I didn't not like it, but I didn't like it nearly as much as the others. It was pretty boring

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7 Starlight

To my opinion Starlight wasn't the WORST But I just find it a tad boring cause all they do is just explore the new territory for 156/317 pages of this book. But, what makes me pissed doesn't have to do with the book or series at all it't "The New Covers" THEY ARE SO UGLY THEY ARE JUST RANDOM PARTS OF CATS FACES! AND IN TWILIGHT LEAFPOOL HAS A MOUSTACHE! REAL SMART ERIN!

So boring and all of them whined about their life. Squirrelflight and Ashfur were so annoying. I can't stand them! I wish she would just move in and stop whining! - Puppytart

Okay, I'll admit, the first half of the book was boring, but the other half was pretty good! This is a good book!

I'm in the New Prophecy and they are the boringest series ever

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8 Twilight

This book... Okay, so I like when Leafpool helped river clan (I believe that was this one) but Leafpool and Crowfeather, I don't know. See, I thought that it was Leafpool who knew that she was going to die (not CinderPelt) so I was okay with their romance because I thought Leafpool was making the most out of the rest of her life. The worst though, was Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. They were fighting all of the time and it was so irritating. It just killed the book for me.

Twilight was a amazing book this in my opinion and that is yours that stuff only happens because erin hunters trying to create drama I loved this book

I can see where they got the title from. The love story WAS better than twilight's, but Leafpool constantly kept being annoying about how much she loved Crowfeather. And the new cover is so ugly. She looks like she has a moustache - Puppytart

This was an awful book in my opinion. There was no action! The only reason that this was written was to inform the flames between Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, Leafpool to force a forbidden love with Crowfeather, and for Cinderpelt to die.

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9 Fading Echoes

While this was a good book, I was wondering what really happened at the end. With the exception of the tree falling in the camp and a few other small things, not much happened. Still an okay book, though. - SpyroZap99

I loved this book! Why is it on here?

What? This was a great read!

10 The Sun Trail

Why is The Sun Trail on the contenders list? It is one of my favorite books in Dawn Of The Clans. (My favorite is Path Of Stars ;-))

Dawn of the clans must have been really damn good for only 1 book (this one) to be in the top 11-20. There are no others above it right now. Can't wait to read it! - SpyroZap99

It's sad. Bright Stream dies while expecting kits... - IcetailofWishClan

I rather enjoyed this book. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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11 The Ultimate Guide

I LOVE this book I brought it to school and guarded it with my life

A little disappointing, and we didn't really get to find out what happened to Barley and Ravenpaw - only that Ravenpaw died. Couldn't they have told a story about it? - Memery24

For anyone who read this and is wondering what happened to Ravenpaw and Barley, read Ravenpaw's Farewell. It will settle your questions. - SpyroZap99

When I got it at the library I had it for 3 weeks, even though I finished it on the second day. I memorized all the cats on the front( exept the two that were not in the book.)

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12 Sunrise

I HATE this book. In fact, I hate the arc. Hollyleaf didn't even die, yet Jayfeather and Lionblaze insist so. The ending annoyed me so much. "The gray one has such fluffy fur, the silver one is pretty." Sandstorm meowed. No, they are both ugly, and kittens when they are first born can't look like Cleopatra - Puppytart

This is the only warriors book that made me cry. I felt so sorry for Hollyleaf, who is by far one of the most relatable characters.

It's the book where Hollyleaf completely snaps

This was a great book though... - JamesBourne

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13 Dawn

Ugh the death's started getting boring bec nothing was even happening besides the great journey in other words it took 10 chapters to get going!

It was an alright book. I hated it when Graystripe got captured though...

This had a million deaths - AnonymousChick

But really, this book is good. A but forgettable, but still good. - JamesBourne

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14 Forest of Secrets

How is this on here?! This is one of the best Warrior cat books EVER!

My favorite book and my favorite character dies so sad #SILVERSTREAM

My brother said it was about badgers but it was stupid but at the same time good - Puppytart

This book is one of my favorites. - JamesBourne

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15 The Outcast

The cover looks like they are mating!

It wasn't the worst, but not he best

SO boring I had to skip it and eclipse till made sense

This was the worst warrior book yes looks like they are mating...hahaa

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16 The Forgotten Warrior

How is this number 22 out of 27? I DESPISE this book. I never could even finish it, because of how PISSED OFF I was at EVERYONE!
Dovewing. Dovewing! DOVEWING! Just the name tells you how much of a Mary Sue she was in the first books, and then how she became a stupid, selfish, jerk face idiot in the later ones. She was so annoying she was in this one, even more so than usual. That's saying a lot, since she's my number 2 or so least favorite character in ANY work of fiction, no, not just warrior cats.
Everyone else was either an idiot, a annoyance, or a villain at best. At worse, they make me wanna tear apart this book.
Ivypool was depicted as less than I, as a fan of hers, think she is. She was stil awesome though. Ivypool, I like ya. Also, I hated the plot. It's my least favorite warriors book, barely in front of Nght Whispers, which has a really cool title and slightly awful plot to justify it, just with the same problems this and the OOTS books have. (Everyone's annoying, ...more

How is this bad? Hollyleaf comes back

Hollyleaf= Brought back to be killed again. Whoops. Spoilers. - SpyroZap99

Dovewhine! Why? I wish she got smashed by the tree and DIED! Longtail and Briarlight don't deserve that. She does. I know this didn't happen in the book but still - Puppytart

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17 Midnight

I was disappointed that it wasn't if Firestar's perspective, it was more interesting and exiting. Also when the book started, I couldn't believe they skipped a whole year! I recommend getting Firestar's Quest if you miss him, and want to read about the missing parts. Otherwise, it was a good book.

I loved this book. How is this list?

I didn't really understand and it was boring

I LITTERALLY HATE this book so much so BORING! The beadger part was cool but there were some parts that just BORED me to death. Like the traveling, for exasample, was WAYYYyy too long, I felt liked that all that really happened Rising storm in my opion or Moonrise should be WAYYYy behind this, they had actully intresting stuff going on in my opion. -Hopestar

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18 The Last Hope

Why is this not higher on the list? it so poorly written and so rushed... they killed off Spottedleaf and Ferncloud for no good reason! and Hollyleaf dies after bringing her back a book ago! what...

From the few things I know about this book, it's trying too hard to be another "Darkest Hour." - SpyroZap99

The worst book ever! Firestar died by a tree and a lot of cats died on this book! HOW I HATE THIS BOOK!

WOW! Why in one list this is the #2 best, and on this list it is #17 worst!

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19 Moonrise

Boring and messed up. How can you FORCE foxes out of their natural habitat? They just threatened them! That is exactly why I gave all of my books I had of Warriors to my friend and I'm reading Survivors and Seekers now!

Honestly, When I finished this and Midnight, I was thinking of quitting reading Warriors, but Dawn brought me back!

I hated this book, it was so slow! It is my least favorite along with Midnight.

I agree. When they yelled at the foxes like "this is our territory move! " I cried. SELFISH, HEARTLESS THUNDERCLAN! I hate them - Puppytart

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20 Into the Wild

I will defend this book until the day I die. It's not even the best book in the series, but it's still great. Sure, there are pages where nothing happens, but that honestly doesn't bother me much. Great setup for the series and I really want to see Alibaba Pictures make a great adaption out of this. - JamesBourne

I honestly think this is the best one out of ask the warriors books

It puts off too many people, as things don't happen quickly, and the plot kinda sloths along.

I hate it cause first at comes to the clans,I HATE him

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