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21 Sunset

It was a good book, but the ending was WAY to rushed.

It's okay

I liked this

22 The Sight

This was good not much happened but they were kits and young apprentices so you can't expect young young cats to do much, a great book

What? This is one of my favorite books! :(

Just finished it, it's good, not bad - CuriousKitten555

What? I loved this one!

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23 Yellowfang's Secret

This is the best book! It's so exciting!

Why in the world is this on here? I love yellowfang and we got to know the adorable kit, badgerfang! It was the best book ever!

I'm all most done it's good but I hate raggedstar

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24 Fire and Ice

While I like this book, it was a little boring at times. Don't get me wrong though, it was awesome. - SpyroZap99

This was a pretty good book, although Forest Of Secrets is better...

I didn't really like how Graystripe and Firestar kept fighting, but it's an okay book.

Decent, but it's mostly setup for Forest of Secrets. - JamesBourne

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25 SkyClan's Destiny

This book was weird. Daylight warriors, (which in apprentice's quest *spoilers* is revealed to have party caused skyclan's third downfall) scaring a two leg Toy Story's Sid style, and helping a hurt girl like in homeward bound. I don't know, if just doesn't feel like a warrior book at all. Better the second time I read it, but still, worst warriors book.

26 The Blazing Star

I started this series at The First Battle, and I thought better of the series, but when I read this book I loved the series. Dawn of The Clans deals with many problems people have had of past series and this book is WAY more interesting than all of the other books in the series. The only problem people could possibly have with this book is that it doesn't follow the main series(My friend refuses to read dawn of the clans because it isn't part of the main series) but that's just petty.

Why is this on here? Actually: why are ANY of the Dawn of the Clans books here? That series was my favorite!

This book is my favourite! No way it is here! - Sumwantin

27 Goosefeather's Curse

Cat is born. Cat has special powers. Cat is afraid of powers. Cat BORED ME TO DEATH through this book. - SpyroZap99

28 Dark River


I was bored out of my mind in this book. Not much happened and half of it was either hollyleaf complaining or lionpaw x heatherpaw drama. Just really a fill in book in my opinion:/

29 Path of Stars

Although this is my favorite book in Dawn Of The Clans, Gray Wing's death really hit me hard at the end of the book. :,-(

I did not like this book. Gray Wing's death stun me too hard (spoilers) and I cried for days!

Worst book ever they should have killed off Clear sky instead of Gray wing!

This book made me cry.
This book is the reason I don't cry anymore
This whole series is why I don't cry anymore
It emotionally drained me of tears - JamesBourne

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30 Firestar's Quest

It was so boring!

This was just some excuse to make Firestar and Sandstorm mates. - RisingMoon

31 Hawkwing's Journey
32 Tigerclaw's Fury

They should make a whole Super Edition for Tigerstar. I personally enjoyed this and a super edition might justify his evil nature. - SpyroZap99

I have read this book and I believe that erin hunter should have carried the story until the finish. the complete finish...

Nice to see inside Tigerclaw's head, but it was too short and a bit same old and predictable. - Memery24

I want to read this book I haven't read it

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33 Dovewing's Silence

Sorry, didn't we get a whole arc dedicated to you? AND NOW A SHoRT STORY? Waste your space on Cinderpelt or someone we actually want to hear about. - SpyroZap99

Why did she not die? I hate her AND her sister! I like Ivypool a bit better, but she is JUST as whiny, ungrateful and annoying. - Puppytart

It's not boring! It's a short story of how the three adjusted to living as a normal clan cat!

HA that Marysue should stay silent for ever

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34 Bramblestar's Storm

I love Bramblestar!

Brambleclaw Becoming BrambleStar? Yes!

It was okay but those Kittypets they meet! Jessy was alright Frankie was nice but Mint ( I forgot her name) was the worst. She was nothing but a whiny scum that won't eat anything and is too afraid of everything!

I agree with the guy who doesn't like jessy. She knew everything at first and they made a mistake with bramblexjessy. He already had squirrelfight and the Eris were like oh here let's give him a Mary Sue oh wait that's a bad idea let's get rid of her

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35 Tigerstar and Sasha - Into the Woods

I was very excited to read a manga but I was Very, Very disappointed in this book. Nothing ever happened besides her meeting Tigerstar, and the rest was just her being all dramatic. I would suggest Rise Of Scourge, however. It was at least INTERESTING!

I'm not really a fan of the art style in these Warriors manga (which are flopped ones), the cats don't even look like realistic cats in there, they look kinda cartoony, but not in a good way at all. - SailorSedna

This book was really pointless.

Yeah, nothing happened. Sasha always regretted leaving her twolegs and fell in love with my least favorite tom!

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36 Shattered Sky
37 Darkest Night

Was ist das? - JamesBourne

Wrong cover

What? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

38 Ravenpaw's Farewell
39 The Fourth Apprentice

This book is about a poor young kit who has way to much pressure on her and she starts to cry then ivy is recruited for the dark forest. Dove made no mistakes until she worried so much about ivy and started to cry again and messed everything up so bad that ivy had to do doves job and save the clans by spying

About a stupid kit and her stupid sister who are best friends. "Oh no a prophecy! Sister who get dream wins" apparently, to Ivypaw, everything in life is a competition! So she is recruited to the dark forest. Dovepaw is whining about how much "pressure" cats are putting on her, when she's putting pressure on herself. Ivypaw is training with Hawkfrost! Gasp! Dovepaw whines! Then she goes to the caves with some cats and falls in love with Tigerheart. They meet up (i'm doing more than this book), and love each other. But Bumblestripe wants Dovewing. The battle! Dovewing abandons the battle and hides in a bush until its over. Hollyleaf, Ferncloud, Sorreltail, Firestar and more brave warriors who ACTUALLY FOUGHT WITH NO POWERS died. Dovewing is congratulated while she throws a tantrum because she no longer has powers. Best arc ever. - Puppytart

Dovewing is pretty much always crying and I want her to die soon I actually laughed when she lost her powers

Today was the day that Erin Hunter decided Dovewing was a good idea. I really hate Omen of the stars, and it all started here. I guess they were pretty good books, I just didn't like them. - SpyroZap99

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