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41 Moth Flight's Vision

This isn't a horrible book. It's just sad, it honestly shouldn't be on here. - IcetailofWishClan

Hey! I thought this was really interesting and exciting!

I loved this book. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

42 Warriors: Cats of the Clans
43 The Apprentice's Quest

Is this a book, if so, where can I get it

The book isn't released yet.

44 Thunder Rising

This was a pretty good book, but it's not as interesting as the other books in Dawn Of The Clans, but pretty good.

It was very boring nothing interesting just... Stuff. Every cat working a bout nothing. WHO CARES IF U ARE CONFUSED! LIFE MAKES ME CONFUSED!

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45 A Dangerous Path

I hate it so much. Bluestar was being edgy and some random untrained dogs swallowed her then Fireheart threw a tantrum over it and the Clan started whining because they hate him. - Puppytart

This was an amazing book!


The book was rather boring it was just about Bluestar being depressed and being a bitch to Fireheart she was my favourite cat but she got on my nerves after a bit I'm glad they killed her off but her death was so sad stupid dogs.

Actually, there was much more to it than that. I'd say it was a good book compared to Rising Storm. - SpyroZap99

46 The First Battle
47 A Forest Divided
48 Thunder and Shadow

It is basically Omen of the Stars with Dovewing and Ivypool all over again! Twigpaw just has a better personality and does not whine like Dovewing, a full-grown warrior, even though she is an apprentice. Violetpaw is whiny and attacks her sister because her angsty teen mentor begged her to. Needletail did die in later books though so I feel bad for Violetpaw. But who even sent her away from her sister? - Puppytart

49 Tigerheart's Shadow
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