Top Ten Worst Warrior Cats Moments

Anybody here feel the same way about these moments? There are the ones that seem to drag on and the ones that are so sad you almost cry every time. If there are any sad ones here it's because its sad, not that it's stupid or bad or THE WORST! They are just so sad I almost cry. Not that I have anything against these moments, I just don't like them too much.

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1 Firestar dies

Firestar, one of the most powerful leaders in the forest and defeats enemies such as Scourge and Tigerstar, dies an incredibly stupid death. I mean what would be a worse way to die than from a stupid tree?! I did like how Brambleclaw became leader but why is he choose his mate to be his deputy?

Just to clear something up, Firestar did NOT die from the tree. The tree happened to fall, yes, but he didn't die from it. He died from the wounds Tigerstar gave him while they battled, not a tree. Erin Hunter isn't stupid, and Firestar didn't die from a stupid tree.

How is this not number one he is literally in ALLMOST every book or at least MENTIONED I mean come on even in the super edition they show characters that can be traced back to him he is so important so why is a kit that we barely saw for less than 5 chapters and never even said anything one number 1 come on

He was so cute, he was so epic, and then... (Breaks off to cry)

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2 Snowkit's death

I really thought that he could be someone special in the book, like someone prophesied or something, maybe a medicine cat since he was deaf. I can't believe that he died!

It was so sad, it bit right through my heart! I watched a video about snowkit's death that made me wanna cry! I think it really added something to the book for you to think about a lot. It really made the book sadder. It did the book some good but didn't do any good for snowkit or the super sad feeling thinking about him. It's not the worst, it's the SADDEST! - Kittensarecute

This was one of the saddest moments! It broke my heart when the eagle grabbed him taking him away. He didn't even know what was going on because he was deaf! I wish that he could be reincarnated or something! Poor Snowkit.

Dumb birds... snowkit was so kind and sweet not to mension my favorite character snowkit didn't deserve to die and there is much more then dying by a bird and plus snowkit was adorable

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3 Hollyleafs announcement

I thought Hollyleaf's announcement was pretty important because, if she hadn't, she probably would've ran away anyway because she couldn't handle her birth breaking the warrior code, which was everything to her. And yes, there were whispers about Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, but it didn't haunt them. By the time Hollyleaf came back, everyone had pretty much gotten over it. Also, Ashfur was going to reveal it just to spite Squirrelflight Hollyleaf did it because she thought she was doing the right thing. Quote unquote "I thought I was doing the right thing, but no one understands! "

Hollyleaf had horribly told them ALL ABOUT her secret of being half clan and having a fake mother. It's horrible that she did it because she haunted their lives for the rest of their lives. She kinda ruined their lives. Not blaming her. - Kittensarecute

I admit, Hollyleaf shouldn't have blabbed at the Gathering, but I still love her.

Hollyleaf is best I hat jayfeather he is the worst and I want him to die

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4 The great journey

This was probably the part that dragged in the most. It just got boring, that is until they killed sharp tooth and did all that but after that, it kinda just got boring. I would've skipped it if I didn't care if I missed an important part. That's why I put this on the list. - Kittensarecute

I actually really liked the great journey. It wasn't just important in the storyline, it was also important for character development. - Flamesofsilver

I know it was, this is just by my opinion. I do not mean to offend anyone. - Kittensarecute

The great journey shouldn't have happened. They should have stayed in the forest all along and Power of Three should have taken place there.

Yea, this got very boring and I didn't really like reading about it.

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5 Jayfeather breaks his stick

Jayfeather destroyed the only memory of before the tribe of rushing water had been made. That stick was definitely important! The ancients may still be able to contact him along with the other ancients but now the memory isn't strong anymore. - Kittensarecute

I actually thought of this as a sad moment, if you think about it Jayfeather doesn't really have friends. He thought Rock was his friend... But... No - TheJinxedJay

My ship was ruined that day

That needed SO to happen.

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6 Firestar loses a life and russet fur dies

That battle shouldn't have happened! I really hated ivy paw/pool!

I just remembered. It was ALL HER FAULT THE BATTLE HAPPENED. I still like her character though! - Kittensarecute

Two deaths in one battle? It went in this order: russetfur starts an attempt to kill Firestar (what a butt), lionblaze accidently kills russetfur, Firestar loses a life, shadowclan hates lionblaze mostly but thunderclan is also hated and flametail becomes an annoying bratty character. Just saying, it's true. - Kittensarecute

7 Graystripe is kidnapped

I was so angry about this! If he hadn't been kidnapped then Brambleclaw would never be leader and I would be happy

Graystripe should have been kidnapped. If he hadn't he wouldn't have met Millie, and after all, he came back...

This part was so sad! I loved Graystripe. He was so brave

I totally missed Graystripe

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8 Skyclan gets chased out V 3 Comments
9 Hollyleaf fake death and the real one

This was just stupid. They brought her back after 2 books just to kill her again!

Hollyleaf fake dies, and dies for real. It's just sad! This is the second saddest death I know of. - Kittensarecute

I totally hate Hawkfrost for this, and I absolutely hated Leafpool for lying.

Hollyleaf should never have died.

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10 Briarlight breaks her backbone

That's just horrible! She can't walk! I would HATE having to have everyone start being sympathetic and I would be happy when they stopped! - Kittensarecute

She couldn't even save Longtail and she broke her back...

This should be at the top of he list! Poor briarlight

It’s so sad and it shouldn’t have happened.😢

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? Storm's Death
? Gray Wing dies

The Contenders

11 The thunderclan fire
12 Bluestar dies

Bluestar needed to die. She was a great character, but Firestar would never have gotten to be leader, so it kinda needed to happen.

Why Bluestar? Tigerstar the brat!

*Bluestar licks her chest self-consciously*
Thanks guys!

Bluestar is better than idiot thistleclaw
some people like him THEY CRAZY

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13 Windclan gets chased out

Yeah, I guess this would be my second choice...But they do come back, so not that much...

14 Scourge enters forest
15 Ivypaws hatred of Dovepaw

I would've put this at the top somewhere if I had thought it through... - Kittensarecute

It's not ALL Ivypaw's fault. I mean, everyone was treating her sister specially. - AnonymousChick

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16 Dogs are let loose (by tigerclaw)

Why does Tigerclaw have to e so evil?

17 Treecutters come and ruin forest
18 The great battle
19 Feathertail's death V 1 Comment
20 Mapleshade chain
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