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1 Lostface

Very offensive to Brightheart. I mean would bluestar want that name? - spottedstormofstormclan1

How is this not 1, the name was even ment to be disrespectful and cruel, it was Bluestar's attack on Star Clan. She had to accept that Bluestar named her that for the soul purpose of cursing Star Clan. Lucky for her it didn't last too long, Brightheart is MUCH beter!

"Warrior cats is stupid"? How about you are stupid? Why are you even here?

This is a horrible name. I mean like come on Bluestar this apprentice nearly died and watched her best friend/possible crush died before her eyes. I know you're insane and all, but you're the leader! SHOW SOME RESPECT!

Brightheart is bae

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2 Maggottail

Uh maggots are gross therefore should not name a cat after

Maggottail? Oh god, what condition does he have? Sounds like "fly strike" to me (if you don't know what that is, go ahead and look it up...).

Maggottail was a dark forest cat and I forgot what he looked like but by the way the name sounds, I bet utterly disgusting..

This is like... the worst name I've ever heard of.

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3 Loudbelly

I know right! What, can you hear his stomach growling from across the forest or something? I mean seriously, does he talk with his stomach or something!? Does he like yell all the time!? Like who in starclan were his parents!? I mean I'm cruel 'n' all, but this is just a whole nother level cruelty!

If I was called Loudbelly I would either:
1. Run into the forest and hide
2. Talk to my leader
3. Kill my leader
4. Ask my medicine cat to check my leader was still sane
5. Wail to StarClan
6. Commit suicide

Loudbelly was awesome! Talking about him, his bff Heavybelly died 2 TIMES! Loudbelly was Oakheart's apprentice.

And Loudbelly starved to death - Puppytart

That was the almost amusing but mostly sad part of his name. He starved! - Lightfang

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4 Sneezekit

I Blackstar now give you your warrior name: Sneezeface! 0.0 Bad name. - l9me

Oops, sorry I had to sneeze. Sneeze kit comes out. You call me? No I sneezed stupid furball. Makes dirt on face :D

His name is sneezecloud now, like, I love you Mistystar, but what? That name was bad already, but the suffix cloud? NO.

I actually think this is really cute! If I were in charge, I'd make his warrior name Sneezepuff : ) - RoseWeasley

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5 Billystorm Billystorm

Isn't Billy supposed to be a kitty pet name!? I mean seriously! Billystorm? What the heck!?

Seriously, Leafstar, you're a great leader but honestly, you need to ask Firestar to help you come up with better Warrior names. No of fence but he's way better than you at doing that.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Billystorm's name is hecking adorable.

Seriously Billystorm!?! That just sounds wrong don't you think. His name could of been more warrior like. THE NAME SOUNDS WEAK!

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6 Runningnose

Laugh out loud it sounds like snot is endlessly running down his nose, it's not very good when you think about it, eugh.

I always imagine that in his spare time he has to chase his nose down. Some animals chase their tail, but this guy chases his nose.

(hands Runnignose a box of tissues, chicken soup, & cold medicine) - RoseWeasley

Runnignose was name Runnignose too remind cats that Medcine cats can't cure everything, or it's just a stupid name I don't know.

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7 Egg

Egg. Really? What the Twoleg? Egg! Really! Egg's owner is offensive. Naming your cat after a reproductive prodect produced by chickens? What's next, Turkey?

Egg. Really? Egg! That is like, oh, my kids name is flour, this one is pancake, and this one is egg. I see a white cat with an orange head. It's the worst name in the books by far.

TERRIBLE NAME! Reminds me of a rotten egg with mold...

What the heck is up with egg... IT'S NOT NORMAL!

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8 Millie

I can't see why everybody hates Millie so much.

1. Millie is a great name, and the only reason that's still her name is because she just wanted to keep it.
2. I would worry about my kit if she got paralyzed under a falling tree
3. Graystripe couldn't have made it back to the clans without her

Millie sounds like a name you would name your cat. What's wrong with that.

My cat's name is milly...

This name is so friendly. The opposite of what warriors is about. - l9me

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9 Deadfoot

I mean, really, hopefully he got named Deadfoot LATER. Who would name their kit Deadkit? That's just depressing. Anyway, probably he twisted his paws and they named him Deadfoot. It would just be heartless to name him Deadkit.

Imagine if he lived to become leader! Deadstar... WindClan would sound weak, and his apprentice name was Deadpaw! Like, is he a zombie or something?

This name is a bit cruel! Most cats in the warrior series who got serious injuries that would never heal or scars would sit and be helpless as their parents named them cruel things! It actually mimics a real mother cats behavior, when one of their kittens or more is sick and might die and develops something similar like a horrible scar then the mother cat abandons them or treats them cruelly due to them not being happy with their injured or hurt kitten. It may be cruel but it's how cats live, Erin hunter wanted to show them that. I do feel bad about the poor cats though! D:

I agree! It does sound really depressing. Who would name their kit that? I would call mine Blossomkit or something.

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10 Frecklewish

I know what Freckles are, but cats? And frecklewish makes me think that she/he wishes to have freckles, and also kinda makes me think of Frecklefish... A cat with orange spots and a weird mouth?

Why? I think it's cute : ) - RoseWeasley

Frecklewish is such a horrid name. I guess the suffix -wish is okayish but why freckle? - Puppytart

What the fox heart is a freckle wish? SkyClan has the weirdest names - Leafshade

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11 Daisy

I'd like to point out that no one forced Firestar to change his name and it would be unfair for him to force Daisy or Millie to change their names. They didn't want to and he respected their decisions.

Why didn't they just add a suffix?

The same thing happened with Red and Boulder in Yellowfang's Secret; Red was fine with changing her name to Russetpaw, but Boulder spoke up during the ceremony and sad that he preferred to keep his old name. Cedarstar was fine with it. None of these cats should be forced into changing their names.


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12 Catkit

It is dumb. like what?

This would probably be a name Leafstar would give him/her when Leafstar had a kit. You know how Leafstar is with names... - lulu223

My god... I can't even...

Seriously Catkit?
Just. Haha wow...

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13 Sloefur

What the heck is a sloe!

Sloe is the blackthorn plant - Puppytart

Well sloe is another word for blackthorn berries

Yeah I don't know what this is from, but it's weird at the least, I know what a slough is, it's a swampy area and I guess would work for a warrior cat name, but sloe isn't a word, It is unrecognizable for any children that would read the series and even at twelve I'm still confused!

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14 Macgyver

Macgyver was a kitty pet before he joined SkyClan, and kept his name instead of a new warrior name (It was in Darkest Night somewhere I forgot lol).

Not hating, but for people that don't know I'm positive it's:

not spelled right but pronounced it.

How do you even PRONONCE this stupid name?!?!

MacGyver was a television program. Maybe his owners named him after the main character, who was MacGyver himself, and Macgyver didn't want to change his name.

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15 Foxheart

This is a really bad insult in the warriors world. I suppose Foxheart was a foxheart though, so the name suited her

Seriously, when I was reading Yellowfang's secret I noticed that the leader barely used any other suffix than heart (BARELY PEOPLE SO DON'T JUDGE). Aannd that resulted with this... I feel sad for her, but I kinda don't since she is a Foxheart (jk)... I feel like the leader was thinking of that when they were choosing her warrior name... (LOL)

I feel bad for her its like so offensive

Yeah, she should've been named Foxdung - RoseWeasley

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16 Heavystep

Really? Heavystep? They just straight out called him fat. Come on, Erin Hunter. X3

*heavy kit comes out*
Man, this kit is fat, I'll call him heavy kit cause I hate him

It's okay, not great though - RoseWeasley

Offensive! I can't believe Erin Hunter actually went through with this name...

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17 Crookedkit

Poor crookedkit I remember in crookedstar's promise when it said "How could he ever be Stormstar now? " It was so sad bad rainflower.

Poor Crookedstar. He was so exited about the name Stormkit. - l9me

"Hi, I'm Storm kit". *FALLS ONTO ROCK*
Mum:ugh, I hate this cat, I'll call him crookedkit.
"CRUEL EVIL CAT. -moonrise

Rainflower wanted to give Crookedstar a life, but the other cats agreed that she didn't deserve to.

I wonder why... - RoseWeasley

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18 Whiskernose

Whiskernose... - Puppytart

I honestly like this name; it is completely fine. But its just obvious, and I respect that people want to put it on this list for this reason. It is just like Firestar but everyone loves that name. (I'm not saying that stars are made out of fire, I'm saying that fires are very hot and stars are very hot. I'm not talking about movie stars.) - Mochi__

Why would u name yr kit Whiskerkit? Body parts are better as suffixes - Leafshade

I name you Whiskernose after the Whiskers on your nose.

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19 Bouncefire

I, Leafstar, leader of Skyclan call you Bouncefire, in honour of the bouncing fire behind you...

Seriously?! Bouncefire is my favorite warrior name! I have to admit that I have never liked verb prefixes like Running- or Sneeze- (Ugh, sneeze- is the worst. Seriously I hate sneeze- with a burning passion) but I feel like Bouncefire is amazing. Bounce is THE BEST prefix for fire. I feel the need to go all 1st grade teacher on everyone saying things like "fire doesn't bounce" or "since when has fire bounced". Let's take a look at a fire. Now, what do you notice it doing? Moving, yes indeed, fire does in fact move. How would you describe the fire's movements? Maybe waving, flickering, or even...oh I don't know BOUNCING! So yeah, I'm pretty unhappy about how high the name bounce fire is on this list.

It's adorable in a weird sort of way! - RoseWeasley

This is probably one of the weirdest names I've ever come across, It's strange, pathetic, and opens the cat to a whole lot of mockery. Seriously, when do fires bounce.

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20 Clawface Clawface

I, Blackstar, will now claw your face.

Hey Clawface, now I know why they call you that.

Nightstar: I shall now claw your face.., claws face. All: CLAWFACE! CLAWFACE!

When I first heard this name, it made me think of a cat with claws growing out of its face (creepy). After that I thought of a cat whose face was clawed. Ether way it is a terrible name.

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21 Starstar

No cat was ever named starstar lol.

Her name is gleamstar you uncultured swine

What in the name of Firestar... - Leafshade

Wow, I have thought of this so many times

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22 Sunfish

I love this name and of RiverClan PERFECT!

I do see something so wrong with this. A Sunfish is a really large fish. So, that's like calling the cat a tad large. But, if it wasn't truthfully a really big fish, it would be fine. But, it does take a long time to think of names, so I guess it's fine either way.

Poor judgement on cats on this website, no offense, but if you put a comment button, some comments are going to be bad like this one, UH, WHY IS THIS NAME HERE? I'm OUTRAGED! - Night blossom

Everyone laughed for a solid minute when they found out that a cat was named Sunfish. I mean a sunfish is a type of fish.

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23 Hollowbelly

It sounds like a very big and empty belly. I would demand a change of my name or runaway forever!

I laughed when I saw this, but it is kind of a mean name. It is the only thing that goes with hollow that makes sense... - Leafshade

I, honestly, am COMPLETELY against calling a cat "belly" so this name is deeply strange in my eyes.

Wow, is he like always hungry or something?!?!

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24 Wormkit

What's wrong with worms? - Leafshade

If someone called me this, I would go in a hole and pull a Hollyleaf, but actually die. - Ambergaze

If. I. Had. This. Name. I. Would. Die. Syndrome applies to this

This is not a real name.

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25 Brokenkit


1) We are not idiots. 2) He was named after his broken tail, not how Yellowfang felt. - Mochi__

The person who wrote in caps lock is right. the bent tail was just an excuse for the name. I think this name is well thought out and clever. I like it :) In a way brokenkit was brought up badly by lizardstipe and bullied by other cats so, he wasn't born mean. he just turned mean cause of the situation yellowfang put him in (not that I blame her - she went through a lot)

Yellowfang: I'll name you Wishkit, you Hopekit, and you...

...Brokenkit! - RoseWeasley

Broken kit was naimed after yellowfangs broken heart, as with onewhisker(star) was named after being the only kit

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26 Beetlenose

He was named that because his nose was the shape of a beetle - GoldenTemmie

This name isn't bad. Beetle can be used as a regular prefix, and -nose is usually used for arrogance, or great tracking skills. In the books, beetle nose is arrogant, so this name fits fine.

I had a conversation about if beetles have noses, and I said yes because one kind of beetle has a nose - UrsastarOfForestClan

Beetles don't have noses :(

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27 Spiderleg

Am I the only one who LIKES this name? It's obvious what his name represents about himself, but people are to blind to see it. In the books it tells how he has longer, taller, legs than the regular cat. Most spiders have long legs, don't they? I think they were reaching for people to think about Daddy Long Legs though. Long Legs, right? Spiderleg? Who couldn't get this obvious name?

Spiderleg was probably a tiny kit, and so because of his black pelt and long legs he looked like a little spider! Firestar named him -leg because of his speed

Spider leg is a perfectly normal name it mean he has really long legs like a spider

This is a GOOD name! He's tall and skinny, and it actually works! Unlike flamefrost...

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28 Tigerkit/Tigerheart

How is Tigerheart a bad name? I love Tigerstar, but even people who don't like him shouldn't hold it against Tigerheart just because he has the same first part of his name! That's exactly why Tawnypelt left Thunderclan! I love this name and don't see why it's on this list :(

Whenever I hear this name, I get annoyed. I don't know why, I just do. - RoseWeasley

Actually he became tigerstar II

Um.. Tigerheart isn't weird.

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29 Daisytoe

They don't have toes really. But Daisy is a good prefix - Leafshade

Look I found a flower by my foot it must be an omen - SpyroZap99

I personaly like this name for the reason that the prefix and the suffix just connect, and the name flows easily. - GoldenTemmie

This name IS mildly ridiculous, but I don't see the prefix and suffix as being connected all the time, so I guess it could work...? It still sounds weird, though.

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30 Slightfoot

Kinda a foot? Who knows.

What - Bonnie_Fazbear

What does this name even mean? He has slight feet?


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31 Ebonyclaw

This name makes me think of Ebony Maw

Ebony means a very dark brown or black color...

Nothing is wrong with this name. - Mochi__

To all of you idiots out there, ebony is a black color, and I'm pretty sure the Clans know what that is. This is just like saying Russet doesn't make sense.

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32 Greeneyes

I do not understand how Greeneyes can work, since a kit is born with it's eyes CLOSED, so how could Greenkit be the name for a kit? Green fur or something? It just doesn't work!

I'm not exactly the kind of person who likes green as a prefix or suffix for a warrior cat name. People can fix it up to sound good though! Personally I think it sounds just fine!

Proves that Erin Hunter is running out of ideas. - RedTheGremlin

I personally HATE the suffix eyes, and the prefix green isn't my favorite so I am not a fan of the name Greeneyes. If you want to know who she was, read Code Of The Clans.

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33 Jumpfoot

I why couldn't Redscar rename him?

I like the warrior name, but think of him as a young cat. Jumpkit? Jumppaw? And if he had beat Mossfire- JUMPSTAR?

I here by name you Jumpfoot, in honor of the jumping foot behind you.

What makes no sense at all

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34 Shredtail

What It sounds like someone has put this cats tail into a paper shredder. If I had this name I would be like "What the hell"

Did this guy shred his tail?

The reason why he has this name is because he has no fur on the end of his tail, some other cat shredded it off...Painful

-brings out flamethrower- who insulted shredtail? -WolvesNight

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35 Onestar Onestar

The name really suits him. Onestar. My rating of him, one star. - TheCrystalWolf

It sounds like I'm playing an internet game and I only give it Onestar. Seriously, I mean Onewhisker was cute and all, but Onestar? I don't think so!

Isn't Onestar a shoe brand?

Makes more sense than Tigerstar and Leopardsta and Pinestar and Bramblestar and such - Leafshade

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36 Mumblefoot

Poor Mumblefoot. I always picture him trying to hunt, but he never knows where to place his feet, and the prey can hear him mumbling curses about his stupid clumsiness.

I always liked this name - Leafshade

I seriously feel bad for Mumblefoot, it's such a disrespectful name, so what if he's slightly clumsy, it doesn't mean his mother, and the clan leader can just dis him like that! They should of just named him after his pelt color or something!

Is his/her foot always numb?

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37 Snookpaw

A snook is a fish that lives basically nowhere near SkyClan, if we can assume it's somewhere near the other four Clans.

'He thought Snookypaw didn't sound warrior like' And Snookpaw does I suppose?! Seriously, Skyclan names are often weird...

A snook is a fish... - Ravenfang

Reminds me of Snooki. Snookipaw? Just no.

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38 Shimmerpelt

I don't like the prefix -shimmer, and Shimmerpelt sounds like a Mary sue - Puppytart

This reminds me of Sunset shimmer, its not a bad name, Sunset shimmer became good at the end of the movie and the other 3. - UrsastarOfForestClan

Shimmerpelt, from District 1!

You are so gonna hate me, but I don't like this name. It just sounds too sue-ish.

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39 Rileypool

Couldn't Leafstar give him a natural prefix? And his sister Bellaleaf still has her kittypet name. He became a kittypet because he's a weak idiot. Ravenpaw shouldn't have brought him to the Clans it was a waste anyway

Riley? Is that something in nature? - Leafshade



40 Primrosepaw

Primrosepaw is a beautiful name, what's wrong with it? It.Is.A good.Name.

Prime rose is a flower - Leafshade

Primrosepaw is a good name but honestly its a mouthful and heart to think out as a warrior name without a mouthful like... Primrosefur, Primrosetail, or Primroseeye. PRETTY BUT TOO LONG

Come on I really like that one.

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41 Redscar

He's a medicine cat. How did he get a scar? Was he a warrior/warrior apprentice and got a scar before?

Is his scar red?

Redscar was sweet, bro! -WolvesNight ps

42 Domino

Wha - Leafshade

This is a great name for a black and white cat! Who put this on! My cat's name is Domino!

Domino is fleck's friend in crookedstars promise. He had a smashed jaw too.

43 Pearnose

If you don't know who this cat is, he appeared in one of the field guides. I saw it on warriorcatswikia and I was like 0-0 who would name a cat PEARnose?!

Uhhh, this name is stupid and his nose is not shaped like a pear, FYI.

Pearnose is best bab

I wonder how all these cats know what, dogs, voles, mice, spiders, snakes, that they are cats, birds, colours, fire, cloud, etc. and know what PEARS are. But do not simply know that two legs are, in fact, called HUMANS!

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44 Dirtface

Not a real name. - TheCrystalWolf

Oh wow this kit's dirty let's name him dirtface - makes lots of sense
Like COME ON at least call him speckleface this is just insulting..
If I was named dirtface I would:
Injure my leader
become a rogue
Become leader and shove it in their faces/kill them all/chase them out

Rhymes with dirtplace, the cats' bathroom - Leafshade

This isn't even a name in warriors neither is Catkit and stormadder

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45 Goldenflower Goldenflower

I love her name it's beautiful! Why it's on here I don't know but it must be a stupid reason. Oh! I got an idea, let's put Goldenflower and Dirtface together! Who do you like better now!

This is a really pretty name! She got the suffix -flower for being really caring and kind

Goldenflower is an awesome name why is she on this list

I love this name! - Spottedtail

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46 Onion


If this was my name I would cry

Onion? Oh yes, let me introduce you to Tomato and Lettuce! Oh yeah and I am Mayo! The name is just... wow

I'm laughing so hard. Onion!?

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47 Wee Hen

Sounds cute at first but then...

I was like "what?! What name is that! " But she was a loner.

What are you a small chicken or something?

What the heck SOUNDS so WRONG the WoRsT name ever!

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48 Blackbee

It would make sense to name this cat Bumblebee, but Blackbee? Awkward.

There's a type of bee called a carpenter bee. They are pitch black and bigger than a bumblebee. Bumblebees are fuzzy, light yellow, and fat. Honeybees are orange-yellow with stripes and small. - Ravenfang

There is a species of bee that is known for stinging for no reason. You know what it's called? A black bee. Basically, it's saying that Blackbee is hot-headed. But then a black bee could also be a fly, in which case your leader is saying you are annoying.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Pht I'm not even going 2 bother saying anything

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49 One-eye

I know she can see out of one eye, but seriously! People? Do you think she loves it when every time someone talks to her she gets reminded of her poor disability?

She didn't seem to mind - Leafshade

One-eye got her name once she became an elder, but her old name was White-eye, which is also pretty bad

Such an offense to the old elder

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50 Pigfarts

Might as well be named stupidkit

This name is so bootifull It brings tears to my eyes -bathroomdungeonpaw of Finchatforgabethedog clan

I,SomthingStar, now name you Pigfarts, because I'm mental

They looked like a pig (but why name your kit pig kit? ) And when they were becoming a warrior they farted and the idiotic leader was like "I will now name you pig farts for your fart" - Bonnie_Fazbear

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