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1 Lostface

Very offensive to Brightheart. I mean would bluestar want that name? - spottedstormofstormclan1

How is this not 1, the name was even ment to be disrespectful and cruel, it was Bluestar's attack on Star Clan. She had to accept that Bluestar named her that for the soul purpose of cursing Star Clan. Lucky for her it didn't last too long, Brightheart is MUCH beter!

"Warrior cats is stupid"? How about you are stupid? Why are you even here?

Poor cat + Ugly name=

Lostface sounds like a rogue or a outsider its horrifying!

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2 Maggottail

Uh maggots are gross therefore should not name a cat after

Maggottail was a dark forest cat and I forgot what he looked like but by the way the name sounds, I bet utterly disgusting..

This name is so rude! I don't remember it being in the book, but still! Unless he is evil like a dark forest cat...

Why would a mother name her son after one of the most disgusting things ever?! - CharismaticKat

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3 Loudbelly

I know right! What, can you hear his stomach growling from across the forest or something? I mean seriously, does he talk with his stomach or something!? Does he like yell all the time!? Like who in starclan were his parents!? I mean I'm cruel 'n' all, but this is just a whole nother level cruelty!

If I was called Loudbelly I would either:
1. Run into the forest and hide
2. Talk to my leader
3. Kill my leader
4. Ask my medicine cat to check my leader was still sane
5. Wail to StarClan
6. Commit suicide

I seriously felt like laughing when I first saw the name, I mean that is the most hilarious name I have ever heard of in my entire life.

Loudbelly:*gruble gruble*
Cat:Was that belly Loudbelly?
Loudbelly: Sorry I had to much beans!
lol what name is Loudbelly!

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4 Billystorm

Isn't Billy supposed to be a kitty pet name!? I mean seriously! Billystorm? What the heck!?

Seriously, Leafstar, you're a great leader but honestly, you need to ask Firestar to help you come up with better Warrior names. No of fence but he's way better than you at doing that.

Seriously Billystorm!?! That just sounds wrong don't you think. His name could of been more warrior like. THE NAME SOUNDS WEAK!

noah fence

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5 Sneezekit

I Blackstar now give you your warrior name: Sneezeface! 0.0 Bad name. - l9me

Oops, sorry I had to sneeze. Sneeze kit comes out. You call me? No I sneezed stupid furball. Makes dirt on face :D

I HATE how firestar is always the only one that can see tigerstar's 'oh so complicated' plans IT'S STUPID

Riverclan needs serious help. If a kit sneezes, its name doesn't have to be Sneezekit. If a kit is loud, well, it's a KIT. It will do that sometimes. Their warrior names make it even worse. SneezeFACE? LoudBELLY? You could hae done something like Loudriver, Loudyowl, Loudspirit, and this could have been a purrfectly normal name.

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6 Runningnose

Laugh out loud it sounds like snot is endlessly running down his nose, it's not very good when you think about it, eugh.

I always imagine that in his spare time he has to chase his nose down. Some animals chase their tail, but this guy chases his nose.

It's funny how that cat can't even cure his own cold, so I guess the Erins named him for that reason. When I told my friend about this cat's name, she was like 'laugh out loud'. The name is weird, but it is funny.

Roooning nose

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7 Egg

Egg. Really? What the Twoleg? Egg! Really! Egg's owner is offensive. Naming your cat after a reproductive prodect produced by chickens? What's next, Turkey?

Egg. Really? Egg! That is like, oh, my kids name is flour, this one is pancake, and this one is egg. I see a white cat with an orange head. It's the worst name in the books by far.

What the heck is up with egg... IT'S NOT NORMAL!


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8 Millie

Millie sounds like a name you would name your cat. What's wrong with that.

My cat's name is milly...

This name is so friendly. The opposite of what warriors is about. - l9me

I think this name is not so bad, but when you think of how she rejected her own KIT when the other one was injured, she should have had a worse name.

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9 Heavystep

Really? Heavystep? They just straight out called him fat. Come on, Erin Hunter. X3

*heavy kit comes out*
Man, this kit is fat, I'll call him heavy kit cause I hate him

Offensive! I can't believe Erin Hunter actually went through with this name...

Um I like the name heavystep I have a oc called heavyriver and another called heavyrain

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10 Deadfoot

I mean, really, hopefully he got named Deadfoot LATER. Who would name their kit Deadkit? That's just depressing. Anyway, probably he twisted his paws and they named him Deadfoot. It would just be heartless to name him Deadkit.

This name is a bit cruel! Most cats in the warrior series who got serious injuries that would never heal or scars would sit and be helpless as their parents named them cruel things! It actually mimics a real mother cats behavior, when one of their kittens or more is sick and might die and develops something similar like a horrible scar then the mother cat abandons them or treats them cruelly due to them not being happy with their injured or hurt kitten. It may be cruel but it's how cats live, Erin hunter wanted to show them that. I do feel bad about the poor cats though! D:

DEADFOOT I hate that name I would not be named THAT!

We killed him off because there obviously isn't gonna be a leader named Deadstar.

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11 Foxheart

This is a really bad insult in the warriors world. I suppose Foxheart was a foxheart though, so the name suited her

I saw this while re reading Night whispers at the part where flame tail was saying the names of the warriors he could see and I laughed out loud and spewed milk from my nose. I mean, COME ON!

It's a bit offensive but I like Foxheart
She's cool

She deserves a name like this!

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12 Daisy

I'd like to point out that no one forced Firestar to change his name and it would be unfair for him to force Daisy or Millie to change their names. They didn't want to and he respected their decisions.

The same thing happened with Red and Boulder in Yellowfang's Secret; Red was fine with changing her name to Russetpaw, but Boulder spoke up during the ceremony and sad that he preferred to keep his old name. Cedarstar was fine with it. None of these cats should be forced into changing their names.

Way too much like a kittypet name. Firestar could have at least given her a warrior name with daisy in it. ( Also, if Firestar changed his name from rusty to firepaw, why shouldn't Daisy and Millie have to do the same!?!? ) - l9me

No one forced Firestar to change his name. So he shouldn't force Daisy or Millie to change their name. It was their choice, like it was Firestar's choice to change his name.

What's wrong with this name? - tigerstar908

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13 Frecklewish

I know what Freckles are, but cats? And frecklewish makes me think that she/he wishes to have freckles, and also kinda makes me think of Frecklefish... A cat with orange spots and a weird mouth?

This is stupid and not col at all, typical for some mary- sue but not Erin. Hunter!

That's just not right, leafstar is probulary that WORST with warrior names... For starts... Freckle.. Freckles are a darkend part of SKIN not FUR.. You could have at least put the prefix as dapple or spotted or something along that line and second... Wish... What kinda Sufix is that, that's just not a natural warrior name I would rather have another stupid and boring suffix like tail, fur, pelt or whatever I don't care,

And why do all the bad names come from sky clan, Erin hunter must hate them

Frecklepaw: I wish I had freckles...

Clan leader: Perfect! Your warrior name shall be FRECKLEWISH!

Frecklewish: Um...

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14 Macgyver

How do you even PRONONCE this stupid name?!?!

MacGyver was a television program. Maybe his owners named him after the main character, who was MacGyver himself, and Macgyver didn't want to change his name.

Leafstar what's up with these names... They are insulting ~Blizzardstar

I don't know, maybe Mac-geey-ver? I don't know

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15 Greeneyes

I do not understand how Greeneyes can work, since a kit is born with it's eyes CLOSED, so how could Greenkit be the name for a kit? Green fur or something? It just doesn't work!

I'm not exactly the kind of person who likes green as a prefix or suffix for a warrior cat name. People can fix it up to sound good though! Personally I think it sounds just fine!

I personally HATE the suffix eyes, and the prefix green isn't my favorite so I am not a fan of the name Greeneyes. If you want to know who she was, read Code Of The Clans.

Proves that Erin Hunter is running out of ideas. - RedTheGremlin

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16 Catkit

This would probably be a name Leafstar would give him/her when Leafstar had a kit. You know how Leafstar is with names... - lulu223

At lest if she is a medicine cat they can call her Catmint. Not trying to put a happy face on things. But if not Catmint what would they name her?

Catkit, catpelt, catfur, catheart, catblaze LOL catmint could work though but I am literally laughing my head off

How the hell is this not further up in the list?

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17 Sloefur

What the heck is a sloe!

Yeah I don't know what this is from, but it's weird at the least, I know what a slough is, it's a swampy area and I guess would work for a warrior cat name, but sloe isn't a word, It is unrecognizable for any children that would read the series and even at twelve I'm still confused!

Why can't you just Google up the word yourself? Idiots.

Sloe means Black thorn. Blackthornfur is a dumb name.

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18 Brokenkit


1) We are not idiots. 2) He was named after his broken tail, not how Yellowfang felt. - Mochi__

The person who wrote in caps lock is right. the bent tail was just an excuse for the name. I think this name is well thought out and clever. I like it :) In a way brokenkit was brought up badly by lizardstipe and bullied by other cats so, he wasn't born mean. he just turned mean cause of the situation yellowfang put him in (not that I blame her - she went through a lot)

Brokenkit was named brokenkit because yellowfang's heart felt broken when she had to give him up


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19 Clawface

I, Blackstar, will now claw your face.

Hey Clawface, now I know why they call you that.

When I first heard this name, it made me think of a cat with claws growing out of its face (creepy). After that I thought of a cat whose face was clawed. Ether way it is a terrible name.

I hate this name. Imagine being named Clawkit. Plus, it sounds like he wants to be clawed in the face - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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20 Crookedkit

Poor crookedkit I remember in crookedstar's promise when it said "How could he ever be Stormstar now? " It was so sad bad rainflower.

Poor Crookedstar. He was so exited about the name Stormkit. - l9me

"Hi, I'm Storm kit". *FALLS ONTO ROCK*
Mum:ugh, I hate this cat, I'll call him crookedkit.
"CRUEL EVIL CAT. -moonrise

*slaps Rainflower is the face*
*SMACK* - Leafstar12

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21 Mumblefoot

I seriously feel bad for Mumblefoot, it's such a disrespectful name, so what if he's slightly clumsy, it doesn't mean his mother, and the clan leader can just dis him like that! They should of just named him after his pelt color or something!

It reminds me of Happy Feet... MUMBLE? FOOT? So he is named after a dancing penguin... Okay then...

I don't like this name... it gives the cat's #1 weakness away, AND it's a depressing name like, every time some cat says "Hello Mumble foot! " your reminded of your weakness! :( - Night blossom

Cat: what was that mublefoot?
Mumblefoot: sorry juts foot mumbling!
lol what is this name! Mublekit, Mublepaw, Mublefoot then Mublestar and finally Mumbledead!

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22 Bouncefire

I, Leafstar, leader of Skyclan call you Bouncefire, in honour of the bouncing fire behind you...

Seriously?! Bouncefire is my favorite warrior name! I have to admit that I have never liked verb prefixes like Running- or Sneeze- (Ugh, sneeze- is the worst. Seriously I hate sneeze- with a burning passion) but I feel like Bouncefire is amazing. Bounce is THE BEST prefix for fire. I feel the need to go all 1st grade teacher on everyone saying things like "fire doesn't bounce" or "since when has fire bounced". Let's take a look at a fire. Now, what do you notice it doing? Moving, yes indeed, fire does in fact move. How would you describe the fire's movements? Maybe waving, flickering, or even...oh I don't know BOUNCING! So yeah, I'm pretty unhappy about how high the name bounce fire is on this list.

This is probably one of the weirdest names I've ever come across, It's strange, pathetic, and opens the cat to a whole lot of mockery. Seriously, when do fires bounce.

I think bouncefire is nice in an odd kind of way - Flamepelt47

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23 Spiderleg

Am I the only one who LIKES this name? It's obvious what his name represents about himself, but people are to blind to see it. In the books it tells how he has longer, taller, legs than the regular cat. Most spiders have long legs, don't they? I think they were reaching for people to think about Daddy Long Legs though. Long Legs, right? Spiderleg? Who couldn't get this obvious name?

Spiderleg was probably a tiny kit, and so because of his black pelt and long legs he looked like a little spider! Firestar named him -leg because of his speed

Spider leg is a perfectly normal name it mean he has really long legs like a spider

When I read the part where Firestar said ‘you shall now be known as Spiderleg’, I just thought of a black cat with eight, spider-like legs. - DewSpectrum11

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24 Stormadder

I have to admit this a weird name. A storm of adders! But I think someone made this up because I don't know this cat not he/she is mentioned in any of the books. If so, please tell me what book and Clan if he/she does exist.

What is this even...

What the heck? This name is pointless and honestly a bit horrifying. Never let Berrynose or Honeyfern know that this name exists. Yeah I understand the mama cat and the leader want the cat to sound scary and powerful, and Storm and Adder are ok powerful/scary names but it makes him sound like Store Madder

This is a cool name, he could have gray fur and eyes like an adder.

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25 Starstar

This isn't a real name at all. Erin Hunter wouldn't name a cat this

I know call you StarStar, leader of ClanClan. May you lead the Clan into great destruction. -BrambleStar 2020

I ship Macgyver and StarStar.

This is such a weird leader name every queen should know not to name the first part of their kits name star

This isn't a real name.
It is said on a wiki that the first prefix of a warrior cat name cannot be:
*pelt, storm, heart, foot, stripe, frost, nose, flower, fur, etc
* last but not least, star.
also lol I love BrambleStar 2020's comment lol

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26 Hollowbelly

It sounds like a very big and empty belly. I would demand a change of my name or runaway forever!

I, honestly, am COMPLETELY against calling a cat "belly" so this name is deeply strange in my eyes.

Wow, is he like always hungry or something?!?!

Haha what

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27 Wormkit

If someone called me this, I would go in a hole and pull a Hollyleaf, but actually die. - Ambergaze

If. I. Had. This. Name. I. Would. Die. Syndrome applies to this

This is not a real name.

If I had this name I would try to claw my mother’s neck - DewSpectrum11

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28 Tigerkit/Tigerheart

How is Tigerheart a bad name? I love Tigerstar, but even people who don't like him shouldn't hold it against Tigerheart just because he has the same first part of his name! That's exactly why Tawnypelt left Thunderclan! I love this name and don't see why it's on this list :(

Um.. Tigerheart isn't weird.

Ugh! People who are voting this because of his grandfather, tigerstar, are cruel and annoying! He did nothing! I thank anyone who just doesn't like this name personally because it's an actually reasonable opinion! I don't really care about tiger heart though. He's more of a side character. Still, HE isn't TIGERSTAR, HE IS HIS GRANDSON!

This is awesome and I love Tigerstar so lay off people - invumie

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29 Tigerfern

Tigerfern. Tigerfern. Tigerfern. Tigerfern. TIGERFERN? The Tiger- part is fine, but -fern? I could not find a worse warrior name. If my leader named me that, I would ask to stick with my apprentice name, Tigerpaw, so when I went into battle, and my leader called, "Tigerfern! " I'm pretty sure everyone would stop fighting, think "Tigerfern? Why Tigerfern? " and just sit down and laugh.

Also, Tigerfern is Not a real name. They need to stop doing that. And, I have no clue how to make a new comment. - Spottedtail

I'm just putting it our there that warrior names don't have to make sense. The first part of their name (prefix) is based of their pelt, and the second part of their name (suffix) is based off their personality! So Tigerfern is a perfectly fine name if the cat had a dark pelt and was kind and motherly!

Some people are saying that the name doesn't go well together, because tiger is a fierce animal, and a fern is a passive plant, but the cat would be named for his or her pelt if they were named this. Tigers have stripes, tabbies have stripes. Fern is a suffix for a medicine cat, or a calm, cool and collected cat. The name may not have a nice ring, but it can still make sense, if you idiots can think about it for a minute.

I don't know WHY PEOPLE ARE HATING? I sort of like this name! It shouldn't be this high on the list! - Waterflame312

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30 Dirtface

Leader: Why, you have a brown spot on your face, child, I shall name you Dirtface!

Really stupid name! Its awkward and cats are going to mock him. What was leafstar thinking!. Did she smother dirt on his face or something!

Let me guess who named him: Leafstar! I refuse to ask if I'm right because I know I am. Haven't read book with dirtface in it but seems like a name my sweet little retarded stupid fat leafstar would make.

Dirtface? Dirtface. Really?
Leader: I will call you, Dirtpaw, Dirtface. May you share your messiness with your apprentices and the clan.
Dirtface: Wait what?
What sick queen would name their kit Dirtkit?

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31 Whiskernose

I honestly like this name; it is completely fine. But its just obvious, and I respect that people want to put it on this list for this reason. It is just like Firestar but everyone loves that name. (I'm not saying that stars are made out of fire, I'm saying that fires are very hot and stars are very hot. I'm not talking about movie stars.) - Mochi__

I name you Whiskernose after the Whiskers on your nose.

Whiskernose who is Whiskernose

Like seriously? this is obvious sign that erins ran out of names -Firestorm

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32 Beetlenose

This name isn't bad. Beetle can be used as a regular prefix, and -nose is usually used for arrogance, or great tracking skills. In the books, beetle nose is arrogant, so this name fits fine.

I had a conversation about if beetles have noses, and I said yes because one kind of beetle has a nose - UrsastarOfForestClan

Beetles don't have noses :(

He was named that because his nose was the shape of a beetle - GoldenTemmie

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33 Daisytoe

Look I found a flower by my foot it must be an omen - SpyroZap99

This name IS mildly ridiculous, but I don't see the prefix and suffix as being connected all the time, so I guess it could work...? It still sounds weird, though.

Daisytoe is such a weird name who would name a cat that is this a made up name

I personaly like this name for the reason that the prefix and the suffix just connect, and the name flows easily. - GoldenTemmie

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34 Swallowtail

Oh HELL no! This name is fabulous. Don't judge the awesomeness of this name. I have a cat named Swallowtail - not a cat in real life, but YOU SHOULD GET THE IDEA. It might be on the worst names list for the reason "it sounds like he's swallowed his tail", but a SWALLOW IS A BIRD THAT IS VERY COMMON IN WINDCLAN.

The name Swallowtail is obviously referring to the Swallow bird, that is very common in England. Please, get your facts correct before you assume the most foolish of things.

The hilarious thing is that in the books he once made a joke about being renamed Swallowherb, because he's a medicine cat and makes cats swallow herbs.

Me must cringe

A swallow is a bird. That's like saying Thrushpelt is a weird name because thrush means you can thrush forward. - GoldenTemmie

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35 Slightfoot

What does this name even mean? He has slight feet?


What - Bonnie_Fazbear

Like some of the beginning warrior names, they took prefixes from the tribes and used them as prefixes. nothing is wrong with this. - Mochi__

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36 Ebonyclaw

Ebony means a very dark brown or black color...

To all of you idiots out there, ebony is a black color, and I'm pretty sure the Clans know what that is. This is just like saying Russet doesn't make sense.

This is the starting of she-cats with claw suffix. YAY!

Nothing is wrong with this name. - Mochi__

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37 Barkface

It's just an offensive name it sounds like the name of a dog

Think about not the dog bark, the bark on a tree dummies - Leaftail

I agree. It could mean his face is the color of bark, or something. - Wildheart911

This name is awesome! They don't mean bark as in what a dog does, they mean tree bark! And Barkface is the color of bark, so it makes sense. Honestly I think the suffix -face goes really well with the prefix Bark-

Its tree bark; not DOGS bark. - Mochi__

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38 Jumpfoot

I here by name you Jumpfoot, in honor of the jumping foot behind you.

What makes no sense at all

I like it, you dummies.

Not a name - Spottedtail

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39 Tigerclaw

Tigerclaw is a good name. Even though he is bad I don't see why it is a bad name

Its not the worse name. Its normal. Just because Tigerclaw is evil you have to hate his name? He is epic... Scourge is a horrible name.

Scourge isn't even his real name. It's Tiny because he was a small cat. Have you even READ rise of scourge - GoldenTemmie

The name is actually pretty cool. Just because he's evil doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that name

Hey I know Tigerclaw is evil and all BUT THAT NAME IS BEAUTY - Bonnie_Fazbear

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40 Thistlekit

Nah, I like the name Thistlekit; I don't actually mind any '-kit' names 'because I know they're going to be changed later so... yeah

What is wrong with Thistlekit? It is a a good name it makes sense

You technically mean the evil cat that Bluestar named when she was a kit, the evil cat's name is Thistleclaw

He was named Thistle for his prickly fur

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41 Pearnose

If you don't know who this cat is, he appeared in one of the field guides. I saw it on warriorcatswikia and I was like 0-0 who would name a cat PEARnose?!

I wonder how all these cats know what, dogs, voles, mice, spiders, snakes, that they are cats, birds, colours, fire, cloud, etc. and know what PEARS are. But do not simply know that two legs are, in fact, called HUMANS!

I had to laugh at this

Pearnose is best bab

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42 Shredtail

What It sounds like someone has put this cats tail into a paper shredder. If I had this name I would be like "What the hell"

Did this guy shred his tail?

The reason why he has this name is because he has no fur on the end of his tail, some other cat shredded it off...Painful

-brings out flamethrower- who insulted shredtail? -WolvesNight

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43 Antpelt

I would politely ask for name change. If they say no, I would visit my medicine cat and ask if my leader was still sane. Depending on the answer, maybe I would go kill the leader and ask the new leader for a name change after everything settles down. I CANNOT LIVE WITH THE NAME ANTPELT.

Eww! I would demand a change of my name. And I could of thought of a better name.

Yes it sounds like there are ants in your pelt, and if he's mad, cats will say who put ants in his pelt?

I actually like this. There's not much else that goes with it. Like Antfur, Anttail, AntFLOWER? Yeah they don't make sense. I think the suffix -pelt gives any name a rough personality. He was also an yellowish ginger color so kinda like ants. He had a bunch of scars on his back. And also it fits with almost anything. Crow -pelt, Ice -pelt, Ginger -pelt etc. Antpelt is pretty cool.

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44 Snookpaw

'He thought Snookypaw didn't sound warrior like' And Snookpaw does I suppose?! Seriously, Skyclan names are often weird...

Reminds me of Snooki. Snookipaw? Just no.

Actually, a snook is a fish so it makes sense,

A snook is a fish that lives basically nowhere near SkyClan, if we can assume it's somewhere near the other four Clans.

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45 Floss

Just sounds weird! Dental floss

Smoky says, Floss, you have such pretty teeth, and that's why I call you Flossy Poo.

Floss and yellowfang should meet up some day

Did Yellowfang meet her yet?

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46 Shimmerpelt

This reminds me of Sunset shimmer, its not a bad name, Sunset shimmer became good at the end of the movie and the other 3. - UrsastarOfForestClan

Shimmerpelt, from District 1!

You are so gonna hate me, but I don't like this name. It just sounds too sue-ish.

Shimmerpelt is a beautiful she-cat with all the toms padding after her with rainbow eyes and rainbow claws and so pretty lawl...

You get what I mean, right? Mary Sue?

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47 Birchface

Is the cat's face white with black stripes or something? The leader was Birchface's father, but Birchface still got a horrible name

Birch face is so horrible. Imagine a nest, on a face. If I were Birchface, I would either,1, kill myself,2, tell the leader to change my name and threaten to kill, or 3, become leader and change my name to Birchstar. -Nightstar

BIRCHFACE IS NOT A BAD NAME! My OC's name is Rowanface and no one makes fun of them about it. - Mochi__

I can't be the only one who read "Bitchface" first...

48 Bumblestripe

Bumble is for like bumble bee, because of his pelt. Stripe comes from his stripes.

I love Bumble stripe's name! - Night blossom

Okay, I'll admit that Bumblestripe isn't a bad name but bumblekit is. I know he looks like a bumble bee but still, bumblekit?! Seriously, graystripe and millie what were you thinking?!? Poor Bumblestripe.

I love this name! there is no reason to not like this name, and he isn't even a bad cat. :(

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49 One-eye

I know she can see out of one eye, but seriously! People? Do you think she loves it when every time someone talks to her she gets reminded of her poor disability?

One-eye got her name once she became an elder, but her old name was White-eye, which is also pretty bad

Such an offense to the old elder

At least Leafstar didn't name her this. Actually, Leafstar does much worse than Sunstar or Pinestar. - Fuli201

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50 Harveymoon

I LOVE the name Harvey, but I think Leafstar's getting a little lazy with the naming, here...

He's a daylight warrior! And harveymoon always did like is twolegs, and later in the books he goes back to them completely. I'm sure he liked his name Harvey and I think it's a fine kittypet name.

The first part of his name must change. I don't agree with daylight warriors. What happened to"you can't live with a paw in each world"

I guess hurricane Harvey hit the moon. - Bonnie_Fazbear

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