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181 Tawnyspots

I like this name - whether it fits the cat or not is irrelevant, it's about the name and I think Tawnyspots is quite a nice one.

Did I see "He" in the comments? HE!? I thought this would be a girl's name!

Come on! Tawny means tan or golden and he's grey! Not mention he's not spotted! Come on! What about Tawnytooth or Tawnyfang!

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182 Sol

Seriously, it fits that SOL caused a SOLar eclipse

I don't actually have a problem with the name itself, it's how he got the name. If his mother never gave him a name (no, I don't know why) and his twolegs called him Harry, where did he get the name Sol from? It makes me think he was lying when he told Leafstar the story of his early life.

Why wouldn't he want to be called Harry? I love that name? Why did he choose Sol, the Spanish word for sun?

Sol means sun. - Spottedtail

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183 Buzzardstar

It just sounds awkward

Who names their cat after a Buzzard?

...this name is I just can't even


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184 Applefur

Seriously? Cats know what apples are

I'm going to a Gathering and want to find my friend Applefur. Just have to look for the bright red pelt...

They know what monsters are and cutters are and what furze is, SO THEY SHOULD KNOW WHAT AN APPLE OS!

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185 Birchfall

Laugh out loud. " hi I'm birch paw. Smash. I'm ok. I just fell" poor birch fall.

I, Firestar, name you Birchfall after the time you fell and hit your head on the birch tree

Stop being so mean to Birchfall it's not his fault Firestar called him that

Birchfall...oh firestar..

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186 Foxleap

NOO. I actually think his name doesn't make much sense, but find Rainwhisker on this. I specifically said I would tear apart the person who put Foxleap down. Now, who did it? -pulls out chainsaw-

I, Firestar, name you Foxleap in honed of the leaping fox behind you...

I shall call you Fox leap, because your fur is fox colored and you leap to much.

I hate the suffix leap! I just doesn't suit him!

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187 Smallear

Very offensive to the cat! Me: smallear do you have small ears? Smallear: my name says it!

I like this name. I think it's cute. But for a warrior cat uh... No. If I was in battle and I found out I was fighting smallear, I would fall over laughing. Poor small ear. Cute name, just doesn't sound good for a warrior cat. -Squirrelleaf

This doesn't really make sense because aren't all kitten born with folded ears? I wonder how the warrior ceremony was...


I just found this funny

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188 Hollowflight

No, I don't think it was being hollow hollow. I think it was hollow as in a large ditch that cats can live in (read dawn of the clans).

In order to fly, you need hollow bones...

What does being hollow have to do with flight?
This name just makes no sense at all.
Why name someone hollowkit anyway? What kind of cat is hollow?

This name doesn't even make sense!

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189 Webfoot

Hey..Webfoot is awesome! -Forest-Paw-Lightning-Clan

He should really meet up with Duckface sometime, they would be best friends - Ambergaze

L.O. L webfoot? And he it's a windclan elder! Doesn't windclan hate water?

I actually like this name.

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190 Jaggedtooth

I never cared for him, or his name. Was he secretly born in SkyClan (p. S I know he was a rogue)?

His tooth is jagged. THERE.

Who named this guy

Should have been Crookedjaw's name

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191 Honeyfern

What's wrong with honeyfern? I like it. It suits her.

Honeyfern's awesome. Her name is lovely. - Snowdrop

I always think of a fern dripping with honey when I hear this name...

I love honeyfern

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192 Poppyfrost

A poppy with frost on it sounds pretty. But for a warrior cat I would want it something else. Ooooh! I know! What if she was really cold all the time and really liked poppies?! But still weird name for a warrior cat. I, clan leader shall name you poppyfrost because you are always so cold and love poppies.

Maybe they were talking about how difficult it is to collect herbs in leaf-bare - Ambergaze

It is the best name ever! Why is it even here!?

Again the same -Firestorm

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193 Shrewtooth

Okay let's get this straight. Shrews don't have teeth!

*high fives both people who hate the tooth suffix*

*high fives the person who hates the -tooth suffix*

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194 Archeye

Archeye sounds neat and in Bluestar's Prophecy it says that he has a thick black stripe over his eye so it makes sense

Perhaps that was One-eye's 5 second name before he got hit in the eye with an arrow? - Ambergaze

I think of an arrow being shot at his eye

I like this name so shut up!

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195 Mistmouse

Erm. Just, what does a mouse have to do with mist? I'm just like.

Like Honeyfern, it's meant to be cute, not to make sense.

Mist means manure in German and manure means horse poo.


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196 Princess

Let me remind you princess under no circumstances is a bad named cat by the way she's fire star's sister and cloud tails mother so she is not a BAD NAMED cat.

I can see what you mean, but Princess is a delicate, pretty name, and I like it. - Snowdrop

Princess was a kitty pet; my cats name is princess

Princess. Is. Firestar's. Sister.

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197 Rainflower

I love this name! Rainflower is beautiful - she may not have been a great cat but her name is lovely.

Rainflower reminds me of rainwhisker witch was also on the list and I don't know why!

What's wrong with it? Rainflower= a flower with raindrops on it. Not bad at all.

I LOVE that name!

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198 Crowfrost

It makes me think of it being winter time and there's this beautiful big black crow sitting on a snow covered lamppost and snowflakes are falling on the crow... Sounds beautiful to me. -Squirrelleaf

A crow covered in frost...

Its nice -Firestorm

Hey, it's better than Crowsnow...

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199 Hickorynose

This is my favorite name in the books besides Littlecloud. :3

This makes me think of BBQ chips :3

Do cats even know what a hickory is?!?!

Littlecloud is like the best name - allara43aj

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200 Hareflight

If hares flew they would die, now this name doesn't make any sense - UrsastarOfForestClan

Cat 1: Maybe Blackstar will welcome us in!
Cat 2: Yea, and look out for flying hares!

See? It sounds like a sarcastic saying. - Ambergaze

It's like saying, When pigs fly! Because everybody knows that pig nor hares can fly. Lol. -Squirrelleaf

Nice -Firestorm

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