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181 Maggotbreath
182 Bluebellkit

The name is strange, but maybe a little unique. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

Oh my... I don't even know what a bluebell is...

Seriously... Snowbird and Scorchfur, don't give these stupid names to kits. Like Bluekit is fine but Bluebellkit is not. Like you could just be called Bluebell. DONE. - Snowie

183 Blackstar

I think that Blackstar is a fine name! He is a good leader too! Humph...

Hi names blackstar because of his big black paws

Blackstar makes him sound like he's all black.

Blackstar's awesome! -WolvesNight

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184 Berrynose

I love the cat, in fact Berrynose is one of my favorite characters. I love his attitude and how he has a sweet side. However, the name he ended up with was a bit silly. No offense to Berrynose, Erin Hunter, or anyone who loves the name. He could have gotten a cooler name.

I like the name. I mean, his nose may be the color of a berry. But I think the name is cute.

Well he is named berrynose because he is very nosey

Nice name

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185 Spottedleaf


No way! It's awesome!

HELLO! Spotted leaf is a great m
Name, what is wrong with you people! !


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186 Perchkit

I think perch may be a fish too...

This one actually is real! Remember guys? Perchpaw killed Mapleshade!

Wow... I mean, it sounds ADORABLE! But, think, what would his warrior name be? Perchfur? Perchtail? Perchstorm? Just... No.

A perch is a type of fish, duh. Perchstorm? A storm of perches! Perches flapping everywhere in RiverClan! CATS WOULD NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN!

Perchfur, well that makes sense. Maybe Perchkit looked like a perch!
Perchtail makes no sense unless birds all perch on his/her tail.

187 Tiny

That is a really pointless name. I would not like to be named after what I look like... Tiny. No.

Aw, poor Scourge. This name is offensive to him, his ((previous)) owners should of called him something else so he wasnt embrassed.-.- Just No

HEIGHT DOESN'T MATTER! I'm really short, and I find this name offensive.

sounds fat

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188 Ratscar

One, his mom named him after a rat, what the heck shadowclan hate rats. Two why would you have your warrior name based off a scar from one of the most hated animals known to the clans? Such a fail name poor ratscar.,

Actually it says ONE of the most hated animals of the clans not THE most. So boom.

Sounds like Rats-car. WATCH OUT! Rats are driving around the forest in miniature cars!

Does it really matter that cats hate rats I mean there is a cat called foxleap and cats hate foxes

I LOVE RATSCAR he's LIFE O.o losers weepers...-Sneezecloud-Fan

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189 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

What is wrong with you people?! Half the names on this list are great names! You are a disgrace to the Warrior World!

All Warrior names don't have to make sense, you know! I'm mad that this is even on the list along with many others!

WAY over the top!

-random commenter

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190 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

I hate Hawkfrost don't get me wrong but I think Hawkfrost is an epic name! ~Blizzardstar

His name means he was a brown cat who had a cold nature. His prefix describes his appearance, and his suffix describes his personality.

I imagine a hawk who died in winter and got frosted

It's a new flurrie flavor get it at any fast food place for $5.99

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191 Whitetail

Tail means she is swift and agile while white could describe her fur color

Whitetail is the name of a posionous spider, every time I read her name in the book I shuddered. Not a good name in my opinion, shesh.

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192 Barley

I think that he was very nice for taking in Ravenpaw. Cute name too. - Dasiy

Barley is an adorable name! - Snowdrop

Barley a good name, ravenpaw shouldve put him on a plate of eggs - UrsastarOfForestClan

Barley was a loner

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193 Tawnyspots

I like this name - whether it fits the cat or not is irrelevant, it's about the name and I think Tawnyspots is quite a nice one.

Did I see "He" in the comments? HE!? I thought this would be a girl's name!

Come on! Tawny means tan or golden and he's grey! Not mention he's not spotted! Come on! What about Tawnytooth or Tawnyfang!

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194 Sol

Seriously, it fits that SOL caused a SOLar eclipse

I don't actually have a problem with the name itself, it's how he got the name. If his mother never gave him a name (no, I don't know why) and his twolegs called him Harry, where did he get the name Sol from? It makes me think he was lying when he told Leafstar the story of his early life.

Why wouldn't he want to be called Harry? I love that name? Why did he choose Sol, the Spanish word for sun?

Sol means sun. - Spottedtail

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195 Buzzardstar

It just sounds awkward

Who names their cat after a Buzzard?

...this name is I just can't even


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196 Applefur

Seriously? Cats know what apples are

I'm going to a Gathering and want to find my friend Applefur. Just have to look for the bright red pelt...

They know what monsters are and cutters are and what furze is, SO THEY SHOULD KNOW WHAT AN APPLE OS!

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197 Birchfall

Laugh out loud. " hi I'm birch paw. Smash. I'm ok. I just fell" poor birch fall.

I, Firestar, name you Birchfall after the time you fell and hit your head on the birch tree

Stop being so mean to Birchfall it's not his fault Firestar called him that

Birchfall...oh firestar..

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198 Foxleap

NOO. I actually think his name doesn't make much sense, but find Rainwhisker on this. I specifically said I would tear apart the person who put Foxleap down. Now, who did it? -pulls out chainsaw-

I, Firestar, name you Foxleap in honed of the leaping fox behind you...

I shall call you Fox leap, because your fur is fox colored and you leap to much.

I hate the suffix leap! I just doesn't suit him!

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199 Harespring

I, one star, shall name you Harespring due to the fact that a hare is springing behind you. He's big, too...

Hares do spring... It makes sense! - UrsastarOfForestClan

This makes sense and it's not a bad name

Good name for fast runner -Firestorm

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200 Smallear

Very offensive to the cat! Me: smallear do you have small ears? Smallear: my name says it!

I like this name. I think it's cute. But for a warrior cat uh... No. If I was in battle and I found out I was fighting smallear, I would fall over laughing. Poor small ear. Cute name, just doesn't sound good for a warrior cat. -Squirrelleaf

This doesn't really make sense because aren't all kitten born with folded ears? I wonder how the warrior ceremony was...


I just found this funny

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