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201 Shredtail

What It sounds like someone has put this cats tail into a paper shredder. If I had this name I would be like "What the hell"

The reason why he has this name is because he has no fur on the end of his tail, some other cat shredded it off...Painful

-brings out flamethrower- who insulted shredtail? -WolvesNight

Did this guy shred his tail?

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202 Waspwhisker

Sounds to me like he has wasps on his whiskers all the time. If he moved while they were on there, ouch! That'd be painful. -Squirrelleaf

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203 Redwillow

This is my absolute favourite name from erin hunter! How dare you insult it! It honestly doesn't matter if the name makes sense, that's what makes it UNIQUE! So what if willow trees aren't red.

I would love to be called Redwillow. It's beautiful. I'd like it for a she-cat. - Snowdrop

Again, sounds pretty, better for a she-cat -Firestorm

I agree with the guy/girl with the small text.

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204 Wormkit

If someone called me this, I would go in a hole and pull a Hollyleaf, but actually die. - Ambergaze

If. I. Had. This. Name. I. Would. Die. Syndrome applies to this

This is not a real name.

This was Shrewkits idea to tease Tallkit -WolvesNight

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205 Spiderpelt

The name makes me think he is as big as a bug

It makes me think of spiders crawling all over his pelt. Eww. I would demand a new name. Just eww. -Squirrelleaf

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206 Prickleface

(From Code of the Clans) It makes him sound grumpy. Which he is, but that doesn't mean he should be named after it.

Who's the smart queen who named him Pricklekit? Aren't they named just after they are born? How could a kit be prickly then? - Ambergaze

-Try's to stand up for the cat-
Maybe his/her (don't know gender oh my god kill me) dad was a porcupine and when he/she was born the dad walked over and accidentally prickled him in the face and then at his warrior naming college party the leader was like: "Hey everyone remember when pricklepaw was born and his dad pricked him in the face? " and then the clan was like " LOL YAS!." And the leader was like: "Well lets name pricklepaw PRICKLEFACE" -leader falls over and drools on clearing.
Prickleface: "please just kill me"

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207 Crookedjaw

Who wants to be named after an injury? If I was Rainflower I would have kept his name Stormkit and asked if he could have the same suffix as his brother Stormheart so cute!

Rainflower was upset and confused, her son had changed one way so in her state of mourning, she decided to change him in another, possibly bigger, way. She was sad, all right!

Rainflower supporters obviously have never had children before.

This is just as bad as Lostface! - Ambergaze

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208 Lionpaw

I think the name is fine. There isn't anything offensive about it and it makes sense, maybe he/she is loyal and prideful like a lion.

Lionpaw! What are you even, *takes breath.* Okay, I can see why you don't like it, but, I think it means he's brave. AND THERE's NO INSULTING LIONPAW AS LONG AS I'm ALIVE - Snowdrop

Lion paw hmm... Or a bad name I mean really?!?!? He's not a lion just a name

Snowdrop it is agreed. Lionpaw is awesome! -WolvesNight

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209 Harrykit

Either Harry Potter became a kit, he has a very cruel mother who named him something similar to hairy pits, or Leafstar named him.

Ugh. Leaf star is a horrible namer. I think she did the name dirt face. I mean who wants to think people are calling him hairy every time someone calls him or says his name. Leader: everyone to battle! Oh no I'm sorry Harry-whatever the last thing is, you can't come. You're too hairy. Nobody could see a thing in your huge clump of fur. Poor harrykit. -Squirrelleaf

I agree but it could also mean that he has a lot of fur, or some cats, hair. Also, he was named after the cat who saved him

(lol hairykit) - tigerstar908

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210 Appledusk

You know, the cats never mention EVER seeing apples, wouldn't you think they grew somewhere else? Did the clan leader walk 5 miles just to know what an apple is? This name is just weird. - Ambergaze

I don't like the prefix apple. How do cats know what they are? Maybe apple leaf, but everything else sounds kinda weird if you ask me

How do the cats know what apples are? This name makes no sense!

I like this name - tigerstar908

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211 Spottedwing

Beautiful! Why you guys gotta be so rude? This is a lovely name!

Nice name. Should not be up here. It makes me think of either a beautiful butterfly or beautiful bird flying through the sky with spots on their wing. -Squirrelleaf

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212 Sweetbriar

What's this doing here? It's a beautiful name. It doesn't matter if it makes sense, it's beautiful - surely that's what matters.

This sounds like the name of a snobby boarding school. Sweetbriar Academy or something.

Apples are plants and they're sweet. Or they can SMELL sweet,

Did the mother, like, eat the kit to see if she was sweet. That's just horrible.

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213 Spiderstar

What happens in the future after Bramblestar's Storm?

Spiderstar was cool. He was part of skyclan no leafstar didn't name him...-WolvesNight

This cat was acient Skyclan's leader. Spiderstar, when I read it I read it as 'Spidertartar'

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214 White-eye

I name you White-eye, because I want to make you suffer from your blind eye the rest of your life.

That is cruel to name a cat after an injury or disability!

It was cruel of Pinestar to name Whitepaw this, I mean come on! I know she is blind in one eye and stuff, but really?!

215 Hayberry

Yes, this was a real name in Code of The Clans. I will make more of the weird names mentioned in Code of the Clans, because their is a LOT!

Rimes with Mayberry! Its slightly annoying, sounds like a loner name. - Ambergaze

*berry land in hay with kit* "I, TerribleNamingStar, name you Hayberrykit! " - Shadowblaze

Makes no sense.

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216 Dawnbright

They are both beautiful by themselves but I agree that bright dawn sounds better

I like this name

Agree with guy/girl below me.

They are nice as two word's but together... not so much. It might sound MAYBE like a kittypet name if you switched the words around.

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217 Marshscar

Sounds like an infected wound. Gross.

Another cat mentioned in Code of The Clans, Shadowclan. Marshscar?! Seriously this name makes NO sense

I get you live in ShadowClan and your name has to be "evil", but seriously!

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218 Cloudberry

I love this name! For the last time the names aren't meant to be realistic - they're names!

Uhm there are two cats that have this name - one is medicine cat and the second is queen - and the queen is DARK GRAY

Code of The Clans, Riverclan cat. Is it a cloud full of berries? This was a pretty lazy name to me.

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219 Daisyheart

Code of The Clans, Thunderclan cat. Look out everybody flowers have internal organs now!

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220 Tornear

Because it sounds like he has a torn ear! - Dasiy

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